Tesla Model 3 in-depth review - see why it’s the best electric car in the world!
Introducing the new Tesla Model 3! With a starting price of around $35,000, it’s relatively cheap alternative to the more established Model S. But don’t let the price deceive you - the Model 3 still comes in with just as much high quality tech and styling as you’ll find in its older brother! So is Tesla cutting corners elsewhere to allow you to buy the Model 3 at such a price? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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  • Sleepeman32

    Hey Matt can you make a review on the Model Y. Thnx

  • PJ Dexter
    PJ Dexter

    It’s a Ford Focus with an iPad pro.

  • Mirwias Khan
    Mirwias Khan

    Plz tesla change the interiors its very dullllll

  • Zaerrius6

    Omg I have a OnePlus 6t woow didn't see that Intro coming at all I was surprised lol

  • Ihor Luhovyy
    Ihor Luhovyy

    This is how Tesla works: m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10215305244047777&id=1335463401

  • Hunadi Makgatho
    Hunadi Makgatho

    Looks like the old Mazda 3 at the back...

  • Xavier Jax
    Xavier Jax

    Tesla: We have only no buttons for you Me: Am I a joke to you!!

  • solarasfire

    Love your videos! Love the humor! Keep up the great work! :)

  • 3DG Designs
    3DG Designs

    I'd love one, but having to use the touch screen for so many things would really get on my nerves after a short while. I wish it had a few more dials/knobs/levers etc.

    • 3DG Designs
      3DG Designs

      @Daniel Velkovski but if you get too hot/cold and you don't have the auto drive feature (which we won't in the UK) then you need to take your eyes off the road to access various menus. At least with the German marques you can use a rotary dial and look at the road.

    • Daniel Velkovski
      Daniel Velkovski

      3DG Designs has a few on steering wheel to control some things. Overall can just sit in car and drive off.

  • Michael

    looks cheaper than it is

  • Tyler Sparkman
    Tyler Sparkman

    panasonic builds battery and toyota owns 40 percent elon musk takes all the credit

  • guy proulx
    guy proulx

    That over sized tablet in the dash looks absolutely ridiculous, a computer on wheels for tech geeks

  • NotAidonLauffer YT
    NotAidonLauffer YT

    The backseats would be perfect for me if i am a grown man because i will probably be pretty short in the future.

  • Will Walsh
    Will Walsh

    It's so blatantly noticeable how each detail is such a massive leap forward from all other manufacturers. What a vehicle...

  • Marc Hübener
    Marc Hübener

    dobar djir


    Whatching EV videos with petrol cars adds. Someone still want us to buy the dead horse.

  • Pooper Trooper
    Pooper Trooper

    darn englishmen changing the frunk into something lame like a froot

  • Pooper Trooper
    Pooper Trooper

    can I have one?

  • john jackson
    john jackson

    Why is everybody in the world over paying for this car apart from amaerica? $35k where everywhere else £\€50k WHY?

  • DeAtHaToMiC

    WAIT... WAIT, 35,000 play doughlars... but 50 grand in the uk? ...tesla can fuck right off with that. if you want to be competitive at least offer it at a competitive price range.... 28,000 - 32,000 would be acceptable.

  • Turbulence3000

    My only hesitation with Tesla cars is that fit and finish is not quite at the level of the best German brands. A beautiful example of modern engineering though...

    • Alexandre Arrivé
      Alexandre Arrivé

      Tbh, Tesla is quite the young company, especially regarding its retail services which... Let's just say that there is still progress to be made. But the build quality has increased dramatically since the first S and X. I do believe that they're still under the higher-end German cars in terms of creature confort, but the fact that it doesn't have an engine drastically improves sound confort.

  • Yann Roger
    Yann Roger

    I don't like spotify, I have Google play and I don't want to change. I wish I have the opportunity to use my stuff and especially Google assistant and all it has to offer. A froot ? You mean a frunk right ? LOL. Not always easy to follow you, with your accent, but you are funny, I like you (for a british... LOL kidding... ) blue thumb up Nice review.

  • Kev Z
    Kev Z

    Loved the music choice when reverse parking the car using the app.

  • G S
    G S

    Fact that the steering hand sensors were not working in this video worries me. Too much technology too soon in the market. Think I’ll wait for teething problems to go away until I purchase the Model 3.

  • Mijezz BSL
    Mijezz BSL

    looks like shit - why Americans can't make interiors it really baffles me - The ipad is so shit I would never buy it I'd mis instruments infront of me where they should be.

  • Zero 2
    Zero 2

    Imagine if North Korea invades and uses the EMP but can’t drive your Tesla anymore

    • Michele Muffato
      Michele Muffato

      Do you know that every single car needs electricity?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    17:07 llluminati confirmed

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I would love one of these

  • Ameya Bhujbal 77
    Ameya Bhujbal 77

    nice review mat

  • Sandy

    Best EV is like best minivan.

  • Shahin Portohfeh
    Shahin Portohfeh

    One of my favorite channel and favorite commentator with sense of humor ...👌🏻

  • AlgerianFalcon

    Man you had to go to France to review a Tesla? France?

  • GamingTutor

    I'll be getting this car "used" in about 15 years when it's cheap enough and has done in around 200k miles LMAO.

  • niki inge
    niki inge

    12:53 a little rabbit escapes from Tesla

  • Robbin

    It looks like a frog.

  • Gideon Cloza
    Gideon Cloza

    Why does it cost more out of the USA?

  • giggleherz

    Thank you for the video now I have the answer I have been looking for. ( You can leave the rear camera on while you drive). You found fart mode did you find the fireplace Easter egg?

  • sohail zafar
    sohail zafar

    Finally they got a new bag

  • Progyateg Chakma
    Progyateg Chakma

    David Tennant is that you!

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson

    Whoopie cushion mode should be a government mandated feature as far as I'm concerned.

  • Ashton Gilbert
    Ashton Gilbert

    $0 in debt to $60000 in debt in 3.6 seconds

  • Harris Murtaza
    Harris Murtaza

    No wireless charging. In 2019...

    • Tokarev

      @Harris Murtaza Then they can afford to upgrade to the wireless charging option. It is there if you want it, and it is there if you don't. I have a Pixel 3, and I prefer wired charging because it's faster, and if I'm not using anything but OEM, it's much slower and I lose docking features, so there's little point to it. I bought an official Google wireless charger but I don't use it as often as my wired one.

    • Harris Murtaza
      Harris Murtaza

      @Tokarev the one who buys this car will definitely have an iPhone or note or Samsung or any other flagship. They all have wireless charging now a days

    • Tokarev

      Many people don't have a wireless charging capable phone, and you can buy wireless charging as an option.

  • Shane O' Rourke
    Shane O' Rourke

    Hope I never have to drive one of these pieces of soulless electric crap. I love manual gearbox's combined with the purr of a nice petrol engine. Without all the annoying touchscreen rubbish.

  • jash bhurjee
    jash bhurjee

    I wonder how carwow get to the top 5 worst things in a car their always seem to know it

  • Etienne Lamole
    Etienne Lamole

    This car in like 10 years ahead of other gasoline ones.

  • Matthew Bluefox
    Matthew Bluefox

    Frunk or Froot ... both sound cute. :)

  • Rockiya Pirova
    Rockiya Pirova

    model y of tesla?

  • Noel Bodie
    Noel Bodie

    Not you again ...

  • Sandeep Athwal
    Sandeep Athwal

    So it's like $65000(=£50k) in the uk yet its $35k in America why is that. That's Bshit. Make sense u jus buy the usa version & have it shipped. Saving you $30k

    • Tokarev

      It's £38.9k starting (SR+ Model). Which, adjusting for VAT is about £2k more than the US SR+ trim ($39.5k). They only sell the SR ($35.4k) trim in the US, at least for now.

  • Keine Name
    Keine Name

    In Audi A8 video he sad that touchscreens are not good for cars but hes okay whit fucking TV in car

  • steven davis
    steven davis

    Old Elon hasn’t left a few reefers in the glove box has he.

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams

    What a seriously boring looking car.

  • SS / Super Steve
    SS / Super Steve

    Car rewiew *clap clap* Car rewiew *clap clap*

  • Richard Graham
    Richard Graham

    Suprised at this review actually, he doesn't mention that there are over £10,000 of options on that model (Performance kit £4000, Autopilot £6000, etc) that aren't included in the 'performance' model as standard (yes, the performance model doesn't come with the performance kit so it just looks like a standard one unless you pay 4k more) so that cars more like £65,000 than £52,000.. I ordered one today and got bit HARD when i realized the 10k only covered the extra motor, ALL the other stuff is an option :(

  • Tim Yeo
    Tim Yeo

    Should have touch screen steering wheel..

  • Johnny Kool
    Johnny Kool

    It’s like learning to drive again

  • Joshua Engering
    Joshua Engering

    Excellent and comprehensive review. Love the model 3!

  • Tag Makers Pet Tags
    Tag Makers Pet Tags

    Top ten Tesla Superchargers: ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-eKNxMa1N_zc.html

  • _Mtthew_

    Is it just be me who thinks it looks like a 2010 Mazda 3 from the back ?

    • Why Me
      Why Me

      _Mtthew_ yeah. Just you

  • Jakaboomaddness

    What? I love that they have a dog mode, but wtf is the boot?? U ain't getting a dog in there!

  • Paul Doherty
    Paul Doherty

    Clive Sinclair has an electric car back in the 80’s.... this is the same shit

  • Patrique Mansour
    Patrique Mansour

    Buy the black and wrap it

  • Tech Hobby Gear
    Tech Hobby Gear

    Nice video, high quality.

  • Ambrosios3

    This car is like Varys from GOT. Lots of information but not "balls"!

  • retepyam5858

    I want one!

  • Michael Schofield
    Michael Schofield

    Good video on the feature functionality. I’ve driven most cards in life and 6 months ago I traded my 2016 M3 for a Tesla Model 3. Love the car and an entirely different ride and fast! I just bought my second model 3 yesterday, understanding the tax credit here within the US is eventually going away, and it just went from $7500 to $3750. You will not be disappointed with this car

    • Juacquesch

      Michael Schofield can I come and work for you?

  • Ammar Bahaudeen
    Ammar Bahaudeen


  • Itz Titan
    Itz Titan

    A fart feature? I am sold thank u

  • Jayesh Thanki
    Jayesh Thanki

    The way she giggles like a school girl at the farting sounds. At least she was less irritating and idiotic like drag racing cars in comfort mode. Come on Carwow get rid of this female presenter she would probably be better reviewing female hygiene products.

  • Katherine Clemente
    Katherine Clemente

    I’m thinking about buying this car, but idk yet. It needs an adapter to charge it wherever

    • Tokarev

      It does come with many adaptors so, depending where you live, you'll be okay.

  • paul Addison
    paul Addison

    It may be best electric car in world but it's not THE best car in the world. Dubious build quality, exterior dull and boring styling of an eighties hatchback with a huge tablet plonked on the dash is gimicky and silly fart noises for 14 year olds then for all your controls is it's ludicrous having to scroll the menus to alter mirrors or fog lights. Or a 3 series bmw ...no competition 330 BMW please.

  • Big Bad
    Big Bad

    Tesla makes shit cars

    • Big Bad
      Big Bad

      CharloStreetz no thanks bought a kona ev. Delivered on time and build quality is good. Now looking for the polestar 2. The misses will use the kona. I’m on board with the ev transition not convinced on tesle tough

    • CharloStreetz

      Good cars TRY one my dude, you will be converted

  • Kumar Samyak
    Kumar Samyak

    Now i see why it's the best electric car in the world...... It can make farting noises

  • James Summers
    James Summers

    $35000... £50000? Fair price? Come on....

    • Tokarev

      It starts at £38,900. EU and UK don't get the US's base model, yet. Just the SR+. When this video was released it was an estimate of a higher end model, before official pricing was announced.

  • DeadlyKitten Gaming
    DeadlyKitten Gaming

    The front of the model 3 will always remind me of a porsche

  • Darshan naik
    Darshan naik


    • Tokarev

      SR+ = 460 km LR / Performance = 560 km

  • Jarjees Tariq
    Jarjees Tariq

    Tesla. an iPhone with wheels. welcome to the future folks

    • Bruce Bevan
      Bruce Bevan

      All the naysayers are going to look so dumb in a few months time! Musk is changing the world! What an amazing guy!

  • carlo herrmann
    carlo herrmann

    One last thing... just had to add it has voice recognition! Yes you can tell it to drive to a place, call a person from your contacts and play any song/album/artist ... “play Beethoven’s 9th!” ... SIMPLY WOW! It gets better and better as the software keeps improving... amazing. It also has something like a couple dozen languages it can speak .. so teach your children a new language as you navigate around.

  • carlo herrmann
    carlo herrmann

    I would add it has s built in web browser, 15 speakers that make it the best sound system on earth, free Spotify the first year, tire pressure sensor readout with warning if it goes too low, built in alarm intrusion and recording as well as a dash cam. Automatic rain detection windshield wipers, high beams that automatically see on coming traffic and lowers the beams so as not to blind the on coming cars and a cabin camera which seems to be there when Tesla offers all owners the capability to add their cars to a Tesla fleet and monitor the people in the cabin. Surprisingly it wasn’t mentioned, but you get a lifetime software upgrading that increases the car value and future proofs it every day of its 20+ year expected battery life! Now if that isn’t amazing, go have your head examined!!! It is a spaceship on wheels!!!

  • carlo herrmann
    carlo herrmann

    Perfect verdict! I bought one and agree that this is an awesome car, but not if you don’t like to spend nights up due to the overdose of excitement.

  • Brandon Berry
    Brandon Berry

    Great video mate!! Haha your accent makes the video so much better!! Wish I had an English accent makes every last one of you sound incredibly sophisticated!!

  • multijostin

    I'm kinda surprised that the visors are not controlled through the screen ...

  • Mr. oldman
    Mr. oldman

    even if i have 50k euro am wont spend it on that toy car.

  • johnnymcleanvlogs

    car to drive

  • johnnymcleanvlogs

    its telsa

  • SpyNinja

    do tesla model y carwow

  • Sherukka

    Drove the performance model and found out it was not for me. Some problems, chassis is way too bouncy, the steering wheel is too thick(!), the road noise is much worse than any car in it's class so it really doesn't matter if the engine is silent because of all the other noise. Steering is ok only in Sport-mode. The inside of the car feels cheap and the outside has way too many quality issues that are noticable quite quickly. The acceleration is mental but how long do one really appreciate that? For me it took 3 times, the forth was already booring. It's like a good electric car trapped in a very old body, or how would one put it?

  • Lewis Shepherd
    Lewis Shepherd

    I acc do not like them now seeing as he literally just said froot, mate it’s not a froot it’s a FRONK

    • Lewis Shepherd
      Lewis Shepherd

      Or FRUNK however you spell it

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s

    So they can make the car seats fart but can't even make a cool engine sound??

  • 4thstooge

    I had never driven an electric car but drove a model 3 and I was really impressed. Just wish I could afford one.

    • alistair blair
      alistair blair

      buying one yeah probem but no more petrol and services and breaks last longer ...why people are not buying 3 series or a4 or c class or even camrys in america

  • Andy T
    Andy T

    just don't bump it into anything. Costs a fortune to repair and takes forever. . . . . Over priced as well.

    • Zoya Spencer
      Zoya Spencer

      Over priced? Compared to what other all EV? Tesla has set the standard. Yes all new tech cost a lot at first. But Tesla shits on all others.

  • Armaan Maharaj
    Armaan Maharaj

    Tesla is the a car manufacturer that sticks out the most

  • WorldTramp Immergluck
    WorldTramp Immergluck

    And how long exactly can the batteries last for before they need replacing?

    • Tokarev

      The minimum warranty for the base model is 8 years or 160,000 km (higher end Model 3's at 192,000 km). Not sure about the US/EU tho.

  • Danidu Pathirana
    Danidu Pathirana

    It looks like my dads Porsche panamera 2019

    • Danidu Pathirana
      Danidu Pathirana

      @Sgt Jack Halifax yeah

    • Sgt Jack Halifax
      Sgt Jack Halifax

      You Sri Lankan?

  • Edward George
    Edward George

    The way of the future. Thx for your review.

  • abed abu adam
    abed abu adam

    i will get one like this

  • EU Bike Dude
    EU Bike Dude

    "Tablet" please, we don't all have Apple ones. ;)

  • AnimePabu

    I wanna get one so imma save when I get my job. Like save save. And one thing I’m really look forward to is eating while on auto pilot. Of course I’ll still pay attention but I’m not having so much divided attention

  • AnimePabu

    “You get some wind nose right here” says it as a con. And I’m here like dude drive a Jeep with soft zip up windows and you’ll here everything lol shits probably quiet af for me

  • In Cars We Trust
    In Cars We Trust

    Please use my referral code when ordering your Tesla. It would mean the world to me. www.tesla.com/referral/reggie84086