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Tech N9ne - "Like I Ain't"
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Hip Hop/Rap Music Video | Strange Music
Produced By: Freek van Workum, ItsNicklus & HNDRC
Kathartic Episode 2: Like I Ain't
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  • The Derec
    The Derec

    Wow!!! It should be a Netflix movie if you make this video 10 minutes.

  • bill davis
    bill davis

    Why have the juggalos shooting at you in your movie .... Lame af...those are your roots

  • Troy simmerock
    Troy simmerock

    #GOAT that is all

  • Holly Parker
    Holly Parker

    It's lit with Head phones

  • natasha vega
    natasha vega

    Tech Nine I need to talk to you about the trinity 333!

  • Inderveer Singh
    Inderveer Singh

    Like anyone can match his flow

  • Jean-Paul Sypien
    Jean-Paul Sypien

    The way I see it rap has two gods.Eminem is the god of mainstream rap and Tech n9ne is the god of underground rap.

  • Reezy Mitchell
    Reezy Mitchell

    Glad hes getting the credit he truly desevers i been into tech n9ne music since everready,since angelic,since planet rock i no damn near every song tech n9ne made fr

  • Dean Beith
    Dean Beith

    like u need 250,000 to be in the game!

  • Philosophy & Fulmination
    Philosophy & Fulmination

    So many name drops

    • UltimateBlade

      Well, when you do stuff with a lot of people like Tech has, if you're making a song of you're achievements, you should list some people.

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris

    this is so much better than mumble rap

  • Smokeasaurus Extracts
    Smokeasaurus Extracts

    I wonder how many people DIDN"T know he had a song with tupac or eminem until this song came out.

  • Hana Roski
    Hana Roski

    Always love your work! Technician for life! Aooooooo! Aooooooo! Aooooooo! ❤️

  • Teezy Frm305
    Teezy Frm305

    Collab with Glokknine

  • Kansan Mapper
    Kansan Mapper

    when you spend days memorizing the entire song word for word lmfao

  • Ash Niko
    Ash Niko

    Tech the goat

  • CieCie 1985
    CieCie 1985


  • Amari Clark
    Amari Clark

    I have played this song like 8000 times

  • Amari Clark
    Amari Clark

    If I could see tech none I tell him to rap this song because he spits some freaking bars

  • I Remain
    I Remain

    I need to get a deal with Strange Music!

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball

    Fuck Trey!

  • Jeff Newton
    Jeff Newton

    Tech taught me that rolex' do not have second markers 😂

  • Amazingly.Anna42 O
    Amazingly.Anna42 O

    Like I ain't been strange since day 1!!!

  • Eltonpaulino Balate
    Eltonpaulino Balate

    tech n9ne is fire

  • TRUTH Gyck
    TRUTH Gyck

    The cop on the right holding tech looks depressed

  • Wayne Swearingen
    Wayne Swearingen


  • Justin Hatcher
    Justin Hatcher

    Best part of this song is Tech is saying he is hungry again, someone feed him beats.

  • Zion Sky
    Zion Sky

    Fuck sake another rap song with a rapper defending his insecure ego 🤘😉😂

    • UltimateBlade

      This is either bait, or you being stupid.

    • Zion Sky
      Zion Sky


  • Justin Hatcher
    Justin Hatcher

    Like I ain't scream till my testicle pop.

  • The TreeClub
    The TreeClub

    like he aint the one the was banned in clubs cuz when we heard psycho in the hood ppl died

  • Sethington

    Are they eating spaghetti ohs though? Damn jail food is rough

  • MariPosa Darnell
    MariPosa Darnell


  • MariPosa Darnell
    MariPosa Darnell

    Kathartic; Twizt3dWoodBible

  • Lisa Vargas
    Lisa Vargas

    I need your help.

  • Thrano

    tbh just saying most pyshc facilities especially here in cleveland give you a menu and the remote to the tv

  • Travis Crockett
    Travis Crockett

    Tech is in a league of his own ..

  • Jason Cline
    Jason Cline

    Never disappoint. Since childhood. Still impressive. This dudes such a social mystery..

  • Applebeez1175

    I like the slipknot refrence

  • DEAHunterGaming

    Listen at 2:20 to skip the intro

  • ILazared Yuu
    ILazared Yuu

    Like I Ain’t played this (50x) 🔥

  • Eric Adamson
    Eric Adamson


  • topaz Stark
    topaz Stark

    that feel when police always follow you and u do the music video where u got aressted.. hahah axd

  • Ramon Matias
    Ramon Matias

    "then turn around, switch it it up, and go do big rock tryna ride all the way up to my homie in slipknot (Maggot)" Yooooooo tech is king

    • Claudio Kucelin
      Claudio Kucelin

      Ramon Matias replayed it like 50x saying ohhhhhh every time lol

  • Ahmad Reza
    Ahmad Reza

    Playing on repeat non stop , this is fire 🔥

  • Precious Johnson
    Precious Johnson

    Last year on June 13 (Friday) was the day my brother in-law got in a car accident and lost his life leaving his wife, two kids behind with her. He was a TECHNICIAN and it hurt me today because he was our family. It hurt because I had a dream this morning about him still alive and I hugged him. I know it's 1:57am 6/14 but it just hit me yesterday evening when I was at work why that I dreamt like that. Was because it marked one year. R.I.P Brandon Benallie. N.M.

  • christopher elias
    christopher elias

    Murdered that fucking beat

  • leo datcat
    leo datcat


  • Roderick Johnson
    Roderick Johnson

    My very worst enemy is death

  • Shadow Deslar
    Shadow Deslar

    Surprised nobody thought the intro rap was better then what tech put out...

  • Dee Ford
    Dee Ford

    Tech N9ne he gives me lots of strengh fuck being week thats for bozopes iam far from a bozo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jakub Lewandowski
    Jakub Lewandowski

    Wish your voice was always like this great song


    flex on, tech, flex on....

  • Anthony Cerezo
    Anthony Cerezo

    Dope as fuck

  • jeronimo mekhao
    jeronimo mekhao


  • Jlove Bendover
    Jlove Bendover

    goosebump whole song not gonna lie this shit is lit

  • Light Joker
    Light Joker

    Have I heard Slipknot and Maggot????

    • timwilliams90

      Check out tech n9ne wither

  • ColdMoonlight

    I hope Mathers and Taylor appreciate the shout-out 🤘

    • ryanalan760

      EM Never charged tech $ for any of the songs they did together shows how much respect tech gets from one Goat to another goat

  • Jay Si
    Jay Si

    Like i still cant find out if this song true

  • Veronica Trujillo
    Veronica Trujillo

    This song brings out my inner hustler


    anyone know where episode 1 is?

  • Shawn BackBreaker
    Shawn BackBreaker


  • Marvin Hernandez
    Marvin Hernandez

    The whole song crazy @4:55 crazy ...

  • Chkhitoooo

    Like I ain't finna bust when my homeboy make the fuckin' beat drop Like I ain't never ate in this game Like I ain't never seen or had me some big thangs Like I ain't been around the world and with so many different girls Like I ain't a fixture and never knew Twista Like I never script the pledge in the scripture Like I never got signed Like I never did get the cheddar or see shine Like it's sleep time for peeps' minds on T9 Like if these rhymes really never ever happened Like I ain't rich Like I ain't sold Like I ain't dripped Like I ain't froze Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show Like I ain't big, Like I ain't huge Like I ain't shit Like I ain't pay dues Like I ain't full Like I ain't cool Like I ain't build a empire in the 'Zou Like I ain't never had the allure for the pay slots Like I never had a shot Like I didn't have L.A. locked Like I didn't meet Trav yet Like I never had assets Like I'm tryna be the best up in this hip-hop Like I never heard fans yell it Like I didn't have this new watch Like I'm rapping myself into learnin' brew hops Like no flippin' Techn9cian is obsessed Like I didn't know when I was droppin' Like I never knew maestros Like I didn't know Trae was a asshole Like I didn't have a stash full of cash flow Like I never ever knew Strange Like I didn't know I was spittin' the butane

  • ?SMD! i am who i am
    ?SMD! i am who i am


  • Jonathan Cramer
    Jonathan Cramer

    Like this song aint 🔥

  • williano

    Brand new unsigned east coast lyrical ,gangsta, spiritual hip hop

  • williano

    Dam this was a gangsta ass video !!!!!!!!!good job tech !!!

  • Phil Buss
    Phil Buss

    So I spit like I got next...damn that's good

  • Kommon Zense
    Kommon Zense

    Cool to see tech with 8.3m views, whats your view count at?

  • AJ Schallenford
    AJ Schallenford

    Tech 9ne is still great and fast not fading!

  • Don Pepe Ho
    Don Pepe Ho

    This and Rata are 2 of my favorites off this album, even tho they all hit

  • carlos nunez
    carlos nunez

    I like how they finally put "strange music" atleast 5 seconds after the song is over compared tp right away

  • Gavin Watson
    Gavin Watson

    No one forgot about you bud, we just over played your shit cause your an unspoken legend. We are sorry.🤣😂🤣

  • Saxo Blakeman
    Saxo Blakeman

    Rip Tech9

    • Duarte Silva
      Duarte Silva

      fuck outta here

  • UK Maverick
    UK Maverick

    Tech n9ne's still the man.

  • Your Father
    Your Father

    gah i’m obsessed w this🥴💯

  • Daniel Jurgensen
    Daniel Jurgensen

    Techa Niiina! "Like I aint" been a fan since the "calm before the Storm" album!! Always goin hard!! UUGGHHH!!! Get it!!

  • NonProphet

    Music starts at 2:20

  • DJ Daffy Dizzle
    DJ Daffy Dizzle


  • DJ Daffy Dizzle
    DJ Daffy Dizzle


  • DJ Daffy Dizzle
    DJ Daffy Dizzle


  • DJ Daffy Dizzle
    DJ Daffy Dizzle


  • DJ Daffy Dizzle
    DJ Daffy Dizzle


  • Jesse Baldwin
    Jesse Baldwin

    3afterIxcept:;'NUT house

  • Brijona Bailey
    Brijona Bailey

    Saw StrangeFest here in KC on June 1st, EVERYONE KILLED IT! Much love Strange Music, Kansas City loves ya and we always will! Tech will always be my #1 rapper.


    one of the biggest rappers alive just listen to his verses over and over again you keep hearing more an dmore and that is real hiphop

  • Toseef Ali
    Toseef Ali

    2:23 Rap Start

  • DuBray 420
    DuBray 420

    Strange Music ^S^ yess

  • Eric R
    Eric R

    Tom MacDonald fans are responsible for the thumbs down.

  • Dallas Peterson
    Dallas Peterson

    Him walking over to ISO while he spits symbolizes so much

  • James Wisniowski
    James Wisniowski

    like my whole town listening to this song

  • Jadolive -Tornacı
    Jadolive -Tornacı


  • Chris Maki
    Chris Maki

    2:15 to skip

  • Jinking Shakari
    Jinking Shakari

    fucking Banger.. ALL DAY Everyday!!!!! TECHN9NE!!!!!!

  • Nicholas Mccrady
    Nicholas Mccrady

    I hope every one in the world see's this song and video.

  • William Corwin
    William Corwin

    Is this part two?

  • Gunpunchgaming GPG
    Gunpunchgaming GPG


  • Double Ouch!
    Double Ouch!

    This dude making a TV show with his music. Man... You are fucking underrated. You guys are the best rappers so far...

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook

    I can't find episode 1. What song is it?

  • Joshua Iglesias-Hearst
    Joshua Iglesias-Hearst

    Who is the guy on the table rapping

    • ILazared Yuu
      ILazared Yuu

      @Joshua Iglesias-Hearst king Iso