Talking Kitty Cat - Sylvester Gets A Job
Talking Kitty Cat
When his owner can no longer afford wet food, Sylvester (the talking black cat) is forced to get a job at a fast food restaurant. GG (the kitten) gets terrified by Shelby (the dog) who shows signs of going blind. And Random kitty doesn't give a blip blom. Flaggle Claggle.

  • Toy magle
    Toy magle

    Sylvester is funny

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  • Shonnie Cline
    Shonnie Cline

    I was going through serious withdrawal. Thank you for getting your new videos up!!! Looking forward to more. Hopefully Shelby isn't going blind.

  • Tricia Ramsburg
    Tricia Ramsburg

    Slyvester needs an E-Cig with Catnip Oil!

  • Erin Purdie
    Erin Purdie


  • Erin Purdie
    Erin Purdie


  • Jozlyn Miller
    Jozlyn Miller

    My cat oreo he keeps saying Todd? Idk y it weird then my other cat sephi says help Todd? Why are they saying this

  • David Robin
    David Robin

    Ur baby kitty is so cute

  • hayley oliviaaa
    hayley oliviaaa

    does sylvester have a tooth missing?

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  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams

    You cat is so funny

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    Bryce Williams

    Plz post more

  • Lauri Robinson
    Lauri Robinson

    Poor Shel bell! She's such a good girl!

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    Chris Burns

    Ptks tonold kittu

  • Check Fares
    Check Fares

    Steve I have a cat which is more powerful than Sylvester

  • Triforce of Wisdom
    Triforce of Wisdom

    My favorite part: Sylvester : Welcome to McF***old's. What do you want?

  • galaxy god
    galaxy god

    Dude three and a dog I have 5 and a dog

  • Kittyplaysgacha

    Me when I get a job: I got a mother fucking job bruh I be making benjimens quick if I don’t get my wet food now you $$&&@&&$8&&8@&7)6788$$7

  • Leland Beckworth-Morris
    Leland Beckworth-Morris

    Shelby girl looks like my dog but...bigger

  • Isa loves Bohemian rhapsody
    Isa loves Bohemian rhapsody

    Person * comments something original and funny. Me * cool

  • Tiara Schlotzhauer
    Tiara Schlotzhauer

    Sulvaster is a mean

  • Mom

    Shelby May be a little blind

  • Elyse Fong
    Elyse Fong

    Rip Gibson 1 like =2 prayers

  • starsfalls 61548
    starsfalls 61548

    And I feel also sad, because if the dog is blind. I hope she doesn't get blind because she's one of my favorite ones😞😞

  • JoshyFC

    Never knew he can rap 2:52

  • MrRandomGamers

    The most talented cat that can talk Wow he’s trained his cat like a god

  • Karina Martinez
    Karina Martinez

    It's funny 😂😂😂

  • Christian Barraza
    Christian Barraza

    Man I just started watching these and now I can't stop

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    Vivian Espinoza Portillo

    Haven’t watched this channel in 4 years...Glad this came in my recommended.

  • dino gamer
    dino gamer

    I'm a boy and my mom's account and when you said you were going to send Sylvester to work at 9 it was already 9 in real life

  • Camila Francetto
    Camila Francetto

    I love your videos! I always laugh so hard with them! Please never stop making them!

  • Darrien Keller
    Darrien Keller

    on 2:52 it so funny

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    Danny Goalie

    I love you videos so much

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    theninjagunner 45

    I remember watching this when i was 6 and i forgot the channel name. Today i found the channel again

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    colton mcdowell

    Rip grumpy cat like if you miss her

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    Lps Candy

    If you stop the cussing I will be able to subscribe

  • The voice Kids Gacha 12346
    The voice Kids Gacha 12346

    The kitten is working in McDonald’s

  • Lps Candy
    Lps Candy

    My Cat Recently Died :( her name was Tasha I loved her she was like the cats in this video, what I mean by that is that she could understand me 1 like = 1 prayer R.I.P. Tasha

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    Katherine Pagliaro

    hey hows the roman noodle in your back pocket

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    The May May Show

    My daddy put a gun to my head he said if you kiss kiss a boy I’m going to shoot Are you dead so I tied him up with Gavin tape fuck my best friend

  • XavierTheGod

    I want to see Sylvester work at tacobell

  • XavierTheGod

    Am not fat but you don’t like McDonalds that’s why you did that

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    Gunner Sterner

    Sylvester is really funny hahahaha

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    t365 yt

    You've not made a video for a while why?

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    Kayee Xiong

    A you tuber has 7 cats

  • Reiner Mercy Winter {the fractured soul}
    Reiner Mercy Winter {the fractured soul}

    Your dogs going blind

  • Reiner Mercy Winter {the fractured soul}
    Reiner Mercy Winter {the fractured soul}

    My mom's got four cats and she's probably more poor then you we give em wet cat food

  • Lit Midget
    Lit Midget

    Deep down in Sylvester's heart... He misses gibbson and loves kittens

  • ᗰᗩᖇIᔕᔕᗩ Clemens
    ᗰᗩᖇIᔕᔕᗩ Clemens

    Dude. I live in Nampa. Sometime I would really love to meet you I’ve been watching you for like 4 years. Omg I can’t believe it.

  • liam kiernan
    liam kiernan

    I loved the look on Sylvester's face when you told him that he got the job.

  • fgc fdfj
    fgc fdfj

    0:27 a cat is mad

    • fgc fdfj
      fgc fdfj


  • xbankix

    U r a pussy Steve a mother fuckin pussycat god

  • VanillaLimeCoke

    Next Video Sylvester works at Taco 🌮 Bell Day 1 Dear Diary, Taco Bell isn’t all that bad. There’s no fish nor wet food but they have lots of other things I like. I just don’t like the cheese. But Jose is very nice and he makes sure I get the things without any cheese. Day 2 I got fired today. There was this lady named Rosa. Jose wasn’t there today but he said to me yesterday that Rosa is just as great. She seems nice but b!tch can’t speak f@cking English. Rosa: you don’t like. Sylvester: I said no cheese!!! Rosa: no quesa? Sylvester: what? Rose: no quesa? Sylvester: speaking f-cki-g English b|tch! (Swats Rosa and hisses) Rosa: you little brat! Boss: that’s it! Out! You’re fired! Sylvester (muttering): f-ck. Steve’s not going to like this. Later that night... Steve: you got fired again? Well I kinda knew this might happen so tomorrow you work at White Castle. Sylvester (mutters): hope it’s big enough so I can hide and never have to come back here again. I’m sure the castle will be big enough, and maybe a king will take me home and pamper me like Todd did. Next day.... Sylvester sees that White Castle is a restaurant. Sylvester (muttering): it’s a restaurant? (Long and slow) f********cccckkkk.

  • bluegirl sabrina
    bluegirl sabrina

    Lol I have 9 pets try to beat that it's Soo hard

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    explorationbro 1

    I forgot this a Was a thing

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    Jamie Childress

    Wheres Gibson

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    Amazed- Night

    Steve don’t stop posting you post like one every 4 months

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    Kaitlyn Schaeffer

    Bye that was the last time u saw him

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    This is so funny FUC* YOU to the kitten HAAAAAHHHAAH

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    adymsbabygirl tho

    I’m late because it’s been a while since you posted I didn’t mean to unsubscribe to you but man it’s been long I still support you and love you❤️🙂

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    Denise Carter

    Do Sylvester really talk

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    Do more talking kitty cat videos

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    Gg soooOo cute!

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    Aww Shelby girl

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    I waited like a month can we plz😭 get another vid