Surviving winter with a Tesla
Rich Rebuilds
Video on how winter in my RWD Tesla Model S is going so far. I had no idea what I was doing to I had to talk to a pro about it. Hope you find this video useful in some way.
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  • Zach Waldauer
    Zach Waldauer

    Just remember that these cars explode sometimes. And don’t start with that “gas cars also start on fire” garbage. While there is a possibility of a gasoline car starting on fire, it is lower then an electric car. Gasoline itself won’t just randomly start on fire, there has to be an ignition source such as a spark or heat. And even when gasoline does start on fire, it doesn’t cause an explosion. Whereas a lithium ion battery will start on fire if exposed to air or impurities in the battery composition, and usually it winds up with battery cells shooting off and exploding. Now all the EV fanboys will argue that you charge your phone inside your house and you don’t die, well a phone battery is measured in milliamp hours, which is a fraction of what a Tesla battery holds. Having blown up phone batteries before, there is a significant amount of heat released. If a battery cell in a car blows up, then it will begin setting the ones next to it on fire creating an explosion. Now phone batteries don’t explode all the time because they have gone through quality control checks, but even then quality control can only do so much, look at the note 7. And considering that Tesla quality control is garbage and Tesla build quality is garbage, I would not feel comfortable parking this thing in my garage.

  • Kaya and Juniper
    Kaya and Juniper

    Says "electrons" to try and sound smart

  • Ozzy Guy
    Ozzy Guy

    Life is too short for this. Why a clown car when you just can drive a real vehicle?

  • Noah Babakhan
    Noah Babakhan

    Dude just put your tesla in you garage

  • Mohammed Hassouneh
    Mohammed Hassouneh

    "Here's my problem.. is that I'm a cheap bastard." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • RICKS WORLD dereaux
    RICKS WORLD dereaux

    Thats why we in europe using min. 220v or 380v👍

  • wheredidileavemycell

    Damn, Jonah Hill be electro engineerin up in this bitch

  • 1towmater1

    Sorry, I'll still drive my coal crusher, I drive 300 miles, stop, fill up and drive another 300 miles..... No waiting for a charger to be free and than waiting 2 hours for it to charge. I fill tank, use restroom, and grab snacks and back on road in 15 munutes

  • Kef103

    Seriously it doesn’t give each tire pressure

  • David Burson
    David Burson

    Hey Chris.... You a muthafucka. Appreciate the heads up on the windshield wiper ability/weakness.

  • Max G
    Max G

    “because I hated making it” damn I finally found a youtuber like me

  • nischaya tomar
    nischaya tomar

    Chrish looks like he hates you sooo much 😂😂

  • moderatesunited

    You're funny as fck

  • AuTo Aspect
    AuTo Aspect

    a cheap person complaining about quality

  • Tom

    My 2000 explorer no problems have heaters going full time stereo system going and get around 300 miles to a tank thats usually $45 - $50 hahaha not convinced yet

  • Chanse Ormon
    Chanse Ormon

    +Rich Rebuilds Move to Texas

  • Chanse Ormon
    Chanse Ormon

    +Rich Rebuilds Get a 220v Charger for your house

  • William Finnegan
    William Finnegan

    Hey Lord of The Rings guy.....Nothing pulls volts. I heard Tesla is selling an ICE conversion kit.

  • Troy Beatty
    Troy Beatty

    Don't be cheap. Install 220 volts.

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    7:40 Voice crack*

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    Sam Cracckkkkkk

  • Roland Cresswell
    Roland Cresswell

    I don’t have an EV but this is all good info. Thanks 👍

  • T bone Steak
    T bone Steak

    It's the volt 🔌 guy ruining everything... Damn... Haaaaaa....

  • chowner

    That guy is full of hyperbole

  • Gusli Kokle
    Gusli Kokle

    Get a towing package installed, then tow a diesel generator with you wherever you plan to go.

  • gahbee

    thank god I live in florida

  • armanthehacker Instagram
    armanthehacker Instagram

    Ya donkey. (Kidding) You need to hold down one of the scroll wheels and select the vehicle option. Then put the car in drive and it will show your tire pressure.

  • Dirty Tesla
    Dirty Tesla

    This video helped my decide to buy a Tesla in Michigan, so thanks again for this one.

  • Rene Gomez
    Rene Gomez

    For temprature: garage or some car storage

  • Rene Gomez
    Rene Gomez

    With tire pressure problem simple: burnout

  • DiccTatter

    Dont know if anyone out there thought of it but if you go get your tires filled with nitrogen they dont expand or condense with heat or cold. Truckers use that for working in the negative degree weather. Also great for long highway driving in the heat. As the tires head up from friction they wont expand and soften as fast from the expanding on regular o2 air

  • Trigger Troll
    Trigger Troll

    They are a warm weather cars -20 and they start using the juice. -35 they are froze to the ground. Best to have an old winter ice beaters.

  • SeaJayB

    Chris is a fucking beast. Just ratting off tyre pressures and knowing all the PTSD heating shit. Man literally got that thinking cap on

  • Andrew's Theories
    Andrew's Theories

    Sweet I live in Florida so I wouldn’t have to worry about this, but the daily rain would probably be a issue

  • Shane M.
    Shane M.

    Chris looks like he's about to snap!

  • xclimatexcoldxx

    I can't imagine life having to have to wipe off snow on a car. Unless it's illegal, I would just clear the front window then begone.

    • Telewubby

      its the law in pa

  • A23 B
    A23 B

    you leave it out all winter ? I would be afraid of hail with glass roof.

  • Muhammad Arslan
    Muhammad Arslan

    Look who’s complaining, who owns a fucked up salvage Tesla.

  • Johnny's Got It
    Johnny's Got It

    I fucking love this dudes videos man.

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White

    We've got a 2015 Smart with TPMS and even that doesn't state which tyre has an issue

  • Marco Pulone
    Marco Pulone

    almost 1,00,000 views woo

  • Yethu Raj
    Yethu Raj

    Its an old Tesla.

  • buixote

    The term is *Goddam Volt*(GDV). They also alarm when you unplug them, even if they're fully charged(thanks GM!). Of course, it could be worse (KIA Soul), where the connector is *locked* to the car, until the car is unlocked. Hey, are there other "modern" cars that tell you which tire is low? Not on our 2010 Subaru... Get the 220v charger, silly.

  • mike m
    mike m

    Is it really that difficult to get out and check 4 tires air pressure? First world problems

  • Czeal Tamahawk
    Czeal Tamahawk

    Hi bro, I have a 2016 Tesla Model X 90D 7 seaters. Is it possible to remove the 2nd row seat to make it 6 seaters. Obstructing Rear view mirror. Tesla has a wierd seat manuFUCKturing line. No storage on that 2nd row besides that little cup holders behind the console. Them chairs' thick shiny back walls make no sense whatsoever.

  • 5%CMON

    So are you supposed to turn on the seat heaters before you get in the car or the air heaters?

  • Yan Jia
    Yan Jia

    they don't have enough range make it to the mall... Notice:LEAF has left the chat🤣🤣

  • Reggie R2
    Reggie R2

    Do most people have their plug outdoors or is indoors more common?

  • Isaac Camarillo
    Isaac Camarillo

    I’ve watched this vid like twice but let’s salute rich on his impeccable music taste 3:15

  • TheDallasdeadeye

    what a hot mess, ill stick to my pickup.

  • Cash is King trucking
    Cash is King trucking

    I have 2007 Toyota it tells me which tire is low. Come on Tesla

  • Matthew McGrath
    Matthew McGrath

    Go to Harbor freight and buy a car port canopy. Run a duct from your laundry vent. And cover the top of your car with an electric blanket. Cut the wind off the car, plus keeping the internal temp down should help. I grew up in Northern Michigan in a town called Pellston. ( The Ice box of the Nation ) we would do this to help keep our cars warm. So that they would start when we needed to use the cars.

  • Neal Johnson
    Neal Johnson

    Love learning during these videos Rich.

  • TheEpere15

    Does no one see the irony in calling normal engine cars ICE?

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell

    Basically I took from this not to buy a Tesla if you live in an area that gets snow on a frequent basis during the winter. If you live in the south or out west you’re good but northeast and east coast folks really shouldn’t purchase.

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell

    Is Chris alive? I thought he was completing the mannequin challenge.

  • Mr Trix
    Mr Trix

    Keep your Tesla in the garage lmao

  • GreyEyesThirdEye

    I don’t have a garage either bro

  • Oh yeah yeah Litty Comittee
    Oh yeah yeah Litty Comittee

    C H R I S F I X ?

  • Dániel ind
    Dániel ind

    ez a csávó egy gecinagy frájer

  • Caitlyn's Comix
    Caitlyn's Comix

    Pain the butt. Absolute a trouble. Why people buy this car? Plus, what we can do for those used batteries?

    • vidznstuff1

      Those used batteries fetch over $15,000

  • black star
    black star

    Long story short, EV suck in the winter.

  • Senad Selimovic
    Senad Selimovic

    Bro i think ur not ready for a tesla, just buy a honda civic and ur done

  • pbmdh

    1:58 - No, most cars do not do that. I've lived in Minnesota my entire life. I have not had a single car give me a 'low tire pressure' light during the cold BECAUSE of the cold. This includes the most recent winter when the ambient air temp got down to -30 in January, no problems in my Subaru Outback.

  • gogaming32 _
    gogaming32 _

    You say you’re cheap???? You have to pay for air haha. That’s why Australia is better, you don’t have to pay for your air

  • Julio Zanette
    Julio Zanette

    MDI the air car is Michel better

  • FistofJade

    I can tell you the problem. Tesla figures its purchasers are relatively intelligent enough to be savy and have some kind of knowledge on electricity conservation, basic understanding of thermal dynamics, and basic math, and a little bit of actually giving a shit. Tesla typically curbs this IQ ratio by pricing their cars above what the typical average person would pay for a car, assuming relative intelligence yields relatively decent jobs to pay for the car (: Funny intro though, lmao Leaf's cant make it to the mall!

  • Tealcrowd G
    Tealcrowd G

    Why am I watching this I live in Florida

  • Bobby Greenwald
    Bobby Greenwald

    Was kris high when you made this. He’s gazing into the camera like a deer in head lights.

  • A. B.
    A. B.

    I can go to gas station and oh what ya know another 400 miles in 5 mins to fill up. You cant once its dead its dead. oh shit wait the closest charging station is 50 miles away yet damn no thanks. Until technology improves on battery's i'm not interested! plus I don't have to worry about heating or cooling either in the winter. Also hell of a lot cheaper to fix my Chevy than that Tesla. I bet my engine outlasts the battery bank in that car good luck there goes 7k$ to 11K$ to replace the battery bank once it gets dead cells. Plus fast charging kills the battery bank and causes dead cells a hell of a lot faster than slow charging. He mentioned 20F and the issues start happening. Around here it gets -10 sometimes -20F the damn thing would be dead in 100 miles no thanks.