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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash

    Yo Guys thanks for watching! Just to be clear we all spent the same on the baby gifts, Scott included. We did the Jameson as a gag. Scott ended up picking out all the stuff with us. U just didn’t see that! Again just a gag ! Love u Jason

    • hueyhewton

      Yeah no shit

    • Devika Mahapatra
      Devika Mahapatra

      You’re the nicest man.

    • Adam Seiden
      Adam Seiden

      Jason Nash Trisha came back lol

    • Chase Adams
      Chase Adams

      More importantly can we get a list of scotta choices? Lol

    • Inezann Guillen
      Inezann Guillen

      I Love Jason..he's the man!!

  • kitty fairy
    kitty fairy

    the hippo gift was by far the best gift

  • Jessie Wood
    Jessie Wood

    I just found out that I share the same birthday as josh peck

  • Anna Kirkwood
    Anna Kirkwood

    This is great!

  • Jasmine Parenteau
    Jasmine Parenteau

    Love you Nash ,from Wisconsin. Ihave a great night

  • Czarina Marushka
    Czarina Marushka

    I love how David all went logical on the gifts. Hahahaha!

  • Tyler Allen
    Tyler Allen

    how has no one talked about how cute Scotty’s baby is.

  • Bradenton Schaub
    Bradenton Schaub


  • shane amat
    shane amat

    Already using Josh New born

  • Jane Kemner
    Jane Kemner

    I love Joe and Jason out of everyone.

  • Jane Kemner
    Jane Kemner

    Its crazy how much more I like Jason than David.

  • Gacha Yui
    Gacha Yui

    When u were talking about hippos I was like don’t talk about Jonah like that. 😂😂

  • juniepune

    cute but israel is stolen land :)

  • Kaylen Hosking
    Kaylen Hosking

    OMG 8:39 mood😂

  • Susannah Wells
    Susannah Wells

    “We Stan a bilingual toy!” 😂

  • Simran A
    Simran A

    I didnt even notice this was posted on my birthday

  • Angie :P
    Angie :P

    Is no one gonn talk about how Wyatt spent the whole video playing the ukulele 🤣

  • Michelle Ventúr17
    Michelle Ventúr17

    Wyatt is a mini David 😂😂

  • HDgamer REACTS
    HDgamer REACTS

    Yo Dude!! You should most definitely go to a scary ass haunted house or like a haunted tunnel

  • Shannon06

    "My vlog, the vlog that you go to when David hasn't posted yet" Jason speaking straight facts

  • Ayesha Sreedhar
    Ayesha Sreedhar

    Cute little M&M Peck❤️


    Outro song?

  • Riley Hernandez
    Riley Hernandez

    is no one gonna talk about wyatt’s ukulele commentary

  • Riley Hernandez
    Riley Hernandez

    “make sure it’s blue for uh babies”

  • Trystan White
    Trystan White

    It’s bad when even a kid knows where Scott is going😂

  • Asuna Burt
    Asuna Burt

    Poor david was so tired 😂

  • living with lourdes
    living with lourdes

    When he took the duck out all I could think of is the episode where Drake and Josh got trapped in the bathroom of their teachers house and the dog tamer came in and carved a duck out of soap😂

  • Gillian Kennedy
    Gillian Kennedy

    3:39 her? It’s a boy

  • Dorrix Moj
    Dorrix Moj

    I fucking love how david’s mind works❤️😫

  • It’s Mariia
    It’s Mariia


  • It’s Mariia
    It’s Mariia

    Todd & Joe = BabyDaddys 😭❤️

  • xTheSecretDiaries

    todd barely did anything

  • SamanthaNikkie -
    SamanthaNikkie -

    Okay but why is this basically a male baby shower 😂😂

  • crystal

    josh is an amazing pianist

  • Ava Hall
    Ava Hall

    Who is the girl in his intro I’m new here so don’t hate plz

  • Griffin Garman
    Griffin Garman

    12:12 Jonah’s laugh had me dyinnggg

  • Melissa Anthony
    Melissa Anthony

    Am i the only one that trues not to ship the ads on jasons vids cause i feel like here needs the money the most?? Jk jason.... I only watch your vids for Trish 😉 💓

  • NDaanis Plain
    NDaanis Plain

    I would LOVEEE to be friends with charlee. 💕

  • Shainna Lemkin
    Shainna Lemkin

    Hahaha joe is the sweetest cutest person ever❤️

  • Elle Bartelli
    Elle Bartelli

    Did anyone else. Think that toddy was making a joke when he spelled out boob because it was toddy... 😂

  • Chu Nguyen
    Chu Nguyen

    he said the vlog you go to when david hasnt posted yet and i was like YESS EXACTLY

  • Dorothy Brooks
    Dorothy Brooks

    I love when David shows his true side. He's very thoughtful and sentimental at times. Also Joe did amazing with his cute hippo.

  • Kaydee Lightfoot
    Kaydee Lightfoot

    if l had to read the book to toddy l would say, Now this is a story all about how toddy smith can not ready a children book and l can not rap so fast so l need Scotty sire in the house, yeah. like if you thought is was good, well l tried .

  • brokerytum brewerymuk
    brokerytum brewerymuk

    Anyone know the song josh was playing on the piano? it sounds familiar but I can't think of the name

  • C.binhollywood

    Wait soy actually got money

  • Crissp

    this is great. that's all

  • caitlin •
    caitlin •

    jason: [has 2 kids] joe: what do babies like? jason: i don’t know

  • softiplier

    18:08 omg is david hugging the mini david jacket 😂

  • ‪Pounaparte‬

    10:30 My home contry israel ? Ther's no shot a thing called israel.. It's called palestine...

  • Aballay Malena
    Aballay Malena

    This vlog was so cute and calm. I loved it!

  • Alejandra Garcia
    Alejandra Garcia

    *11:16** baby peck can have a mukbang !*

  • Kaden Smith
    Kaden Smith

    8:43 so true

  • SSD

    Todd was the underdog

  • Hailey Lavoie
    Hailey Lavoie

    Can you change the girl in the intro to Trisha... Please 🙇

  • Coco Brown
    Coco Brown

    Hahahaha omg "the vlog that you go to when david hasn't posted yet" 😭😭

  • phenomenalwoman6111


  • Jess_squishyface

    Jason out here putting David’s face on the thumbnail for money. No judgement

  • Noga Baron
    Noga Baron

    Wait you’re actually coming to Israel??

  • Awesome MEB
    Awesome MEB

    That nirvana onesie is literally the cutest thing! I would buy that for my child. ❤ Also I love Scott's gag, and I dont get y people are hating on him.

  • Simon Salazar
    Simon Salazar

    Your videos are awesome!!

  • Pavi Paints
    Pavi Paints


  • hdz har
    hdz har

    Jason laughing sounds like a motor bike starting up

  • M delRosario17
    M delRosario17

    I hope they are careful with the latex

  • M0sthated._ Erica
    M0sthated._ Erica

    Jason Scott and joe are UNDERRATED 😭

  • M0sthated._ Erica
    M0sthated._ Erica

    Josh playing John legend 😍

  • Hailie

    Welcome everybody to my vlog, the vlog you go to when David hasn’t posted yet.... why is that sorta true 😂😂 Love you Jason ❤️❤️😂😂

  • Zayra Martinez
    Zayra Martinez

    Jason is so nice 😊❤️

  • Logan

    Wait people are actually upset about the whiskey joke? Y’all are crazy


    13:50 when Josh said "it'll help us know if the baby is astmatic" I literally started wheezing and reached for my inhaler

  • bobo fattt
    bobo fattt

    Haha i love how the title is like - buying HIM some gifts for his new home like he's your man and you're so very proud of him. It's cute. But really Jason you're great man, just subbed, oh and your intros the funniest thing I've ever seen lol.

  • K Siu
    K Siu

    I laughed so hard when he said the vlog that you go to when david hasnt posted

  • Em Scott
    Em Scott

    1:29 “look at that zeebwa that zeebwa would make a nice gift”😂

  • Issa Garcia
    Issa Garcia

    Jason’s son looks kind of like Finn Wolfhard

  • LondonAC 123
    LondonAC 123

    Poor David was probably wanting it to be him reviving baby gifts for him and Liza's baby

  • Meagan Lawson
    Meagan Lawson

    I honestly love Scott. God forbid he makes a joke 😂

  • Dabby Tabi
    Dabby Tabi

    I like your videos more than David's. Tbh I've only watched one of David's videos. Whoops

  • TiktokMemes

    I’m surprised that Trisha doesn’t get angry at Jason’s intro 😂😂🤣🤣 only joking love you Trisha

  • laurenxoxo11 xx
    laurenxoxo11 xx

    👮‍♂️👮‍♀️👩‍🦳👨‍🦱👩‍🦱👨‍🦰👩‍🦰👨‍🦲🦷✍️🥶🥰🥳👩‍🎤🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️👩‍🚀🧝‍♀️🦹‍♂️🕴🧶new emojis I think 😂

  • amber temple
    amber temple

    jason’s mom is so cute omg

  • Kynedi Humphrey
    Kynedi Humphrey

    8:42 so true 😂

  • David Amantia
    David Amantia

    Jason and todd and Scott are all fighting over which burrito to buy and Wyatt is in the background becoming a musical genius

  • miya norbury-blundell
    miya norbury-blundell


  • Olivia Winters
    Olivia Winters

    Your son looks like fin wolfheart.

  • FernBotUSA

    Scottie you’re so funny!!!!

  • GraceGurlO

    I loved the alcohol bit 😂😂

  • Maisha Khandakar
    Maisha Khandakar

    Wow he plays the piano so beautifully😢 love that song❤️

  • Blake Marks
    Blake Marks

    please get that ukelele out of wyatts hands

  • Tanisha Lynn
    Tanisha Lynn

    i know the alcohol bit was a joke but dead ass that something my dumb ass would do lol

  • Loni Salsman
    Loni Salsman

    David and Jonah look high 😂

  • Mrs. J
    Mrs. J

    A man shower I love it!

  • Yo Momo
    Yo Momo

    Joe should have won

  • Puppy Soccer
    Puppy Soccer

    since david gets everyone cars, he should get the baby one of those toy cars for him to drive lol

  • debihhh

    “He has a good heart” 😂😂😂

  • Myla Dionne
    Myla Dionne

    If I was a boy my name would be Mylo but my name is Myla

  • jeidi01

    I need info to buy the baby burrito thing xD can anyone help?

  • Jazmin Castellanos
    Jazmin Castellanos

    Joe’s gift was the best. That hippo was adorable!

  • Me Imani
    Me Imani

    Tbh... i thought jason's son was david.

  • MartyMcfly1985A

    You give 100$ each for presents. David gives 100$ for paintball. Who wins?

  • Djpon Duh
    Djpon Duh

    Loved the music in the background by Wyatt

  • Maddy Burke
    Maddy Burke

    this video was so cute and sweet it made me cry. i wish i had friends like you guys #stan