Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5.15.2019
Tune in for a roughly 15-minute presentation packed with information all about Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch.
Learn more about Super Mario Maker 2!
#NintendoSwitch #SuperMarioMaker2 #SMM2
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  • J Flores
    J Flores

    Make the double cherry a new power up in this game

  • Yosh Boi
    Yosh Boi

    5:03 *SANS* I made this at 10:42 PM

  • Enrico Couri
    Enrico Couri


  • Enrico Couri
    Enrico Couri

    The dislikers better lock there doors, or they will be suffocated with a pillow

  • Green Kiwi
    Green Kiwi

    But where’s the lag in this trailer?

  • Mert YÜCEL
    Mert YÜCEL

    i cant make co op levels

  • Lil'Darian

    5:25 The Mystery of Murasame Castle reference

  • ItzCoolChenz

    10:48 creeper havent heard that before

  • Rigoberto Saenz
    Rigoberto Saenz

    I just buy it on game stop!

  • MrSihrus

    I'm super thirsty rn

  • Sunny_LightTV

    Hey Nintendo! You will make super Mario maker 3 too, right? I have ideas for the next. -Blue yoshi, spits ice -Ice flower -Super Acorn -Beach theme -Super mario bros 2 -Ice and poison piranha plants -Mountain theme -Volcano theme -Goomba with a spike helmet Koopas with capes -King bills -The koopalings -Playable Yoshi -House object -Red coin ring And for the last one (that i hope you will agree to put it in) SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY THEME! (P.S)try to do the same as you did with 3D world theme. I hope its agreeable!

  • Sunny_LightTV


  • speedy

    If only there was a stylus so my fat finger wouldn’t take up so much space on the screen

  • gamer fanatico 123
    gamer fanatico 123

    This game blows

  • Shitpost Guy
    Shitpost Guy

    holy shiet

  • Dr. Iram
    Dr. Iram

    6:22 boom boom the madlad

  • mary jay gomes
    mary jay gomes

    Dislikes= the people who know nitendo ruined their dream with online service like me );

  • Wakel Ersers
    Wakel Ersers

    5 updates l want 1: oh l wish that we could make are own background 2: if we could make are own charachters and logo's anythings cool 3: if we can create are levels with details and decorations its more good 4: if we can make graphics and explanations its too good 5: if you can put music in it like normal 8-bit music of Dubstep l would love this

    • Aramaru 1837
      Aramaru 1837

      Wakel Ersers how old r u?

  • Samuel Braithwaite
    Samuel Braithwaite

    Got the game today I was so excited but the thing that annoyed me which made me really sad Nintendo is making a Nintendo online money why this made me a bit disappointed the whole point is making levels so you can share with other people how can I do that when I don’t have any money because I just used up the money in my wallet my friends told me it was really good I agree but th online is a dissapointment

  • Jux te 2an Jose Hernandez
    Jux te 2an Jose Hernandez


  • kimme jones
    kimme jones

    9000/1. Amazing sequel to the original!

  • Edwin Videos
    Edwin Videos

    I want them to make super Mario 64 mode they should Like of you want them to do that too 👇

  • sueli shiraishi
    sueli shiraishi


    • Doge dude
      Doge dude

      sueli shiraishi you know you can edit comments

  • sueli shiraishi
    sueli shiraishi

    Vera good game

  • Nathan Pyle
    Nathan Pyle

    Mario maker 1:who are you? Mario maker 2: im you but better

  • Samtheboyo 69
    Samtheboyo 69

    T H E M A D L A D

  • Steven Jellow
    Steven Jellow

    I'm confused can somebody tell me if they ever saw a mario and luigi pixel art in a trailer with a clear pipe going through them? Please tell me if you have cuz i wanna see it. Cant find it.

  • Watch Dog
    Watch Dog

    Hey Nintendo! Somebody’s trying to get your game on mobile for free!

  • SquidgyApple205 Gaming
    SquidgyApple205 Gaming

    Why is this so satisfying to watch.

  • Superflamegameplays

    I watched this live while waiting for my friend to pick me up for school because it was morning where I am.

  • MJGaming

    Why “The Great Tower Showdown 2” Music isn’t in the 3D World style? That song is super cool but nintendo didn’t use it in the game. 😢

    • Mahdi RANA
      Mahdi RANA

      MJGaming How about you appreciate what you get. Kiddo

  • aBanabis

    i remember the snake blocks. I also remember coop side scrolling platformers where you could pick up the other player and throw them was invented by Capcom. I guess it's been long enough, they probably forgot though. I mean Capcom. As in, they forgot they invented it with Rescue Rangers for the NES. It was my favorite NES game for the coop, and the first game I ever beat. it honestly blows my mind it took Nintendo so long to follow up on that.

  • Sam Buckley
    Sam Buckley

    WOW :O

  • Emanuel Lopez
    Emanuel Lopez

    Can u please put it on Wii U I can’t get a switch oh wait let me get it for Christmas

    • Aramaru 1837
      Aramaru 1837

      Emanuel Lopez not coming for Wii U kid

  • Garrett the man
    Garrett the man

    Those dislikes are people who don't have a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

  • Ahmad Nawaf
    Ahmad Nawaf

    Wait so cool and cool for a little pony ride and

  • TheYoung Animator
    TheYoung Animator


  • losbey1905

    Plz download the update of the game: change the song of the desert from super Mario bros 3 to the song of the sky f Mario bros 3

  • Memez 4Life
    Memez 4Life

    The hype is real

  • Mary Cerros
    Mary Cerros

    Wii U: I HATE THIS GAME Switch: You Had One Job. One Job. NOW DIE Wii U: X_X

    • supernes64 eaa
      supernes64 eaa

      🤗 mario maker 2 🤤

  • Ezequiel Preza
    Ezequiel Preza


  • Cristina Valdez
    Cristina Valdez

    I wish I have Mario Maker 2

  • Dabbing Pikachu101
    Dabbing Pikachu101

    Please remove story mode

    • F-R-E-E That Spells Free
      F-R-E-E That Spells Free


  • A-MILLIO 118
    A-MILLIO 118

    Make a DKC maker plz

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    Direct: The seesaw goes left and right from Mario’s weight Me: HAH

  • Perico Lospalotes
    Perico Lospalotes

    @ $100 less it is not a deal, you get a lot more with the $300 switch.

  • legendary Pikachu
    legendary Pikachu

    6:23 r/madlads

  • domestickagga

    How do you do the scroll stop I keep making the walls like in the video but it doesn’t stop

    • Triforce SwitchPS4XBOne
      Triforce SwitchPS4XBOne

      The wall has to include the upper section as well. Start at very bottom of the editing screen, and keep going up with the blocks till you cant go any higher. Any breaks in the wall (like a pipe interrupting the line of blocks, leaving a gap, etc...) will cancel the effect.

  • Egriff123


  • GasMaskGarry

    Super Mario Maker 2: we found new ways to be a dick to your friend

  • SG xboxya
    SG xboxya

    Nintendo will never make anything bad

  • RoastedChesse

    Mario Maker Players: We gonna create the best levels in the world! Super Mario Bros X Players: Hold My Beer

  • I’m ReallyInnocent c;
    I’m ReallyInnocent c;

    No 3ds?

    • Brenda Toner
      Brenda Toner

      The 3DS is dead, no more games from Nintendo for the 3DS.

    • hola


  • REPENT retama
    REPENT retama

    is the switch lite going to have this game?

    • Triforce SwitchPS4XBOne
      Triforce SwitchPS4XBOne

      The Switch Light is still a Switch console, just permanently in handheld mode. As long as a Switch game supports handheld mode, it will work on Switch Light. Mario Maker 2 supports handheld mode so it will work on Switch Light.

  • snow olf63
    snow olf63

    I hope there is a mario maker 3

    • Mahdi RANA
      Mahdi RANA

      snow olf63 Unless the switch dies then there won't be a mario maker 3

  • OriStrange SansColl
    OriStrange SansColl

    Magnetic blocks

  • Nicky Gamer
    Nicky Gamer

    4:47 wow that’s new, banzai bills go towards Mario

  • xX Fortnitefortilse Xx
    xX Fortnitefortilse Xx

    WY NOT FOR WII U I HAVE NO SWITCH 😭😭😭😭😭😭 ps: Wii u: hi switch | switch: yes hi but I hate You bye wii u : yes I going play mario maker 1

    • Mahdi RANA
      Mahdi RANA

      xX Fortnitefortilse Xx Stop being a 9 year old. The Wii U is not being supported anymore. Nintendo quit the Wii U because it failed. Yes it's sad but wait till your birthday or something.

  • xX Fortnitefortilse Xx
    xX Fortnitefortilse Xx


    • xX Fortnitefortilse Xx
      xX Fortnitefortilse Xx

      Okay I buy the switch

    • Michael Boi
      Michael Boi

      Nintendo doesn't care about the Wii U anymore

  • Aidan Nolan Logan Sawyer
    Aidan Nolan Logan Sawyer

    this makes me wish even more that i still have a switch

  • Abby Collins
    Abby Collins

    6:23 MAD LAD.

  • Skil NCFL
    Skil NCFL

    0:13 rlly Nintendo?

  • a-dawg games yt
    a-dawg games yt

    SO hyped for this game.

    • Brenda Toner
      Brenda Toner

      It's out. Buy it.

  • Troy  Jenkins
    Troy Jenkins

    This is why Nintendo is King of consoles to this day

  • Guchii Guy
    Guchii Guy

    please play my level the code is DB3-WV1-DFG

  • Jessica Tranter
    Jessica Tranter

    Please do a giveaway

  • Super Chara 64
    Super Chara 64

    17:23 why would u host a tournament on the 8th when the game came out 20 days after the tournament announcement

  • MasterGeorge090

    Fun Fact about Mario Maker 2: Goombas will also float in the sky theme at night. This is for people who don't know.

  • Angel Hernandez Landa
    Angel Hernandez Landa

    0:14 Mario hace un PENE

  • SweetieTim

    When is &knuckles dlc