Stray Kids "Chronosaurus" Video
Stray Kids
Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Chronosaurus" Video
Stray Kids MINI ALBUM "Clé 1 : MIROH"
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  • taehyugs wi
    taehyugs wi

    okay but can we talk about seungmin

  • Fátima Torqui
    Fátima Torqui

    la parte de bangchan es hermosaaaa

  • RandomJD

    You know who is my bias? The one who is sitting on a chair facing the left side of the screen

  • MoriMorisawas


  • Carina Da ros
    Carina Da ros

    야ㅐㄴ 채ㅡㅐ 므ㅐ ㅁ ㄴㄱㄷㅁㅅ ㅏㅑㅇㄴ❤

  • juliette

    an idol literally has to just do that thing where they raise one side of their top lip when they sing/rap, and i'm hooked. you wanna be my bias? no worries whatsoever. you can have my heart. you know what, take my soul while ur at it. no worries. n o . w o r r i e s

  • Nur Ilham
    Nur Ilham


    • Nur Ilham
      Nur Ilham

      Sana Claus ohhh i seeee! Btw im new at this fandom. Can u guide me to get to know more about them

    • Sana Claus
      Sana Claus

      He's also the one who chose the members.

    • Sana Claus
      Sana Claus

      Nur Ilham Bang Chan!

  • Klara Kirana
    Klara Kirana

    shwiji anko dallyeowatneunde wae ajik jubyeoneun eodubgiman hae wae shigani haegyeolhae jul georaneun mal naegen geujeo duryeoumppunin mal shigani haegyeolhal su eopseo gidaridagan gyeolguk butjabhyeo mwodeun haeya hae nan dareun su eopseo igose shiganeun geumilkka geumsuilkka sullaejabgi sok jabhineun geon nailkka kkumilkka Day and night maeil nan geobi na butjabhil geot gateunde bakchago dallyeoga sumi chado kkeunimeopshi dallyeo shiganeun wae naege ppalli dallyeooneunde bakchago dallyeoga neomeojyeodo eogimeopshi dallyeo nal bol sudo eopge apeuro dallimyeon dwae Woah woah woah yeah yeah tiktaktiktak gettin’ closer Woah woah woah yeah yeah jjaekkakjjaekkak ppalli dallyeo Watch out, watch out nuneul tteoya hae Countdown, countdown ijen eotteokhae moraeshigye soge nan gachyeoitneun deuthae Watch out, watch out nuneul tteoya hae Countdown, countdown ijen eotteokhae meomchumyeon baro kkeuchinde bakchago dallyeoga sumi chado kkeunimeopshi dallyeo shiganeun wae naege ppalli dallyeooneunde bakchago dallyeoga neomeojyeodo eogimeopshi dallyeo nal bol sudo eopge apeuro dallimyeon dwae Ooh like a tunnel with no light Yeah ooh kkeuchi eopseo duryeowo Ooh like a tunnel with no light (Yeah ooh) day and night maeil nan (kkeuchi eopseo duryeowo) geobi na butjabhil geot gateunde bakchago dallyeoga sumi chado kkeunimeopshi dallyeo shiganeun wae naege ppalli dallyeooneunde bakchago dallyeoga neomeojyeodo eogimeopshi dallyeo nal bol sudo eopge apeuro dallimyeon dwae Woah woah woah yeah yeah tiktaktiktak gettin’ closer Woah woah woah yeah yeah jjaekkakjjaekkak ppalli dallyeo Woah woah woah yeah yeah tiktaktiktak gettin’ closer Woah woah woah yeah yeah jjaekkakjjaekkak ppalli dallyeo

  • Marlene Sousa
    Marlene Sousa

    OMFJ what a song what a masterpiece just messing with my emotions freaking amazing

  • Winnie Wong
    Winnie Wong

    felix’s deep voice omg

  • Susana Sedano
    Susana Sedano

    No puedo creerlo es arte puro!!!

  • Day dreamer
    Day dreamer

    jisung gave me a goosebumps when he sing the choruss ❤️❤️

  • UwU SKZ
    UwU SKZ

    When everything goes wrong with me i love returning here to cry with lyrics and how they are relatable Like a tunnel with no light Feeling out of breath hopelessly, the fear of time , pressures i just need time to stop but as they said I’ll hang in keep running maybe time will solve it who knows Anyway stray kids you are always my life saver thanks for existence

  • my way nin
    my way nin


  • Silver Rose
    Silver Rose

    I've always felt this way what they're describing in the song , all of my life , I couldn't relate to anything everyone seemed to just enjoy the moment and make the best of it But I just can't, knowing that StrayKids feel the same way I don't know what it made me feel , this song is my Life anthem Thank you so much SKZ for this amazing and beautiful song .. I hope you get to see the light at the end of the tunnel one day you deserve it .

  • Silver Rose
    Silver Rose

    I'm just gonna say " StrayKids are life " it's life all of their tracks pure representation of life of all its aspects ... I just feel relieved when ever I hear one of there songs because it's what I feel that's me right there ut's just hits me so hard .. they are an emotional roller coaster ... it's so good relating to someone when you feel like you're on your own and no one understands you .

  • Chrysanthe Nikolaidis
    Chrysanthe Nikolaidis

    I cannot stop listening to this!! Thank you UA-my recommend for showing me Stray Kids months ago. Without it I wouldn't be able to have heard it.

  • MarYa 92
    MarYa 92

    The "tick tock tick tock" of Minho its just perfect

  • Licah Milly
    Licah Milly



    ok why is it that they have like PERFECT SKIN!

  • I love Bts
    I love Bts

    I see Felix for the cover of the song I CLICK !!!!!! 😂

  • J. b. ONCE
    J. b. ONCE

    Stay solo 2M😭.... promocionemos más los mv ...hagamos a Sk más conocidos 💪

  • NaNaK's proud NCTzen 4EVER Nawelle.B
    NaNaK's proud NCTzen 4EVER Nawelle.B

    Oh guess who's back to listening her favorite song of the album and who was deceased again by : - God Chan's vocals of heaven - Minho's lines who just stab me, he was so memorable and he owns this era, Clé 1 : Miroh is my favorite era for Minho 💗💗💗 - Seungmin's very existence on this earth - Woojin's pure talent followed by Seungmin's vocals - Jeongin's amazing voice which becomes even more beautiful as time goes by - Han squirrel vocalist rapper Jisung multi-talent - Felix's impact on his parts because his charisma and his acting are perfect for Chronosaurus - Hyunjin's stable and powerful part - Changbin's touching story telling rap - The harmony and level of cohesion and professionalism of each member 💗💗💗 I'm proud STAY from France and how amazing to feel so touched by a song 💗💗 ALL OF THEM are so touching and talented 💖💖💗

  • jersli tongol
    jersli tongol


  • jersli tongol
    jersli tongol


  • The Kings
    The Kings

    Where can i watch SKZ live performance of Chronosaurus? I can't find any

    • The Kings
      The Kings

      +Grace Leo ooo i see. Thank you!

    • Grace Leo
      Grace Leo

      They haven't performed it live except during their album unveil and at fansigns

  • RemmyMoon

    OMG THE VOCALS ON THIS !!!!! 0:33 #BangChan just brought tears to my eyes and chills to my body! His voice, his tone - Just freaking Amazing! I feel like an idiot for sleeping on this song - I was listening to Miroh so much I am embarrassed to say I didn’t even pay attention to this. But yesterday I had my K-pop playlist on shuffle and this song just kicked me in the back of the head! STAN TALENT STAN STRAYKIDS !!!!

  • Lynn Jones
    Lynn Jones

    This song is bloody amazing

  • D.J. Highlanders
    D.J. Highlanders

    But not to make them dance ... did they tie them to chairs? 🐶 🐶 🐶🤣

  • D.J. Highlanders
    D.J. Highlanders

    I have a lot of imagination ... even too much ... for those around me ... Without knowing the text, letting myself be carried away by the music, I created a "film" in my mind. Driven by curiosity, I translated the text .... and ... no, it's not possible! Damn ... there's a lot of affinity with what I thought! I am very surprised ... as if I had entered the mind of those who created this song! Is it perhaps the signal that I am sick and for me it is time to visit a psychiatrist? Or someone can give me other answers. Help!!!

  • Leona Goff
    Leona Goff

    Someone: whos your bias? Me: the one with the hair

  • Hyun Gee
    Hyun Gee

    Hyunjin is my bias and rest are my bias wreckers.

  • Lee Know
    Lee Know

    No one gonna comment on Lee Know's vocals? Okay none:)

  • Thamires Garcia
    Thamires Garcia

    Essa musica sempre me arrepia.

  • JustMe I_am
    JustMe I_am

    Off all stray kids song this is on my top list... ...

  • Just nipping out To get jams
    Just nipping out To get jams

    Han is such bias wrecker material I’m dying

  • yakshitha punati
    yakshitha punati

    The lyrics👏👏👏



  • vera canbulat
    vera canbulat


  • kawaii dessine
    kawaii dessine

    Love puissance 1000 😍😍❤️ WOAW

  • Арина Мин
    Арина Мин

    Капец Чанбин Рави, хаха

  • Jewel

    @1:55 this part is heavenly

  • Jv

    People might think this is a title track nah this is a side track of their ep

  • Rose Butler
    Rose Butler

    this video is so hot sjjsjs

  • chuu pala
    chuu pala

    x2 is so funny

  • كيبوب BTS
    كيبوب BTS

    ماذا فعلتو بينا وللمعجبين؟ لماءا ضهرتو امامنا لكن شكرا لكم جدا لقد احببناكم جدن🤩

  • Millenium _mins
    Millenium _mins


  • Rahaf Kamilia
    Rahaf Kamilia

    people should stop sleeping on stray kids side tracks. They are all great WITH GREAT MEANINGS.

  • MyOwnLyrics

    I guess only people my age really knows how I feel.

  • Keipope nos BR
    Keipope nos BR

    A melhor coisa do mundo foi ter colocado o Seugmin e Woojin pra cantar ao mesmo tempo•^•

  • Tomek Nacho
    Tomek Nacho

    Superb! Perfect song! Greetings from Poland!

  • Nadia Martínez
    Nadia Martínez


  • coco

    them: who's your bias? me: the one sitting down

  • Allison Sun
    Allison Sun

    It's a great song!

  • cintia armijos
    cintia armijos

    amo a stray kidssssss

  • Valery Lopez
    Valery Lopez

    This reminds me of the pro mises neverland

    • Valery Lopez
      Valery Lopez


    • Valery Lopez
      Valery Lopez

      I mean “the promised neverland “

  • Sommer Poole
    Sommer Poole

    this is so simple I love it!

  • iuv

    They're so talented and I always love reading the lyrics because it's so relatable!

  • Jen Jer Ale
    Jen Jer Ale

    idk why, but the music in the verses really reminded me of the gravity falls intro.

  • Lyca Cutarra
    Lyca Cutarra

    *Jisung's vocal is no joke!!* 💕😱

  • Mama Aghni
    Mama Aghni

    This song deserved to be their TITLE SONG! Ugh... Sebagus itu lagunya, the lyrics is so deep.... love it!

  • deog cha
    deog cha

    I really enjoy to listen this song. Actually I love all stray kids' songs.

  • Miyazaki Kuro
    Miyazaki Kuro

    Hm no wonder they're called "all-kill rookies". Not a kpop fan but they are no joke. among all other kpop dudes i know, they are the ones who gives me so much chills. wow, all of 'em got godly looks too.

  • Kkami Neko
    Kkami Neko

    Oh sh*t lee know that tick tock tick tock of yours is damn sexy

  • Kkami Neko
    Kkami Neko

    Now I know why stray kids are called "the new legends"

  • Henna Marie Baleriado
    Henna Marie Baleriado

    Baby I.N's highnote is so much!!! Our babies are on fire!!

  • Everlasting Stay
    Everlasting Stay

    My boys

  • ronaria buaton
    ronaria buaton


  • Flavinha V
    Flavinha V

    CARACA EU AMO MUITO VOCÊS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    I am a new fan. This song is so beautiful. STRAY KIDS i love you so much. This song is my favorite song of the album. Love from France

  • Hanani Ramlee
    Hanani Ramlee

    Wtf this is so goodddd

  • Haruka F. N.
    Haruka F. N.

    I think it's been like 40 times already playing this mv and I don't get the fucking ad, I'm even feeling sad I want them to have my money please ad pop out geez

  • MultiFandom Heartu
    MultiFandom Heartu

    It's like they are trying to physically attack me with their's working.

  • mingyu's fAngS
    mingyu's fAngS

    this song deserves more! keep str34aming stays! *we are close to 3 million*

  • mingyu's fAngS
    mingyu's fAngS

    this song has so deep meaning af-

  • rae arita
    rae arita

    goodevening everyone, except to those people who think this song is a flop

  • anaïs et lou 1106
    anaïs et lou 1106

    Jeongin is beautiful❤❤

  • A Z R A A S H
    A Z R A A S H

    Kings 😭💗

  • dchaharbey

    Can anybody tell me the meaning on 3:16?? Thankss!!

    • Peggy Chen
      Peggy Chen

      the time represented the important dates. Stray Kids were announced 9 members for debut at the final stage of the survival show. Stray Kids predebut album Mixtape was released. Stray Kids was debuted with District 9. The fandom name STAY was announced.

  • humblebumblejumbo

    This song has officially gotten me into Stray Kids and now I’m Felix biased ok bye

  • joohoney

    minho just wrecked my bias list with that “tick took tick tock getting closer”

  • Cands Altamirano
    Cands Altamirano


  • NikiiBam_KookMin BNior_Kaisoo
    NikiiBam_KookMin BNior_Kaisoo

    ¿Ustedes no se cansan de sacar arte? Los amo

  • To Moon
    To Moon

    Lee know'un tik tok tik tok getting closer dediği an öldüm mezardan sesleniyorum zkchzlcj

  • 라 أرمي사
    라 أرمي사

    New Stay 💜🍓

    • 라 أرمي사
      라 أرمي사

      +Creator 195 ty💛

    • Creator 195
      Creator 195

      Welcome to Stay fandom 😊

  • Nini

    2:03 - this high note has me addicted

  • sam gozo
    sam gozo


  • Alice


  • elsdorado

    i listen to this so much that its in my reccomended no matter what. i regret nothing

  • Restuu AR
    Restuu AR

    I love han's part

  • Lenne Higgs
    Lenne Higgs

    this video gave me the weirdest vibes

  • elisabeth queen
    elisabeth queen


  • KatrinaIsabel

    I showed my friend this video Her:Are you serious! How can u even recognize them? They all look the same! Me: Just chill......they do look alike at first but just wait I know you will stan them. Her: Its possible but they look the same for real! Me: I will tell you their positions and names just wait *thru the video*(I will just tell them by age i forgot the order i did) Me: This is Woojin he is a vocalist, visual and rapper(he is a half bear and chicken) This is BangChan he is the leader, a vocalist, visual, rapper and a producer This is Lee Know he is a dancer, vocalist, rapper and most importantly A VISUAL This is ChangBin he is a rapper, vocalist, visual and a producer This is HyunJin he is a (REALLY)VISUAL, a rapper and vocalist This is Han he is a rapper, vocalist, visual and a producer like Bin and Chan This is Felix he is a VISUAL, rapper, vocalist and has a SUPER DEEP VOICE! This is SeungMin he is a vocalist, a rapper, a visual and he is DandyBoy And lastly I.N he is a vocalist, a rapper, a visual and he is a FennecFox Her: Oh ok u did not need to do that I can just easily search them up the internet but thanks! Me: if u don’t stan this boys i will end our friendship

    • Creator 195
      Creator 195

      +KatrinaIsabel 😂😂

    • KatrinaIsabel

      Haha after this she took my joke seriously😝😝😝😝

    • Creator 195
      Creator 195

      The last word is SAVAGE 🤣👍🏻

  • noni chan
    noni chan

    Jisung vocals always caught me unguarded am amazed I.N 1:30 that was along note😍 proud 2:59 CHILL Minho that was so cool

  • gadit A M
    gadit A M

  • Tee Hee
    Tee Hee

    Like a tunnel with no light There's no end I'm scared ~ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • youtubeuser

    This song has really thought-provoking lyrics and surprisingly mature

  • Haruka F. N.
    Haruka F. N.

    I don't know if I'm the only one but when I see Woojin's parts his looks is like he's tired, hopeless, of how we have to just keep running without stop. Maybe it gives me those vibes because he's just singing so high so effortlessly, but it's like he's portraying the tiredness of just running away without reason. I'm not English native so my explanation has probably sucked sorry lmao

  • Zizi Katxx
    Zizi Katxx

    Friend: so who's your bias in stray kids? Me: yes

  • hobi’s supreme gun
    hobi’s supreme gun

    bin looked like seungri for a split second