Stranger Things 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
One summer can change everything. Watch the official trailer for Stranger Things 3. Premiering July 4. Only on Netflix.
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Stranger Things: Season 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Netflix

    ǝɹǝɥ ʎllɐuᴉɟ sᴉ ʇᴉ

    • •It's Chloe•
      •It's Chloe•

      Thank you Netflix! I'm so happy!

    • Louis Barbosa
      Louis Barbosa

      uʍop ǝpısdn ǝɥʇ

    • LoponianMare

      What does Royce like doing when she is Lonley..... Netflix and Will

    • Classicly Styling
      Classicly Styling

      Upside DOWN world letters

    • n1k0321

      Satanic GOD IS THE GREATEST! The even spelled it backwards and upside down! Don’t be fooled be these devils

  • Baron Von Wieprzken
    Baron Von Wieprzken

    Did anyone notice that in 2:00 there is a guy with russian (or polish, im not sure) gas mask?

  • _kwanjai_ 나탈리아_
    _kwanjai_ 나탈리아_

    Who else thinks bts should watch this to learn english

  • David Guertin
    David Guertin

    J'ai tellement hâte 😍

  • Vlanchē Lovejoy
    Vlanchē Lovejoy

    I’m so excitedddd for this!! 😭♥️

  • Demi G 14
    Demi G 14

    Just come out already 😩❤️

  • Azmina Othman
    Azmina Othman

    Waiting For It :))

  • katrīna kalniņa
    katrīna kalniņa

    I remember when they were little kids and now they're not kids anymore. I'm crying when I remember that time

  • Rainer Zufall
    Rainer Zufall

    Who will watch it too at 04.05 ???? xD xD I know, Everyone!!!!! :D Lol

    • My Channel
      My Channel

      No. I am from Russia and the Russian voices in ST will be on 10th July :((

  • King_h_x

    I’m ded oof

  • Dilshad alam
    Dilshad alam

    I m from India and i loved that's series

    • Dilshad alam
      Dilshad alam

      did you make UA-my channel from phone

    • Dilshad alam
      Dilshad alam

      Yes i visit your channel

    • My Channel
      My Channel

      Dilshad alam Um yeah, this “My channel”

    • Dilshad alam
      Dilshad alam

      You have a UA-my channel

    • My Channel
      My Channel

      I m from Russia and i loved that‘s series

  • Violet Weil
    Violet Weil

    Slowed it down to .25 speed to make sure I didn't miss anything and there is SO MUCH hand holding and FRIENDSHIP in this video.

  • Elizabeth Quinones
    Elizabeth Quinones

    Well all my family is watching fireworks I will be watching stranger things


    That monster at the end looks like every single demogorgon that ever existed, put together as one thing

  • LEA 001
    LEA 001

    It’s been so long I almost forgot about the damn show.

  • D-man 742
    D-man 742

    Netflix removed Daredevil, The Punisher, what’s next....

  • D-man 742
    D-man 742

    They should bring Barb back, it seems impossible but it would be more believable than Glens come back in the Walking dead

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez


    • My Channel
      My Channel

      ? 0_0 Mike x Jane Steve x Robin Lucas x Max (girl) Hopper x Joyce Jonathan x Nancy... It is natural, where’d you see gay?

  • dornravlin

    did not like how he maced the token negro

    • dornravlin

      +Violet Weil and that's suppose to make it some how better I'm sorry getting shit put in your eye for the most part blows and i don't like them using it as humor at the expense of a black kid

    • Violet Weil
      Violet Weil

      It was hair spray

  • Sathvik Varma
    Sathvik Varma

    Those are not dislike they are like in upside down

  • Danielle Raeburn
    Danielle Raeburn

    _ . _ . . _ . . _ _ _ . . . . _ _ . . _ _ .

  • Mynameisntmark

    I love how at the really quick flashing moments it goes from dark scary stuff like more monsters and billy to Steve air trumpeting then... getting stabbed in the neck with a syringe

  • Orenthal Simpson
    Orenthal Simpson

    Just binge the first two seasons this week, can't wait

  • Homie Dodo bird
    Homie Dodo bird

    I hope by some miracle dart is alive

  • Itz Vurutah
    Itz Vurutah

    2:17 :( no please no

  • Darien Gowens
    Darien Gowens

    I think this season, Mrs. Wheeler will finally find out about the upside down and everything.. Idk if anyone else noticed her in behind Hopper and Joyce at 1:43

  • iamhappiness

    Ugggghhhh July 4th can't come soon enough!

  • josiah mccusker
    josiah mccusker

    If anyone dies in season 3 I am done watching Netflix.

  • subscribe PewDiePie
    subscribe PewDiePie

    _Like if you watch Stranger things_

  • I am Sudrajat
    I am Sudrajat

    Really love this series

  • oh yeah yeah ?
    oh yeah yeah ?

    S1: Steve gets beat up by Johnathan S2:gets beat up by Billie S3: next


    AI MEU CORAÇÃO AAAAAAA Se o Steve morrer mano...

  • Lee Covington
    Lee Covington

    What's the song they played at the beginning? It sounds lit, I want to add it to my 80s-90s Playlist

  • A Coincidential Error
    A Coincidential Error


  • jakob flores
    jakob flores

    You know it’s good when they got motley crue on the soundtrack

  • Froya Enarvid
    Froya Enarvid

    that title music *glorious*

  • MFRA ofc
    MFRA ofc

    Ai a poha do trailer toca The Who Ai a poha do trailer toca The Who Ai a poha do trailer toca The Who Tocou The Who caraaalho!!!

  • dying rat yass
    dying rat yass

    could I just say that no scene in any film or movie could ever beat the moment when eleven walked in joyce’s house with her punk rock glow up looking badass as fuck

  • Jasmin Garcia
    Jasmin Garcia

    Everyone’s talking about Steve but am I the only one worried about the Eleven drowning ?

  • Justin Copple
    Justin Copple

    How many people are waiting for Stranger Things season 3, Godzilla, and IT chapter 2 to come out?

  • Justin Copple
    Justin Copple

    Season 3 is going to be badass.

  • Beatriz Trles
    Beatriz Trles

    Netflix porque só 4 de julho tenho que espera tanto pra assistir a 3 temporada da minha série favorita

  • Javier Reacts
    Javier Reacts

    Seems more like a romantic drama now

  • Javier Reacts
    Javier Reacts

    Seems more like a romantic drama now


    This left my mouth open and my eyes full of tears.

  • Mike Wheeler
    Mike Wheeler


  • Ahmet Altun
    Ahmet Altun

    Okey ( ° ͜ʖ °)

  • vglnte1

    That theme song gets me every time.

  • Argon

    Still wondering why they introduced "EIGHT" in this series, is she a new antagonist who will open the portal or smth?

    • Rose Anjanette
      Rose Anjanette

      Argon that makes sense!

  • akshay bhasin
    akshay bhasin

    The dislikes are likes from the upside down.

  • autistic.paper

    If, Steve, will fucking die (yes i say this opened) and he will says for her that you have to stay with will's brother then OMG FUCK MA LIFE

  • Half_Deaf_Girl

    Wow this looks amazing

  • Owen D
    Owen D

    The Dislikes are Just Likes from the Upside down

  • default boy
    default boy

    Whose here after avengers end game trailer

    • Randomnics

      default boy me

  • Janka 9876
    Janka 9876

    Omg I love Dustin and Steve😂😂😍😍

  • Janka 9876
    Janka 9876

    Where is Dustin's teeth??

  • Dark Gamer
    Dark Gamer

    2:16 who are those people?

    • Johnny Appleton
      Johnny Appleton

      No, he means there are these two people walking in front of a fire. My theory is former test subjects from the lab

    • Kentavian Lemons
      Kentavian Lemons

      Dark Gamer I think the guy is Billy and the lady is Mike's mom for sure

  • if i could
    if i could

    Barb Bob Benny Brenner will Billy Be next?

  • Hand User456
    Hand User456

    12k mouth breathers

  • Archie_ _2145
    Archie_ _2145

    Am I the only one who’s happy that eleven has hair😂‼️

  • Eliza Munday
    Eliza Munday

    Anyone here who hasn’t watched the first two series but really wants to see the third. No? Ok just me...

  • Ripley1156

    This show is THE best show I've ever seen! I love how intelligent the kids are, the story, plot, action. I was on the edge of my seat binge watching season 1 and season 2. Kudos!

  • Ho So
    Ho So


  • Dasha Serebriakova
    Dasha Serebriakova

    who know name of soundtracks ? Please...

    • Johnny Appleton
      Johnny Appleton

      The first is “Home Sweet Home” By Motley Crew

    • Kentavian Lemons
      Kentavian Lemons

      Dasha Serebriakova no problem

    • Dasha Serebriakova
      Dasha Serebriakova

      Kentavian Lemons ok, thank you )

    • Kentavian Lemons
      Kentavian Lemons

      Dasha Serebriakova the second song is baba O'Riley. Don't know the first

  • Minaya Fernandez
    Minaya Fernandez

    What's happening to Steve at 2:17 with 0.25 speed? He better not die

  • Humungus Jewish walrus
    Humungus Jewish walrus

    Can wait for the voice cracks

  • Vampirate 02
    Vampirate 02

    all episodes are release at the same time or is a weekly release?

  • WillDaBeast850 Qazwsx
    WillDaBeast850 Qazwsx

    Steve went from your daughter calls me daddy to your son calls me mommy.

    • Kate Gabayno
      Kate Gabayno

      WillDaBeast850 Qazwsx holy shitt bruh, thats funny asf HAHA

  • Jet mir
    Jet mir


  • loyalty sansa
    loyalty sansa

    Can't wait looool

  • Silux Khan
    Silux Khan

    I love stranger things!!!!!

  • Manasseh Gonzales
    Manasseh Gonzales

    Am I the only one who wants Joyce and hopper to get with each other???

  • Maria R
    Maria R

    me: mom I'll have to miss 4th July celebration mom: what? why? me: season 3 of Stranger Things is coming out mom: oh.

  • Sempthawase

    one second eleven is a experiment of mk ultra and the other second shes doing pictures with max in a mall. wow then

  • Dean Gifford
    Dean Gifford

    Did anybody cry when Will was looking at the picture of him mike Dustin and Lucas

  • Cyka Rossagna
    Cyka Rossagna

    Haven’t watched a single episode of stranger things...and here i am watch its 3s trailer....:cool....totally know whats going on

  • Sarita Papitas Freitas Loves Mileven
    Sarita Papitas Freitas Loves Mileven

    Mike: we’re not kids anymore Me: BOIIII IF U DON-

  • Epic Gaming
    Epic Gaming

    idk whats so bad about that new enemy eleven can just walk up to him and just ctrl + delete the new enemy AND ALSO IF STEVE DIES I'LL EAT A CACTUS EVERYDAY FOR BREAKFAST SO DONT DO IT.

  • Sarita Papitas Freitas Loves Mileven
    Sarita Papitas Freitas Loves Mileven

    I wish I could watch this for the first time again

  • Sarita Papitas Freitas Loves Mileven
    Sarita Papitas Freitas Loves Mileven

    Why does this feel so unreal

  • Francesca’s Life
    Francesca’s Life

    Why does ma boi will look sad looking at pictures of his friends 🤔😭

  • Subhasis rajput
    Subhasis rajput


  • 5 seconds of mendes
    5 seconds of mendes

    when u realize that on july 4 u aren't home i mean it hurts

  • Twizz Nova
    Twizz Nova

    I bet steve is the monster

  • Harsha 134
    Harsha 134

    I wish this will have curious continuation season by season........ The more u guys are more creative the more we are happy

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez

    1:58 I get goosebumps every time I see them make an entrance like that.

  • Kye Robbie
    Kye Robbie

    so no one is going to talk about how billy is the new monster

  • ii ballerina
    ii ballerina

    It's like I've been coming here everyday for the past one month to watch the same trailer and I think it will go on like this till the 4th of July.... Damn !! Me and my curiosity sucks 🙌

  • La gacha rubia :3
    La gacha rubia :3

    78 921

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose

    Honestly I’m just here for mötley crüe and the who, but like this trailer is great

  • Ryn Arcalas
    Ryn Arcalas


  • Siara Sanchez
    Siara Sanchez

    Me: S H O O K 😱 My best friend: CrYiNg TeArS Of JoY😂 My 2 brain cells: THRIVING😎 My grandma: WHY ArE YoU SCREAMING!!1!!!1!!!

  • Taylor Blair
    Taylor Blair

    Did anyone notice Mike and Eleven at 0:51

  • Pink Crystals
    Pink Crystals

    I’ve watched this like 50 times now but I still get goosebumps EVERY SINGLE TIME

  • Kerem Karapinar
    Kerem Karapinar


  • Rey

    Me: i have no fears The comments: i swear if steve dies- Me: i have one fear

  • Xxplayerbloxx

    I better see billy listen to ride the lighting album from Metallica

  • Person

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I think it’s obvious Will and his family are moving out of Hawkins. There’s a clip where Hopper says “ I want you to feel that this could still be your home” or something like that. Then there’s a clip where where the kids ride on a bike from Will’s house and Mike stops to look back. Then, Will looks at a photo of them when they were younger crying. I might be wrong but it makes a lot of sense.

  • junkheadrooster

    And THAT is how you edit a perfect trailer! MAN, SUCH HYPEEE!

  • My Channel
    My Channel

    *Hey, guys, can you please rate my invented Eleven’s rap? I tried😀* My name is Eleven And i’m eating eggos Lucas, Dustin, Mike I’m meeting That’s a good company or solution! Their friend, he disappeared Byers ran, but was caught.. And me, I ran from lab There was really bad They did all sorts of experiments This is my story in general Then i’m knowing, my name is Jane And we have a trouble - the chase I must save this world I’m killing a Demogorgon! My name is Eleven And i’m eating eggos Lucas, Dustin, Mike i’m meeting Thats a good company or solution! Will was found Okay, i guessed Then i’m dying Perfect, i have no words But i back from the Upside Down Where was terrifiys a lot... I’m in the country Hopper gives me house Thank you, but i must to go to town What a hell - i have a sister! No no, my friends are simpler Go away, Kali! Then... They meet me, hello everybody I must to close the gate Yes, no problem i can This town was saved Snow ball we celebrate I’m kissing Mike Oh my god.. Is that a love? Who is it - Max? I used disgust! Will, Dustin, Mike and Lucas Best friends, do not change! Thats all about music We must the third season wait! My name is Eleven And i’m eating eggos Lucas, Dustin, Mike i’m meeting Thats a good company or solution!