SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - 4 Minute Trailers (2019)
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Peter Parker returns in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the next chapter of the Spider-Man: Homecoming series! Our friendly neighborhood Super Hero decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter's plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent!
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) is the new action movie.
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  • Steelersboy324

    Did anyone relize in he first part of the video the guy that said he liked Spider-Man and respected him bu then said what’s up loser to Peter but in the second one he said dickwad instead of loser

  • RedStoneWarriorGamer

    the one swear word they used was to insult Tom Holland

  • Mateusz Garncarek
    Mateusz Garncarek

    Spiderman next should visit wakanda or space again. Also if this was possible why not Brasil , Africa and Asia taking Morbius and Kraven.

  • xxDJmocoxx

    What the heck

  • Sebastian Bach
    Sebastian Bach

    Quindi si sistema tutto dopo endgame

  • vinicio caiza
    vinicio caiza

    Que no estaba muerto?

  • Nsah Jerry
    Nsah Jerry

    it's suppose to be in this order; Spider man far from home Spider man home coming Spider man feel at home

  • George Corbul
    George Corbul

    Now I don't exactly like this new Spider-Man, but this movie does look promising.

  • George Corbul
    George Corbul

    About fucking time they brought Mysterio into the movies!

  • YTkiddy

    1:20 CS:GO Flashbacks

  • S upreme
    S upreme

    KC undercover

  • Roger Carico
    Roger Carico

    frozone would take care of that water dude real quick lol

  • Calinista Mihov
    Calinista Mihov

    Lol. Taken In London

  • Jafet Camacho
    Jafet Camacho


  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Sup loser No wait... Sup dickwad

  • Logan Xp100
    Logan Xp100

    Ha in this one it says loser but in the one in America says d**kwad

  • jhakarl lagos
    jhakarl lagos

    Check out what's up loser 1:52 and 4:12 what's up dickwad.

  • Bryan Ang
    Bryan Ang

    whos the guy in the last scene ....... that shoot out smokes? is he one of marvel characters?

  • Luis Lima Chura
    Luis Lima Chura

    La peor experiencia de Hombre Araña... Da una sensación de "Mi pobre angelito"... Que desgaste tan inútil... Queremos al Primer Hombre Araña!!! Ya!!!

  • John Wick Gold Edition
    John Wick Gold Edition

    This literally looks dope

  • dan m
    dan m

    When you let tumblr cast a spiderman movie

  • o g
    o g

    Siapa yang orang indo nonton like

  • Abby_FlowerTale

    Mavel and DC Stop playing with my damn emotions u butches QmQ

  • _wharareyoudoing

    no se había muerto..??

  • JC Young
    JC Young

    I thought mistyrio was bad

  • Can we get like 1000 subscribers with No video
    Can we get like 1000 subscribers with No video

    Spiderman:homecoming Spiderman:far from home Spiderman:I dont have home

  • Monte Sprank
    Monte Sprank

    Anyone notice the first time he says "sup loser" then the second part he says "sup dickwad"

  • Meisnotcool

    wait... wait... WAIT that WAS FLIIPIN MYSTERIO

  • Muhammad Fitri Suharman
    Muhammad Fitri Suharman

    Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Far From Home Spider-Man: Home alone Spider-Man: Home alone 2 Spider-Man: Home alone 3

  • Mohammad Moniruzzaman
    Mohammad Moniruzzaman

    waiy didnt he turn into dust?

  • OrezAbsolute

    Flash: I really respect Spider-Man Flash to peter: hey loser

  • Pocong Kepo
    Pocong Kepo

    Im waiting for u...hihihi..

  • Junmo Hong
    Junmo Hong

    your intro is from independence day 2

  • DrJam idk just a disappointment
    DrJam idk just a disappointment

    What i think happened is this... Thanos snapped and succeeded by eliminating half of the universe, but we dont see the characters die,we see them turn into dust. So i think thanos moved the people from the universe into another universe. Cuz we see nick fury and mr peter parker. So i think thats why uts "far from home." because its literally far from home.



  • The Potato Lord
    The Potato Lord

    Did you literally just repeat the same 2 minute trailer and call it one 4 minute trailer?

  • Antoni Jone
    Antoni Jone

    They say this suppose to be before he jump into Infinity war

  • Harry's Boy
    Harry's Boy


  • Bruno Campos
    Bruno Campos

    E cagaram a Mary Jane denovo ...

  • MyUsername This
    MyUsername This

    Spider-man : Homecoming Spider-man : Far From Home Spider-man : Middle From Home

  • CoDmaster 7000
    CoDmaster 7000

    I'm literally confused right now

  • xxKatelynKittyxx YT
    xxKatelynKittyxx YT


  • sl1g

    This is before avengers 3. Stark tower is being rebuild at 2:21 and they dont look like people who saw half of the world vanish..

  • Elian Alvarado
    Elian Alvarado

    A donde esta iron man??:"(

  • manny bobanny
    manny bobanny

    0:37 gonna cringe here, _hard_

  • Ayden Homedew
    Ayden Homedew

    What the heck i thought he died in infinity war.


    Spider Man: Can I Go Home


    Spider man might will be in the avengers 4

  • Battleboy 11
    Battleboy 11

    Ist der Film vor infinity war oder danach

  • Crystal Colon
    Crystal Colon

    Is it a coincidence that his freinds name is FLASH

  • Nergız Agayeva
    Nergız Agayeva

    was that guy mix of iron man and doctor strange????

  • Dinel Hamzic
    Dinel Hamzic

    1:19 map from cs go😂😂😂

  • Cood7 13
    Cood7 13



    You literally just played the same trailer twice in a row... XD

  • PromiseJP PromiseKunプロミスくん
    PromiseJP PromiseKunプロミスくん

    spiderman 2 /2002 is better

  • Sr. Kenway
    Sr. Kenway

    Spider-man:back to the future

  • jorge Llanos
    jorge Llanos

    Como pueden presentar este trailers antes de haber estrenado Avengers end game?..se supone que spiderman fue una de las víctimas?

  • James Jude Bell Gonzales
    James Jude Bell Gonzales


  • Apple Lustre
    Apple Lustre

    Love this

  • Ellie Marklew
    Ellie Marklew

    “Mr.Stark? I don’t feel so good....can I go home?” I’m sorry but this killed me 😂

  • Govind Nanda
    Govind Nanda

    Why is Flash calling Peter Idiot instead of D-head as in the other trailers?🤔

    • Aiden Smith
      Aiden Smith

      Govind Nanda flash? That’s not in the mcu

  • Movie Clips Orbital
    Movie Clips Orbital


  • Stop Motion Mania gamingdino
    Stop Motion Mania gamingdino


  • Juan gamers pro
    Juan gamers pro

    Hola amigos/hello friends

  • Christo _919
    Christo _919

    Why SpiderMan can back to the earth, but he is dissapear from the World bacause Thanos

  • Bertram Theodor Dabelstein Pedersen 7Y Stensballeskolen
    Bertram Theodor Dabelstein Pedersen 7Y Stensballeskolen

    Spuderman is waifu

  • Bryan Plays
    Bryan Plays

    I thought they were turned into ash

  • Muhamad Hakim Samsi
    Muhamad Hakim Samsi

    It is not fake at all. I have not seen this trailer before. It shows that this video is true. No piracy.

  • GEO_ Luka_GEO
    GEO_ Luka_GEO

    venom 😀??????

  • harus bisaa
    harus bisaa


  • Marinus Pieterse
    Marinus Pieterse

    I thaught spiderman is dead😂

  • Rebecca Neuhoff
    Rebecca Neuhoff

    Dr. Strange looks strange in this movie, or is it only me?

    • Skye dragon
      Skye dragon

      That is Mysterio,

  • Latest Status
    Latest Status

    Subscribe me please mujhay 10k subscriber chahye 30days main please

  • Nathaniel Tembs
    Nathaniel Tembs

    wait how did he ressurect?

    • MegaSoulHero

      You have to watch Endgame to find out

  • Meritnation Value to knowledge
    Meritnation Value to knowledge

    Karak movie h woww

  • ME GNO
    ME GNO

    Tobey Maguire: best nerdiness, true heart of spiderman Andrew Garfield: best action, suit fit Tom Holland: best childlike young spiderman

  • Bun Khờ
    Bun Khờ

    thanos giết nó r mà ta


    caralho todo dia sai um filme novo do homem aranha pqp ja ta ate ficando chato esses filmes da marvel pqp

  • Suresh Steven
    Suresh Steven

    1:16 -- "we're all alone". Spoiler alert.

  • ZDankerGlaceon

    The reason why this spider man and nick ain't dead is cause this is a different dimension

    • Zkittles

      ZDankerGlaceon This will be released after Avengers 4

  • DemonOverload

    Spider Man homecoming Spider Man far from home Spider Man farther from home Spider Man where TF am i

    • Crystal Colon
      Crystal Colon

      DemonOverload last one dead

  • JackJustin Awesome Jay
    JackJustin Awesome Jay

    Okay So Spiderman Is Alive Because Avengers: Endgame Is Out On April 26, 2019 This Year But This Summer That Tells Us That In Endgame They Do Brings Everyone Back To Life Pretty Much

  • memes445433 98
    memes445433 98

    1:57 um what is wrong with his shadow

  • Callum DODD
    Callum DODD

    Notice how in the ending of the first two trailers the guy says loser but in the third he says dickward. Wonder witch will be in the movie

  • Potato Water
    Potato Water

    1:54 What happened to “dick face”?

  • irwan utomo
    irwan utomo

    Hot auntie

  • Zim0

    1:53 Sup loser 4:15 sup dick quad (or something)

  • NigelNoNicks

    At like 3:58 my guys head looks like a rift to go 😂😂

  • GG xGaming 746
    GG xGaming 746

    what if Spider-Man gonna be in FORTNITE SAVE THE WORLD AND BATTLE ROYALE

    • GG xGaming 746
      GG xGaming 746


  • Jean carlos De la cruz
    Jean carlos De la cruz

    Disparate 🤦🏻‍♂️


    Yo spidey you good now

  • Mu5a Mushtaq
    Mu5a Mushtaq

    Thumbs Up If Ur Hyped For This !!!!!!!!

  • Super Test
    Super Test

    Wtf ??? Peter is in real Jesus 🙄

  • Elie R. kovacch
    Elie R. kovacch

    Se ha abusado en exceso de esto. Ya basta cuántas historias de lo mismo contarán ?

  • ZiggyS


  • TSL ғʏиσ
    TSL ғʏиσ

    2 minutes Trailer = 4 Minutes

  • Ice-E CuBE
    Ice-E CuBE

    Zendaya is Parker’s future girlfriend, what?!

  • Kanishk Kumar
    Kanishk Kumar

    *Spider-Man: Sherlock's Home*

  • Demeitray Boyd
    Demeitray Boyd

    Didnt He Disappear with the rest of the Avengers ?

  • DuckContent

    Isn’t spider man and nick fury dust