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Slushii - Never Let You Go (feat. Sofia Reyes) [Official Music Video]
Big Beat Records
Slushii - Never Let You Go (feat. Sofia Reyes) [Official Music Video]
Available Now via Big Beat Records
Director: Meg Gamez
Production Company: SixTwentySix Productions
Executive Producers: Austin Barbera & Jake Krask
Producer: Jonathan Nellis
Cinematographer: Ramin Shakibaei
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  • Slushii

    I hope you all enjoy the Music Video for my new track 'Never Let You Go' w/ Sofia Reyes! Watch the lyric video on my channel 💙

    • Nguyệt Nga
      Nguyệt Nga

      I very like your song. I like it from the first time i listen it

    • krupesh tank
      krupesh tank

      hard music......enjoyable music,,,,,party music.......keep it up

    • Socket


    • Luis Lévano Jr.
      Luis Lévano Jr.

      +Marshmello te amo , i love you !!!!

    • Paulo Braun
      Paulo Braun

      +Marshmello love you

  • curiosidades del todo jjj gutieres
    curiosidades del todo jjj gutieres

    Esta bueno la cansion

  • GalaxyKat

    listened to this on spotify just found it wow

  • Denis isel Aguilar padilla
    Denis isel Aguilar padilla

    🌹 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • bomo baggings
    bomo baggings

    you are amazing and sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool love you

  • DJ Malir
    DJ Malir

    Who is here before 10 mln views? 🤯

  • Walker Mello
    Walker Mello

    gemea de la karol sevilla

  • santiago estrada
    santiago estrada

    Te voy a buscar solo tu me puedes salvar loco voy a quedar solo tu puedes curar

  • Snake Sjsjsj
    Snake Sjsjsj

    I know she was featured but damn this song would have been better with no singer

  • Zi Xian Loh
    Zi Xian Loh

    Marshmallow the life saver, it was quite risky cuz marshmallow could loose his helmet. But it’s for a life so good job. Thumbs up and ring that bell

  • Tony Garpz
    Tony Garpz

    Mi crush Sofía 😌❤️

  • Niranjan Pokharel
    Niranjan Pokharel

    Lets hit 10M🤘🤘

  • powerful powerfulvideos
    powerful powerfulvideos

  • Sonia Alejandra Colque
    Sonia Alejandra Colque


  • Eddy MG
    Eddy MG

    Latinoamerica Presente!!🖐🙈❤

  • DJ Exitium
    DJ Exitium

    Remix done here !! Hope you enjoy

  • balap keong
    balap keong

    I got this song from my friend. . And the song is not bad.

  • Ash league
    Ash league

    Whose here before this song goes gold😍😍

  • the king of sheep
    the king of sheep

    Am Spanish to

  • Makulin Karakashi
    Makulin Karakashi

    I like this song

  • Mari577


  • I DaGaMerSwaLkthroGh
    I DaGaMerSwaLkthroGh

    Love Sofia and slushii Great song

  • haider jr
    haider jr

    la mejor canción del mundo

  • #Tech Genius
    #Tech Genius

    This has a jonas blue vibe to it

  • Emmanuel Espiegle
    Emmanuel Espiegle

    nice one love it🤗🤗🤗

  • santiago estrada
    santiago estrada

    Never ever voy a querer a alguien como a sofi ❤️❤️😍😍😃🎑😏

  • Bittuv

    Aosme song 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Dabien Bee
    Dabien Bee

    i crush your voice

  • Docas


  • Julia Massé-Jones
    Julia Massé-Jones

    i love it «3

  • dj marshmello
    dj marshmello

    ❤love this new song slushii love love

  • Aezzey Core
    Aezzey Core

    LOVE IT!

  • 4lysh4 Gacha
    4lysh4 Gacha

    Fav song I’ll post a meme of this

  • Vidyana Dea Savira
    Vidyana Dea Savira


  • Jess Wright
    Jess Wright

    FRIENDZONED incoming

  • Valbert Sanchez
    Valbert Sanchez

    Tendencia en mi baño:v

  • Марк Демидов
    Марк Демидов

    Привет я из России

  • Sondosa Salmi
    Sondosa Salmi

    I lovet

  • Elvis Silva
    Elvis Silva

    Ele é brasileiro

  • Matthew Guerrieri
    Matthew Guerrieri

    lenape high school repping

  • Roshin Shabu
    Roshin Shabu

    Hey guys! Do listen and support my remix of Slushii - Never Let You Go. Link:

  • emilqn04

    The song is awesome and she is so cute!

  • Suraj Bondar
    Suraj Bondar



    Here from insta😉

  • ID

    submitted this for the remix competition :)відео-blf7p58yO1s.html

  • Aesthetic Soul
    Aesthetic Soul

    *Great. Now I'm Hungry.* XD

  • Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans
    Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans


  • Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans
    Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans


    • Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans
      Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans

      +fernando3246 si es verdad

    • fernando3246

      +Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans A mi también me encanta este tema desde la primera vez que se estreno en mtv aunque nunca imagine verla cantar a sofia en un super mercado y ponerle tanta sensualidad

    • Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans
      Bea miller and Sabrina Carpenter fans

      +fernando3246 a esta bien 😂😂

    • fernando3246

      sofia in this video it comes out very nice and i also loved that i put enough rhythm to the song

  • Rakesh Singh
    Rakesh Singh


  • alfredo Ulloa
    alfredo Ulloa

    Súper song , amazing voice !!!


    I love this song ❤️❤️ My favorite song

  • Terry Mitchell Jr
    Terry Mitchell Jr

    Pause at 2:58. You're Welcome.

  • Leelee Roper
    Leelee Roper

    Do you guys hear that amazing crystal clear sound that she is singing with that quality of a microphone!!!!!😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂 I know a lot of smoke and mirrors but I hate when I see something semi low-budget and the scenario of the video does it make sense to a logic and critical thinker because you know I'm real life she would not sound like that she would sound like the lady dispatch that talks to the police over the walkie-talkie but instead they give her some old Chabby Mike and insult our intelligence as if she what sound like that coming from that Mike let's be clear she has an amazing voice but the effort execution and the bad acting it just blew my mind! 🤯🤯🤯 BTW I shan't you not I literally pause the video 48 seconds it's bad to watch are you can't look away it's like the horrible acting skills with mutilated bodies I'm shocked but Saturn and disappointed dog same time there's a verse pretty but whatever director suggested this to be the consequence video I would just throw the whole POS garbage TO MAKE SURE NO COME BACK THANK YOU 😔😕🤯😀😁🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mr.Sonic 15857
    Mr.Sonic 15857

    Very Good!!💙

  • Emm & o
    Emm & o


  • brad pit Germán
    brad pit Germán

    Que mierda no entendí ni una mierda like si es cierto 👍👍

    • fernando3246

      Si no en tiendes el ingles deberia utilizar traductor

  • Luna CV01
    Luna CV01


  • Peterbuilt 200
    Peterbuilt 200

    SLUSHII MAKE DUBSTEB?? why its not dubsteb

  • Dimas Yulian
    Dimas Yulian

    Good Song Edm

  • Abed Almajzoub
    Abed Almajzoub

    Ewwwwwww unsup unlike unviews follow me

  • Symara Arlequina
    Symara Arlequina

    Eu amo a voz da Sofia reyes 🌷

  • WhyYou 23
    WhyYou 23

    that dance that you did i call it the slush

  • May Death Do You Apart
    May Death Do You Apart

    That is one Dope looking store

  • alfredo Ulloa
    alfredo Ulloa

    Is a Great song. !!!


    Who tf could dislike this

  • SMR R
    SMR R

  • Thaylla Carvalho
    Thaylla Carvalho

    Brazilian I love u💙

  • Awed

    She reminds me of Zendaya lol

    • Martha Lomas
      Martha Lomas

      Mexican Zendaya

  • CL luna
    CL luna


  • ivann


  • Anthea P
    Anthea P

    God the song was horrible, then the terrible dancing happened and i puked. Yikes.

  • claudia cisneros
    claudia cisneros


  • Beatriz Carneiro
    Beatriz Carneiro

    I love music

  • James Zuumby Core
    James Zuumby Core

    Ame la parte en Español

  • Devon Werkheiser FANS
    Devon Werkheiser FANS

    A quien le gustaría un vertical vídeo de esta canción ? Seria buena ida Para seguir promocionando la canción

  • Devon Werkheiser FANS
    Devon Werkheiser FANS

    10M Go

  • Der Schlauberger
    Der Schlauberger

    This Video deserves much more Love U SLUSHII 💜

  • ticci toby
    ticci toby

    slushii es lo mejor xd l love slushii xd je

  • Paul

    I swear I liked it before hearing her voice. Then liked it more when she started singing.

  • reach 500 subscribers challange
    reach 500 subscribers challange

    under rated song

  • Atenea 360
    Atenea 360

    tiene partes en español , te amo slushii

  • Teniente Maikel 07
    Teniente Maikel 07

    Tod@s hablando de Sofía Reyes pero nadie de slushii :"v

  • Mehmet Uçar
    Mehmet Uçar

    Güzel söylemişsin kanka sesine sağlık

  • Matthew Games
    Matthew Games

    Help my channel please


    Omg love this song eeek LIKE THE BEST SONG EVER

  • santiago estrada
    santiago estrada

    Votemos para que sofi canta con BTS

    • santiago estrada
      santiago estrada

      Mateo Samaniego Varela Que dios te vendiga yo solo estoy hablanddo fin😏

    • Mateo Samaniego Varela
      Mateo Samaniego Varela

      +santiago estrada No creo que seas lo suficientemente maduro como para entender la verdadera razón por la que los artistas en verdad colaboran. No es nada por ofender, así que para poner fin a esta plática que te vaya bien y que Dios te bendiga ;)

    • santiago estrada
      santiago estrada

      Mateo Samaniego Varela loscantanteshacen colaboracion por que cantanbien

    • Mateo Samaniego Varela
      Mateo Samaniego Varela

      +santiago estrada Las colaboraciones se hacen más por estrategia de marketing y proyecto personal que otra cosa. El que canten muy bien no significa que van a hacer una colaboración, además de que los dos artistas deben estar seguros.

    • santiago estrada
      santiago estrada

      Mateo Samaniego Varela y porque temes por ellos BTS cantan bonito como sofia reyes

  • Holee Joonnes Romimi
    Holee Joonnes Romimi

    Fat guy fuck tiny girl

  • Pau Fortuny Barragan
    Pau Fortuny Barragan

    LOVE IT!

  • Roni Lobo
    Roni Lobo

    La mejor canción de lo que llevamos de 2019 sin ninguna duda, temazo, grande Sofía y grande Slushii!

  • Shane Filan I love You
    Shane Filan I love You

    Eres grande sofia

  • simvader76 ,
    simvader76 ,

    I looked at the artist s to my favorite songs and 90% of them were by you amazing music I love all you songs ⭐️

  • Jen Liz
    Jen Liz

    This came up on my spotify. I was being dumb and about to press next. But then she started singing in Spanish. freaking pressed heart so quick. new favorite song. bilingual music just brings a breathe a freshness into the equation.

  • santiago estrada
    santiago estrada

    Sofi es la princesa de mi vida esa carita de angel que tiene no hay otra es mi reyna ❤️👑

  • Marquitos Oviedo
    Marquitos Oviedo

    Slushi es como Boffe pero versión DJ

  • Devon Werkheiser FANS
    Devon Werkheiser FANS

    Esto si es musica de calidad

  • Sri Champak Gogoi
    Sri Champak Gogoi

    omg music is awesome😍

  • Jorge Andrade
    Jorge Andrade

    Que bonita esta chica

  • Martha Lomas
    Martha Lomas

    Arriba México!!!!! Orgullosos de Sofía.

    • Francisco Javier Mendez Pedraza
      Francisco Javier Mendez Pedraza

      +CL luna Así es.

    • CL luna
      CL luna

      Pone en alto México.🇲🇽💪

  • narnia :v
    narnia :v

    soy la unica que piensa que se parece a ded ._.?

  • Tarquino Llori
    Tarquino Llori


    • Francisco Javier Mendez Pedraza
      Francisco Javier Mendez Pedraza

      Que chevere.

    • Tarquino Llori
      Tarquino Llori

      +Shane Filan is Wonderful 15

    • Shane Filan is Wonderful
      Shane Filan is Wonderful

      Número de tendencia ??