Slipknot - Unsainted
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Slipknot perform Unsainted on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Slipknot - Unsainted

  • Bayer Head
    Bayer Head

    Corey looks like "The Crow" reboot

  • James Pitre
    James Pitre

    Lol fukn mosh pits at a jimmy kimmel show 😂

  • Жирный Гном
    Жирный Гном

    *сидит плачет* *Подходит подруга* -ты чё ноешь Я- нет денег на концерт Slipknot


    Que sorte desse povo, poder ir num show praticamente privado do Slipknot

  • 1Larxene1


  • Martin Roy
    Martin Roy

    Just sounds like wait and bleed 1.1

  • Tasya

    Awas banyak maling

  • Ozzy Osbourne
    Ozzy Osbourne

    Death to All But Metal.

  • 알렉세이스투코프

    아니 그래서 한국 언제 오냐고. ㅠㅠ

  • Spotify MX
    Spotify MX

    Acercate mas el microfono wei

  • NMages20

    Jay is fuckin fire in this band

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H

    bass player had big shoes to fill

  • ゆきと

    Corey wears hottest costume any time.

  • Kayne Ashby
    Kayne Ashby


  • _Takaya37 playz
    _Takaya37 playz

    What is happening in the crowed lol and I thought this song made me a little crazy

  • Kevin Whiting
    Kevin Whiting

    Only time I'll watch Kimmel

  • Papa Roach Brasil
    Papa Roach Brasil

    Esse foi o palco do último show do Chester Bennington na TV

  • ShadowManV3

    i hate coreys mask so much it looks stupid

  • Joey Amor
    Joey Amor

    FINALLY GOING TO SEE SLIPKNOT!!!!! Im so stoked!!!! 🤘🏼🔥

  • Javier Medina
    Javier Medina

    This guy ever song awesome... I felt like I'm there!!!

  • Marcelo Garcia
    Marcelo Garcia


  • Marcelo Garcia
    Marcelo Garcia

    Cara, por um momento Corey pareceu o Dany Filth😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅

  • bri w.
    bri w.

    Was the crowd fighting each other??

  • matthew suarez
    matthew suarez

    Deben arreglarle los microfonos a los coristas no se oyen nada

  • Kalapati Kayo diyan
    Kalapati Kayo diyan

    *Autotune left the group*

  • Deyvis Lucar
    Deyvis Lucar


  • Nico Schmidt
    Nico Schmidt

    sry to say... but the monster is dead. rip slipknot

  • mig-l John Doe
    mig-l John Doe

    Maybe Clown isn’t actually real and he is a time travelling deity!

  • A Az
    A Az

    tak panas ke

  • Davidson Maciel
    Davidson Maciel

    tá parecendo o coringa kkkk

  • dave westaway
    dave westaway

    How does Corey does that? He literally can have any voice he wants whenever he wants

    • iDinDuNuffin

      dave westaway practice every day

  • Johnny Kurplutzo
    Johnny Kurplutzo

    How bout backup vocals from Wyatt family sheeple choir as added bonus???

  • Joselito Otilesoj
    Joselito Otilesoj

    Up motherfuckers

  • Zacharie St-Pierre
    Zacharie St-Pierre

    his live singing isnt great but at least it feels real. tons of "live" performances these days are just lip syncing.

    • Fabricio Santos
      Fabricio Santos

      He keeps the microfone too far from his mouth

  • Trenchh Beatzz
    Trenchh Beatzz

    Anyone else noticed that Corey Taylor is going bald.

  • Badmusic4people

    Corey reminds me of the joker in the dark knight

  • ValeTudo56

    It's called heavy metal-living in the moment \m/ 😈 \m/

  • Oli-Destroyer

    there was only one bad part about this song and that was at 4:22

  • haggismuncher

    Best bit of this shite was when the music stopped.....unimaginative bollox

  • notyour nova
    notyour nova

    the last true metal band ever!

  • It's Raid_ Bitchez
    It's Raid_ Bitchez

    Congratulations on your free Mercedes Benz Slipknot

    • Philip Erdman
      Philip Erdman

      It's Raid_ Bitchez I’m pretty sure they drive Lambos

  • Khairul Yaakob
    Khairul Yaakob

    Jim root is so cool

  • Green Vana
    Green Vana

    This, my boys is iowa + all hope is gone Corey's new mask is the fusion of these two masks

  • Diego Herrera
    Diego Herrera

    All the masks are great... except for Corey Taulor's

  • Роман Кузьменко
    Роман Кузьменко

    У басиста тоже

  • Роман Кузьменко
    Роман Кузьменко

    Маска уебище

  • Tomasz Berzerke
    Tomasz Berzerke


  • Morten Toftdal
    Morten Toftdal

    Oh god this is terrible!

    • deadborg 4
      deadborg 4

      No u

  • Thay Oliveira
    Thay Oliveira


  • radamantis dered
    radamantis dered

    I suscribe

  • William Rueda
    William Rueda

    Slipknot Pronto en el Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪 pero que versatilidad tiene la voz principal

  • ツBUTERbrod




  • Mark Kart
    Mark Kart

    To me Corey's mask looks kinda like Michael myers lol

    • Dave Kopp
      Dave Kopp

      If you squint he looks like Heath Ledger's Joker

  • da Rosa
    da Rosa

    God damnit I want to read the comments and watch the video!!

  • Falun Gong BS Cult
    Falun Gong BS Cult

    Not my cup of tea ☕️

  • Ramadhan Saputra
    Ramadhan Saputra

    00:20 - 00:46 I loved the way Jim Root manage the song

    • Rahmad Rifanny
      Rahmad Rifanny

      Sekelas jim root aje masih ngitung yaa mas haha keren sih

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes

    People watching jimmy kimmel live: “Oh god instruments, kids don’t look!”

  • johnathan Farnsworth
    johnathan Farnsworth

    Thing don't like this Singer can't understand what hell sing about Mask's make me cringe This band just noise

  • Chuck Buhl
    Chuck Buhl

    Do you understand English or do you need to talk vampire language lol

  • Chuck Buhl
    Chuck Buhl

    Are you even alive you are on ABC wow you're a movie star now are you mad at Batman cuz he beat up joker are you alive are you alive are you alive are you alive 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 are you a faker The thinker are you alive are you off of those men on stage are you alive got to go to are you alive lol

  • Demon boi Loco
    Demon boi Loco

    Corey is wearing the metal head vans

  • DimasRaharjo89

    wwaaoo cool

  • styro

    no phone? moshpit? this is literally 90’s

  • Farrell Noks
    Farrell Noks

    How many of you press 🔂

  • anvirgili

    This is epic in every way.

  • a F
    a F

    New mask seems inspired by an out of shape marilyn manson...

  • Subash Arwin
    Subash Arwin

    this is called real music to the kids of the 2000

  • Marc Ferguson
    Marc Ferguson

    Is corey taylor still in Slipknot?

  • Pickled airsoft
    Pickled airsoft

    Going to one of the concerts soon, im afraid and oddly aroused.