It's SECRET SANTA time for this week's #SIDEMENSUNDAY!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:

  • Richard Mcmaster
    Richard Mcmaster

    39:29 that's why I don't like him who stood up and kicked his presents

  • Richard Mcmaster
    Richard Mcmaster

    I have those scales

  • Ictoagen

    Ethan like “Tobi might have the worst gifts “ when Ethan gets Harry a salad

  • Daniel Uko
    Daniel Uko

    who else is watching a winter video in summer

  • William Shing
    William Shing


  • tommy Palmer
    tommy Palmer

    Very late but 0:50 really reminds me of the scene on Come Fly With Me when Tommy is helping the new employee take an order 😂

  • Jackthesnack

    Wait, so santa isnt real?

  • 100kills0deaths - Minecraft & More
    100kills0deaths - Minecraft & More

    JJ's best friend is tape

  • Adam Long
    Adam Long

    OMG 7:55 that forehead tho

  • vFou On Sticks
    vFou On Sticks

    Love the video!

  • Ur family Are midgets
    Ur family Are midgets

    That’s gas is the only statement

  • Drew

    I feel bad for Harry :(

  • ProGamer Jean
    ProGamer Jean

    like for the vids vibe

  • Ghost Elvito
    Ghost Elvito

    They call him old but he is the same age as simon

  • Onyx Dudley
    Onyx Dudley

    Ethan says amoszin instead of amazon

  • Victor Bramming
    Victor Bramming

    What happened August 25?

  • Tokyo Rift
    Tokyo Rift

    32:35 does anyone else think he looks like batman

  • Kdl_snipz Twin_bro
    Kdl_snipz Twin_bro


  • DrMr Bossman
    DrMr Bossman

    I dont come here for the content i come here for JJ’s thicc forehead

  • Josef Ross
    Josef Ross

    Does anybody know what the flashlight Is for??

  • Pykairo 1
    Pykairo 1

    14:48 bad boy

  • Ty Nuoffer
    Ty Nuoffer

    19:16 when Josh hit JJ it lined up perfectly with the music 😂😂

  • MM PewDiePie
    MM PewDiePie

    Simon and josh are the only one who bought for each other

  • Andrew Kirkhope
    Andrew Kirkhope

    team hide and seek teams lol

  • Dank Rushh Loves Artt
    Dank Rushh Loves Artt

    The eight head tho xD

  • Amy J
    Amy J

    Honestly I swear it's more effort to wrap as badly as JJ did than to do it normally 😂

  • Stella Hinshelwood
    Stella Hinshelwood

    33:11 “gO aNd EaT uR SaLaD” lmaooo😂😭😭😭💕

  • Josiah Slade
    Josiah Slade

    Poor Ethan loll.ll Llllllalksncugjbdvkhwvhbaecjhgsyg#fd%jhgd

  • Infinite Depression
    Infinite Depression

    Everyone was hating on Ethan cuz what he gave Harry but nobody talks about how Jj gave him a “used” condom and made fun of him for breaking up with his girlfriend.

  • Gamer FC
    Gamer FC

    We just gonna ignore the fact that Jj didn’t wear a bandana

  • Heike Lyon honor
    Heike Lyon honor

    JJ has the biggest Thor head ever

  • Sam Lawrence
    Sam Lawrence

    Where’s JJ’s bandannas

  • No Skin
    No Skin

    Oh Josh is such a sweet game old guy

  • Kelvin Mata
    Kelvin Mata

    Vick has bad jokes

  • Kevin Lehn
    Kevin Lehn

    Josh wtf

  • IzNahteen


  • Brian Arebalo
    Brian Arebalo

    JJ with the tape lol

  • Floyd Freeman
    Floyd Freeman

    Did anyone notice that jj took off his bandana

  • John bagsic
    John bagsic

    bandana has left the chat

  • Sebastian Di Stefano
    Sebastian Di Stefano

    They call josh old and KSI is joshes age josh just looks 50

  • Tutumutu19 Yay
    Tutumutu19 Yay

    Can somebody please tell me what that dog has for breakfast

  • lingin Hopperson
    lingin Hopperson

    Ksi with the efficient wrapping

  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz

    Jj doesn’t have a bandana 😮

  • PlayAllWorld

    how can i find all these candies in 1 box ??? i need to buy a box full of candy

  • Trunkz

    This is before the Christmas fiasco...CHRISTMAS ALONE!

  • Shahim Nouri
    Shahim Nouri

    I wish josh would shave his goddamn beard

  • Fn-InsTincT Arc- Knight
    Fn-InsTincT Arc- Knight

    How much times they said “that’s gas”, 👇🏾

  • Evin Jijo
    Evin Jijo

    Who else felt bad for harry

  • Ǝuphoric

    13:17 get someone who looks at u like josh looks at jj ;)

  • Donkey roots Hello still
    Donkey roots Hello still

    Did anyone notice that JJ isn’t wearing his bandanna

  • Urbex God
    Urbex God

    actually love vik he's so innocent and nice and just such a hearty person

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo

    They only did this cause jj had no family to be with 😂

  • Devonport PHE
    Devonport PHE

    When josh twisted JJ's nipple at 0:13 it sounded like a squeaky toy

  • Seventh Phoenix
    Seventh Phoenix

    17 pounds? i bought mine for 24.

  • Vortex

    12:56 JJ expert wrapping lol 😂 JJ ........Cook Kfc stand play Dragon Ball Z

  • Chloe vicarage
    Chloe vicarage

    Rip Harry and his presents lol

  • Shoaib Nuk4 Productions786
    Shoaib Nuk4 Productions786

    Next time someone does this, get harry a bald cap with a picture of his dad with it

  • William Kölgren
    William Kölgren

    Where can I buy the singing doggo??

  • Old School
    Old School

    19:51 the video starts

  • DemonXSoul

    19:45 when I wake up first on Christmas Day and my family come to the living room

  • Ellypotty #
    Ellypotty #


  • bobbo jeff
    bobbo jeff

    Bro sidemen got downloadable merch damn 40:06

  • Ssassen77 _
    Ssassen77 _

    Omg we finally see jj’s forehead

  • benearnshaw6

    no wonder jj spent christmas alone look at that wrapping

  • Frightful Delights
    Frightful Delights

    Everyone shoulda gotten a fleshlight

  • Dinara Auffa
    Dinara Auffa

    if that xmas dog thing was with JJ, it would be dead in an instant

  • Brenden Harper
    Brenden Harper

    SIMON is the #1 sidemen in my opinion

  • Ruby Armstrong
    Ruby Armstrong

    Simon: look how big it is!! Tobi: that's what she said. :)

  • Joseph Heffernan
    Joseph Heffernan

    They unrap their presents at 19:44

  • Snot boy 69 Mexico
    Snot boy 69 Mexico

    Why is josh always with jj?