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  • Jevon Bowman
    Jevon Bowman

    So I guess KSI watches Chris Smoove 🔥🔥🔥

  • Cooper Lehman
    Cooper Lehman

    I like how when they did make it, it was a perfect swish every time.

  • Cooper Lehman
    Cooper Lehman

    Josh: Nuting but net.

  • doaky 44
    doaky 44

    Ksi trying to be american

  • DWWB League
    DWWB League

    Just realized how different ballers in Europe are 🥶

  • Gabe Fynsk
    Gabe Fynsk

    This is genuinely one of the least funny videos I’ve watched in a while. Jesus.

  • Daniel Zufelt
    Daniel Zufelt

    hary u shoot like u got a stick up ur but

  • Nghi Phuong Le (Chip)
    Nghi Phuong Le (Chip)

    2:46 nobody noticed but KSI doing Chris Smoove’s theme song

  • Cant Xmiss
    Cant Xmiss

    I stg vikk shoot like the girls that try to flirt so they play basketball wit you 😂🤣

  • Ceerstar Ceerstar
    Ceerstar Ceerstar

    I know UK mfks can't ball but immaculate watch neway lmao

  • deviant

    how is VIK BAD at EVERY single fckin sport its insane.... :D :D

  • -Colossus -
    -Colossus -

    Sub to my channel😂

  • Marshall Gabriel
    Marshall Gabriel

    Get me out there I'm a 5,3 point guard and I can make deep 3s

  • Josh Crossy
    Josh Crossy

    Vik would be funny if the sidemen thought he was I don’t think they want him there

  • BariED24

    They’re good at soccer oh shoot sorry I meant football but they’re trash at bball

  • MrSwaggerness

    3:30 Tobi getting left hanging 😂

  • Thomas Pennock
    Thomas Pennock

    Bro I’m crying

  • Adrian Alindogan
    Adrian Alindogan

    As a basketball player, this was just hard to watch

  • David Batista
    David Batista

    King So would've Dunked on all 9 of y'all doo doo shirt and grey pants


    Nobody : JJ: SIDEMEN TREY WEY ME : (goes to ksi channel ) Unsubscribed 😘

  • Falcon Howard
    Falcon Howard

    It has to be behind the line to count as a three pointer....

  • Leisor Fitial
    Leisor Fitial

    People who love basketball: I would have destroyed in this challenge!!

    • Marcus Spiva
      Marcus Spiva

      I would have won the easiest ££ in my life


    Y’all are all trash

  • Miguel Marroquin
    Miguel Marroquin

    Make this a meme (idk what this means but just do it )hdjajdgsuajhs

  • King David101
    King David101

    JJ keeps double dribbling

  • Dale Shelton
    Dale Shelton

    Y'all need to jump when you shoot it

  • Moses a
    Moses a

    4:46 what is that form

  • James Bond 007
    James Bond 007

    I didnt have many brain cells to start but after this I have hsguaijdgu brjaibsn isjgisb

  • James Bond 007
    James Bond 007

    Ethan handles the ball like my sister....she is 7

  • Lucas Ogueri
    Lucas Ogueri

    JJ might be the whitest black man I’ve ever seen

  • The Anonymous Hacker
    The Anonymous Hacker


  • James Barnes
    James Barnes

    I know basketball isn’t there sport but I want to die

  • Gibby ,
    Gibby ,

    Doesnt Tobi play basketball a little bit? I mean he makes 2k vids

  • Bryce Pinnock
    Bryce Pinnock

    Prolly all JJ's money

  • christopher pierret
    christopher pierret

    They all shoot like girls

  • Bruh why do I need a last name
    Bruh why do I need a last name

    Look at vik at 5:09

  • Sung Eun Choi
    Sung Eun Choi

    Omg this is the MSC Cruise in Spain, lol i was there, hope you had fun bois.

  • Adi Yitzhak
    Adi Yitzhak

    lets go chris smooove

  • ItsBryan 925_
    ItsBryan 925_

    4:50 the ball pause 🤔🤔

  • MidNight Oppa
    MidNight Oppa

    Basketball players know how painful this is to watch💀💀

    • MidNight Oppa
      MidNight Oppa

      Drezz I fuckin suck😂 all I’m really good at is, shooting

    • MidNight Oppa
      MidNight Oppa

      Drezz I wasn’t saying I’m good at basketball tho💀

    • Drezz

      There is always gonna be someone better than u and cringe as equal you do to them

  • Choflew Leon4rd
    Choflew Leon4rd

    I want more of this!! 👌🏽😂

  • Nicolas Cabana-Whiteley
    Nicolas Cabana-Whiteley

    As a basketball player this is so cringe 😂😂


      Same my guy

  • Keith Hopkins
    Keith Hopkins

    So bad

  • Random lp.
    Random lp.

    What the hell is this vid

  • LacerCancer

    Football is good for yall. Watching them play basketball sucks.

  • D4RR3N 7
    D4RR3N 7

    How did ethan hit that first shot NANI

  • Adam Bittner
    Adam Bittner

    Damn thought I was bad basketball

  • Legitimate Gaming
    Legitimate Gaming

    This whole video is so cringe they make a basket and think they’re amazing

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Never seen a hoop shake so much in my life

  • Bernt Pencil
    Bernt Pencil

    u can tell their not American by their shot

  • Isayoung

    This would be the easiest 10k of my life

    • Bryan Martinez
      Bryan Martinez

      Isayoung for fucking real

  • tan x2
    tan x2

    Have you guys notice that they put the 2 black people in the thumbnail

  • tu papi
    tu papi

    yall are garbage

  • Micah Harris
    Micah Harris

    The way vikk is shooting😂

  • Twitch outzzy
    Twitch outzzy

    To many ads😪

  • 76ers Fan
    76ers Fan

    I am thirteen and I can kick all ur asses in basketball

  • Cryzenal

    i like how the thumbnail is the two black people of the sidemen

  • Brady Brown
    Brady Brown

    I like that everyone is wearing black shirts and then there’s Vikk

  • 1stNavage Nari
    1stNavage Nari

    5:52 every American is this liking this Lmao

  • Colin McLeod
    Colin McLeod

    I like how ethan thinks hes good

  • Joanne Switzer
    Joanne Switzer

    KSI was so hyper in this video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Daddie Matty
    Daddie Matty

    I think it’s hilarious how they used both black guys in the group for the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂

  • Dhruv Morani
    Dhruv Morani

    Vik got none ugh I mean #stopvikkabuse

  • Maximus White
    Maximus White

    None of you can shoot

  • Boogie 05
    Boogie 05

    I'm bad at Basketball and this made me feel good about myself. Also they're not good at soccer so what could we expect from them doing a sport with their hands

  • OnlySketxher

    As an American it kills me to watch them

  • Allen Chengwow
    Allen Chengwow


  • T N
    T N

    talkin about Vikk's skills ? they all bad lel

  • Jonny Wainz
    Jonny Wainz


  • Beanie


  • Challs H
    Challs H

    All their jumpshits are so bad

  • Conner Clay
    Conner Clay

    Ksi has better form than lonzo😂

  • Frantic _KARMA
    Frantic _KARMA

    Steph curry wow

  • sethplayroblox also im trash ;P
    sethplayroblox also im trash ;P

    They shot like they shot a shot at a girl (comepletely failing)

  • Mitchell Becker
    Mitchell Becker


  • OJ Alagbala
    OJ Alagbala

    It hurts watching this as a bball player.

  • RealismGaming 2000
    RealismGaming 2000

    Ethan just looks like a right nobb head taking his shots lol

  • Joe W.
    Joe W.

    How r JJ and Toby so black yet so bad a ball This was a joke I'm not racist

  • Thatboy Jimenez
    Thatboy Jimenez

    I like how they put the black people shooting as the thumbnail

  • Prateek Gangwal
    Prateek Gangwal

    Everytime Ethan appears on the video ISIS beheads a civilian

  • Brianna Chavez
    Brianna Chavez

    Kris Wu😍😍

  • Paul-Ari Adebiyi
    Paul-Ari Adebiyi

    Hurts so much being a basketball and soccer player

  • it's tino
    it's tino

    The jump shots

  • Kalidou Ba
    Kalidou Ba

    I will 1 v 1 all of you

  • -MC_hammer_34 -
    -MC_hammer_34 -

    I cringed way to hard watching this

  • Nnel

    Do volleyball next

  • Arberj9

    I like how tobi has the best shooting form and how he doesn’t jump for the threes and makes them

  • ZERX B.A.K
    ZERX B.A.K

    It hurts seeing their jump shots, it looks like they struggle too much for a three pointer.

  • NetanDaEgyptian

    This shows how much times you've cringed while watching this 🤦‍♂️ ⬇️

  • Lavonne Banks
    Lavonne Banks

    We us niggas: ahaha garbage UK niggas: *start dribbling ball with feet* Us: ah shit

  • Wild Bear
    Wild Bear

    I play basketball and I feel sick watching this

  • Wild Bear
    Wild Bear


  • Micheal Justus
    Micheal Justus

    You tell from the get go they ain't hoopers cuz before any shot they would have call foot on the line


    Luv u guys but ur ass at basketball

  • Gabe lippolis Lippolis
    Gabe lippolis Lippolis

    I like how eathen try’s to show off the skill he does not have

  • Zay TheGamer
    Zay TheGamer

    Id beat all of them

  • Marco Chan
    Marco Chan

    I'm not even good at basketball but damn you guys like look you're playing like it's your first time touching a ball.

  • Flame

    I am being honest you guys are so bad at basketball 🏀

  • JJToasT

    Good at Soccer Terrible at Basketball

  • Keith Williams
    Keith Williams

    it hurt my soul to watch this video