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Smashbox photofinish lid primer
Cover fx gripping primer
Huda beauty faux filter foundation
Smashbox photo finish primer water
Jouer high coverage concealer
Diorskin forever oil control powder
Lottie London tan time bronzer in light/medium
Pat McGrath liquid liner
Too faced chocolate soleil bronzer
L’Oréal paradise blush in charming
Charlotte tilbury bar of gold highlighter
Catrice brow pencils
Essence make me brow
Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam palette
Lilly lashes in mink Mykonos
Charlotte tilbury lipgloss in belle du soir
L’Oréal matte liquid lipstick
Mac cosmetics matte fix plus

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  • Samantha Kwait
    Samantha Kwait

    Is rosacea painful?

  • Samantha Kwait
    Samantha Kwait

    Omg my husband was at ibolc when the Nivea men’s thing was a “thing”. I remember visiting him in GA, he had it and I was like oooo babe let me try that....

  • Heather Christine Pike-Kramer
    Heather Christine Pike-Kramer

    Can you do a naked cherry palette tutorial for a summer night look

  • Sarai Gonzalez
    Sarai Gonzalez

    I wish my eyelook looked as flawless as yours!!!! Ugh! Would love to see The Huda beauty obsession palette in Emerald or Precious Stones,or both.... lol

  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith

    NYX London is my favorite!! The lip liner and the soft matte lip cream it’s my favorite nude ever. I’ve also found the lip liner is great for fentys liquid lipstick unbutton!! Love you Casey! xoxo

  • christian zacharias
    christian zacharias

    The eyeshadow palette in the new high end eyeshadow drawer in the silver and white container is that just the packaging or the actual palette and also i would love to see you do a look with that

  • Megan Hardwick
    Megan Hardwick

    Please try the red ruby colored Huda palette. I wanna see what all the colored palettes look like but I’m super curious about the red one from her.

  • Miss Laura
    Miss Laura

    I'm confused, I've seen you use several of those products in your recent videos! 🤔 Like the bronzers, and primer water!? Can you do a video where you use more color and NOT a nude lip! Please! 🙏 Nude lips are so boring! Sorry!

  • Nalany Landavazo
    Nalany Landavazo

    Does anyone know where I can find a printer for the make up logos for drawers 😭

  • Anna Hicks
    Anna Hicks

    Loved this video! Would love to see more shop my stash videos! Great look! Would love it if you checked out my channel! ❤️

  • Marionna Cane
    Marionna Cane

    Can we see some first impression videos?

  • Elizabeth Boulay
    Elizabeth Boulay

    Hi Casey! Could you maybe do a tutorial/review on the Juvia's Place palette in your collection?

  • Nancy Sky
    Nancy Sky

    Omg I remember that with the Nivea men thing too.. it broke me out so badly 😅

  • Deidra Wallace
    Deidra Wallace


  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson

    Does anyone know where she gets her bandana headbands that she has been wearing in her videos?

  • Alli Hagner
    Alli Hagner

    I tried the gripping primer with huda foundation and I also did not like it. I love Huda with other primers though. 🤷‍♀️

  • ItsKorrieGirl

    I would love to see another look with the newer Huda rose gold palette. I bought it a while ago and I feel like I'm so pale that every shade looks either orange or hot pink on me. Even the ones that are muted, they pull so weird on my skin. I hope your move went well!!! xoxxx

  • Angelica Garcia
    Angelica Garcia

    Ohh. . Please do a video on Juvias place palette.

  • Heidi Lange
    Heidi Lange

    I also have rosacea the redness and little white heads everyday. My dermatologist gave me a prescription for Soolantra cream 1%. My face has totally changed, no more little pimples and the redness has diminished to just a hint. When I saw the redness in your face it reminded me exactly what I looked like. Hope it helps.

  • 16bluegoose

    Oh man, I really need to organize my makeup 😅

    • Beauty w/K
      Beauty w/K

      Me to girl!

  • Elisabeth Ambrose
    Elisabeth Ambrose

    Beautiful! 💕💕

  • Sharon Massie
    Sharon Massie

    Love this look!!!!!!😍😍

  • knark0kenark

    As you were applying the highlighter all of a sudden you looked like Sandra Bullock to me!!

  • Ingrid Gonzalez
    Ingrid Gonzalez

    A look with your Juvia’s Place palette 😍❤️ I have the Nubian II and I love it

  • OZaidimar Vargas
    OZaidimar Vargas

    I don’t think you should use that primer again, it made your face red! Maybe it was some kind of reaction :/ just to be safe.

  • Jeanie Luna
    Jeanie Luna

    Love You!!!

  • Wayne Reid
    Wayne Reid

    Your skin looks painful

  • Kylahcarr


  • Lexus Ayala
    Lexus Ayala

    That was actually fun having you take us with you through your make up 😍

    • Beauty w/K
      Beauty w/K

      I know I loved it!!!

  • Nora Maximo
    Nora Maximo

    Can anyone tell me what brush she used to bronze? 😭

  • emily jarvis
    emily jarvis

    If that Kylie palette is the blue honey palette, pleaseeee use it in a video!!

  • Alexus Gillig
    Alexus Gillig

    I have the gripping primer and love it! In my t zone I use more of a pore filling primer and it works really well for me that way. I have sensitive skin as well but very very dry/eczema. Some stuff just works differently for different people!

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace


  • edithzephyr

    hey! love your videos i would like to see a video on juvias place

    • Beauty w/K
      Beauty w/K

      I love those palettes😍 so pretty and pigmented!

  • Rachel S
    Rachel S

    Please name the brushes you use!!!! Specifically your bronzer and blush brushes 💕

  • Gabrielle Swindell
    Gabrielle Swindell

    What was the hexagon palette in the new eyeshadow

  • Jordan Barr
    Jordan Barr

    I am obsessed with the cover fix blurring primer. Everything you said you weren’t getting from the gripping one you’ll get from the blurring one. I ran out of it and it was sold out everywhere so I bought the gripping one and had the same reaction with my skin it got red and blotchy and did nothing for my pores. But the blurring primer is my ride or die, I highly recommend.

  • Soooee

    Can you do a skin care routine please xxx

  • Alexa G
    Alexa G

    You should do a video setting up your beauty room in your new home!

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack

    Maybe your skin didn't agree with a certain chemical in the primer?

  • Ashley Rodriguez
    Ashley Rodriguez

    Hey love! Congratulations again on your pregnancy! 💙💙💙 I know that little one is going to be precious and so so loved! Also, I know you’re in the process of moving, but when you get a chance would you mind filming or just making a post about the new Ponds “cleansing balm” and how it compares to the Clinique “take off the day cleansing balm”? I trust your opinion and heard it’s a dupe! 😄☺️ Sending lots of love! *hugs* ❤️❤️❤️

  • RandyandCyndi Baker
    RandyandCyndi Baker

    You gotta treat it like hyaluronic acid and tap on not rub. its toooooo sticky. BUT! i wasn't impressed . I got a sample and tapped into only my nose and chin area and it looked funny under Nars even

  • Danielle Ballard
    Danielle Ballard

    Berries and cream palette

  • Amy Filice
    Amy Filice

    Can you please do a tutorial with the Marc Jacob's palette? Also can you please do some cool-toned tutorials? I love a warm eye as much as the next girl, but I would love to dabble in cool toned looks. Most beauty UA-myrs don't use cool-toned shadows so I would love to see some tutorials to get some inspiration. Thanks lady.

  • Kristin L
    Kristin L

    I love that primer! I have somewhat sensitive, oily skin and my favorite combo so far that looks freakin flawless is the gripping primer then to go in with the elf poreless putty! The coverfx doesnt really do anything itself other than make your makeup stick and last alllll day, but pair it with a hydrating, porefilling, or whatever you need and I think it's amazing.

  • persil stover
    persil stover

    I know i'm just old and this is a trend, but you Soooo dont need fake lashes. Those eyes are so dynamite without them...honestly

  • Glam Barbie
    Glam Barbie

    LOVE YOU!❤ Any small or big UA-myrs want to support each other?💜❤🌸

  • Julia K.
    Julia K.

    I really like the look and it was so fun watching you pull out everything. It looks like the primer was irritating your skin, as it turned quite red when applied. The Diorskin powder is so pretty on you. My skin is super sensitive, and turns red like that almost immediately from certain ingredients.

  • Emmily Jo
    Emmily Jo

    I remember recently trying my huda foundation again after not using it for a while and I had the same reaction. I felt it was sooo thick and I didn’t like how it set at all. But I used to love it.. so weird 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 anyways love you girl xoxo ❤️

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie

    huda beauty new nude

  • Ivonne Rodriguez
    Ivonne Rodriguez

    Super gorgeous you should do a look up with the Mark Jacobs palette

  • Kayla Greene
    Kayla Greene

    I love this look 💕

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #49 on trending

  • Larisa Garcia
    Larisa Garcia

    You should do a video like “Trying other youtuber’s makeup techniques”

  • Kathryn Burrow
    Kathryn Burrow

    Casey recommends a drugstore item, I immediately buy it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • raaach kayyy
    raaach kayyy

    I remember when you used to use that foundation ALL the time & I’ve ALWAYS thought it looked heavy which is why I’ve never bought it. I hate a mask look when it comes to foundation & the Huda one looks like a whole new thick face. 😣

  • Caitlin Stack
    Caitlin Stack

    Full face of tarte please!

  • Heather Terry
    Heather Terry

    I would still love to see you do a video with the Marc Jacobs Steel palette. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and I would really love to see your thoughts/look with it. Maybe do a 3 Looks with 1 Palette video? ♥️

  • Leo

    Tendencias 🤗

  • Carly Farrenkopf
    Carly Farrenkopf

    What bronzer brush did you use??

  • Monica Cuevas
    Monica Cuevas

    I loveeee the way the eyes turned out & I feel like the bronzer definitely saved the day! You should try the new Wet n Wild Photo Focus loose Banana Powder! I know you were a fan of the Photo Focus foundation & it is still my favorite Drugstore foundation to this day thanks to you ❤️

  • Kayla Morgan
    Kayla Morgan

    I love how you organize your makeup by high end and drug store and you don't let it clutter up too much Like some UA-myrs do. And please do a video on the prism palette by ABH

  • Brenna Kraemer
    Brenna Kraemer

    Hey girl where did you get your makeup dressers?! I love them so much

  • Leslie Gutierrez
    Leslie Gutierrez

    I also have rosacea & something in the cover fx gripping primer made me flare up as well. I had to go in to my dermatologist because the day after use my face was extremely flaring up, red, hot, itchy, the worst. Took almost 2 weeks before my skin got okay. Had to go back on metrogel for a bit. I'm thinking it might be an ingredient they use because when I tried their blurring primer I got the same reaction.

  • Jessica Spano
    Jessica Spano

    Anyone know where Casey get all her hair scarf thingys? I’m obsessed.

  • Shanon Thomas
    Shanon Thomas

    Such a pretty girl 😀

  • Porcelain Beauty
    Porcelain Beauty

    I haven’t used the gripping primer but Tati swears by it but she uses a pore filling primer first and then the gripping primer so she gets the filling and long wear

  • samantha thacker
    samantha thacker

    Love your videos!!! Such a hard working mama!

  • Chez Girl
    Chez Girl

    I’m only a new stubbie to your channel Casey and I have to say, how refreshing, I’ve learnt a bit from watching you today, so thank you for that 🧡💙💛❤️💚and I must say you’re so sweet 👍🏼🥰💜🕊

  • Emily Taddei
    Emily Taddei

    eyeshadow look using the Juvia's Place palette!

  • Daniela Sacks Durán
    Daniela Sacks Durán

    I feel poorer and poorer the more makeup she takes out.

  • ᑑᕌᓗᒃ ᓇᑦᓯᖅ
    ᑑᕌᓗᒃ ᓇᑦᓯᖅ

    I love this!

  • Crys Schaller
    Crys Schaller

    I hate that milk powder

  • Lacey Harris
    Lacey Harris

    What self tanner are you using these days?? Tutorial using all one brand, have you used the double ear eater lauder concealer?? Love this video ❤️

  • Angelina Villarruel
    Angelina Villarruel

    I stills til this day use the neive men shave post

  • kiley.elizabeth

    loved this! xo from my channel to your's!

  • Broken Angel
    Broken Angel


  • adela Valladares
    adela Valladares

    I am so happy you are trending! Yuppie. 😁😁

  • Urban_chameleon

    do you have rosacea?

  • Patricia Sansone
    Patricia Sansone

    I’ve heard Cover FX is drying.

  • Nicholas Sway
    Nicholas Sway

    This chick has trashed her face by wearing all that makeup. Now she's got rosacea which is not easily cured.

  • sushilover9

    Your face looks burnt in the thumbnail, so red

  • Miranda Marie
    Miranda Marie

    i swear i found you from your pregnant video and have NEVER watched you but i swear i’ve even binged watched video everrrr you’re so cute and sweet it’s definitely something i love when i find new people thank you casey 😭❤️

  • Kev

    Kendallllllllllll 👀🔥

  • elohel

    You look like a man.

  • Mandy Lucatero
    Mandy Lucatero

    Not sure how true it is... but I’ve read any stinging is a sign that it’s chemical is setting off ph balance

  • Mandy Lucatero
    Mandy Lucatero

    The new naked reloaded

  • Katie Miller
    Katie Miller

    Try a pore filling primer in the t zone and the gripping primer on the perimeter of your face!

  • fridaartista

    I love this look Casey! That lip combo was so pretty

  • Trisha Achenbach
    Trisha Achenbach

    I don't love the Cover FX primer either. Tati raves about it.

  • BeUnotATVrobot

    Only brainwashed TV Robots use make up, what a waste of money & life

  • Hilda Bautista
    Hilda Bautista

    Does any one know what brand and type are the brushes she used

  • Deb White
    Deb White

    Rather see Marc Jacob's all ready seen enough Soft Glam.

  • Kelly M
    Kelly M

    Where’s that headband from ?!!

  • Hannah Davis
    Hannah Davis


  • Tati Paez
    Tati Paez

    I think it might be the primer not working well with your skin. Honestly can’t find a primer that works for me or that makes a difference in my makeup. That foundation has the strongest fragrance since you have sensitive skin it might be irritating it. Love your videos can’t wait for the baby to be here ❤️

  • Ruth Christina
    Ruth Christina

    Her palette drawer be looking like a bookshelf I’m jealous

  • Mallory Brantley
    Mallory Brantley

    I bought the Nivea men’s post shave balm because you used it...needless to say I broke out after three days of using it and threw it away. Geez, that was forever ago!!!

  • chris alexander
    chris alexander

    Full face huda, or milk!!

  • Destinee Mulcahy
    Destinee Mulcahy

    LOVED the interaction in this video!