Shipping Container Home Designed For Sustainable Family Living
Living Big In A Tiny House
In this weeks episode, we explore this lovely family home which has been constructed using shipping containers. Named the South Coast Container House, this home has been sustainably constructed using four shipping containers and has also been extended to enclose communal spaces. At 95 square meters (1000 square feet) this home is capable of sleeping 10 people and has been divided into a main 85 square meter home, with an additional 15 square meter sleep-out made from a single 20ft shipping container.
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Homeowner Simon takes us through his home and shows us it’s many features, from the wonderful exposed shipping containers, though to the externally insulated walls for maximum thermal performance and the homes many sustainable features.
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Designed by architect Matt Elkan, this home has been designed with efficiency, performance and budget in mind. The idea was to use shipping containers to create a wonderfully functional, healthy family home for a reasonable budget.
Enjoy the full video tour of this beautiful container home. For more information, you can find the South Coast Container Home on Instagram ( or on the architects website (
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Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud
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  • Natasha Lindner
    Natasha Lindner

    Bryce this is truly amazing, thanks for everything you do showing us different ways to live well.

  • I

    Can you give us a floor plan ? Sometimes have to visualize the whole thing from your video ?

  • Alyson Laflamme
    Alyson Laflamme

    The lack of privacy in this house is upsetting. Poor children..

  • Lynn

    That’s not TINY come on....

  • Mohammed Gelma
    Mohammed Gelma

    I would like to have tiny house with 2 20ft containers in rural area of Ethiopia, who can help me with smart design like this??

  • toto now
    toto now

    I love this channel ... Love Bryce. Why do I fell that this man doesn't really live here? I love the design but it doesn't seem real.

  • Sam_Oli

    This home has my name all over it. Absolutely loved it.

  • Jerrymc1975

    Big windows only to view the next building that sits on top of them.

  • Fruit Loop
    Fruit Loop

    Fantastic episode. Just perfect this size house for what I am looking to build. Please do more episodes with this size houses in the future. Love your channel.

  • Sydney Van
    Sydney Van

    really love the integration of different elevations for natural seating, and the emphasis on the main areas of the house, living and cooking and play all to be connected.

  • Sheik Amiir
    Sheik Amiir

    For that price, i could build a palace here in my country 😁

  • sportangelv Berry
    sportangelv Berry

    With all the metal the home is made of, is there concern when it’s lightning outside?

  • Marcos Salatin
    Marcos Salatin


  • ThePositiveKRP

    That's a good one.

  • Otis Brown III
    Otis Brown III

    I would sure like to see some time lapse of the building of some of these container homes. thing is I'd really like to build my own myself and I have been making scale models out of foam board to tweak out my designs, and I also wanted to learn more about some of the techniques that were used in the building of them. I don't have thousands of dollars to do this build, but I believe I can accomplish my goals with careful planning and focus...this house above is absolutely amazing and would be wonderful for me. Thanks

  • Forward

    This inspires me to build my own tiny house I like this very much

  • Lenti RKs
    Lenti RKs

    I looooove this

  • PrimeministerAus

    This almost flies in the face of every tiny house principle, he just wanted to show off....



  • Jael Lopez
    Jael Lopez

    This is my favorite home so far and that guy is so hot. I would totally suck him off. ZADDY?

  • Pandasaurus Rex
    Pandasaurus Rex

    4mins start the tour

  • Nik Afiqah
    Nik Afiqah

    Me: this will be last vid and i will go to sleep. * 2 hours later* Still watching this channel videos🙂

  • cynthia reynolds
    cynthia reynolds

    That is not a tiny house. lol

  • Maria Moshogianni
    Maria Moshogianni

    Amazing home great job god bless you and your family

  • jake linton
    jake linton

    So are you plugged into the grid or are you using solar energy? (*5 minute rant about sustainability and doesn’t give an answer*) This guy talks like a proper twat

    • Vivian Thom
      Vivian Thom

      jake linton, the home owner seem like someone who is difficult to get along with. I doubt the home is off the grid cuz I don’t see solar panel anywhere. And most likely has regular plumbing’s.

  • Minderellah


  • Emily Eckelman
    Emily Eckelman

    Are those plywood floors

  • Eleanor Ayaovi
    Eleanor Ayaovi

    I love this house. I'm a Ghanaian and our climate is very warm. I've been watching your platform to find something like this. I've got some great ideas from this. Thanks Bryce

  • Dinda Ayu Ns.
    Dinda Ayu Ns.

    Is it just me or the house looks so cold? It's beautiful and unique I have to admit but i doesn't look like it was personalized at all. I mean my sister is a neat freak too believe me but she still leaves personal items here and there. I feel disturbed watching the kids bedroom. It looks like as if they were renting and couldn't create a mess or even have their stuff out in the open or something. The tour gave me the vibes like they haven't moved yet and this is the tour of their super brand new paint-still-needs-to-dry house!

  • Juliette Dauterive
    Juliette Dauterive

    And WHY shipping containers?

  • Jo Ann Tukes
    Jo Ann Tukes

    I couldn’t live there. Cold and uninviting. No curtains either

  • MZ RG
    MZ RG

    0:54 Ik you see it too.

  • K K
    K K

    This house is bigger than mine

  • Felisha Kay
    Felisha Kay

    Take a shot everytime that man says 'vegetation'. He was just repeatedly vomiting the words of his architect.

  • skyjacker 1
    skyjacker 1


  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover

    Very good looking homeowner. Didnt even mind the accent and seems a really good person

  • J J
    J J

    Great design!!!!! Would love to see more container homes

  • Laïla Lessard
    Laïla Lessard

    Can I live in this house plz

  • Coco Chanelle
    Coco Chanelle

    This is the coolest layout for a home I've ever seen. Love how the communal living spaces are a step down.

  • Moore Shubham
    Moore Shubham

    I am designing my home like this in Minecraft

  • J. Peluso
    J. Peluso

    I hate the white container doors. I love everything else.

  • Jes L.
    Jes L.

    The slippers/no outside shoes + "Because I like to sleep in different bedrooms" is all A++ for me xD

  • Angel La Canfora
    Angel La Canfora

    Pardon me, but what are "keeds?" (I'll just show myself out...)

  • Rodney Caupp
    Rodney Caupp

    You shipping container idiots would live in a trash can, if the contents would sustain you. Sustainability is from the Gay ass Colored People of the United Nations. Not something that we were even asked our opinion of. Now have green crosswalks for the pretend sustainers in what used to be a production community before the oligarchs sent the jobs away to China. The Global revolution has begun and the people didn't start it..., the Governments did.

    • Rodney Caupp
      Rodney Caupp

      @Vivian Thom Have you ever seen News footage of an 18 wheeler 300 feet in the air? I have been watching a couple building a shipping container home, and they have the containers mounted on concrete pillars. I'm pretty sure the structure wouldn't be sustainable in a Tornado. It's Governments and their tiny house one world bullshit that triggers me . You can have your shipping container home.

    • Vivian Thom
      Vivian Thom

      Rodney Caupp, why are you so triggered by this trend? A home built with containers might be good against tornadoes.

    • petnzme01

      Government didn't start it dumb dumb.

  • gaby. riela
    gaby. riela

    I have watched some other channel about tiny houses, but yours is still my favorite until now. You're very detailed on interviewing the owner, not only the interior (house tour), but also the exterior, and the lifestyle and the big ideas behind it. Your channel really has inspired me to have tiny house someday.

  • Flyby Wire
    Flyby Wire

    I like the way the building is fitted to the downward slope of the property

  • Clemencia Durant
    Clemencia Durant

    Wow some people are very creative in such away that it makes one imagining should I have that creative mind I will do exactly like them. Honestly speaking I admire your home home big time. May you remain blessed all the days of your lives🎆🙏 I love you🥰

  • Ron Cooper
    Ron Cooper

    Bryce, as always, another brilliant interview. I thank you for that and agree with Emma's comment about you being a splendid host/interviewer. However, I am scratching my head in frustration trying to find any mention of the property that this container home is built upon? I have watched the video start to finish twice, in addition to following the links that you've provided. Still, no mention of the land? Can you please help me to factor in the actual price-tag for this fairly elaborate (not so)Tiny House? I'll thank you in advance. p.s. ~ Also, kudos on the TH that you and Rasa recently completed and posted for our viewing pleasure. I especially liked the way that you finagled Rasa into granting your wish for an XL kitchen sink. Bravo, mate!

  • 1CelloOne

    What is the highest wind speed container homes can handle? I live in hurricane central - really enjoy watching your videos -

    • 1CelloOne

      @Vivian Thom not worried about tornadoes too much because we don't get them very often here. But since I asked the wind question I have found out they can withstand winds up to 175mph depending on how they are tied down to a foundation.

    • Vivian Thom
      Vivian Thom

      1CelloOne, how about tornado.

  • Old Rose
    Old Rose

    Too much talking......

  • Winnie n
    Winnie n

    This house is perfect

  • Maxim C.
    Maxim C.

    Rich dude ordered himself a fancy house. Cool, but it's not about living big in tiny houses...

    • Maxim C.
      Maxim C.

      @petnzme01 Exactly. Middle class is now the new rich. 😄 Seriously though.

    • petnzme01

      Rich dude, They're middle class.

  • Tammy Vance
    Tammy Vance

    Yea, this one is one of my favorites.

  • Len Wenzel
    Len Wenzel

    It seems to be a great way to use and celebrate space in an imaginative style. It really embraces the idea of bringing their family together. Love how it opens to nature, and the landscape.

  • B. Greene
    B. Greene

    It’s clever, but reminds me far too much of a self storage facility. Needs more windows, art and plants. The kids room looks like a prison, sorry to say. Nothing visual to stimulate creativity and imagination.

  • Sharron C
    Sharron C

    LOVE the design but too much of the container is exposed internally which gives off a COLD not cozy feeling in the home for that price.... Not a fan of the exposed closets...Smh NO NO

    • petnzme01

      It's Australia. Cold is good.

  • haeil kim
    haeil kim

    Im a foreigner. It is awesome!! Beautiful!!!

  • B Mattingly
    B Mattingly


  • mksouthon

    if you watch the intro on 2x speed you'll notice the intro music still sounds the exact same.... weird

  • Sandra Mcdaniel
    Sandra Mcdaniel

    Not for 350k. No thank you. Not my style, taste or budget. Nice for some people I guess. Australia is just as expensive as California, U.S.A. and most people have left Cali, or are homeless! Tiny homes are cheaper, and better.

  • Mountain Views
    Mountain Views


  • BE Adventure Partners
    BE Adventure Partners

    This is definitely the most gorgeous shipping container home we have ever seem. Most people who build with shipping containers stay within the lines, and don't cut openings in walls or expand into other spaces. Very unique design. Gorgeous flow, and use of indoor & outdoor spaces. LOVE LOVE Love It! Thanks for sharing Bryce @LivingBigInATinyHouse! - Erin + Brian too

  • Natalia Potter
    Natalia Potter

    It's funny how with almost every home, with almost every video, I always think: -This has to be in my top 3 Tiny/small houses... AND then I see other and another, almost all of them are great. 😀🙂🤗 This one Is super beautiful. AND my mind was blown away by the amount of thought and consciousness put into this home You are a great, polite and enthusiast interviewer. The owner of the house was a very good talker and it was showed how much he is proud of this home.

  • Chopper Tom
    Chopper Tom

    7:30-8:14 SOLID GOLD

  • Daisy K Akeo
    Daisy K Akeo

    Absolutely beautiful n brilliant! I love these shipping container homes!! Bravo👏

  • David Cattin
    David Cattin

    At 3:40 - 1,022 sqft, not 102. I LOVE this! Don't even need the guest pod. Set me one up!

  • Ge mar
    Ge mar

    Shipping container is the new cardboard box.

  • Liz Stohlman
    Liz Stohlman

    “Good design can change the way we live”

    • BE Adventure Partners
      BE Adventure Partners

      Isn't that the truth @LizStohlman! We were like... YESSSSS when Bryce said that! It's sooo true! We have been travelling the past two years, and stayed in some beautifully designed places, and some real let downs. It matters BIG time. Especially when you work from "home"... Or in our case an Airbnb...

  • Straight from a Scientist
    Straight from a Scientist

    But check out that vegitation

  • Doreen M
    Doreen M

    Its beautiful but no family pictures, no warmth n comfort in this home. it looks like a single man lives in it. Ive never seen a childs room so clean n empty..Almost like they live with so many restrictions. Or is this just for show i hope. Anyway Very cool design though.

    • Doreen M
      Doreen M

      rosencain .....that makes sense if its a vacation home only. but even a few pics n more color... I don’t know something to make it look more inviting and comfortable that kids would feel more comfortable as well would’ve made it a little nicer. But it definitely does look like a vacation home only which would be a shame because the area and home is so peaceful n beautiful🤔😁

    • rosencain

      I agree, cool design. I knew I missed something (that personal touch that equals warmth) but didn't catch it until your comment. Some people hate clutter and consider excess decorative touches as clutter. Maybe they aren't there year round. He does say the container doors act as shutters and they can lock it up when they aren't there. Everyone locks up their home when they are off to work, but it just sounded (to me) it wasn't a work day lock up. If it is a weekend get away or vacation house then it would explain how few articles of clothing were hanging. Yeah he is all about neat, but it looked like a suitcase worth. Sure people downsize but that's a lot of house and a lot of copper pipe being used in lieu of a closet Just rambling :)