Shazam! - Movie Review
Chris Stuckmann
Chris Stuckmann reviews Shazam!, starring Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer, Asher Angel, Grace Fulton, Faithe Herman, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Cooper Andrews, Marta Milans. Directed by David F. Sandberg.

  • anime fangirl
    anime fangirl

    I had a shaman and before I watched this

  • Ozma X
    Ozma X

    So, we should have the same issue with Syndrome (or whatever his name is) from the Incredibles first movie, but I never hear you complain about his motivation on how he became villainous. I think this time your point is pretty weak.

  • Zack O
    Zack O

    How come it took the whole beginning for the main character to learn all the powers and took time to learn to fly but the other kids just somehow knew how to use them right away?

  • Adam Hill
    Adam Hill

    Hey Chris did you like starfox adventures on the gamecube

  • Herhsey Ford
    Herhsey Ford

    Shazam is the best DCEU movie. Fight me

  • Abraham Isaak
    Abraham Isaak

    zachary levi looks like jimmy falon quit drinking for good, but turned into skinny bert kreischer all of sudden

  • Abraham Isaak
    Abraham Isaak

    glad they stopped killing villains at the end of the movie so much wasted potential that way

  • jesse williams
    jesse williams

    I’m not saying this because I’m a marvel fan or anything (because I’m not) and I genuinely wanted to enjoy this film, and I’m annoyed I didn’t. I really didn’t think it was good at all. The 1st and 3rd acts were awful in my opinion. However in the 2nd act in which they uncover Shazam’s parents etc was brilliant. Sure some of the acting was great but I felt left down. Also I really didn’t like the villain at all. He had little to no motive at all. I feel like they tried to make it ‘too cheesy’ and it just ended up being cheesy in general. Also there was way too much slow mo lol.

  • Thantea Fanai
    Thantea Fanai

    I don't see any display of Solomon's wisdom

  • CDN Adrian
    CDN Adrian

    I had zero expectations going into this movie and other then the fact they mess up with the MC character with him being a minor thief (the polar opposite of what Billy would act like and breaks the purpose of what makes him special) that said, it was cute and funny as @%*# and actually really worked well. If it had been less funny and more serious then there would be problems and no where near as good.

  • Liam's Lenz
    Liam's Lenz

    Man Of Steel 10/10 Batman V Superman 8/10 Wonder Woman 5/10 Aquaman 9/10 Shazam! 8/10

  • BottleofDreams

    6:00 I almost fell off of my seat at that point of the movie, goddammit it was a good joke!

  • Little Media
    Little Media

    Loved your review. I recently started my youtube channel and I did a review on Shazam. Would love if you all supported me.

  • G- Man
    G- Man

    Hello Chris. I like your review so much and of some movies I do accept your rating but this movie My I’ll go for A.. it’s hilarious and great movie to watch. Also like to add that youngsters of some scenes are not appropriate for them, please cover their eyes or distract them somehow, that advice goes to all those parents out there. :) I like it!! Well done DC, keep up the spirit, :)

  • Thomas Moncrief
    Thomas Moncrief

    I pretty much agreed with your review. Very weak villain .

  • Freddy Perez Neris
    Freddy Perez Neris

    The biggest mistake the DCEU made was placing Shazam at a competition level with Captain Marvel while Endgame was just around the corner, it really hurt Shazam´s Box Office Results.

  • Timothy Williams
    Timothy Williams

    B!??!?!?!?!?!?! B + or A- at least

  • Timothy Williams
    Timothy Williams

    cant use hoaky as a criticism in this movie, its supposed to be cheesy, derrrrrrrrp

  • Ilikereddead2 Ya
    Ilikereddead2 Ya

    u gonna do spoler rbvew

  • HelaS

    Great review, Chris! You are undoubtedly one of the smartest reviewers out there!

  • Jeremiah Dau
    Jeremiah Dau

    Gives Shazam a B and gives X-men Apocalypse an A- 😑

  • Emad Amoo
    Emad Amoo

    For me it was A plus .

  • Yalova EVİM Emlak 05363804511
    Yalova EVİM Emlak 05363804511

    Terrible movie do not spend time and money, scenario sucks

  • Trevor McCormick
    Trevor McCormick

    My favorite DC movie was Man of Steel but now I'm leaning towards this movie a little bit more now...

  • Trevor McCormick
    Trevor McCormick

    Absolutely loved this movie, I think it's just phenomenal and awesome and hilarious. My parents have not seen it and they don't want to because they say it looks like a comedy and not a superhero movie...but I say that it's Big combined with Superman and Thor and that's epic.

  • big kahuna burger
    big kahuna burger

    Love this movie but the negatives so Sivana's were very unjustified. He had clear motives and I felt they were better than Ares

  • Peter

    DCU will never top MCU.

  • Darth Vestius
    Darth Vestius

    So many people loved this film, as well as I. So how come it is not pulling in big dollars? I knew this would happen. A great film that the fan boys love but are not going to see. It will be lucky to pull in 300 million dollars during its run. Go see it...again... Now! A great A+ movie... I give your review, due to your misunderstanding of the film, a C-.

  • Marco Schaub
    Marco Schaub

    I watched it about a week ago and I expected a better movie after your review. I loved Zachary Levi and he made every scene better. But the kid that's his sidekick is pretty annoying. And there are too many things that don't make sense in the movie intrinsically. It just felt very constructed, which took me out of the movie constantly. It's an okay movie all in all, closer to C than to B.


    I wasn't expecting too much from this film but the laughs and (as you say) buoyancy. For me it was SHAZAM! meets THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, and it was a good time. The real test of any movie is, "Yeah, but would you sit through it again a week later?" Yes. I wasn't troubled by the villain sciency research sequence. It was more whatever than troubling. What bothered me is staring everyone right in the face -- and I came here to see if bothered someone like you. It's is Billy Batson and Freedie Freeman. BILLY BATSON I have nothing wrong with the actor. Or his betrayal of this boy with a sad past. My problem is that when he becomes Shazam his personality completely changes. Zazhery Levi is terrific but he has a completely different personality. Yes, I know what you're going to say -- that as an adult with super-powers of course he's going to be different. But if you think more about this you realize his playfulness comes out of nowhere and goes back into nowhere whenever that magic name is said. The giveaway here is that when Billy goes back to being Billy he should be like a kid that just got off the world's best rollercoaster. He should be completely juiced and still a little playful. That he can't WAIT to get back on! Instead we get mellow depressed kid with the occasional smirk. Shazam blowing bubbles with his bubblegum? Billy Batson would never do that. This is a director's error, and if you ask me, a rather massive mistake. I think upon repeated viewings people will start to see this. FREDDIE FREEMAN frickin machine gun mumbled half his lines. I know kids actually do this these days but my wife and I spent half the movie asking what Freedie just said. If we can let that go there's a secondary problem. Freddie is the comic relief for Billy, but Shazam is Freddie's comic relief. I'm not sure that's actually a problem but it could be, in that my gut wonders what Freddie would have been like as a straightman to Shazam's comedy. Something seems off there. Otherwise a great time. I was surprised how much the villain scared me. Usually I just roll my eyes at the villains. I will say that the Boardroom scene was too intense/violent for kids.

  • Shnickers123

    Only Stuckham would give a B to Shazam and an A to The Last Jedi....the actors who played the foster Family In Shazam...are better actors then half of the cast of TLJ...and their story alone in Shazam, even though it was short In The movie...had better writing and depth...then the entire script of TLJ...those perks and free stuff from the Disney film division, must be contingent on providing positive reviews on even the most decrepit of Disney creations...Hail Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson...for keeping this channel on life support! Wooooooooo hooooooo!!!

  • trey davis
    trey davis

    Shazam was lame boring and cringey

    • Grant Mcroberts
      Grant Mcroberts

      well you are a mongo because it wasn't boring and it was funny

  • Brad Ng
    Brad Ng

    I'm glad the cgi isn't good awful like in bvs and justice league

  • Brad Ng
    Brad Ng

    The only thing that bothered me was that adult Billy is much happier and more friendly to the other kid, but when he's normal Billy he just sulk around like a depressed old man

  • Laura Berg
    Laura Berg

    We were SO surprised walking into this movie that it was as dark as it was, but also self-aware and funny. Very jarring for a audience member to be in a PG film thinking "is this a higher rating? Why are there like 5 year olds in this when this is almost nightmare fuel for adults?" Our entire group of over 10 people said "wow, I did NOT expect it to be that dark."

  • TheFierceNinja

    The multiple Shazam’s was kinda dumb but it was aight

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye

    Shazam was not that great, some parts were funny, but over all it sucked.. It felt like Billy and Shazam were 2 different personalities. Also at the end was f#$king retarded.. How the hell do you introduce 5 other new super heros when still trying to focus on Shazam. So are they all called Shazam now? lol. Lastly, was Billy actually of pure heart? he did one act of kindness helping Freddy from those bullies, but it wasn't until he her a trigger word, not having a mom. Sounded more of a selfish act than an act oh heroism.

  • Harnawaz Boparai
    Harnawaz Boparai

    I think 90% of this review I couldn't take my eyes off that awesome Star Fox shirt you were wearing Chris Stuckmann!

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me

    Hit the gym Chris. Your arms look like they belong to a 13 year old girl.

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben

    It is my favourite DCEU film as of now! Very good

  • XtentacionX

    My only critic is it was too long

  • D K
    D K

    Beyond shitty movie. So corny and Billy is such a douche.

  • Jason Davidson
    Jason Davidson

    It seems people enjoy cheap laughs over good original story telling

    • Grant Mcroberts
      Grant Mcroberts

      the story was good momgo it just seems you want every fucking movie dark like a boring fuck story was good and it was funny

  • Two Minute Review
    Two Minute Review

    Good review. I enjoyed it as well. Saw it on friday in a double feature with Hellboy (ugh). I have reviews for both up on my channel. Cheers.

  • Cesar Battistini Maziero
    Cesar Battistini Maziero

    Don’t watch it. It’s actually very bad.

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton

      Cesar Battistini Maziero you been watch movies too much.

  • SoundIsImportant

    Its the same as infinity war in that it is a 7/10

  • FollowerOfJesus 101
    FollowerOfJesus 101

    I honestly thought the villain was one of the best parts about the movie

  • Hgg Fhh
    Hgg Fhh

    I think you didnt even talk about the dark parts of the move. What about those?

  • the critic's critique
    the critic's critique

    Number one stop spoiling the movie lol! I did not know about nothing about the mom until you blattered it out😁 and I do like watching your reviews after I've seen the movie. And stop comparing, it's not "Big"! Just take it how it is ! I was lost too in the movie with characters and such, but, and forgive me I don't know actors like that I'm always busy lol to learn how they turn out, but don't nick pick! And the villain is not weak but more memorable than what we want him to be! He did his part! we cant accept the Rock at this time! I have problems with this movie myself😏 I want to know why a B? Explain to me?

  • BluffinMuffin

    Spoilers: In my opinion I found one character really annoying. That character was Eugene. I didn’t like the pop culture references serving no purpose and having no joke attached to them. For example, there is this time when he hacks to find where Billys mom is and makes a pointless reference to watch dogs. Over all, good movie.

  • Amiga Wolf
    Amiga Wolf

    Me and my friend not really like the movie, did not like the demons for a kid movie, and all the people who are killed in brutal ways, and that it had childish moments in this movie, the end i REALLY did not like, even my friend who likes computer animated movies, find the movie childish, i gave it a 6. **SPOILERS** And what was the point of searching for his mother, when he found her he walks away, because she does not want anything to do with him, and that was all at the end, only a few minutes with his mother, would be MUCH better if she was death already or that he just not found her at the end.


    I saw a Shazam add before the review

  • Dorijan Polic
    Dorijan Polic

    Am I the only one who found this movie very cringeworthy and overall bad?

    • Grant Mcroberts
      Grant Mcroberts

      yes because you are a spastic

  • Spencer Martin
    Spencer Martin

    you should rank the DCEU movies from worst to best

  • Carla de Souza
    Carla de Souza

    Is a very light good movie

  • Maria Perdomo Arvizu
    Maria Perdomo Arvizu

    Unplanned review :)

  • trumpeter93

    I liked it but it had way too many physics errors that aren't very excusable in today's movies. Like catching a bus on the glass? And catching people to a dead stop doesn't hurt them especially when Shazam is harder than the ground? Like come on, if you want to know what should have happened ask Gwen Stacy...

  • Nuclear Atoms
    Nuclear Atoms

    I was it today has it was really a fun movie to watch, the DCEU took a totally different approach!!!!👏

  • Kelley

    Dang I love your videos. I usually wait to watch your reviews until after I’ve seen the movies. I just saw Shazam and I really liked it but there were some things that kept it from being great in my mind that I couldn’t put my finger on and you express these reasons so eloquently and I was like YES that’s what it was!!

  • 24 45 jim
    24 45 jim

    i don't dislike but i'll be the 1000th person to dislike so i dislike,i can't help it. i love you man.sorry

  • Lets Go
    Lets Go

    the movie was great

  • Leo Stephan
    Leo Stephan

    Just arrived from watching it. It was super good and fun and I say this as a Marvel fan. DC is really picking up with their live action movies.

  • Rev Andrei Marcial
    Rev Andrei Marcial

    For me it’s an A+ heart warming , funny , lovable and very impressive movie

  • EBK Wave
    EBK Wave

    This movie is waaaaaay better than what the reviews made it out to be.. The villain was perfect for this movie.. everything made sense, you have to remember the villain had extreme traumatic experiences in his childhood.. that's all he focused on was that quote _"not pure of heart.."_ This movie was awesome, in every wholesome way, it's very much worth buying too. I loved the nod to Tom Hanks "Big", as well.. this felt like a comic book in movie format, a old Saturday morning cartoon feel.

  • Julio Santiago
    Julio Santiago

    I would give it a 7/10

  • D Jay
    D Jay

    Shazam was hilarious. Loved it.

  • Steve Kastner
    Steve Kastner

    Aquaman was shit are you serious. You didn’t think Aquaman was hokey and juvenile and power rangers slash where in the world is Carman San Diego slash where’s Waldo

  • trevor linvell
    trevor linvell

    The most enjoyable superhero movie I've seen in years


      Hell yeah

  • Diddleh

    He saw a magical wizard and demons followed by an eight ball telling him to “find us” of course he is still stuck on it

  • Brenda Griffith
    Brenda Griffith

    The villian's father and brother hated him and blamed him for something that wasn't his fault, Yeahhh I don't blame him for having a grudge all his life

  • modiyil oppari
    modiyil oppari

    what a movie ...? very slow story telling ....where is action ? were is fun ...Hancok is much better than this

    • Grant Mcroberts
      Grant Mcroberts

      Hancock was pish. You clearly didn't watch the movie there was action spastic. The film is about a fucking kid who is bloody learning what so you want a kid who is new at the superhero stuff you just be a good fighter automatic the story was fucking great and the film was funny as fuck and if you don't find that funny then you have a shit humour. Hancock wasn't even fucking funny it was retarded fact.

  • Hybrid Phanatik 212
    Hybrid Phanatik 212

    When u say "camp" what do u mean

  • Cecilia Romero
    Cecilia Romero

    Yesss yess thank you for such a good review! Because they wanted to do it like the actual cartoon! So yeah I loved shazam since my brother showed me him in the justice league story. And nobody believed me it was going to be good but yeah so thanks

  • Arslan Malik
    Arslan Malik

    i saw it today was good movie 7.5 /10

  • silly goose
    silly goose

    The Thing I’ve noticed is that that DCEU is way better at telling solo stories rather than team stories. WW, Aquaman, and Shazam are the best movies in the DCEU where as BvS, Justice League, and Suicide Squad are the worst.

  • Number Five
    Number Five

    The villain turned from Harry Potter to Voldemort really quickly

    • Danjal Waziri
      Danjal Waziri

      Well, those are the perfect descriptions of childhood and adulthood.

  • Leonardo De Vinci
    Leonardo De Vinci

    I actually like it. In a lot of ways it was better then Captain Marvel

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Am I the only one who doesnt watch the video, and just skips to the end to see the grade he gave?

  • emil engen
    emil engen

    Horror directors rock!

  • Reluctant_Fundamentalist

    I really liked Shazam. After mediocre movies like Aquaman, Justice League this is like a breath of fresh air. This is my current favorite DCEU movie followed by Man of Steel and Wonder Woman.

  • Matthew Mattiocco
    Matthew Mattiocco

    I say A+

  • Mindful

    The fact this movie was supposed to be campy went over my head. I knew it would be a comedy, but there comes a point where stuff just got TOO stupid. Granted I’ve never read the comic. And I’m able to suspend disbelief, I just saw a movie about a boy who becomes a 30ish year old superhero with one word. However that mid-credit scene lost me. There was also another thing I’d rather not talk about cause spoilers, but it had to do with all the foster kids during the last battle. Those who saw might get it. That part was so poorly introduced for me. I just couldn’t help but think I was watching Captain Planet. However, I think I blame it more on the fact that the tone was just poorly executed. I thought it would be a light comedy but it turned out to be an intentional cheese fest. Which I still respect, seeing as we have a lot of “dark” superhero films now.

  • freddy and foxy
    freddy and foxy

    I going to rewatch this 8n 3d

  • Kentwone D. Townsend
    Kentwone D. Townsend

    You shouldn’t be a critic ever again 🤷🏾‍♂️ to each is own though..

  • roxasora225

    I give it an A. I had such a blast watching it! So far (to me) its been the best DC film to date! Totally recommend!!

  • Aidan Ling
    Aidan Ling

    Pretty much agree with everything, when it's being funny or Billy is with his foster family it was all great, but then whenever the villain was on screen, I was just thinking 'oh just get this over with'

  • Jackson Mares
    Jackson Mares

    Shazam! > Captain Marvel

  • Md Waqaruddin
    Md Waqaruddin

    Plzz review on anime more??

  • Reagan DeFriece
    Reagan DeFriece

    If you give Endgame a B+......

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno

    I went in expecting it to be a fun movie but ended up loving it :D

  • Zack Reynolds
    Zack Reynolds

    Group of kids fighting demons....can’t wait for the Shazam! and It crossover-“SHIT

  • *So What You Saying Is*
    *So What You Saying Is*

    Finally, a the closest thing to a real review of this movie.

  • Stevie V
    Stevie V

    ooo u thiccccct

  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller

    This movie is garbage. the film pretty much is every cliche you could think of mixed together.

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton

      Trevor Miller you been watch movies too much.

    • Trevor Miller
      Trevor Miller

      +Ryder Barton BvS is better. This shit was at the level of Suicide Squad. So bad.

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton

      Trevor Miller Your Expectations went too high. Batman V. Superman took a cake.

  • apolo apolon
    apolo apolon

    you're not a DC fan

  • Kimjongtrump

    Darla! Adorable

  • ken shin
    ken shin

    I enjoyed the movie. But my only issue is Shazam acts like more of a kid than billy batson so there’s a bit of a disconnect. Billy is all serious and grouchy for most of the movie but Shazam is bubbly and funny

  • jetscreamer1

    People will call him Captain Marvel again when Disney buys Warner next year.

  • Taylor Green
    Taylor Green

    K but the scene he’s talking about where the two characters are far away was admittedly funny, but stolen straight from Kung Fu panda 2

  • Tavi22

    Nope, it was waaaay too cheesy for me. It's a Disney movie with cursing lol

    • Grant Mcroberts
      Grant Mcroberts

      that is fucking shazham mongo it's meant to be fucmimf cheesie spastic go read the comics and you would know it's meant to be cheesie mongo