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Shawn Mendes - In My Blood (Live From The 61st GRAMMYs ® / 2019)) ft. Miley Cyrus
2x Grammy Nominee

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  • Isabel Lucero
    Isabel Lucero

    i remember when Shawn was playing the piano part one time on his instagram stories. ❤

  • Emily Kline
    Emily Kline

    Is the piano on fire?

  • Crystal R
    Crystal R

    He is so cute

  • Alexandra Cardona
    Alexandra Cardona

    This is my favorite video ever what a cool cover they should record it like this

  • Yosandry Amparo
    Yosandry Amparo

    We don’t appreciate Shawn Mendes enough ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jessyca cristina
    Jessyca cristina

    Só os brasileiros vão curtir aqui🖐️😍👏

  • Jennifer Isabel
    Jennifer Isabel

    This is giving me the climb vibes ❤❤❤

  • siena minoli
    siena minoli

    Best duet I’ve ever seen

  • evelyn santa rosa
    evelyn santa rosa

    my heart ❤️😍

  • Emmy Grace
    Emmy Grace


  • Moonlight Tv
    Moonlight Tv

    I LOVE U!!!! OMG!!!!

  • Sam Mcknight
    Sam Mcknight

    No words 😍😍😍🤤

  • PPTO López
    PPTO López

    all the fans we deserve to see

  • PPTO López
    PPTO López

    Why is it blocked in my country ???

  • Tatiana Yahwak
    Tatiana Yahwak

    I just got the chills!!!

  • Din Tran
    Din Tran

    There are 310 people having no clue what REAL music is. :)

  • lololo Love
    lololo Love

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    I wish she would just wear a normal outfit for once. Her voice is amazing but... her outfit is... you know. No hate just my opinion :)

  • Gen Johana
    Gen Johana

    I love how miley's firey passion for music is sooo lit

  • Daniel LaMere
    Daniel LaMere

    I need a studio version of this like yesterday.

  • Brenda Nelson
    Brenda Nelson

    Oh my gosh you are the best singer ever 😍❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍 ❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️😍

  • SushiLover 101
    SushiLover 101

    If this duo happened when Hannah Montana came out THIS SONG WOULDVE MADE IT A WHOLE LOT BETTER

  • Erica Baby
    Erica Baby

    Amazing wow 🔥🔥

  • Rooney Imogen
    Rooney Imogen

    My mom thought this was the little brother from modern family

  • Maarcos Gabriel
    Maarcos Gabriel

    Absolutely wonderful. They need a collab so much.

  • Katherine

    Miley sucks

  • Miranda Panda
    Miranda Panda


  • LogiGpuri

    2:43 Shawn says I need somebody now- now-now

  • Caroline Z
    Caroline Z

    this is beyond amazing

  • marie kr
    marie kr

    To bad I can’t see them it’s to dark??

  • Book of MAX Max
    Book of MAX Max

    Miley is a bitch and a slut

  • Book of MAX Max
    Book of MAX Max

    Mily is a slut

  • Katie J
    Katie J

    ok i’ve watched this like 20 times no joke. ITS SO GOOD!

  • androssteague

    1:10 those are the same stage lights ed sheeran used for his Grammy performance two years ago.

  • Drew Galavan
    Drew Galavan

    Not his best

  • Liam Jerez
    Liam Jerez

    Love ❤️

  • Ida Williams
    Ida Williams

    Breathtaking amazingly beautiful ... music is in their blood both of them😘@love 🎶🎤🔊

  • justice4all

    I've always been team Miley and always will be!

  • Red Magic Butterfly
    Red Magic Butterfly

    Holy frick yes

  • Linajayyy


  • Jay Gg
    Jay Gg

    miley has really come around . she could always sing but her voice sounds so much stronger now idky

  • Mine A Photos
    Mine A Photos

    This video is not available in Venezuela. Please fix this!

  • Kennedy Logan Morgan
    Kennedy Logan Morgan

    Their voices blend so well together... such an amazing performance by two amazing performers.

  • Alyson Hage
    Alyson Hage

    Also you have my heart , I love you ‼️❤️

  • Bethany

    Shawn's voice is so angelic that I forgot how to sing.

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift

    Shawn plz like my comment I've been here since day 1 your 10th subscriber I really love all your music p l z like me comment I would really appreciate it I always go to your shows or anything that has to do with Shawn Mendes

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift

    Love you Shawn

  • Andrea Victoria
    Andrea Victoria


  • ashley matias
    ashley matias

    1:20 - 1:30 😩😫😭😭😙😚❤💕

  • Melissa Wilson
    Melissa Wilson

    What’s funny is that I’m a really big fan of Shawn Mendes and my name is Mylie this is my moms account

  • Jillian Marie
    Jillian Marie

    Whoever disliked this video doesn’t know how real, powerful and the emotion in their voices are! Literally the best live collab performance I’ve heard

  • Tayron P
    Tayron P

    That was the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I have EVER seen.

  • Amie Lawson
    Amie Lawson

    Wow! That was beautiful!

  • audra hudson
    audra hudson

    literal chills🤩

  • Lizzie Robertson
    Lizzie Robertson


  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes

    Absolutely Beautiful loved it Deb 😉❤👍✌2019

  • Devin Ritchhart
    Devin Ritchhart

    No one can tell me she doesn’t look the best with the longer blonde hair. She looks amazing ... and Shawn Mendes 🥰😍

  • Celia H.
    Celia H.

    Definitely woke up when Miley came on.

  • Yeimy Carias
    Yeimy Carias

    this was the collab i never knew i needed

  • melissa trotter
    melissa trotter


  • Bridgette Nocito
    Bridgette Nocito

    umm excuse me this is too good. I can’t with this collab!! Also can I marry him and hear this voice live everyday, please & thank you

  • Daniela Lopez
    Daniela Lopez

    bro he’s sooo hot! 🥵🥵🤩

  • Manahil Hassan
    Manahil Hassan

    This is amazing. Can u Guys actually do a collab on this and out it on iTunes. Both of u are so talented. This is a beautiful song and both of your voices make it even more beautiful. Love youuuu❤️

  • Catina Dyal
    Catina Dyal

    I've always loved Miley! I'm 46 and have been a huge fan of hers since the climb. Whoever said this chick can't sing is completely stupid. I'm here for all she does!

  • Catina Dyal
    Catina Dyal

    I absolutely love this song. It's been a rough week and this really gets me through. Phenomenal singers.

  • 1132jack

    Their voices rose to a crescendo at 3 minutes and 26 seconds, it sealed the outstanding performance by both Shawn Mendes and Miley Cyrus. A song I never heard before just became my new obsession.

  • JustNaomi

    The ending of this performance nearly put me in a coma. They sound soo Amazing!!

  • Reacon

    Hope everyone having a great day, apart from the mf that didn’t make this video available in the UK Fuck your Valentine’s Day

  • m. k.
    m. k.

    Love it! They both sound amazing

  • Renee Miller
    Renee Miller

    This is amazing I can't stop watching it.

  • mae omalley
    mae omalley

    i’ve never heard something so beautiful wow

  • Giselle Flores
    Giselle Flores

    Amazing performance

  • Betsabé Uria
    Betsabé Uria

    That intro sounds a lot like the While I’m Waiting intro by John Waller

    • Betsabé Uria
      Betsabé Uria

      Good song though and wonderful voices

  • Mylisa Clay
    Mylisa Clay

    Truly electrifying 😍 love everything about it and I'm so so SO proud of Miley😍😭😭😭 Shes matured, her voice is stronger than ever before and she's GLOWING YESSSSSSSS GIRL

  • MyLatestFix

    Miley really does have a unique voice.

  • Marc Jethro Lucero
    Marc Jethro Lucero

    I want that piano😍😍

  • Felípe Dominguez
    Felípe Dominguez

    A deep in the soul song performed with Miss Cyrus

  • Lidia Luli
    Lidia Luli

    Why isn’t this video available in every country?

  • Rico

    If you catch this comment listen to Xavier White - It's Only You 💜💜💜

  • sam real
    sam real

    2 of my favorite artists singing together 😍😍😍😍

  • Massi Jovial
    Massi Jovial

    Wow wow wow.....❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dhari Almanai
    Dhari Almanai

    Am i the only one waiting for a studio version?

  • Gabrielle Dyniewski
    Gabrielle Dyniewski

    This is an AMAZING song!!!!! Go Shawn Mendes and Miley Cyrus!!!!

  • Vanessa Pizarro
    Vanessa Pizarro

    I literally got chills listening to this.

  • RhiannonGetsFit

    Yooo like that made me tear up. Sooo beautiful. I felt that perfomance in MY soul!!

  • Kate Varley
    Kate Varley


  • Sophia Campana
    Sophia Campana

    Shawn you know we're all now expecting a studio remix of In My Blood with Miley Cyrus

  • Tara The Tard
    Tara The Tard

    Miley just doesn't get the credit she should for her voice!!!

  • Maddy DeVeuve
    Maddy DeVeuve

    The collab I didn't know I needed 😍😍😍

  • Sarah Q
    Sarah Q

    That last bit was amazing!

  • Danny Colon
    Danny Colon

    This needs to be a damn record! Miley and Shawn need to freaking record this in the studio now!!

  • Bob T
    Bob T

    they don't sound good together :(


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  • Sofia Herrera
    Sofia Herrera

    Dose anyone remember when she was in Hanna Montana uhhhhhh memories

    • Lay-Lay A
      Lay-Lay A


  • Trent Spruell
    Trent Spruell

    I was reminded by her singing “The Climb” when she sings this song.

  • Terry Mintle
    Terry Mintle

    Wow, what an awesome performance, they need to do some more collabs!!

  • Kara Black
    Kara Black

    wow this is something i never thought i needed lol

  • StairwayToEvan92

    So, they both just try to shout over eachother while having very little talent whatsoever.

  • MoreDanFilms

    Amazing collab!!!