seeya next year

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    Jackson Skylander Boy

    Fearless plz look at this my fortnite name is jacksonskylander and plzzzz add me that would make my day and people in the comments plz like so fearless can see

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    rodo35 hustle

    5:60 Ight I’m boutta head out

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    Games with Flash Minecraft

    I sent you a friend request

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    Wicked _551

    2:24 u haft friends for 3 days before u can gift

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    Jennifer De la cueva

    U need to post more 😭

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    ayse istahli

    5:34-5:35 HE SAID OH MY NOOOOOO :D +1

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    Jayreece Monero

    Love your videos

  • Jayreece Monero
    Jayreece Monero

    Please fe4RR

  • Wolfie and Bella
    Wolfie and Bella

    Fearless had to spend all of his time using google translate for his subtitles

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    somelonleyguy withanoldfriendwhogotJUICED

    9:56 speed 1.5

  • Died for Your sins
    Died for Your sins

    0:15 Faze leak (Faze Fe4rless

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    Mystxc7 7

    Love every single edit and second of this video fearless!!!

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    Jcobslayer King of kings


  • Jcobslayer King of kings
    Jcobslayer King of kings

    Hahahaha rlly 8:49

  • Jcobslayer King of kings
    Jcobslayer King of kings

    All fearless rage 8:07 and 8:24 and 7:57

  • Jcobslayer King of kings
    Jcobslayer King of kings

    7:57 sounded like shrek

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    Curtshon Sims

    Ninja lol

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    tfog_jon 21

    Who knows the song 2:52

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    Ninja is trash😏

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    TWITCH Mad-fActz

    WAIT HOW is 1:49 only 100 when you headshotted him

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    Your vids make me hor**

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    Can't wait till season 10 off

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    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fortnite Harim

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    6:55 aimbot exe

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    "HaVe yOu FalLen FroM thE SkY?"

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    Me: someday i Will have my first win in fortnite Lucky kids: o hiiiiiiii fearlicia can you make my first win and they have the win Me: someday....

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    Carl Foster

    I turned it up when it said lower it lol

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    Who watching this after the last upload. Because they kept watching the new one. 😂

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      Heather Quirk

      Rakadoo 🖐️

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    Anthony Reyes 64

    I find it sad that I can scroll to his first video in less than 5 seconds

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    Fifa Daily

    James Charles is your boyfriend like to undo


    What's that mean that's plays at 3:35

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    Subtitulos spanish please

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    Jayren Figueroa

    Fe4rlesss can u make a locker video and wins?????????????????????? please

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    Unstoppable Creation

    Gotta love that Josh a

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    Chowy Boys

    8:19 is it me or I thought he was gonna say something else

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    IPyrzz ozy

    Is it just me or at 1:50 did he get a body shot???

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    Arsh Kadri

    This is how much you love fe4rrless

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    Mirjam Likar

    how old are you

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    Ogs remember Can YoU ReVivE Me NoW

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    We need fearless Merch

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    Fearless help me get my first win

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    HSO Hands4Dayz

    I died at 2:07

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    Big Fat Panda Plays

    *Fear laughs like a donkey on crack*

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    Jessica Paez

    3:40 no idia what he said

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    Clawvier N stuff

    I feel like everyone should stop saying “This is how many people who want Fe4rless to upload more 👇” beacause it’s probably making him stressed and also do you know how hard it is to edit? At least a couple of hours and he also wins a game at least once a video so just be like the rest of us and watch the old videos

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    PullaRotta _

    3:00 i saw this In tiktok

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    Whave ツ

    2:47 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Yeshua Macciocu

    Oops I meet to watch more. Upload more

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    Yeshua Macciocu

    You are the best at snipes. I need to watch more upload more

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    Yeshua Macciocu

    Upload more

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    J Reid

    Name of song at 8.30 please

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    Anga Bokulić

    Ninja what are you doing bro you are boot😂😂😁

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    I subscribed and liked every vid Make this blue if same with you 👇🏻

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    Dark Gaming

    2:45 ahahahahahahahaha 😂

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    Famezz smoke

    What sound effekt do he use on 3:13 ??

    • J Reid
      J Reid

      It's the Choral Chorus. Season 8. What's the song at 8.30?

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    Chris Romo

    6:44 THAT WAS MEE

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    360NoHopeFor U

    Fearless low key be like ceeday upload once a month not to hate tho

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  • josh broll
    josh broll


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    You said dinked and now I'm about unsub cuz I hav been saying that blakops

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    Legend of Gaming

    I want face reveal!

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    Legend of Gaming

    I love u fe4Rrless

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