Seafood Boil, Will I Ever Do Collabs with Up and Coming YouTubers Again?
Hey Y'all, in today's video. I got the seafood boil on deck with my smackalicious sauce! Join me as I share my future plans to continue or stop collabs with smaller YT channels. Check out My Full Figured Life at
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Artwork by Paris L. Wilson

  • Maria Rosa
    Maria Rosa

    Com a boca cheia nao se fala

  • Irene Houle
    Irene Houle

    Your very sweet and kind which is amazing. Bless you and your family

  • SoloLilly

    Love the natural look w/o lashes!!🌷

  • 27Dupree27


  • Jeannie Kessler
    Jeannie Kessler

    Can I have some crab too? 😬

  • Angela Sosa
    Angela Sosa

    Did you ever chew with your mouth close though.

  • Karen - Her name is poetry
    Karen - Her name is poetry

    Love you Blove! Love your energry, your positivity and the fact you love God and are humble. What you experienced was unfortunate, and I'm sorry it had to change the way you interact with folks. Maybe she wanted you to stop helping others but God has the last word "Go forth and conquer"

  • ป้าใจ ไทยแลนด์
    ป้าใจ ไทยแลนด์

    Hello My Friend UA-my I liked videos You💟💟💟👌👌👌💋💋💋

  • March Girl
    March Girl

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER apologize for your blessings..God chooses to bless those whom he wants blessed...walk in your favor...

  • christina ortega
    christina ortega

    I cannot wait to try the sauce wit how it suppose to taste

  • Mixed_. Barbie
    Mixed_. Barbie

    Do an all bell pepper boil

  • and i oop
    and i oop

    I think you should, you shouldn't let what eat with que did ruin others chancing o r doing a video with you.

  • Rhonda Garcia
    Rhonda Garcia

    I requested you on ig. Hopefully you can approve my request @frazierandbbygirl

  • Rhonda Garcia
    Rhonda Garcia

    Love you!!!

  • Tammy Robbins
    Tammy Robbins

    I have never eaten so may seafood boils until I started watch you. I even went so far as to make your sauce, I can hardly wait until yours come out so I can try it.

  • Destiny Barnett
    Destiny Barnett

    W.e you do do not collab with woah Vicky no more she didn’t even know what to do with the goddamn crab legs 😭

  • Taylor Transformations
    Taylor Transformations

    The real ones love you NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR PUTTING GOD INN ANYTHING YOU DO. who ever can't or don't honor him in all they do that's they're journey... God bless you all 💋🏁

  • PanaRican Princess
    PanaRican Princess

    Something about eating when a mukbanger is eating that is soooooo satisfying! 🤤 I’m eating rosas cafe rn

  • So Mystified
    So Mystified

    Bloves, this is a very good idea. We have to be very cautious with the people who we chose to let into our homes. Any heavy or dark energies possess, they bring into your home and can greatly affect your home atmosphere. I love you and I wish you continued success!!

  • evelyn recinos
    evelyn recinos

    Does anyone know when her sauce is coming out. Also can we preorder them?

  • Moyuri chy
    Moyuri chy

    do seafood stuff nachos

  • iiAM DASHURiiA
    iiAM DASHURiiA

    I wanna be 100% honest. The only reason I ever unsubscribed to you was because of the smacking and whatnot. But I eventually came back and resubscribed around the time all of this drama came out. I think you are genuinely a great person. There's a lot about your personality that I like. You won me over because of how helpful you are and you're so willing to help others around you. I know you don't need me to tell you this but stay true to yourself and good luck to you and your families future.

  • Blanca Diaz
    Blanca Diaz


  • Nyala Dilworth
    Nyala Dilworth

    Girl i wish I had some seafood right now🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    • Lizzie Hernández
      Lizzie Hernández

      My mouth is literally watering!

  • Flawless Victory
    Flawless Victory

    Can you please do a collab with gotdamnzo!? Please❤😂

  • Darryll Henry
    Darryll Henry

    I wish i can come over that look so good

  • Derrick Kirk
    Derrick Kirk

    How in the world do you say grace isn’t gluttony against the 10 Commandments

  • Being Quilla
    Being Quilla


  • Cureia Southall
    Cureia Southall

    I love you blove


    You look so pretty w|Yo hair . like that I copied the recipes from your video & put every drop of ingredients that you said .. The taste was great idk if mines tastes like yours but it was great with my seafood

    • candycoral Espinoza
      candycoral Espinoza

      K&C WORLD was it to spicy?

  • MsJofoso

    You are so right! Put God first in your life always and His Blessings will flow...

  • Deborah Saddler
    Deborah Saddler

    Another Super video Bethany. Love the wisdom & advice. God bless you.

  • gab y
    gab y

    okay I need to know how y’all not get food inside your acrylics!!!!! pls help a sista out

  • kpop Stan??
    kpop Stan??

    🤔 Can Jesus bless food that was/is considered to be unclean ? Never mind I’m just 💭 🙈

  • Steven Riedel
    Steven Riedel

    Do a collab with TAE and LOU

  • Intentional Vlogging with BlessedDeshawna
    Intentional Vlogging with BlessedDeshawna

    8:40 in & I gotta go because I want some food that you're eating but that's NOT possible... So, peace✌ til next time!!

  • Larissa Wiederhoeft
    Larissa Wiederhoeft

    Is the texture of crab like the texture of chicken?

  • Ariyel Mariee
    Ariyel Mariee

    She make pepper. Look so good 😊 and she go be farting off them eggs

  • Jemma York
    Jemma York

    As you said crash my UA-my app crashed and wouldn't restart 🤯🤯🤯

  • Chalet Thomas
    Chalet Thomas

    @BLoveLIFE I Agree I don’t tell everything either. I’m allergic to seafood 🦞 , my mouth water and I be ready to eat and I love watching your videos. Bless You 🙏

  • wolfgirl07

    You should do a collab with tea and Lou!

  • Abigail Te Rore
    Abigail Te Rore


  • Kaay Nunnery
    Kaay Nunnery

    Everything you said , you made a song about it 😂😂 .

  • Latifah Jenkins
    Latifah Jenkins

    If you looking at the hunger for this and who really out there grinding I really think you should look into tae & lou and do a collaboration with them.

  • Tiki Gilliam
    Tiki Gilliam

    I’m so glad that I found your channel. Your videos are so good.

  • Stephanie Hollis
    Stephanie Hollis

    Much love

  • Stephanie Hollis
    Stephanie Hollis

    Hey whats up

  • Breee that’s me Bombb
    Breee that’s me Bombb

    If u don’t come bring me some 😂


    I’m so happy to hear that I post my first 2 videos and I hope that one day we can collaborate

  • Laronda Norwood
    Laronda Norwood

    That food looks so good Queen

  • Laronda Norwood
    Laronda Norwood

    We love you so much.❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

    • Mary's yummy asmr channel adjei
      Mary's yummy asmr channel adjei

      Oh yess

  • Colleen Rothfuss
    Colleen Rothfuss

    Getting a studio to make your eating like a pig "professional"....uhh, sure Jan

    • Reena K.
      Reena K.

      Colleen Rothfuss yikes

    • Colleen Rothfuss
      Colleen Rothfuss

      @Reena K. I love a good train wreck! What on earth makes you think I am a fan??? I can set aside a little time to hate, sure.

    • Reena K.
      Reena K.

      Colleen Rothfuss lol but you’re watching it like a fan, plus taking the time to hate.......uhh, sure CoLlEeN

  • Fya Link
    Fya Link

    Dude she has a green screen and whenever she drinks the mister you can tell

  • Zoe Davis
    Zoe Davis

    someone explain to me on what exactly happened 😂

  • Unika Beauty
    Unika Beauty

    Aunti B you’re glowing today idk if it’s just me

  • Unika Beauty
    Unika Beauty

    Collab with GotdamnZo !!!

  • Anthony Daversa
    Anthony Daversa

    I don't know if it's me but I feel she isn't sexual when she does her sea food boil but other UA-myrs are sexual

    • Anthony Daversa
      Anthony Daversa

      Thank you for liking

  • Nise juicedEats
    Nise juicedEats

    Please have a look at my mukbang. Let me know what you think I'm new to this and want to be successful I look up to you sooooo much it will mean a ton to me to know what you think and what I should do I'm coming out of my shell and trying new things it's a little scary lol but you give me hope !!!! God bless beloved from one of your day ones😍😍💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • Christina Faye
    Christina Faye

    ATTENTION SUPPORTERS: UA-my is tripping I know I wrote a million comments already and I apologize for that but for you supporters make sure that you are actually subscribed to her channel because I have been for a few weeks now and I'm watching her video and I happen to notice that I was unsubscribed. I did not unsubscribe to this channel!!! I've had that happen to me before on other UA-myrs channels too where I know for a fact I'm subscribed to them but then I go on there to watch one of their videos and it has unsubscribe me. So I'm just telling y'all that periodically y'all might want to make sure when you're watching someone's video that you're actually still subscribed to their channel because UA-my does be trippin sometimes. Just like with notifications. Sometimes I don't even get notifications even if I have them on.

  • Christina Faye
    Christina Faye

    Wow that blew my mind. I wrote that message below and when I go to push play on the video because I paused it when I wrote it. You basically said the same thing I said when I mentioned that you reach so many people and touch though your videos. Then you turn around and say the same thing basically when I push play lol. That was wild. You would have to be here to believe it lol.

  • Christina Faye
    Christina Faye

    I want to start a UA-my so badly but my mouth holds me back so much. This is something I would be great at but my teeth are messed up from my kids sucking the calcium out of me so they have been breaking off and all that. Then after that I battled with being bulimic and unfortunately I had a addiction. I was trying to numb the pain I've been through and instead it destroyed my life. Well in 2014 I finally won the battle with addiction and bulimia!!! I got clean and have remained clean since. I have been seeing a counselor since 2014. I went work for a construction site who sent me to college to get my certifications to become a lab technician which I did accomplish. Then my past came back to haunt me and that affected the job I had which broke my heart because I worked so hard to get to that level. I changed my whole life and it did not matter. After that job I lost a big piece of me because it broke my heart. It almost felt like I had changed everything for no reason. It seemed like the more I try the harder I would fall down. However even though sometimes I feel that way I have still remained clean and that's a big step for me because in the past the first thing I would have done is run to a pain pill. Anyways the only reason why I'm saying all this because I see you in your videos and you inspire me so much!!! I just found you not long ago and I really love you and your family. As a matter of fact I became a subscriber when all that stuff happened with that other UA-myr. Of course before you there were also other people that inspired me. It just sucks because I feel like I can't do something that I would really be great at and that maybe my past couldn't come back to haunt me in. I do believe when you have a past that being an entrepreneur is the best route to take or even if you don't have a past it is The best route. The fact that the only thing that holds me back is my mouth is heartbreaking because I already know the internet is brutal and I have tough skin but the one thing I'm very insecure about is my mouth. I believe your mouth is the first thing people see when they speak to you and that's what holds me back but I know one day God is going to bless me and I'm going to be able to get my teeth fixed. So until then I'm going to watch your videos and take notes because honestly you're very smart how you do your business just from what I can see. I'm glad that you didn't let a bad experience with another UA-myr stop you from doing collab with others. I've always said that no matter how bad people do me I could never do stuff like that back to people because I would never want to lower myself to that level to hurt someone else even if they did hurt me first. Got handles all!!! Just know that you're a big inspiration to a lot of us. I mean I'm on your Facebook fan page because somebody made one up on Facebook. Those are all the women that you have inspired and then there's so many other women on UA-my you inspire and men as well. Keep doing what you're doing. Big things are going to happen for y'all even more than they already have and I can't wait to see it happen!!! I do see that your family is Christian based so I did want to ask if y'all can pray for me and for my situation because I heard when three or more people come to God with a prayer that it makes it more powerful and thank you ahead of time. Thank you for bringing joy to my life because when I'm having a bad day as well as depressed I turn on one of your videos and puts a smile on my face. It's almost like an escape from my life. I know it sounds so silly because it's just a mukbang video but you do touch so many people and I don't even think you really understand how much!!! Thank you for all your hard work on your videos and the content that you bring us because I know it has to be a lot of hard work and it can add up money-wise as well.

  • Rayanna Meza
    Rayanna Meza

    Hi you inspire me to eat sea food. Can you please start making more sea food boiles

  • Christina Faye
    Christina Faye

    I agree with everyone else please collab with gotdamnzo because that would be a epic collab!!!

  • Christina Faye
    Christina Faye

    You are right it was suppose to happen cause even tho it was a sucky situation I think y'all got a lot of blessings from that situation. Like you said God takes care of all.💖💖💖

  • It’s Steph
    It’s Steph

    i can not wait till your sauce is out! 🥵

  • Anahi Rodriguez
    Anahi Rodriguez

    was there tea spilled well I was gone??

  • Mia Guzmán mendoza
    Mia Guzmán mendoza

    Can u not Sing shut up

  • Lesieann Brown
    Lesieann Brown

    This video is nice 😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😏😏😏

  • Martha Skidmore
    Martha Skidmore

    Hey Mrs B yaaaaaaaa I love what I’m seeing right now. Your presentation looks sooo good. It’s nice that your purchasing a home & getting you studio apartments that is awesome. That’s sum big ole King crab legs. Mrs B I’ve been following you 4 a long time & 1 thing I know is that your a humble person. Mrs B you speak so well about all of the people you had the collaborations with. I knew you wouldn’t let that lil snear keep you from doing what you do & you do it with lots of love. God Bless our family always & I love you all soooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Miriam Martinez
    Miriam Martinez

    Keep it going.... We are not going anywhere.. Love you and your family..