Rob Gronkowski Retires
New England Patriots Tight End, Rob Gronkowski, has announced his retirement from the NFL.
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  • Peely_ Productions
    Peely_ Productions

    I’m a hater of the pats but I gotta admit gronkowski was a talented guy. He was humorous,Athletic,Nice, and etc. The injury’s has him. The money had him. The enjoyment had him. His time was a pleasure but the happiness was lost and etc. 👊🏽👋🏽

  • LeoPipiolz ツ
    LeoPipiolz ツ

    C’mon Marty Bennett we need you to come with Michael, we just lost the GOAT Tight End :(

  • gabbiexxy

    The Brady, gronk combo is now gone

  • oVo Jose
    oVo Jose


  • Alon Alkalai
    Alon Alkalai

    He retired with 0.69 touchdowns per game. Genius

  • Piper's Schleich's and More
    Piper's Schleich's and More

    i sar grong today at the ymca

  • Superkick party
    Superkick party

    Go to wwe

  • Jasper Weittenhiller
    Jasper Weittenhiller

    LLLLLLLLEEEEEETTTTTT'SSSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOO BOI! Pats are still good just not as good now Lol.

  • ѕяιиєχ ᴘʀᴏ
    ѕяιиєχ ᴘʀᴏ

    whos here from WWE

  • Deaths Little Sister's Playlist's
    Deaths Little Sister's Playlist's

    I'll miss the gronk bomb.

  • Tracy Snow
    Tracy Snow

    Omg! I have been so busy. I just started to catch up on football news. I can't believe it! I am NOT a Patriots fan necessarily but I think Rob Gronkowski is one of a kind. An amazing player. I am a bit in shock. He is one of the greatest to play the game. I will miss watching you Gronk. Thanks for the memories. Blessings to you in your retirement.

  • Rosalia Cheater
    Rosalia Cheater

    We are going to miss you gronk .you've done so much for the pats thank you😢👍

  • DimeZ

    Next up: Brady

    • Astrodempsey 04
      Astrodempsey 04

      MML in 29 years

  • Raider81 Black Hole
    Raider81 Black Hole

    This back and forth retires then doesnt retires...I see Brett Favre version2 brewing.

  • Laura Conley
    Laura Conley

    No Rob can't leave

  • Genesis

    I may hate the Patriots, but I never hated him lol. He’s a likeable person. Wish him all the best in his future endeavors 👍🏼.

  • Edward Gaines
    Edward Gaines

    Well you gotta learn when to hang it up...before some freak accident decides for you. It's too bad he'll never play against Baker Mayfield.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    He’s only 29? Why retire so early?

  • Ian Malcolm
    Ian Malcolm


  • Exposem

    Zach Ertz is better

  • Cameron Bean
    Cameron Bean

    One of the greatest Tightends of all time. Good luck man

  • FallSaturn796

    "The life of the party is no more"

  • don maclean
    don maclean

    I love Gronk for his skills and his quirkyness ,and his fun loving nature. I hope to see him with the Pats in some capacity.

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith

    He is amazing. Happy trails Gronk! Thank you for inspiring all of your fans to be anything. Best of luck in the future

  • Edward Gaines
    Edward Gaines

    And with this void in dominance, the. *CLEVELAND BROWNS* will flourish. When LeBron left Cleveland, the Eastern conference left with him. The Finals won't be the same either.

  • LID !
    LID !

    Now get to out the nfl

  • Mas Musica Channel
    Mas Musica Channel

    he's going to The WWE

  • Donovan Thavone
    Donovan Thavone

    I’m mad now,Rob gronkowski!!!!!!

  • Donovan Thavone
    Donovan Thavone

    I’m mad now. Rob gronk

  • Supra Life
    Supra Life

    I wish this was uploaded on April 1st.

  • kevin cabral
    kevin cabral

    Most ppl are just happy about it cuz they hate the Pats. There will be many that are honest and actually wish Gronk a happy retirement but others are just happy to see 1 of our best(offense) players gone.

  • Motorsport Madness
    Motorsport Madness

    I'm disliking because I didn't want this to happen and it's such a sad occasion in sport

  • CallMe ChrisZ
    CallMe ChrisZ

    Retiring Already? TF

  • MefDinero

    Gronk we will miss seeing you on the gridiron! 🏈 #PATSNATION #GRONK #YOSOYFIESTA

  • Falco- XII
    Falco- XII

    He’s out of retirement he is on a 13.5 million dollar Season with the cowboys

  • Abel Gaming 308 Channel
    Abel Gaming 308 Channel

    I’m a raider fan but this is sad he is a grate player

  • GiftBox Games
    GiftBox Games

    And somehow the pats will find a way to go 12-4

  • valkor73

    he will not retire tom therefs friend brady will be playing till 50

  • jesse salgado
    jesse salgado

    5:01 she says his body was breaking down on him He's 29 I love football but dam it takes a toll on the body

  • DatWay

    This is fake it’s April first tomorrow and he’s going to say it’s a prank

  • Mercurial Empire
    Mercurial Empire

    My favorite player ever. 🐐

  • Kid Cool
    Kid Cool

    We will miss rob always!

  • Kid Cool
    Kid Cool

    We will miss you!

  • Kaydee and Jake tunes
    Kaydee and Jake tunes

    I don’t like the pats but they aren’t a bad team but he had a great time in the NFL and I just want to say yostoysisesta rip😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • jimmie williams
    jimmie williams

    Hate to see him go, but at least it was on his own terms(healthwise). He will be missed for sure.

  • Lisa Shaffer
    Lisa Shaffer

    Hahahahaha he sucks I like the browns more and I’m a Seahawks fan

    • Spiff Kid
      Spiff Kid

      Lisa Shaffer you’re literally a Seahawks fan. So stop talking.

  • 1craley878

    Gronk was fun to watch but he's being called the best te is a overstated lie. I've seen the NFL network put up statements saying he's ranked #1 TE but he's not. He ended with 7,900 yrds. Tony Gonzalez had 15,000+. There's 4 Te with better stats than him. Including gates, Sharpe and Newsome. And part of Gronk's stats belong to the arm club he's been wearing too.

    • 1craley878

      And Jason witten had better stats too.

  • hitman heartkid
    hitman heartkid

    Who is happy???

  • bj mo
    bj mo

    This man was amazing they should retire his jersey

  • NFL Talk
    NFL Talk


  • Dev King
    Dev King

    Maybe the patriots wont be in the super bowl next year

  • Take Your L
    Take Your L

    Brady, now it’s your turn

  • Braden Rundle
    Braden Rundle

    0:38 "The people I have meet"!


    Smart move. Now he at least can leave being able to walk and leave this violent sport. Hopefully he leaves in time where he does not have any permanent damage to his brain and skeleton system from all the hits he took.

  • BulletHavoc

    No one will ever beat his record I am his biggest fan any time he would score I would do his awesome spikes

  • Ham the great
    Ham the great

    I thought the NFL barley noticed he retired then u noticed my notifications aren't on


    He is ready for WWE

  • tsk weml
    tsk weml

    , he's coming back. just wait until July and august comes around . he'll be back.

  • Heir Fang
    Heir Fang

    Shows him highlights of him walking on the for a minute straight. Is rob spose to be a model?

  • Colin Oc12
    Colin Oc12

    In 2017 he was really good

  • ps4boychill

    He's only 29

  • boastfuls

    Get your big ass off the field! Thank god! -

  • Utsuk Adhikari
    Utsuk Adhikari

    I’m very happy. I hate the Patriots

  • SpeedWave21

    What a career for this tight end

  • Box Ni**a
    Box Ni**a

    Maybe the Eagles can win a Super Bowl now

  • mbrooky


  • Nemo's Tepid Sweep
    Nemo's Tepid Sweep

    Hopefully gets hit by a semi.

  • snake man
    snake man

    Good for him I really enjoy watching him play for the years he was a new England patriots I will miss you go ahead a enjoy live!

  • ManDogVlog

    I heard M&M's hired him to be a promoter but he just couldn't understand why he kept getting W's in his bags so they had to let him go.

  • Calos Jacobo
    Calos Jacobo

    Well the New England patriots have to let go of the best good luck gronk