Rick and Morty: Pixelated | Rick and Morty | adult swim
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Rick and Morty: Pixelated | Rick and Morty | adult swim

  • Kakashi

    How does he stick his hand through the jar

  • Víctor Sánchez
    Víctor Sánchez

    Pero qué carajos acabo de ver... Fue épico

  • Cristian Bernal
    Cristian Bernal

    Como se llama el instrumento del minuto 00:32 ?

    • IIBio-HaZaRDII

      Creo que es un santur

  • gille new
    gille new


  • GP Hyena
    GP Hyena

    Who animated this lumpy touch?

  • aeonjoey

    oh my god i would buy the fuck out of this were it a game

  • Shaffaf Khan
    Shaffaf Khan

    soo that's how it feels tripping balls on lsd..!!

  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown

    That was some of the wildest shit I’ve ever seen

  • d a r e d e v i l
    d a r e d e v i l

    My Rick and Morty video edit -> ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-uv6jfoy3B2w.html

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon

    I wish we had a real rick and morty game.

  • 章小刺

    I love the music.

  • Chuck Greene
    Chuck Greene

    When’s Venture Bros season 8?

  • zesty 101
    zesty 101

    this is real but in a different dimension

  • theGenericEric

    Is this going to be Season 4? If it is I’m perfectly fine with it. The pixelated style... Brings back my Gameboy Color days.

  • Trailer Crunch
    Trailer Crunch

    Only Rick can understand this.

  • Mafia rulesz
    Mafia rulesz

    It should be rixelated , lol like if u agree or I will take away ur privilege to watch rick and morty ever again

  • Werlay Brinvert
    Werlay Brinvert

    This is not a game?

  • David White
    David White

    Wut if someone had epilepsy... it wouldn't work Rick and morty to good

  • ian juarez
    ian juarez

    That sure took a lot of time

  • جارمين كيل
    جارمين كيل

    Seizure Inducing Action!

  • Дима Долготер
    Дима Долготер

    Респект тем, кто хакнул www.liqpay.com/

    • Kamila Kasianova
      Kamila Kasianova

      лол, теперь не могу джуль купить, ребята, респект! Рик и Морти - респект.

  • Shamil06 07
    Shamil06 07


  • Lucios1995

    1:06 sounds like a Brute from Dead Space about to use its ranged attack

  • Nathanael Ligon
    Nathanael Ligon

    Hello, 1995. I've missed you.

  • slebbeog

    Sooooo late. XD


    Sera q é mais dificil fazer animação em pixel doque em animação normal ?

  • Toxu Video Audio
    Toxu Video Audio

    i really miss this sprit and sprites retro games

  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
    Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Very good

  • Veneno78

    1:35 is that a super metroid reference?

  • UDtheAesir

    Rick and Morty for life!

  • mnemosine itahncristos
    mnemosine itahncristos

    I wish they make a game with this kind of graphics and thematics.

  • Romanos Tamamyan
    Romanos Tamamyan


  • Gacha Noob
    Gacha Noob

    Me after watching Rick and morty the whole show on NETFLIX for the 9388319839173th time of something: I c a n ' t w a i t f o r s e a s o n f o u r

  • DarkDrop

    I didn't need to take drugs before I saw this video

  • Rizal Naim
    Rizal Naim

    Is there a way for me to turn a frame from this video into a wallpaper ? I feel like it would make a pretty wallpaper for my phone.

  • Koji Machado
    Koji Machado

    Is it just me or was this reminiscent of the Scott Pilgrim video game

    • Lloyd Martin
      Lloyd Martin

      That's what I thought too I just couldn't exactly place it

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    4th season

  • Pulse

    that was dope

  • Hugo Solis
    Hugo Solis

    Wow. That was really neat.

  • michael mercer
    michael mercer

    Wow, there was just a whole bunch of stuff for the typical Rick and Morty fans to pull apart and analyse, while claiming their IQs are higher than other R&M fans. Enjoy meat sacks.

  • ziros22

    I want a playable version of that game! TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Vianix

    This is really awesome but one thing don't take drugs guys

  • Grandpa

    Adult Swim, please tell me this will be a game...

  • Cmdr. Floyd Anders
    Cmdr. Floyd Anders

    1:15 would be an awesome co-op game, I'd pay money for that!

  • ThePanaBoy

    All of us wants roy!

  • Claudia Marie
    Claudia Marie


  • Minions Banana
    Minions Banana

    Music is so damn hypnotysing 😲😲

  • Yasir DS
    Yasir DS

    Watch this after eating magic truffels +1

  • Novis

    1.37 naruto?

  • c ankhovich
    c ankhovich

    not satanic

  • Trigger Namus
    Trigger Namus

    That last one the pixelated side-scrolling shooter can he make that any like seriously make that this she looks awesome

  • Sdogga Man
    Sdogga Man

    Damn, the new Terraria boss update is looking sick!

  • Necron99

    damn....is it just me, or does anyone feel like playing the old game : Xenophobe ?! i’m booting up my Rasberry Pi now, and playing xenophobe ad we speak. luv this shite, thx Adult Swim, i just Subbed too!! :-)

  • djbp benitez poloni
    djbp benitez poloni


  • David Sánchez
    David Sánchez

    Muy bueno sigan así!!!! 👍

  • meghan hughes
    meghan hughes

    hey this guy did a Simpsons couch gag

  • englephat

    My wife said I can't watch this anymore

  • Outta Kranny
    Outta Kranny

    I am waiting

  • El Ganso
    El Ganso

    The best four you I love you as

  • Cod Legend122
    Cod Legend122

    I hope u will actually make a 2-bit game that shit be epic as hell

  • wave

    Yeah, I like donats

  • FrozenVodka

    I need this game

  • FXE

    When the f*** will "Morty Slug Rix" be released on all platforms?

  • Road Runner1988
    Road Runner1988

    Keep making this art

  • gecomert

    Metal slug vibes 🤘🏼

  • Yung Yosef
    Yung Yosef

    It's unfortunate that the first 30 seconds of this video is all just an implemented memory.

  • Furry Trash
    Furry Trash

    0:08 as a gorillaz fan, thid is the ideal 2.5 seconds for me

    • Furry Trash
      Furry Trash

      Jennifer Mejia Carabay it just looks like 2-d for a split second

    • Jennifer Mejia Carabay
      Jennifer Mejia Carabay

      Furry Trash how this relates to Gorrilaz?

  • Nico91

    This has a "Kings of Power 4 Billion % " vibe... then I realized it was created by Paul Robertson. Awesome!

  • Harleen Quinzel
    Harleen Quinzel

    Adult Swim I Harley Quinn is #♦♦♦ waiting for the new episodes when are they going to be out. I know November but im trya get yall to hurry up puddins 😢

  • David Mwangi
    David Mwangi

    If I was on acid and shrooms would this seem normal?🤔

  • שגהש

    This is undoubtedly one of the best trippy/psychedelic videos I've EVER SEEN in my life

  • Daniel Sherlock
    Daniel Sherlock

    Did you know this was made by Adult Swim?

  • sobreaver

    god the trips on this show are mazzzzingg !

  • Cyruslight YJ
    Cyruslight YJ

    If this is a game: Me: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  • Kat

    This is what you'll see if your tripping out on ecstasy XD

  • dereiskalte willi
    dereiskalte willi

    LSD Trip 🤣🤣

  • ShugaWataPurple

    I need a nap after watching that

  • Flynn Mazza 2nd
    Flynn Mazza 2nd

    The new switch game Rixelmon

  • Pavel Ševčík
    Pavel Ševčík

    Dafuq did I just watch

  • Nesee Tea
    Nesee Tea

    Make this into a game pleaseeeeeee shooter game / Pokémon type game / we can free roam the Rick and morty house / garage etc

  • Robert Farr
    Robert Farr

    Seriously trippy sh!t

  • user-33452

    That animations ned a game

  • Jecob Shaikh
    Jecob Shaikh

    This is truly beyond time.

  • Raymond Clifford
    Raymond Clifford

    Where is the BEEF(Season 4)?

  • Coke Leane
    Coke Leane

    Watching this on lsd wasnt a good idea


    I need the drugs they take when making this

  • BerryNinja


  • Jai Cilento NeedsMoreCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋
    Jai Cilento NeedsMoreCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋


  • Adawg 303
    Adawg 303

    Umm someone ate acid here

  • herbalagenda

    I'm psychedelic Rick bitch!

  • Justin Su
    Justin Su

    Epilepsy warning no?

  • Lil puddin9312
    Lil puddin9312

    Does this mean new season?

  • Dominko

    I love this fam

  • Игорь Васильев
    Игорь Васильев

    Kill me if this video has no encrypted messages

  • Wendy Desparois
    Wendy Desparois

    THat. Was fucked up. I like it.

  • TheSpoi

    I’m sorry but after what happened with anonymoose I don’t think I’ll ever see adult swim the same again

  • Rendertk1

    Binary says KILLME$$

  • Jonathan Cancel
    Jonathan Cancel

    I'm I tripping on acid or shrooms or something? Why did I get this a noti on this?

  • Jo Da
    Jo Da

    loving the metal slug portion guys, cant wait for season 4

  • Jonjo Maudsley
    Jonjo Maudsley

    Are these the guys that did the Goldfish video?