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Rewatch the UEFA Champions League quarter-final, semi-final and final draws!
Rewatch the full UEFA Champions League quarter-final, semi-final and final draws. Which tie are you most looking forward to? #UCL

  • Ислам Маев
    Ислам Маев

    Раньше на жребиях клубы представляли легенды футбола , а сейчас какие-то бабы сидят, мелочь, а не приятно!

  • Azee Khan
    Azee Khan

    music name

  • Heto Ach
    Heto Ach

    The final match will be played between FC Barcelona and Manchester City. I'm sure about that!

  • Sardor Abdukarimov
    Sardor Abdukarimov

    Final Vanda metropolitano.Stedium. Liverpool --Juventus Salah=======Ronaldu

  • X-Ğøľđš Prastav
    X-Ğøľđš Prastav


  • Alfredo Romero
    Alfredo Romero

    Why they did do the quarter final and semi final drawing at the same time. They always done a separate semi final drawing

    • bram!

      No they don't.. Semifinals have always been drawn together with quarter finals

  • Michael Weldab
    Michael Weldab

    Liverpool will win!!!¡!!!

  • sm misbah
    sm misbah

    I think Liverpool vs Juventus are final

    • Siri Tn
      Siri Tn

      +Moaz Ali ManU will win Barcelona....I am so sure.

    • Moaz Ali
      Moaz Ali

      +Siri Tn doubt Liverpool will lose to United in the semi final. over 2 legs Liverpool are too good. United won't win Barcelona though.

    • Siri Tn
      Siri Tn

      No.....Final Juventus vs ManU

  • MaXxX FamiloV
    MaXxX FamiloV

    Whats the meaning of final draw ? Of course it will be the winner of the both semi-finals ... like wtf?!

    • Muhammad Luther
      Muhammad Luther

      It's about whose name comes first in the order when advertising for the game

  • Sun Sharma
    Sun Sharma

    Final Barcelona vs Juventus

  • Norzafry Norazlan
    Norzafry Norazlan


    • Raphael Miguel Balon
      Raphael Miguel Balon

      Lmao they suck right now.

  • Salman Ishaq
    Salman Ishaq

    Julio Cesar el Buena con Internazionale

  • Ynwa Sagar
    Ynwa Sagar

    Man city is glad to avoid Liverpool upto final...

  • Jesse Minnema
    Jesse Minnema

    Ajax will win against Juve this time since Juve won’t use dope this time. 😂 But seriously, this is a heavy weight match for sure. If Ajax brings back the football of the Dutch legend, they have a significant chance to win. Please Johann, give us this one.🙏🏻🙌🏻

    • SyndiCate Gaming
      SyndiCate Gaming

      Hoop het ook


    Sf Manchester United vs pool. City vs juve. Final Manchester United vs city. Winners Manchester United

    • 69 Savage
      69 Savage

      Sf Manchester United didn't make the draw but if you mean Manchester United F.C they made it.

  • Balázs Malik
    Balázs Malik

    Man city is better than juventus

    • Raphael Miguel Balon
      Raphael Miguel Balon

      +Simone Ranieri Tru!!!!!

    • Simone Ranieri
      Simone Ranieri

      Juventus is Better than Uefalona

  • We Will Together One Day Indo-Pak
    We Will Together One Day Indo-Pak

    Very Well Draw Who agreed?

  • Mike Jay
    Mike Jay

    Manchester United

  • Jefferson Huang
    Jefferson Huang

    They always manipulate the pairings. All of this "random drawing" are just for show.

  • A L
    A L

    16:09 me on class

  • ItalianEternity


  • Josh _101
    Josh _101

    Wait so the semi finals r basically gonna be Liverpool v Barca Man City v juve

  • Gibson Mphisa
    Gibson Mphisa

    It will be Barca vs Man City in the final


    Sell real madrid

  • Chase Bart
    Chase Bart

    It took 17 minutes to start drawing

  • number gamer G
    number gamer G

    I am Liverpool and we against Porto fc easy anyway we in semi finals

    • LmfaoYou

      number gamer G lol overconfidence

  • Raquel Moura
    Raquel Moura


  • Raquel Moura
    Raquel Moura

    Essa e nossa chapions

  • Ludwig 15
    Ludwig 15

    Tottenham United Ajax Liverpool

  • David Mbappe
    David Mbappe

    juventu eeeee

  • David Mbappe
    David Mbappe

    juventu v barcena

  • Abel Aklog
    Abel Aklog


  • Longshah Konyak
    Longshah Konyak

    Final FC Barcelona vs Manchester City Barcelona win 3.1


    juve will come to final and the home stadium is theirs,they will win


    barca have low chance and juve has high chance r.i.p barca.I am barca fan and now barcaaa

    • LmfaoYou

      DARK GALAXY FAME Barca fan my ass. I bet you started supporting Juventus just this season when Ronaldo transferred. Bandwagon bs. Lol

  • Vandana Pasare
    Vandana Pasare

    I think this year champion will be Manchester United

  • nai patthanakiti
    nai patthanakiti

    I think semi-final ManU - Porto Ajax - Spur

  • originaldonradja

    Barcelona vs Liverpool finale

  • John Richards
    John Richards

    1/4 Finals: Ajax FC Porto Tottenham Barcelona Semi Finals: Ajax Barcelona Final: Ajax

    • Rances Almendares
      Rances Almendares

      Es Ajax vs Juventus Man City vs Tottenham Barca Vs M united. Liverpool vs porto

  • Leul mekonnen
    Leul mekonnen

    barca vs unired

  • jorge rivas
    jorge rivas

    Manchester City vs Juventus Manchester United vs Liverpool Juventus vs Liverpool

    • LmfaoYou

      jorge rivas LOL deluded

  • KingGameing forEver
    KingGameing forEver

    Messi promises to win the champions league this season

  • Cesar Paredes
    Cesar Paredes

    Its gonna be lit

  • Adeeb Saddat
    Adeeb Saddat


  • Roger

    Did anyone else notice Man U representatives laughing at Tottenham when they drew City?

    • Roger

      +Ashwin Patil lol

    • Ashwin Patil
      Ashwin Patil

      It could also be because they understood they will play FC Barcelona 🤣

  • Roger

    Why's he calling Ranieiri Giorgio? His name is Claudio. What a horrible joke, I gotta say.

  • Sagar mane
    Sagar mane

    Zlatan joined the chat .. if u know what i mean

  • ojideagu

    it all hinges of Man Utd. If they can beat Barcelona there will be 3 EPL teams in the Semis.

    • 69 Savage
      69 Savage

      +i helt væk dumme Dumme or dumb? Manchester City face Tottenham Hotspurs so how can 4 English clubs make the semi finals? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • ojideagu

      +i helt væk dumme Man City or Tottenham will be out 4 is impossible

    • i helt væk dumme
      i helt væk dumme

      4 Premier League 1 tottenham 2 man United man City and bliver pool Thats 4

  • Kelvin X
    Kelvin X

    draw at 17:07

  • Hassan El Deeb
    Hassan El Deeb

    Either Liverpool, juventus, or barca

    • ojideagu

      +Fan Site Nottingham Forest have 2 European Cups, I guess that makes them better than Man City too then?

    • Fan Site
      Fan Site

      +ojideagu yup... Their total UCL trophies certainly proves that. Isn't it?

    • ojideagu

      Man City are better than all of them

  • haydar panchoo
    haydar panchoo

    Seni final Manchester United vs liverpool and city vs Juventus

    • LmfaoYou

      Lol dream on

    • ojideagu

      it all hinges of Man Utd. If they can beat Barcelona there will be 3 EPL teams in the Semis.

  • FiFa soccer
    FiFa soccer

    Juventus vs Barcelona it's final I am sure 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    • Siri Tn
      Siri Tn



    Julio Cesar forget about zlatan ibrahimovic😂😂😂😂

  • Abi Assi Raymond
    Abi Assi Raymond

    It's gonna be Tottenham vs United in the finale, i'm putting it out there since nobody thinks this could be possible

  • The Amazing Akan
    The Amazing Akan

    You can see the United chairman want to kill himself after city get tottenham knowing united will get Barca when it shows the city chairman 20:05. 😂

  • EE HD
    EE HD

    Barcelona 💪💪💪

  • That NaughtyBacon
    That NaughtyBacon

    I just realised Man Utd vs Barcelona could've been PSG vs Barcelona if PSG went through...

    • Voss

      bHm CR7 they did but they choke

    • bHm CR7
      bHm CR7

      Thank God Roma didn't qualify!!

  • siddharth singh
    siddharth singh

    City Vs Reds final of 2019

  • mohamud osman
    mohamud osman

    Draw is à fake because UAFA allrady is know Barca vs United and Ajax vs Juva please wach second clip of Videio.

  • Mohamed Ashkir
    Mohamed Ashkir

    There’s a reason they split man city and Liverpool up on separate paths to meet in the final

    • Fan Site
      Fan Site

      +Mohamed Ashkir I'm a Liverpool fan... And now I'm really scared abt the semi final against Barca 😓 Messi might finally lead to Liverpool's defeat at Anfield in a competitive game after a long long time

    • Mohamed Ashkir
      Mohamed Ashkir

      Fan Site Liverpool and city could easily crush anyone right now

    • Mohamed Ashkir
      Mohamed Ashkir

      Why would they not split the two best teams in the world lol

    • Fan Site
      Fan Site

      Nope. They split Messi and Ronaldo to meet in the finals. The rest are coincidence

  • Ronal Mujahid
    Ronal Mujahid

    Man united has no chance againt Barcelona... it would be an easy match for sure

    • •Dipmatic ຸZ•
      •Dipmatic ຸZ•

      Thats what ppl said before too "Man Utd Will lose 4-0 against PSG" And then look what happened Don't hope too much dude anything can happen in ucl

  • Widhi Satrio
    Widhi Satrio

    barca vs liverpool

  • Raphael Miguel Balon
    Raphael Miguel Balon

    6:40 And there you have Pinto's teleprompter on the upper right.

  • tuan izzah
    tuan izzah

    Ajax vs juventus is a heavyweight match whoever win will be place at final and sorry city or tottenham..

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown


  • Бақберген Сламбеков
    Бақберген Сламбеков

    What's a music in 8:52?

  • saeli ali
    saeli ali

    can you make Juvestus vs Barcelona please

    • Fan Site
      Fan Site

      No one else can make it other than they themselves. Have to win some tough ones

    • Raphael Miguel Balon
      Raphael Miguel Balon

      Be patient.

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed

    Semi finals are Juventus vs Manchester City / Barcelona vs Liverpool I’m calling it

    • LmfaoYou

      Roland Kevin lol delusional

    • Roland Kevin
      Roland Kevin

      +Tawfan Asjhad They Will beat Barca.. but they Will lose againts Juve..

    • Tawfan Asjhad
      Tawfan Asjhad

      I'm United but I am at the same time being realistic over your predictions... ...would be bonus if United could survive Barca

    • Roland Kevin
      Roland Kevin

      +Fan Site final Juve vs Mu. Mark my words

    • Hamza Ahmed
      Hamza Ahmed

      It depends Liverpool might get to the final again but don’t get it twisted Man City are a strong side. It will be a interesting semi final. I don’t think it will be an all English final but if it is I will be buzzing because the last time a English team won was about more than 5 years ago.

  • Bryant Morales
    Bryant Morales

    Lets go Liverpool

  • Jack Remey
    Jack Remey

    Oh god as a Juve fan we most likely will man city in semi final, oh no.

  • Stefan Hulsebos
    Stefan Hulsebos


  • arpan ghosh
    arpan ghosh

    Manchester United will see DOOM in the Qtr. finals

  • Ousainou Stabel
    Ousainou Stabel

    Liverpool vs porto semi final liverpool vs Barcelona

  • Mahamed Mohamud
    Mahamed Mohamud

    man Utd vs Barcelona come on man Utd

  • Sulaiman Alomran
    Sulaiman Alomran

    Ronaldo is coming home

  • Frazer Duncan
    Frazer Duncan

    Interesting draw. Vote UKIP, end cultural Marxism.

  • degamemaatjes_NL

    Man city will win this cup but i hope so that ajax this win

  • Darsh Shukla
    Darsh Shukla


    • LmfaoYou

      Fan Site go and kick Porto's ass first lol

    • LmfaoYou

      siddharth singh too much confidence will result to disappointment. I'm just laughing at how much you underestimate Barca and even Messi at that. But keep going. We'll be seeing results at the future to come.

    • Bonka

      Fan Site It would surely be a titanic clash, I have no doubt about it. The best players of Europe playing for their ticket to the final. Both teams are capable of wrecking each other and as you said, may the best team win.

    • MJ3G Gribbz
      MJ3G Gribbz

      +Fan Site hahaha

    • Fan Site
      Fan Site

      +MJ3G Gribbz we dnt appreciate people who use the S word. So plz next time use the F word or go to MLS channel


    Why did they reverse the home away fixture for manu vs barc match?

    • Darren

      Because two clubs from the same city cannot play on the same day. As United finished lower they have to change ground for the first leg.

  • Bomb

    I want to see only 3 games. Manchester derby, Ronaldo vs Messi, Barcelona vs Liverpool 👌🏻👌🏻

  • andrew85108

    Juventus will win 😎

  • 郭秉樺

    FC Barcelona always the best

  • DysaOfficial

    Waar komen joden toch vandaan

  • Aadarsh Netha
    Aadarsh Netha

    Can you postpone the final by one day I have me exam.......😂

    • Fan Site
      Fan Site

      Ask ur school to pospone the exam

  • Joran 1304
    Joran 1304

    Ajax-liverpool finale 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jayyceyy Ay
    Jayyceyy Ay

    You’re telling me that’s not Renierai?

  • Tadar Atul
    Tadar Atul

    Liverpoooll plsss win this time as an honour for gerrard

  • mesgena awsteana
    mesgena awsteana


  • Gülsema Öney
    Gülsema Öney

    Alla weber

  • Jess Limit
    Jess Limit

    Juventus vs Liverpool rematch 1986 finals

    • Simone Ranieri
      Simone Ranieri

      *its 1985 final

  • Anseer Pp
    Anseer Pp

    This ucl goes to liverpool

  • PevertPeeWee

    Man City vs Barca in the final

  • AaryanPlaysGames

    Ajax and Porto have no chance of winning

  • Muhammad Vika
    Muhammad Vika

    Starts at 5:54

  • theUSAgamer

    Look out football, back into the UCL come arsenal!!! (Don’t say any thing you stupid bandwagon Chelsea fans or dumbass spurs fans. They think their so good even though they have as their trophy cabinet has dust bunnies in it

  • Lazzy Troops
    Lazzy Troops

    Is this a UCL OR EPL???

  • BTS : jimin
    BTS : jimin

    I want to are Ajax against Tottenham

  • Danny Koops
    Danny Koops

    Ajax Amsterdam!❌❌❌

  • Ala YM
    Ala YM

    Why was there a leaked document that shows this exact result in the draw, a day before the draw itself. How am i looking at a document on Thursday where these draws were clear and on Friday its "randomly" picked draw??? Somebody tell me this is some sort of short circuit in my head...

  • Kirath Vlogs
    Kirath Vlogs