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We put Toddy and Corinna's relationship through the most revealing, craziest test you could imagine. Spoiler alert, it involves ranch. Plus, relationship advice!
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  • Hannah Mariden
    Hannah Mariden

    when josh is speaking I can literally hear ROSS GELLER

  • purplefreak07

    Hi Tfue and Olivia

  • Lara grobbelaar
    Lara grobbelaar

    You deserve it 😁

  • Lara grobbelaar
    Lara grobbelaar

    Congratulations on 3 M


    Do one with ex lovers loool (Liza and David)

  • Darcy Voronins
    Darcy Voronins

    U literally described tony stark(iron man) with the billionaire scientist superhero🤣🤣

  • Ariana Alva
    Ariana Alva

    Josh, You should’ve done this with David and Liza ;(

  • פני אפרצב
    פני אפרצב

    Am I the only one distracted by the fact that Corinna is in lingerie?

  • Namira Amel
    Namira Amel

    watching this again and i gotta say, they do make a really great couple. eventhough they are labelled as sluts of the group, but when they're in a relationship theyre serious. they pay attention to everything and actually is caring. anw, theyre on separate ways now but i hope theh remain well and still friends. maybe if destiny prevails they'll be back together???? lol idk wishing nothing but happiness to the two of you💜

  • Emily Palmer
    Emily Palmer

    I'm related to Arnold Palmer!

  • destiny Michelle Flores
    destiny Michelle Flores

    all I noticed is that Corinna kepped on grabbing her hair every second.

  • Julianne Petarde
    Julianne Petarde

    I miss them together, this video is so cute 😫 maybe they weren’t really in love, but they definitely seemed close and in tune with each other.

  • zeefunk

    This video didn't age well.

  • jgdrybb bfjoffnbf
    jgdrybb bfjoffnbf

    french friends from in n out are subpar

  • Israel Lopez
    Israel Lopez

    Corrinas tits out is mood af

  • Jocelyn Serlin
    Jocelyn Serlin

    is no one gonna talk about how todd got every single question right

  • Sleepy Jones
    Sleepy Jones

    Josh so quick to claim Jesus as a jew... Who killed that jew and called him a fraud?? Thats right the jeeeeewwwwwsss😁

  • Zahiya F
    Zahiya F

    They were really giggly when they talking about hooking up for the first time.... was it the other hole? Lol

  • Kavin Jadav
    Kavin Jadav

    Corinna is clickbait lmaoo

  • Joe De ville
    Joe De ville

    R.I.P to the people who came here in 2019. 😂

  • R Taylor
    R Taylor

    They’re SO SMILEY😍😍😍😍

  • Sarah AlKh
    Sarah AlKh


  • Kara Grogan
    Kara Grogan

    Corinna is so ditzy but in a good way she’s so bubbly😂

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth

    Well, after hearing all of Todd's "favorites", I've realized we're in love.

  • jaymckown15

    Test results finally came back... We’ve got bad news.

  • Rida Ahmeti
    Rida Ahmeti

    is it just me or does corinna look like taylor hatala?

  • Naomi Johnson
    Naomi Johnson

    wow im just sitting here wondering why josh isnt a couple therapist yet

  • OWellWellWell

    This didn't age well

  • javidgt8

    90% of the video was me being distracted by Corinna lookin hella sexy

  • C

    Josh plz do Trish and Jason....make sure to have some boxing gloves ;)

  • asloox aslox
    asloox aslox

    Now todd and carina is already broke up hhhhhhhhhh so fking weird

  • Iri

    This didn't age well

  • dosentmeanforever17

    "i can make up word too, todd" hahahahaha

  • 50hellkat2

    Jesus was King of the Jews Josh.

  • 50hellkat2

    The Jews killed Jesus Josh.

  • Trish&Nash

    Do a relationship test video with Jason and Trisha please 😌🤞🏼

  • Keranna Imk
    Keranna Imk

    Oh oh oh! And then corinna and tod could vs Liza and david "ex's vs ex's"

  • Keranna Imk
    Keranna Imk

    Do one with David and liza, the ex-relationship test. How much do they remember?

    • Keranna Imk
      Keranna Imk

      Then they'll realize theyre still in love and be happy forever!

  • Jay Hollow
    Jay Hollow

    Haha a scientist that's a superhero on the side 😂 😂 the stuff you say cracks me up! Come here camera human 😂

  • Derrick Edmondson
    Derrick Edmondson

    This is on my feed because “David dobrik followers watch this”

  • Shadoe Nexus
    Shadoe Nexus

    i wonder how Noah is doing

  • Tanisha Chawla
    Tanisha Chawla

    Why does Josh need so many sponsors? It's lowkey annoying

  • lanyerd1

    It's called an Arnold palmer cause he would make them when he was on tour and couldn't get sweet tea, so order a lemonade and a unsweetened tea and mix them

  • Pamela Soto
    Pamela Soto


  • Meme trooper
    Meme trooper

    Your intros say enjoy ya self... But I never do.

  • Bleach Prod.
    Bleach Prod.


  • SwagginMyTail

    No one else thinks Todd is tweaking off of something in this video?!?!

  • Robbie Clark
    Robbie Clark

    The balsamic vinaigrette was edited in there

  • Dee Gee
    Dee Gee

    I’m pretty sure Arnold Palmer invented the Arnold Palmer. He just always ordered it and then others started to too. It’s what I heard.

  • Philorg Neopolotin
    Philorg Neopolotin

    Did Todd get every single question right??

  • The Campfire
    The Campfire

    Jesus is the best!

  • Winters X
    Winters X

    'The Garden Of Olives' fuck lmfao. That earned a chuckle.

  • Cj Scarabaggio
    Cj Scarabaggio

    I'm happy to say my friend Noah is happy with his 100 girls he is dating from this video.

  • Mariyam Hashmi
    Mariyam Hashmi

    wait they're back together?

  • Red_z31 X_x
    Red_z31 X_x

    I can tell that they still like each other 😍😍

  • Santiago Marín
    Santiago Marín

    Am I the only one that thinks Josh looks like the love child of Corinna and Todd

  • Catie Grey Devening
    Catie Grey Devening

    why is todds nails painted

  • bambam gaming
    bambam gaming

    corinna sittin there with her tits hanging out

  • fara

    why tf is this so awkward but yet so cute lmao

  • Yun Xi Chow
    Yun Xi Chow

    I feel like a younger female version of josh but a not as funny 😂😂😂like when I saw the intro I was like WOW somebody on dis earth types and talks like meh I LIKE THIS GUY

  • Clip Edits
    Clip Edits

    So ones gonna comment on like half her tits showing

  • Sebastian Bissonnette Metal
    Sebastian Bissonnette Metal

    I like how josh hasn’t shaved in like 3 weeks and he was doing an advertisement for razors

  • Khaleeqa Idrus
    Khaleeqa Idrus

    They seem happier than Scott and Kristen.

  • Harley Iglesias
    Harley Iglesias

    Get that good Adsense coint josh

  • Kahtia Howard
    Kahtia Howard

    Corinna & Toddy > Scotty and Kristen. They have the passion which is why they fight so intensely but look how well they know each other.

  • Pizza OnSumCrust
    Pizza OnSumCrust

    Josh: Hey Todd, what’s Corinna’s favorite salad dressing? Todd: fAvOrItE sAlAd DrEsSiNgGg

  • Idalee Ibarra
    Idalee Ibarra

    Todd is literally a Joey. They both got a hernia. They both are hot. It just makes sense

  • Malorie Keylon
    Malorie Keylon

    josh needs to be the face of dollar shave club

  • Mary Altamira
    Mary Altamira

    Lol when Todd and Corinna are literally the modern Ross and Rachel and they talked about friends

  • Hannahbananadolan !
    Hannahbananadolan !

    Tod seems like such a good boyfriend😅

  • carmela

    Why is her shirt open and showing her boobs?

  • Genesi Vastarella
    Genesi Vastarella


  • Kineena Kang
    Kineena Kang

    U spoiled friendsssss :^(

  • Makayla Faraday
    Makayla Faraday

    this whole video i was looking at zane in the background thinking he had a snapchat filter on but it was real face

  • Mary-louise Robinson
    Mary-louise Robinson

    They are literally me

  • Crystal Thompson
    Crystal Thompson

    They're so perfect for each other. They belong together but they're not :( or are they? haha. They've dated and broken up so much

  • Kate F
    Kate F

    This video of Todd and Corinna has better vibes than the one with Scott and Kristen 👀 #tea?

  • Fabiola Montalván
    Fabiola Montalván

    Why is no one realizing that the millionaire, scientist, being a super hero on the side is freaking Tony Stark!!! (Iron Man)

  • Tabetha Jane Ferguson
    Tabetha Jane Ferguson

    I'll make it 950 common done happy now lol

  • Jamila Boyani
    Jamila Boyani

    They're so cute together

  • Dovy jungreis
    Dovy jungreis

    I love your videos I'm actually looking for a girlfriend do you have me 1

  • ThatGirlErin

    “I can makeup words too Todd “ 😂😂

  • Amanda G
    Amanda G

    3 hot babes.

  • Dorkas Tabitha
    Dorkas Tabitha

    am i the only one that noticed Todd's nails lol

  • Ema Violet
    Ema Violet

    joshhhh daddy fix david and liza too :(

  • GetWecked_CONFIRMED

    they look ripped af

  • Bri Terry
    Bri Terry

    I love how Corinna is just casually in a bra.. goals. And I find it funny that her fav show is The Office & Todd's is Friends. You'd think it'd be switched but if you know them it makes sense and I love that lol

  • Goe N. Phuc Yer-saylf
    Goe N. Phuc Yer-saylf

    Why does she call him her ex

  • Kate McPhail
    Kate McPhail

    Corinna's favorite show is the office and todd's is friends those are my two favorite shows💗💗

  • harli13

    why is she showing her bra and tits. i wouldn't be with a girl that dressed that way, 50's librarian is the look i like hahahaha

  • SUPER_GIRL 101
    SUPER_GIRL 101

    All my answers were the same as Toddy’s! I love that for me.

  • Suzanne Chami
    Suzanne Chami

    Did this girl really just get a hernia and an appendix mixed up.....

  • Maggie Humphrey
    Maggie Humphrey

    Do this with other people.

  • Hannah Wright
    Hannah Wright

    yeah JC

  • Sassy Pineapple
    Sassy Pineapple

    Love ‘em

  • matthew gaskins
    matthew gaskins

    Why are Todd's nails painted

  • isaac fishman
    isaac fishman

    How you gon do a brand deal and also monetize the vid

  • chelsey garrett
    chelsey garrett

    Josh quit whipping the razor around you're going to cut a finger off.

  • Do U Even Wipe
    Do U Even Wipe

    Haven’t they broken up like 60 thousand times

  • Julia Ribeiro
    Julia Ribeiro

    josh i love you but you suck at editing