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You asked and we answered! David and I answer all your questions about relationships, how to tell someone you like them and more! This is so much more than a Mukbang! ahaha
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  • KGB

    I mean genders not important unless you wanna have a child but even then science is making that possible these days but that's mainly it.

  • carrot hugger
    carrot hugger

    About time has been my favorite movie for a while now and I hate that David said something because I feel like it’s my secret

  • help help help help h e l p
    help help help help h e l p

    I have a massive crush on a straight/bicurious girl who has a boyfriend who's kind of an ass hole and it's a big ouchie

  • Megsing x
    Megsing x

    OMFG CAN PEOPLE ACTUALLY LOOK UP A SEXUAL, it’s not not liking anyone, it’s not having sexual feelings

  • Laura Am
    Laura Am

    Omg yes About Time is such a good movie!!!

  • Jasmine Robertoë
    Jasmine Robertoë

    I am in love with a pineapple her name is David

  • Jasmine Robertoë
    Jasmine Robertoë

    I thought I asked the bisexual question jk but me I'm bisexual and hate people lmao

  • Alice Snellings
    Alice Snellings

    I've seen about time like 5 times

  • Ali Llamas
    Ali Llamas

    Josh: You ever feel butterflies David: Ya Josh: For who? David: .... Josh: .... David: ...

  • Chanise Mills
    Chanise Mills

    David is the most adorable guy ever!

  • SugarySweetEsha 11
    SugarySweetEsha 11

    The movie you're talking about is actually "The Time Traveler's Wife." Just saying because Rachel McAdams is in a movie called "About Time" too.

  • Squeak the cat
    Squeak the cat

    David you look so much better w out hats

  • Veronnica MacKillop
    Veronnica MacKillop

    I'm no expert, but bare with me for a sec. Asexuality can actually be it's own identity on top of being bi, straight, gay, or whatever. You can romantically be bisexual, and fall in love with someone and be in a relationship with them, while still not wanting to have sex, therefor still being bisexual if that's how you want to identify. Asexuality is also sort of an umbrella term, so you can be gray ace, which could mean still having some sexual attraction, but maybe not wanting to actually have sex, or rarely ever wanting to. Also, an asexual relationship is different than a platonic relationship.

  • claire eva
    claire eva

    well i feel attacked. i didnt even ask that question but it was v relatable & i just broke up with my boyfriend bc of it!!!!!!!!!

  • Emilia Finn
    Emilia Finn

    5:10 David not knowing if he is supposed to laugh or not😂

  • Polina Parvanova
    Polina Parvanova

    there's no reason why your love should polute, buy a tesla haha

  • Alexander

    yeah if your dating a vehicle, your problem might be too much exhaust on your no-no's

  • Emilee Anne Jacques
    Emilee Anne Jacques

    This was an amazing video!

  • Anahi Garcia
    Anahi Garcia


  • Shey Adams
    Shey Adams

    Thanks David for the tears. Just finished About Time, and you were right it’s really good

  • Megan O'Meara
    Megan O'Meara

    Is it just me or does David look really stoned in this?

  • Marizol C. Gibson
    Marizol C. Gibson

    I love that David loves About Time. It is also one of my favorites, because I love Domhnall Gleeson so much!

  • Emily Dodson
    Emily Dodson


  • Beverly Gil
    Beverly Gil

    David described About Time so well, its a really good movie, sad sometimes though but funny and cute

  • Allison

    I told my boyfriend he was my boyfriend and he just said “okay” there was no asking

  • Madison Clermont
    Madison Clermont

    Asexual isn't that you don't like anyone it's that you don't like anyone sexually. You can still like both genders romantically

  • Sarah Carman
    Sarah Carman

    Asexual means that you're not interested in sexual relationships, but you still want a romantic relationship Aromantic means you're not interested in romantic relationships, but you still want sexual experiences/relationships You could be either, or you could be both, or you could be neither. Hope that clears up some confusion. There's also demisexual meaning you don't experience sexual attraction until you have a strong romantic/emotional relationship with someone. Side note: I am cisgender, heterosexual, like the least LGBTQ+ person out there, and most certainly not an authority on all the genders and sexualities, but I am trying to learn as much as I can. The above is what I've learned from friends and youtube channels like Sexplanations and Hannah Witton.

    • Alex In Wonderland
      Alex In Wonderland

      Wow I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about this cause I immediately knew they got Asexual and Aromantic mixed up when they started talking about it lmao

  • Bridgett Evonda
    Bridgett Evonda

    You should do more videos about relationships..

  • Zia M
    Zia M

    Lol 4:18😂

  • Chelsea Meininger
    Chelsea Meininger

    "I'm bisexual, but I hate everyone." My life in a nutshell.

  • Beckaboo3397

    One piece of advice for other females that I really have found beneficial when looking for or dating a male. Is that ~you can’t raise a man~ Meaning if you’re with somebody that has already been raised by their mothers and are old enough to make their own choices then there ain’t no changing the traits that have already been instilled in him by his mother or whoever has raised him and the influences of his friends at times as well. So for eg. (and this is more looking at men who are around 24/25 and older ) if he is still leaving mess all over the place and you’re a clean person and you want to be with somebody that helps clean and likes a tidy house then you aren’t going to get that from him. Or if he is still out partying or makes comments about other girls that make you feel less than beautiful when you would like to settle into a slower paced life or feel like he only has eyes for you. You got the wrong guy. He may be able to intermittently change but that will only be because he sees benefit in it at the time . But he will almost every single time return to his old routine at some point . But like Josh said you have to pick your battles . If it’s something that isn’t more important to you then the relationship and love you have for each other then its usually something you should just learn to live with. If it is something that’s extremely important to you and something you need from him then it’s time to part ways. Never settle because of the fear of being alone . There’s a difference between alone and lonely . If you stay out of fear of anything then you’re letting the right one get away. Also love yourself and who you are and be confident about what you want from life before committing to any relationship. Ok sorry so long I’ll stop rattling on now. Just know your worth . 💖✨✨

  • Hennessey M
    Hennessey M

    I wish lizza and David could still be together or could get back together

  • Sasha Stockwell
    Sasha Stockwell

    “Sometimes in like, that burrito is giving me food poisoning and will my partner take me to urgent care?” 😂😂

  • Sharon Lunsford
    Sharon Lunsford


  • dea k
    dea k

    how to fall in love with david dobrik in 16 minutes;

  • Felix Jones
    Felix Jones

    3:59. What a G.

  • Latoia Kalkowski
    Latoia Kalkowski

    About Time is not only a fantastic movie, it also has an amazing sountrack! I watch it atleast every 6mths 😍

  • Chiara Kathleen
    Chiara Kathleen

    David: * says something smart* also David: Josh: you just blew your own mind.

  • Clumsy Hammy
    Clumsy Hammy

    This guy motivated me to start my own UA-my channel and I really appreciate it Go check it out and tell me what u think about it

  • Catarina Mendes
    Catarina Mendes

    Such a good movie about time sooooo sweet and cute

  • Amanda On The Road
    Amanda On The Road

    Ok Clare's question! I totally understand where ur coming from. In all my past relationships i completely focused on the other person, trying to make them happy that i wasnt being myself. I would say yes to things i didn't agree with, pretend to like things i didn't if they were into it, etc. With my current relationship in the beginning i put my mindset that I'm going to focus on my needs too. I am a person with opinions and ideas. Im not a yes man. I can happily say I've been in this relationship for 5 years now, we are married, with 2 kids. The right person will love you for who you are, not what you think they want you to be.

  • Rachel

    Josh: Have you ever felt butterflies? For who? David: I wonder Everyone: LIZZZA!!! Some dumb person: Natile???

    • Bethlehem A
      Bethlehem A

      He said that around 4:20😂

    • Makenna Queen
      Makenna Queen

      Yep lmao

    • Maya Campos
      Maya Campos

      Rachel Ikr

  • Tram-Anh Le
    Tram-Anh Le

    I love the last clip of them making thumbnails and pretending to be overly happy while talking about David’s cankers like... 🤣🤣

  • Emilia Douglass
    Emilia Douglass

    Time Travelers Wife!!!! I love that movie!!!!! Yes David!!!!!

  • Nirvana Raharuhi
    Nirvana Raharuhi

    fuck u chocolate sandwich that fell on the floor

  • Princess Nugget
    Princess Nugget

    About Time is my favorite movie as well!

  • Monkeyman Gaming
    Monkeyman Gaming

    I just got broke up with 2 days ago and this helped so so much

  • Alyssa Hughes
    Alyssa Hughes

    i want more of these videos

  • Ele Barto
    Ele Barto

    David's got all this money but can't buy himself a damn haircut? 😂

  • funkycool

    David is so freaking cute I love you him

  • funkycool

    I can't wait until David and Liza get back together

  • Hannah Poland
    Hannah Poland

    Wow David’s advice was deep

  • Itzel Diaz
    Itzel Diaz

    Josh & David giving me advice on a Friday night while in bed, alone is just giving me life. Btw low key this is the best video ever

  • angel

    i feel like you guys aren't really the people to be giving relationship advice

  • angel

    10:07 sounds like she's just asking how to not lose herself in her relationship, it has nothing to do with how the other person is treating her

  • angel

    maybe that person has a different sexuality and romantic orientation

  • Dominique Tomlin
    Dominique Tomlin

    About Time is one of my favorite movies, everyone really should watch it. I don’t rewatch movies usually, but I’ve seen that one at least a dozen times!

  • Heather Pace
    Heather Pace

    Love how accepting you guys are

  • Salomé Barreto
    Salomé Barreto

    Oh My God! David fangirling about my favourite movie! I was not expecting that but I'M HERE FOR IT!!!

  • Haley Moo
    Haley Moo

    "Taking a screenshot and sending it to a group to get a group to think about it" okay Josh but I'm not exactly sure how I'm suppose to react when my boyfriend tells me "become the sun babe" as a response to me saying I'm cold so maybe I NEEDED A GROUP TO HELP ME THINK

  • Haley Moo
    Haley Moo

    If ur significant other doesn't let u wear a cowboy hat while y'all boink then they aren't the one and that's how you know.

  • maddie rostron
    maddie rostron

    I want another video exactly like this please skcjdjjs

  • Kelly Elizabeth
    Kelly Elizabeth

    This video should be titled trying to “understand your questions” lol every question they literally don’t get it 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Luisa Meviam
    Luisa Meviam

    That's my favorite movie :)

  • Debbie Nehikhuere
    Debbie Nehikhuere


  • Abigail Waterhouse
    Abigail Waterhouse

    I’m buying merch for my bday

  • Jacob Swartz
    Jacob Swartz

    I can’t name a time in the video where David wasn’t playing with the water bottle😂

  • Tabitha Smith
    Tabitha Smith

    David talking about the time travelers wife is the cutest thing ever

  • Itzelth

    Honestly all I wanna do is lay down and cuddle. 😭 I literally felt like I was in therapy , lol I don’t know why I thought I was going to get a hug 🤣🤣 from both of you guys .... mostly David 🤣 josh you’re married not that I don’t like you lol

  • TIffanyrose Angeles
    TIffanyrose Angeles

    I want David to give me relationship advice so David . ......are we truly soulmates??? I will give you advise ....go back. Find that one true soulmate that know her name...I know her name...she will forever love you. Josh.....your a father like figure & you know. Please go back to lovely Liza,she'll take you! It'll be everything & all that more your fireworks can't even speak her name without pain. So your dreams are coming true,your a smart guy.........DONT DATE OTHER CHICKS WASTING TIME This FEELS RIGHT THIS IS LOVE LOVE CAN HURT LOVE CAN BE TOO LATE UNLESS YOU ACT Yes relationships are TOUGH BUT DONT GIVE UP YOUR 2 VERY SENTIMENTAL PPL YOU a& YOUR LADY

  • Prizie

    0:25 me

  • Amber Whitman
    Amber Whitman

    David is the cutest motherfucker. GOSH.

  • Emily Glaze
    Emily Glaze

    David Dobrik opening and closing his water bottle for 16 minutes

  • HollyOxenfree

    This is not an insult Josh, because I love it so much. Sometimes your laugh reminds me of a happy bee or something 😄

  • Martha G Curtis
    Martha G Curtis

    Josh "In Life, we change. its what we do." Josh 2 mins later "ain't. nobody. gonna. change."

  • Adali Trujillo
    Adali Trujillo

    Wow they should get a podcast.

  • Mariiska Wagnor
    Mariiska Wagnor

    Asexual to most people is a meaning of a special company of someone like dating but does not want to have a sex kind of way relationship between the two people but to others asexual is seen the way you and David see it as but I personally as a bisexual person myself I see it as the first way I stated. And I love your podcasts

  • Crystal Muli
    Crystal Muli

    I think you just gave Clare a problem 😂👌

  • Kayla Marie Tillman
    Kayla Marie Tillman

    You guys are giving such great advice that so many young people hardly ever hear these days. A lot of kids let their partners walk all over them and you guys are giving them the confidence they need to learn how genuine relationships work. Communication keeps relations is what my fiancé and I have based our relationship on since we started talking. And honestly, it feels SOOO good to have someone that you can always be 100% honest with and yourself around. You guys spoke so much truth, all while telling kids not to put labels on their sexuality and gender and just be human too!!!! It's so dope how wholesome and honest this video was. Please make more so kids can learn how to love each other for who they are and not the boundaries society puts on love. We are all human. We all need connection, honesty, affection, and help. It's great to have reliable people to help you get through life. Thanks again! Love you always!

  • Alyssa Roberts
    Alyssa Roberts

    I love how a single man and and a married man come together and help us with our bs. Anyway can this be a series like I have questions and I would to have them answered by y'all

  • Delaney Mae
    Delaney Mae

    i love david sm 😫

  • Kayla Famp
    Kayla Famp

    But overall great video

  • Kayla Famp
    Kayla Famp

    Actually asexual is when you’re not sexually attracted to anyone , only romantically. Just wanted to give the definition:)

  • Skyanna Kirby
    Skyanna Kirby

    Love that you changed the name of the movie because you guys promoted the hell out of it in this video 😂 ❤️💕

  • Joshua Bono
    Joshua Bono

    Really I feel the title boyfriend girlfriend is only to tell others what you are. If you like somebody. It doesn’t have to be a title. Just spend time with who your comfortable with. If your already kissy and touchy. And enjoy their company. I think that’s when it’s okay to tell people your dating. Other than that. It’s nobody’s business

  • Susanna Rindlisbacher
    Susanna Rindlisbacher

    so much better than a mukbang!

  • Mariah Daniel
    Mariah Daniel

    David is definitely high in this dont tell me otherwise 😂

  • high_reacher

    I cant believe im gona ask u guys this, but f**k it.. I have recently been talking to this chick and our connection is on point, same sense of weird humour, lots of things in common its seems like it wasnt real, but it is.. Btw, this is online and we literally talk 6,7 or 8 hours a day! She just gave me her insta and shes not the type i would normally go for.. I dont wont to lose that connection we have because it is seriously unlike anything else i have experienced.. So if im not really atttacted to her, is it worth proceeding with it and work on that connection or should i cut my loses now and be honest with her and lose this good person i have grown to?

  • Jazzy Storm
    Jazzy Storm

    David’s favorite movie is About Time?? THATS MY FAVORITE MOVIE YESSS

  • Abigail F.
    Abigail F.

    Please so more videos like this!! I really enjoyed this!

  • Gretchen Frances
    Gretchen Frances

    now I need a Josh and David podcast asap. plz and thx.

  • Zoey Kerln
    Zoey Kerln

    Love you josh

  • Queen Sister
    Queen Sister

    If you took a shot every time they said “like” you’d be dead

  • Mariam

    Remember that drake and josh episode where josh gives advice as a woman.

  • yvoongi

    *this is the only amount of seriousness we’ll ever get from david & josh guys*

  • Kelsey Marie
    Kelsey Marie

    The last clip about the canker sores 😂🤣

  • Haven Faith
    Haven Faith

    everyone should read the 5 love languages because you may think you're doing all of these things for your partner, but they have a different love language so it's not fulfilling them. And vice versa

  • Jashakers

    Hey Josh and David! Love these videos. I just wanted to clarify if someone hasn't already that asexuality isn't when you hate people. It's just when you don't feel romantically or sexually attracted to anyone. Besides that, you guys sound really wise in terms of relationships. Keep these videos up!~

  • Kiersten Miller
    Kiersten Miller

    i miss drake and josh i watched every episode my fav was the one that you had a crush on someone

  • Esther Paradise
    Esther Paradise

    About time is such a good movie yessss!!!!!