Reflections | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 68
Critical Role
Continuing their crawl through the tomb, the Mighty Nein must tackle a bridge of terrors and come face-to-face with familiar foes...
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  • moosetisho

    2:47:20 Is that a lil dicky reference? Fuck yea CR

  • GihKaL

    Why dont you kill my family with a spoon?

  • Steven Bonnell
    Steven Bonnell

    I MISS LAURA, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!v

  • sorsocksfake

    Such a Diablo 2 vibe, following the mysterious stranger into a tomb where ancient demon-gods were sealed? Will Yasha turn into Tyrael?

  • Tawny Ventura
    Tawny Ventura

    With 20 Wisdom and 9 Intelligence, Cadeuces is somehow as self-aware as Deadpool but unable to actually break the fourth wall

  • TheNoobofHearts

    Jester is mvp over the phone!

  • The Cognitive Rambler
    The Cognitive Rambler

    Some of my favorite moments are the 1 on 1 conversations they have when watching camp. Reminds me of like "Tales" skits.

  • Apollo Guy
    Apollo Guy

    Wait so did they open the door in the mirror dimension or regular cause if they did in the mirror one, does that mean there continuing in that dimension and so on?

  • Emil M
    Emil M

    He predicted stranger things

  • Maniacdude87


  • Sophie Hannah
    Sophie Hannah

    Is Caleb's "Bottle of Whiskey" Nott's flask? The flask that produces neverending whiskey???

  • David Bliss
    David Bliss

    that one guy minning tho

  • Paul Huck
    Paul Huck

    A Gibbering Mouther? Nice

  • wazpoke

    Jester saves Nott. Suddenly, Laura is "pretty and smart." Awwww.

  • MasonIce1999

    I do not like when Laura is not at the table. She brings so much life to the group.

  • Randy Bemrose
    Randy Bemrose

    Dat dry ice is fre$h

  • Charlotte Dask
    Charlotte Dask

    Travis was about to beat Sam for putting Laura's jester in danger lol. So committed to the romance now.

  • kilroy0097

    Yasha and the Orphans - Metal Band. I want to hear Ashley do the vocals for a metal song.

  • Jason Lee Starin
    Jason Lee Starin

    I would love some better views of the character minis. Can we have some break or end credit pics of them, please? They look so cool! Keep up the awesome job! You are all amazing and inspiring!

  • Forrest Hunt
    Forrest Hunt

    The thing under the bridge is a giant Gibbering Mouther.

  • Виталя Статив
    Виталя Статив

    Why so many stealth rolls? What's the point?

  • brokentuskx

    It bothers me that they always forget that Spirit Guardians also reduces movement of enemies by half while in the area

  • Kameo Hancox
    Kameo Hancox

    Ermagersh, Matt looks so tiny next to Travis!!! Awwww!

  • Keir Scott-Schrueder
    Keir Scott-Schrueder

    "This is a one of a kind marriage."


    The subtitles are so messed up! I want the originals back on, these are so wrong and incorrect, the timings and transcriptions are super wrong too! :(

    • ImProbablyEnlightened

      Agreed, I love the subtitles a lot but this week they were no good

  • ADeathlyDoctor

    "What do you mean Caleb killed his whole family?" "Oh, it's a figure of speech."

  • james blatterman
    james blatterman


  • james blatterman
    james blatterman

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  • Trevor Saltzgaver
    Trevor Saltzgaver

    Back in march 2019, my daughter was hospitalized for a pretty good length of time. 2 and 1/2 months all together. To pass time, we thought we'd get a game to play. Went to the local hobby store and picked up the Lost Mines of Phandelver starter set. Mind you, ive never DM'ed before. And only played DnD a handful of times. Immediately went into R&D mode to learn as literally as much as possible as quick as i could. Thats when i found critical role and began campaign 2 from episode 1. I can honestly say between this and handbooker helper, ive learned so much from the CR crew (All Hail Matt Mercer!) I officially run a campaign now with my wife, a friend, and my son. And my daughter plays my wife's familiar lol. Its so amazing, and has brought so much happiness to my family. Today, we board a plane to take my daughter to a specialist in Houston, Texas. That gives me enough time to watch Episode 69 (cant wait to see Oban get his ass handed to him) and then ill be caught up with campaign 2. Ill finally dig into Vox Machina after, which ive never watched a single episode of. Thank you so much CR, and you too Critters!!!! We Sold Our Souls for Rock and Rolls!

  • TwistedThistle

    No matter how many times I see this animated intro it never fails to impress me. It also never fails to send a shudder down my spine when it pans out to show Mollys cloak. It's all just so well done.

  • Chumley belated
    Chumley belated

    This is a nightmare dungeon lol. He's got a roper on the ceiling tracking these guys on a little skinny bridge that's completely enveloped below by a mass of teeth, bones and flesh who's only desire, I assume, is to gnaw their flesh. All this happening while spiritual waves of psychic control threaten to overcome the characters when it is triggered via noise. That is a fucking nightmare scenario. I mean there are several meta-game answers to this question: aoe silence to stop the whispers or pull the roper off the ceiling somehow and have it plummet into the flesh-sarlacc both come to mind.

  • James Powers
    James Powers

    Between the Dayum reference last episode and the lil Dicky reference this one I’m dying here.

  • Travis Mcallister
    Travis Mcallister

    That mirror room gives me ptsd flashbacks of every water temple in Zelda

  • ScorchHellfire

    3:46:52 So, I just had a thought... The dagger probably belonged to Oban, and he used it to unlock all the other stuff before this (so he had to stab all those other angel statues before this with it, as well). I'm guessing he left all the other ones unlocked for them, but this time somehow re-locked that angel door after himself while also leaving the dagger in the mirror world. Not sure how he avoided getting attacked by the duplicates, though. He clearly has been there before enough times to have obtained that dagger as well as the knowledge of how to get around all the obstacles and traps.

  • ScorchHellfire

    3:43:22 It's a frickin' music puzzle! xD

  • ScorchHellfire

    3:30:08 I'm just imagining Caduceus in an Overwatch PotG video right now with the Spirit Guardians tearing everything around him apart and the voice of Athena saying "Triple Kill!" as Caduceus just stands there, smiling wryly. xD

  • ScorchHellfire

    So how come Fjord's reflection didn't do what Yasha's did?

  • ScorchHellfire

    2:49:49 Ohhh snap! I was imagining it waaay less complex than that! :O They are in real trouble again!

  • ScorchHellfire

    2:42:26 O_O What if it's like SCP-372? A monster from the SCP Foundation collaborative fiction site. It has a long, thin body around 6.5 feet in length and 8 pairs of spindly legs, which enable it to move very quickly and precisely. It also has a special sensory organ that detects pulses of energy from other beings' brains, which enables it to predict your movements and hide behind your head or in your blind spots. In the SCP game it would only ever briefly flash in your peripheral vision occasionally after you visit its (seemingly empty) containment cell, implying that it follows you for the rest of the game.

  • CommanderLemur

    How can Liam even roll in that disaster of a dice tray

  • ScorchHellfire


  • Asmaron

    Ooofff This was stressful.... first I murdered my family, then I threw a friend off a bridge What’s gonna come tomorrow?

  • Kise Khan
    Kise Khan

    They should do a new brunch special “ The search for Flasky “

  • Raonidbg

    What was Sam's response when Travis said Laura was going to kill Sam?

  • Jeremy Schwandt
    Jeremy Schwandt

    I love nott... but am I the only one who's slightly irritated with her constantly making dumb and or hasty decisions which almost ALWAYS come back to bite her, and even more importantly, endanger her friends? It seems like this has happened maaaaaany times in the campaign and she only gets a pass because "oh it's just her, or its so cute" yet when fjord or caleb has made a mistake everyone pops the f*** off on them.

  • Sebastian Lodge
    Sebastian Lodge

    I love Sam this episode but hate nott.

  • ScorchHellfire

    2:05:41 Glad to see that Taliesin agrees...

  • ScorchHellfire

    2:05:12 Please, make it stop.

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:51:04 Really? Really? You two are arguing *for* Nott to do more damage to Jester? With friends like you...

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:49:07 Oh thank goodness... This whole time I was worried they were going to go through all that without even getting the item that Caleb was trying to get to that caused all this ruckus in the first place...

  • ScorchHellfire

    It's starting to feel like Nott is destined to die... She keeps getting put in these ridiculous and life threatening situations (usually through her own choices) that her party have to save her from...

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:39:21 So can anyone tell me what this thing at the bottom of the chasm is? Sounds like something out of the Far Realms despite this place being associated with the Abyss.

    • Russell Stanley
      Russell Stanley

      It sounds like a very advanced Gibbering Mouther. (They aren't normally anywhere near that big.)

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:37:59 AND THAT'S WHY YOU DON'T CUT THE ROPE, SAM! >:( D&D Beyond President, indeed...

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:32:10 Heh... Just like last time... Although can we say that Laura is in her right mind while sick? What if a bunch of them fall off the bridge because of this?

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:18:06 lol! Apparently the key to causing natural 20s (at least for Perception checks) is to comment on how bad the roll is going to be right before rolling.

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:16:34 What. The. Hell. Is. That.

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:14:05 I wish she had said something like "What did I say last time, Nott?!" there.

  • ScorchHellfire

    1:05:06 lol, Yasha went full mom-mode for a bit there... and Nott responded accordingly. xD

  • ScorchHellfire

    58:13 She's rolling at home? Seriously... why didn't she just Skype in or something.

  • ScorchHellfire

    55:53 Told ya! xD

  • ScorchHellfire

    55:41 Please tell me it's to yell at him for casting the wrong them and breaking concentration on Pass without a Trace... Also, if she was just going to call in to correct him, they could've set up a Skype thing like they've done in the past...

  • ScorchHellfire

    53:55 I'm guessing he meant to do Blessing of the Trickster here...

  • ScorchHellfire

    24:16 I guess you could say they are... Goodberries... ;D

  • ScorchHellfire

    19:35 lol, that stall to try to think of a fantasy equivalent of a bus...

  • dracone

    Fun fact, owls don't have a schlong

  • ScorchHellfire

    19:11 That's where you insight check her, Sam!

  • ScorchHellfire

    16:21 Wow... Dropping the big reveals like it's nothing...

  • ScorchHellfire

    15:41 Nooo, not yet! Wait for Laura to be back before you do that. xD

  • ScorchHellfire

    4:07 Understatement of the century...

  • ScorchHellfire

    2:11 But... you're on a tablet, not a phone...