Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan
This is one of the craziest projects we have ever bought!!! This Lamborghini Huracan is going to be a tough one to revive, but I think we are the best candidates to make it happen! Follow along as we take this wrecked exotic and make it new again!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • It’sPeterPAL

    I’ve driven on that road on the news clip.

  • Matt Buchanan
    Matt Buchanan

    First 30 sec this guy is a pussy

  • ingabritt69

    just wanna now how much it was though

  • Mahdi Rauf
    Mahdi Rauf

    How much money did you payed for the lambo ?

  • Mateus Gianotto
    Mateus Gianotto


  • abramafs

    A huracan isn’t a cheap car you know

  • Razif Fadzil
    Razif Fadzil

    Have you changed crack wind screen?

  • siamouominiocaporali?

    "i hate when they load from the bottom" do you want them to grab it by the top?

  • nic suth
    nic suth

    RIP Lamborghini Huracan she was loved by many ;-; 2016 to 2018

  • Edy ninja
    Edy ninja


  • JP Guthrie
    JP Guthrie

    Clickbait. We have no idea if it was a "cheap" super car, we don't know how much the wrecked car cost, or how much the parts cost. And if the car came with a "rebuilt" title (which is likely the case) it will not be worth what it cost to buy and repair as no bank will finance such a car, and insurers will be reluctant to insure it, you'll need to pay extra. You would do much better to buy a used, well-cared for car which you don't need to rebuild, and which you can actually sell for a decent price when you get tired of it.

  • KiKi News
    KiKi News

    Guys can help my channel please

  • Tinfoil Helmet
    Tinfoil Helmet

    I wish my daddy would give me cash to play with expensive broken cars....

  • Hannible100

    Douse the seat still smell of expencive pussy?

  • Li U MAAA
    Li U MAAA

    leggit hate in me, now

  • An Hoàng
    An Hoàng

    What about rebuiding a moto

  • Ariel Barillas
    Ariel Barillas

    There is a lot of roads like that in America, roads in Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and many more.

  • Munich FX
    Munich FX

    Hurricane crashes in Florida

  • Loris Micheletti
    Loris Micheletti

    how much did you pay? destroyed?

  • Viseth Music-Lover
    Viseth Music-Lover

    may I have your email !

  • Bandz

    its so weird seeing this guy drive on the roads that i drive on everyday

  • i_nano Tran
    i_nano Tran

    It took a few seconds to roar then rekt. Damn savage dude

  • Gunther H.G. Geick
    Gunther H.G. Geick

    No wonder a Volkswagen wheel fits. Finally, the Lamborghini is part of the VW Group.

  • Benevolence Ukaegbu
    Benevolence Ukaegbu

    From @willmotivation

  • Nice

    What was the price?

  • Tom Hubbard
    Tom Hubbard

    Stop using your phone while driving dumb ass! You have a passenger. Ask them to Google it.

  • roblox fan
    roblox fan

    Fix that crack in ur trucks windshield

  • Русская свинособака
    Русская свинособака

    It's an injured car

  • G. W.
    G. W.

    Sooooo, what did y'all pay for that heap?

  • G. W.
    G. W.

    It's amazing no glass was broken in that collision.

  • G. W.
    G. W.

    00:10 - " Like oh my God, what just happened?"

  • TheSRBgamer63

    Some rich heavily dumb bitch crashed it ,and there comes poor bastards who can't wait to get hands on some scrap of metal...Pathetic.

  • Vz Kek
    Vz Kek

    Did a female crash it cause I wouldn’t be surprised

  • Wesley Oosterbosch
    Wesley Oosterbosch

    Sadly, money doesn't buy driving skills :P

    • Bastian Briceño
      Bastian Briceño

      Only if you don't want to. You could easily hire some pro driving teachers with money.

  • Kay

    Go to Asia they're the best mechanics and rebuilders.

  • Saleh Ahmed Syed
    Saleh Ahmed Syed

    awesome build keep up the good work guys.

  • Mê Xe
    Mê Xe

    Ở Việt Nam chúng tôi rất hiếm cơ hội thấy Lambroghini ,tất nhiên để khắc phục những chiếc xe cũng k hề dễ dàng ,tôi ước gì tôi có thể đc ở đó giúp bạn sửa chữa những chiếc xe ,mong rằng có một ước nguyện đc sửa chữa và chạm vào body của những chiếc xe của tôi thành hiện thực ,có chúa trên cao chứng giám cho điều tôi nói là sự thật . From Việt Nam :*3

  • Fire It Up Garage
    Fire It Up Garage

    get it driving and only show off the drivers side and you're golden. everybody at the drive through windows will love it.


    How much did you pay for the lambo

    • Oscar_Ceron

      82k $

  • Helle Fyre
    Helle Fyre

    Blonde woman steps out of the wreck.

  • Zach Gallon
    Zach Gallon

    "just wanna see what these E-tal-Yanz did to this thing" Im dead.

  • Shrenk

    Clickbait title. "Picking up Lambo from junkyard and talking about the damage"

  • jermaine morgan
    jermaine morgan

    this is some great stuff guys

  • Dan Solono
    Dan Solono

    These guys are so red neck.

  • Jonty Das
    Jonty Das

    When a woman drives 😂 That shit was bound to happen

  • Xfilter1922


  • Faizal Bachtiar
    Faizal Bachtiar

    Crazy driver lambo

  • Car Guy1 Car
    Car Guy1 Car

    Of course a girl crashed it😂

  • Alekcandr 1
    Alekcandr 1

    Красава долбис купил машину 🤣

  • Ali Turbali
    Ali Turbali

    Spend papas money around

  • Wafiyoski

    Does the rich use supercar as something that can be dumped easily?

  • louis mason
    louis mason

    Nice beginning editing and filming.

  • Jakub Slavík
    Jakub Slavík

    Where u buy it :D??

  • Rupam Medhi
    Rupam Medhi

    Fix your windscreen.. Its boken..

  • Stoney3K

    I'm kind of surprised that it had such a massive front-end crash and the air bags just didn't pop.

  • Yeet Gucci
    Yeet Gucci


  • Whirlpool Gaming YT
    Whirlpool Gaming YT


  • Whirlpool Gaming YT
    Whirlpool Gaming YT


    • Whirlpool Gaming YT
      Whirlpool Gaming YT


  • RaVeN

    i think you windscreen is broken or what is this? a cable?

  • Cliff Miller
    Cliff Miller

    +1 Full Savage Mode

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble

    did the joogsquad guy just hop out of that lambo after the crash ?

  • madirose17

    i was like how this guys hot. turns out he’s from georgia like me. wow

    • Owen Prescott
      Owen Prescott

      lol proof once you get a lambo the girls start flocking XD

  • hamid sobhani
    hamid sobhani

    hello boys . i like your worke . its very strang .

  • Brick

    Watch ChrisFix's video on super cleaning to make this baby shine and not scratch the paint ;)

  • Ghosts Are Real
    Ghosts Are Real

    you guys sound white as fuck 🤣😂

  • Can Doo
    Can Doo

    Just pissing themselves with excitement. Should be interesting to see one the reality sets in.

    • Ty Bryant
      Ty Bryant

      Can Doo They finished it

  • seventyfive1

    Women drivers...

  • ALI


  • GodlikeFlaash

    How much this lambo did cost?

  • Hershey Sanchez
    Hershey Sanchez

    I live here