Real Navy SEAL on What War Movies Get Wrong | Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf
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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1247 with Andy Stumpf:

  • Jeff A.P.G.
    Jeff A.P.G.

    That's how I feel with Top Gun cause I'm and Air Force Vet, F-16 maintainer

  • Trusty Patches
    Trusty Patches

    I totally get where he's coming from. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing a character in a movie light a cigarette, take like two drags, then toss the whole thing on the street. Like MOTHER FUCKER! YOU JUST THREW MONEY ON THE FUCKING GROUND!

  • Fahrul Ahyan
    Fahrul Ahyan

    I can't wait for the next CoD to have a 48 hours mission about making PowerPoint

  • Chris Cornelius
    Chris Cornelius

    Surprise, movies are not true to life.

  • RJLbwb

    The military runs on MS Office... I am scared now! 0o

  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam

    Biggest thing that bothers me about military movies is the goddamn shitty berets. You'd think they'd spend some time forming them before wearing them, especially since production times are so long.

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill

    so im in the air force right, obviously not a navy SEAL but listen to what he says because its all true. especially the approval part. im redoing a program right now and I need to submit new appointment letters and it really got kicked back Friday because it has the wrong letterhead..... the military is the hardest easy job youll ever have

  • Jeremey M
    Jeremey M

    Who knew! I guess we're all power point rangers no matter what job or branch!


    ' DUNKIRK' ..... best war film yet made. And yes. The beginning of 'saving private ryan' is incredible. But spielberg did sit down with the veterans and listen. A great move that certainly came across in those harrowing opening scenes.

  • CommandoJenkins

    Full metal jacket.

  • Isaiah Guerrieri
    Isaiah Guerrieri

    So what happened to Savin private Ryan

  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala

    I'm a gun guy and a military history buff, but I'm not an asshole, so when I see inaccuracies in a movie, I don't ruin it for everyone else. I'm also a gear head, etc., but I still do not ruin the related movies for other people. Andy just seems like a childish asshole.

  • Jim Iverson
    Jim Iverson

    I'd hate to be so anal that an inaccuracy in a fucking MOVIE would cause me that much distress

  • grayRain

    I remember having to justify in my mind that that dude with the open bolt in Sicario had an

  • Colin Forster
    Colin Forster

    i wonder how many beach landings under enemies who had 5 years to dig in?

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart

    Id like to know this guys opinion of Act of Valor. That was supposed to be the only movie ever filmed by a big time Hollywood production company that had ACTUAL ACTIVE OPERATORS as the stars.

  • Graham

    I'm surprised. Shocked. He was in real action and he can talk about this so casually. I've met a lot of soldiers. They can't talk about it.

  • xxCOKERxxPWNxx

    I mean- open bolt firing system🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Roger Rabbit
    Roger Rabbit

    “Platoon” - The M60 is visibly loaded with bottleneck blanks.

  • PeenPlays


  • sherman1ai

    On the flipside, if you wanna watch overdone technical nerdery in regards to combat tactics, watch the stairwell clearing scene in a Hong Kong movie called PTU. Its like, ok, we get, these 5 assholes can clear a stairwell. You don't need to show this whole process to us in real time. That movie didn't have enough glam haha

  • Chris Haugh
    Chris Haugh

    I really wish you guys would have asked about the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

  • Jed Morris
    Jed Morris

    Platoon is good

  • thomas abel
    thomas abel

    WP grenades work LOL

  • Grizzly

    Nice hat one of the top Companies in the US. BRCC represented!

  • Jonathan Scherer
    Jonathan Scherer

    happens with people playing music as well. takes me immediately out of the scene.

  • Frenner Thomas
    Frenner Thomas

    but i think Act of Valor is nearly to realism :-)

  • nick massie
    nick massie

    American sniper

  • Dylan Carreiro
    Dylan Carreiro

    Should have talked about generation kill hbo mini series

    • Terry B.
      Terry B.

      Great series

  • Chris Seacord
    Chris Seacord

    Green zone with Matt Damon is pretty good he Lily has his rifle the entire movie just like one or two scenes when he doesn't

  • Tappan DatAss
    Tappan DatAss

    Act of Valor

  • Cody Borak
    Cody Borak

    This is a guy who talks way too much.

  • wade P
    wade P

    Back when i was in the army i worked in a joint unit with navy guys and airforce guys and ill never forget when we had an issue with one of our aircraft refueling and i had to make a powerpoint to explain to this 2lt how air refueling works for their own asset.

  • therealshizlow

    If this guy is the real deal, how is it that he didn't mention the spoon thing. Show the spoon thing man.

    • therealshizlow

      How to kill someone with a spoon.....;)

    • Maya Maia
      Maya Maia

      therealshizlow what do you mean? :D

  • Brenden Verlinden
    Brenden Verlinden

    I feel for this man. I work in the Cyber Security field and every time I see a scene in a movie that involves "hacking", I want to throw my tv out the window. Because 99% of the time it's wildly inaccurate.

  • John Van Oort
    John Van Oort

    This is why I go to the movies by myself.

  • Corry Johnson
    Corry Johnson

    His breakdown of how they plan is fascinating.

  • Corry Johnson
    Corry Johnson

    Drives me crazy to see non-musicians in movies, especially guitarists, in performance scenes.

    • Ios5513

      Yeah it's usually pretty awful... Bradley Cooper did I decent job, but he also practiced guitar for like a year... But you can still tell he isn't playing most scenes


    Well, when I see the movies that involve gambling, thats exactly how I feel, and I remember thinking at a time "the real spies and agents must have fun watching James Bond" now I know I was right...

  • Jose Albarracin
    Jose Albarracin

    Men of honor was pretty accurate

  • saint6m

    In the Army now

  • Stutter of the House
    Stutter of the House

    Seems like movies that are based on Navy SEALs always make the training aspect of it seem like it's easy and everyone can do it, which is a lie. There is a reason why less then 10k men have actually made it thru the 6 month training program. The fail rate is well over 80% in each class. You get 300 men trying out, maybe 25-30 of them make it to the end.

  • Gary Nico
    Gary Nico

    nobody: joe rogan: really?

  • Shannon Williams
    Shannon Williams


  • B. C.
    B. C.

    Nearly 2K people are like, "This muhfuckr is wrong!! I'm hard as fvck to kill in Ghost Recon!" 😆

  • WingingSum unknown
    WingingSum unknown

    What about the TV show Seal Team? Not every episode, but sertent things in it. Is anything accurate in the show?

  • leetledrummerboy

    Lol this guy needs to chill. It's not as if the rest of the population is sitting there thinking these movies are uber realistic. I play a little guitar but I'm not gonna walk out of the theatre if Joaquin Phoenix places his fingers wrong in walk the line.

    • E K
      E K

      leetledrummerboy He’s being hyperbolic man, I don’t think he actually walks out of the theater lol

    • Brady Sahm
      Brady Sahm

      i understand what he means though. Every time i watch a movie about bootcamp or anything military related i cant help but cringe, its all cheesy and over acted. Once youve been through it its hard to watch other people pretending to be there.

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker

    What about Stripes?

  • damien morath
    damien morath

    Rob Oneill...who was on the BinLaden raid said he thought the gun battle in Lone Survivor was a good representation of fighting in Afghanistan....(Oneill won a Silver Star for a battle he was in in Afghanistan.....Real Seals trained the actors to maybe Andy is a little bit too critical....Saving Private Ryan...Band of Brothers...what about Act of Valour.....plenty of movies are pretty accurate

  • Bjorn Bludaxe
    Bjorn Bludaxe

    Hey what about act of valor

  • Ty Pompey
    Ty Pompey

    Hacksaw Ridge was dope

  • Dave PBG
    Dave PBG

    one of my team is former military and always wear black rifle coffee company clothing. i really should look it up

  • NightOwl

    Joe “I’m too ADD for that” Rogan

  • Ser Pinfingers
    Ser Pinfingers

    i always laugh when 4 stroke motorbikes get dubbed over with a 2 stroke engine. or when people never say goodbye before hanging up the phone. people asking for 'a beer' when in reality the bartender would be like 'yeah, what kind?'

  • Dagger

    That bothers me too, when a gun has too many bullets and they never have to reload unless it's to create suspense

  • AzNightmare

    *You should have asked him about Dunkirk. It was so boring that it might have actually been a good portrayal of real life. It worked for some people, but not for everyone. Very unique movie though.*

  • Cousin Ryan
    Cousin Ryan

    5:20 same with blunts

  • David Curry
    David Curry

    All of those Mark Boal movies (Hurt Locker, ZDT, Triple Frontier) are a load of crap, on an extremely BASIC level. For somebody so interested in making military movies, Boal could at least hire a military advisor that knows what a MOS or UCMJ is

  • gajacome1

    The end statement is 100% correct my unit and myself have spent the last 10 months working on 2 course of actions for a fake section of a battle on N. Korea. It’s crazy what gets kicked back and why

  • B Mac
    B Mac

    A Viet vet told me Hamburger Hill and Platoon were the most realistic war movies he`d seen.

  • Dirafv3

    wow gun tactical gun expert

  • Hank Chinaski
    Hank Chinaski

    The shit that gets on my nerve is when a REAL NAVY SEAL calls CIA officers"agents." Yawn.

  • Nick Ricc
    Nick Ricc

    Joe Rogan at 3:20????????

  • Nicholas Gonzalez
    Nicholas Gonzalez

    Black hawk down was my favorite kid movie . Still in my top 10 ..

  • Kieran Shirley
    Kieran Shirley

    Colby ain’t so bad when he drops the gimmick...

  • Tsew Keelem
    Tsew Keelem

    That guy doesn’t really smoke😂😂😂


    Generation Kill

  • Hussein Najm
    Hussein Najm

    All movies are dramatized, some countries actually put a statement up in cinemas when they show a movie that's based on a real life story. And they say that even though it's a true story it has been dramatised.

  • Rob Kenyon
    Rob Kenyon

    The shootout in Heat is good.

  • Will Sapp
    Will Sapp

    Wish he would have talked on 13 hours. Im curious (ik its private contracting not seals but still)

  • AInmon

    I wanna know how he feels about Apocalypse Now

  • SGGhost

    generation kill is a show but it definitely is very accurate in my opinion if any vets wanna tell me how accurate generation kill actually is I would appreciate

  • codybilyeu21

    They're freakin' movies.. no shit.

  • CrustangLX

    Can't stand seeing an actor cycle the action of a gun and eject a round.

  • Paul Kane
    Paul Kane

    art is not reality guys

  • sarikatimmi

    brah they dont catch starbucks cups in time pieces.

  • sarikatimmi

    wait so gi jane isn’t realistic. i mean marine/seal all hard core

  • Josiah Rudy
    Josiah Rudy

    I freaking love how the first question he took the deepest breath ever!! Like godamnit you asked the question

  • cmdrdredd

    Most of the Michael Mann movies have pretty accurate gunplay. Heat, Collateral, even though Miami Vice sucked, the way they moved and handled the weapons wasn't terribly unrealistic.

  • Emily Daniels
    Emily Daniels

    I need an animation of soldiers just doing office work all day 11:00

  • Darth Musturd
    Darth Musturd

    Nice brcc hat. I have one of their mugs

    • Skylar Cary
      Skylar Cary

      too bad the coffee tastes like shit but it's a military bro brand so everyone loves it :p

  • Qaz '03
    Qaz '03

    Andy should watch jarhead.

  • 82tinitus

    Joe “Really?” Rogan

  • 8 1
    8 1


  • Lucien Cross
    Lucien Cross

    My favorite one is the Red Dawn reboot. There's a sniper who has the scope cover down over the lens

    • Kray times
      Kray times

      If I'm correct it was a lens shroud not a cap a shroud conceals glair an doesn't give ur position away

  • bostero y boliviano
    bostero y boliviano


  • Natalia Kruschev
    Natalia Kruschev

    Keanu reloads *frequently* in John Wick. But Sicario is fucking amazing, too.

  • Coach Frank Perez
    Coach Frank Perez

    Is like baseball movies for me seeing the swing and fielding the ball wow

    • Zach Smith
      Zach Smith

      Coach Frank Perez that shit drives me nuts. Movie star has weak bullshit swing but hits it a mile

  • Hayden Nelson
    Hayden Nelson

    why watch movies at all though without knowing before hand that its a movie? lol i mean they do absolutely everything in movies for pure entertainment. what fun is a grenade when its just a poof of dust? thats not going to get views and good ratings lol its all about the action and adventure that you don't get in real life. thats what movies are for, its about the journey and you just don't get that when you make a movie based on realism. Andy Stumpf seems like an intolerant asshole and i can't imagine it would ever be any fun to hang around such a negative nancy lol

  • scino0816

    Great Interview. He's spot on & he was a seal. I was Army infantry. I could've added, inspections on gear. Cleaning 11B(buffer) Bullshit formations 3x's a day minimum. Then dumb missions given by suits at the top. Best one I ever did. Painting over graffiti in the middle of sector right outside Sadr city

    • Skylar Cary
      Skylar Cary

      then when you're in garrison you get to pick up trash and pull gate guard duty. looooool

  • Sushi Mane
    Sushi Mane

    It makes sense how that stresses him out. That one stupid mistake could be life or death in his world.

  • US ARMY VET 11B 96-14
    US ARMY VET 11B 96-14


  • Blitz ThaLeague
    Blitz ThaLeague

    Suspension of disbelief guys do we bitch about football and boxing in movies?

  • kieran mcgovern
    kieran mcgovern

    kajaki is up there with the best war movies

  • iMet Sauce Walka in Austin
    iMet Sauce Walka in Austin

    11:33 ... basically when they get there they kill because we know how to kill very well. What a professional way to say that.

  • ValentinoE88

  • Big Tom
    Big Tom

    Saving Private Ryan, band of Brothers, Pacific and probably Black hawk down got to be the most accurate I would think.

  • Dilan Mistry
    Dilan Mistry

    What about SEAL Team? Not a movie, but addresses quite a few things in this video.

  • Karl Rippe
    Karl Rippe


  • candyapu3

    Generation Kill seems accurate to all the logistic bullshit he was talking about