Real Navy SEAL on What War Movies Get Wrong | Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf
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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1247 with Andy Stumpf:

  • gangstalishis

    suppressors are the worst in movies, pew.

  • Joe Mackie
    Joe Mackie

    For me it's movies where the character plays guitar, but the actor probably can't spell guitar, let alone play it.

  • Connor Van Winter
    Connor Van Winter

    This guy is kinda a jive turkey about realism in movies. Like to say oh yeah that shit is completely wrong and stuff is fine but to be like "that movie sucks" or "I walked out because the gun bolt in one scene is too far back" is unreal. Everybody deals with that crap; try watching some movies' attempts at showing sports or people who are supposed to be al good at this sport. Watching lacrosse in movies is brutal.

  • MultipleChoiceNinja

    This guy is such a prick. Who cares... it's a movie, dickhead.

  • bcove90

    i threw dozens of grenades in the creamed corn, theyre fun, its not the explosion that kills you, its the actual casing of the grenade that flys off and creates a shit load of shrapnel 360 degrees around where it explodes that kills you

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable

    Sometimes joe, when you talk, I get really sad at how little you know after talking to so many cool people.

  • SadNiggaHours

    Fragmentation grenade = "dust" - Navy Seal

  • ThereIsNoTry

    I'm here to set things straight, the typical conduct of most missions is prepping, orientation of the sectors in the area, i did not hit her, it's not true, it's bullshit i did not hit her, i did NAAAT ...oh hi Mark.

  • Noah Toe-ah
    Noah Toe-ah

    Well as a Jedi master, I’d love to be on to tell you about how many errors are in Star Wars.

  • str8todamoney

    I wonder what he thinks about Dunkirk.

  • Michael Snasdell
    Michael Snasdell

    Every time I see movies or TV programs which tries to recreate or represent any speciality, be it armed forces or first responders, it drives me insane the number of inaccuracies.. So it is good to see someone express themselves first hand lol

  • Altide Svensson
    Altide Svensson

    Mhh didn't mention Rambo, bummer.

  • Shelby Graham
    Shelby Graham

    There just f**king movies. Get over it. Stop being a POS and go watch some Disney movies. Those are on Your non complaint level. Smh!

  • Tristan Morphew
    Tristan Morphew

    Fuckin hate briefs

  • Hardy Harr
    Hardy Harr

    Another way to tell if someone doesn't smoke is to see the exhaled smoke, it tends to dissipate a lot faster vs a real smoker where the exhaled smoke particles seem to stay together longer due to the humidity gathered from the lungs

  • Coltt Jennings
    Coltt Jennings

    10:03 - "Greater than 95% of my career, I've spent training" "5% I spent in combat" "that's average" So true! Lol

  • 123 456
    123 456

    Jarhead is up there for realism, only the dumb shit when they play football, or laugh at old mates video when his wife gets nailed 😂

  • LivingOnLifeDyingfromLife187

    Waterloo 1970

  • Rick Singleterry
    Rick Singleterry

    Omg I hear you on the pool hustlers in the movies lol. Drives me nuts.

  • artography

    Joes squeely fake laugh is annoying.

  • cartmanshome

    the biggest tell for someone who doesn't smoke is when they don't inhale the smoke, they kinda draw the smoke into their mouth and immediately blowout the smoke.

  • Dan Gonsalves
    Dan Gonsalves

    Act of Valor?

  • mwli1984

    Sheens legit. He's got TIGER BLOOD

  • Zach B
    Zach B

    Didn't mention Tears of the Sun, they was trained for the movie, even went to a mini boot camp too .

  • oriwan

    I would watch a „The office - Military“ TV show where we only see the office drama and meetings in a US military FOB . Haha 😂

  • D Man
    D Man

    Aren't there diffrent types of grenades

  • StormShadowGFX

    keanu Reeves

  • Freddy Bieler
    Freddy Bieler

    how about lone survivor or act of valor???

  • Tim Hicks
    Tim Hicks

    I'm a plumber. I can't play Mario games. JK Mario is awesome

  • gcm747

    OMG. SO true about Power Point. I swear to God, Officers put so much time and effort into PP for mission briefings you’d have thought they get some sort of secret medal for it!

  • R. B.
    R. B.

    This guy seems like a dweeb. For a guy who hates hollywood reenactments of warfare he sure does watch a lot of those films... cant be that tough to watch if thats all you watch you dweeb.

  • The DANK Zenon
    The DANK Zenon

    90 minutes? I swear black hawk down was a long fucking movie, like almost 3 hours if im not wrong

  • imapoetnuknoit thorough
    imapoetnuknoit thorough

    Nobody wants to see someone plan a mission and train for days thats absurd thats like someone explaining what happened yesterday starting with how they buttoned up their shirt and zipped up their pants

  • chzzyg269

    I went from infantry, to film school on the GI Bill, and ended up becoming the common armorer on pretty much all student film sets involving firearms, because it was so incredibly irritating watching student directors directing actors how to do things that would get them killed if it was real life. So many times i'd have to explain, semi-auto handguns do not go *click click click when they are empty.

  • Aldo Moraigne
    Aldo Moraigne

    I had to look for grenade video

  • Jonathan Ferris
    Jonathan Ferris

    He’s sad him, most of the film’s aren’t based on real events so why can’t he just enjoy the fucking film

  • Ragin Greek
    Ragin Greek

    Joe "too A.D.D" Rogan

  • J

    I can’t stand it when people pretend to play guitar or drums in a movie. They can look so uncomfortable holding an instrument and not even gripping the neck properly. Omg it pisses me off every time.

  • canihazburgers

    They should discuss the shootout in Heat. Still the best.

  • elguitarTom

    If they made movies ultra realistic it would be boring. Take Top Gun as an example: They would be km apart from their wingmen and the enemies would barely be visible and they would just use radar and shoot missiles miles apart

  • Darth Hell
    Darth Hell

    My question is, when Hollywood ever made a real movie with realistic and history accurate stuff, NEVER, fucking PROPAGANDA :)

  • Bogy 1 Kinoby
    Bogy 1 Kinoby

    Lone Survivor is probably the most realistic seen as the actors were trained by former Seals and the whole film was based on Marcus Luttrell’s book. And by the way, contrary to this podcast, Marcus was very active in the film making, he chose the director, he was there when the actors did seal training.

  • tvsinesperanto

    If you've ever seen a real explosive go off it is really anticlimactic. The one exception is that time that the Mythbusters exploded that cement truck. That was fucking RAD!!! Like this guy says though, grenades go "bang" and there is no fire, nothing spectacular. Just a compression that you can feel in your chest if you are close enough and a shitload of shrapnel that you had best avoid if you value continuing to breathe in and out.

  • Daniel gutzz
    Daniel gutzz

    “As long as you look at it for entertainment...” yeah no shit Sherlock thats the point of watching a movie.

  • N A
    N A

    7.62 millimeter Full....Metal...Jacket

  • SNPRagent009

    What about jarhead?

  • Danny De La Torre
    Danny De La Torre

    The most accurate military movie is Saving Private Ryan

  • 5th Horseman
    5th Horseman

    First movie date with my future (still current) wife, Saving Private Ryan . We sat there squeezing a handful of popcorn for 10 mins in shock, had no idea it was going to be that intense!

  • TCT92Graphics

    I wonder what he thinks of Hacksaw Ridge?

  • TrueSake

    Jeez dude, they're action movies, is not suppose to be 100% accurate or they would be boring as fuck. Everyone knows is BS but is fun to watch.

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills

    Dude is gay

  • BillHicks420

    I'm not any sort of expert on combat or weapons (one year compulsory military service), but it ALWAYS irks me when "professional" soldiers in movies can't even do BASIC muzzle safety, like this guy mentions. Like yeah, perhaps don't point the rifle at your friend's face for no reason what so ever. These are movies priced at 10's or 100's of million dollars, yet they can't afford ONE fucker who knows about gun safety. Ruins the immersion.

  • Noneya Bizness
    Noneya Bizness

    Guitar players, piano players etc. can always spot non-musicans faking playing an instrument in movies.

  • axey D
    axey D

    He should try Kilo Two Bravo (Kajaki), brutal film

  • buildatrap

    Yes films are shorter in time than actual life.

  • fireblade1000rr8

    What a fuckin dick! All films are nonsense, that IS the point. Entertainment dickhead. I bet life is such a hoot in his house 😞

  • The Carrot Ninja
    The Carrot Ninja

    I wonder what he thinks about the film Battleship?

  • TheAntim4tter

    Jurassic park is completely inaccurate science yet I still enjoy it. Holy fuck relax bro.

  • Nacs

    The Pacific best war "movie"

  • Primthos

    John Wick was one of the most magazine conscious movies I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong, it's bad, he shoots to many a lot but he reloaded more than anyone I've seen and switched gun or took somone elses gun on a roll

    • Christian S
      Christian S

      Yeah it's surprisingly accurate. Not perfect by any means, but I always find my self counting shots fired and there werent too many aggregious occurences in John Wick

  • Cameron Barber
    Cameron Barber

    What about Act of Valor?? That was with real Seals wasn't it!? One of my favorite movies. Not because of the acting but because of the action. It seemed the most legit out of everything I've seen so far. But I know nothing haha

  • Lieto Nasi
    Lieto Nasi

    I wonder what kind on movies this guy watches...

  • Basic Reviews
    Basic Reviews

    This guy looks like Colby 😂😂

  • Basic Reviews
    Basic Reviews

    Act of valor is the most accurate

  • Ruell Wester
    Ruell Wester

    Dude just go watch some porn.

  • Adam Kelly
    Adam Kelly

    Even when they zoomed in on that Sicario shot, I couldn't see the "bolt in the rear"

  • Liam Winter
    Liam Winter

    Also watch the original Predator and cringe the whole time

  • Liam Winter
    Liam Winter

    Not saving private Ryan

  • aa bbb
    aa bbb

    he doesn't think Saving Private Ryan was accurate? was he there? WWII vets have stated it was accurate. maybe this guy is a little too critical because things weren't done as he thinks they should have been done.

  • Richard Colucci
    Richard Colucci

    Which do you feel is more realistic. Rambo II or Starship Troopers?

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan

    Really getting mad at movies that aren’t realistic! Are you 12?

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan

    What idiot thinks a grenade actually explodes into a giant ball of flame.

  • Randy Wesley
    Randy Wesley

    Thank god I’m not the only one with the grenade gripe

  • Evander Writes
    Evander Writes

    Dude, we don't care. It's fiction. Nice trucker hat. Where'd you get it? Bass pro shop in the real gun section. Give hollywood a break

  • kevin conroy
    kevin conroy

    Actors drinking/holding a coffee cup which is obviously empty, annoys the crap out of me, put some liquid in it too give it weight.

  • Derek Rayment
    Derek Rayment

    This guy is a buzzkill

  • FrogSnake


  • james99953

    Joe (always agere with my guest ) rogan

  • freedaman

    Every movie on every subject ever is only on the interesting parts of the story. That’s what makes story telling a thing.

  • Thomas Lucas
    Thomas Lucas

    I couldn't agree more. Saving private Ryan is the only depiction of combat that ive ever seen that captures what it is really like. Hooah! Sappers lead the way!

  • Josh K
    Josh K

    Haha...Microsoft office suite products have nothing on the shit show that Share Point is for the DoD!

  • ogdraco

    i dont remember in john wick them shooting that many rounds from pistol. at least on keanu himself. pretty sure for him at least they did specific rounds to emphasize how he reloads tactically.

  • mercsan117

    I wonder how he feels about Jarhead. As a former active duty Marine, it felt pretty good watching it.

  • BR Rider
    BR Rider

    This guy is a bit of a whiner..

  • Robo Jimbo
    Robo Jimbo

    You Must be a polarizing figure joe. Lol alot of guest pick up on how you speak and alot of your mannerisms. Interesting

  • Phenomenal 2112
    Phenomenal 2112

    The last part about death by PowerPoint is absolutely true, lol. I am former Air Force Intel, & holy hell, the planning for a mission becomes so annoying & petty regarding proper font, classification, orientation, spelling, etc.

  • Tim Cordier
    Tim Cordier

    This guy has never seen the war movie with rob van dam, boring as fuck, must be pretty realistic 🤣

  • heyskra

    I've earned my powerpoint tab.

  • Dennis Jordan
    Dennis Jordan

    It’s a movie, who gives a shit if it looks real, as adults we should know it isn’t real before we sit down to watch it.

  • lx LastMan Standing xl
    lx LastMan Standing xl

    Don't forget Microsoft excel spread sheets!where I spend 89% of my career haha

  • pthack man
    pthack man

    Much respect for this guy. Thankful he served our country. But gd it’s a movie man, it’s about the story not the gd magazine count.

  • Pro Mix Bartedning by The Don
    Pro Mix Bartedning by The Don

    Every war is different. This guy was not in Vietnam, full metal jacket is a very accurate movie. Quite a few of the old school movies are much more accurate than the "movie magic" garbage they make today.

  • St Matteos
    St Matteos

    It’s a movie at the end of the day

  • Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander

    @00:49. I wonder what Kyle carpenter thinks about this. Just a poof and some dust. Interesting explanation Stumpf.

  • jake v jakobi
    jake v jakobi

    Charlie Sheen was savage in the bar scene

  • Live Inverted
    Live Inverted

    Or when someone walks into a room or has their gun on someone and make the chick chick sound of pulling back the hammer or chambering a round.. like ohh you’ve been walking around with an unloaded weapon the whole time. Yeah... no.

  • Blood Scust
    Blood Scust

    He shouldn't be driven crazy by things like the fire ball from grenades. It's for fun. Hollywood movies are not instructional videos on what to expect from war. And Navy Seals is accurate. I'm sorry, it just is.

  • häfto Mumrik
    häfto Mumrik

    I was waiting for Heart of Darkness & Full Metal Jacket to be mentioned. They seem to be good movies to capture the emotional stress at least.

  • Misterscout


  • Barry Jelly
    Barry Jelly

    Who wants Steven seagal on the podcast?