r/Maliciouscompliance "FINE! REPORT ME!" "lol ok"
r/Maliciouscompliance happens when a clever OP gives a jerk EXACTLY what they ask for. In today’s video, a snobby and cruel teacher dares a student to report her terrible behavior. The student says, “Sure thing!” and reports her to the principal! The principal gets FURIOUS and ruins the teacher’s 3-year plan! Find out what happens in today’s funny Reddit stories! Also, please be sure to subscribe to help me hit that 1 million sub mark!
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  • rSlash


    • Madn112 Madn112
      Madn112 Madn112

      Hey rSlash I hate to break it to you but Disney World and Epcot are in Orlando Disney Land is near Anaheim California.

    • Epicgamer55

      no u

    • Viosie Dengol
      Viosie Dengol

      It’s good to be a Floridian

    • Jimbo

      damn have to comply

    • BoomCrafter

      sorry, already did

  • Arthur S. Price
    Arthur S. Price

    I feel for that TT story. Always have been the guy who knows English better than the teachers.

  • Epicgamer55


  • Veronika Slaninová
    Veronika Slaninová

    Please tell me that it's about teacher from Czechia 🤔 sounds pretty familiar to me 😁

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor

    Impatient buttholes? Yeah, mine's done that before...not fun.

  • SenegaOmega

    Disney Land isn't in Orlando, Florida that's Disney World, Disney Land is somewhere in California I don't know what city though. I still couldn't mark it exactly though.

  • sonic the skeloton
    sonic the skeloton

    A hole:fine report me Op:lol ok A hole:human surprised pikachu

  • Tabor Pillow
    Tabor Pillow

    My grandparents work at Disneyland and I couldn't mark it on a blind map

  • josua gedionk.s
    josua gedionk.s

    congrats dude u hit 1mil mildstone😀😀😀😀

  • ak47plays

    Nigga dis teacher a dumbass

  • Josiah Gross
    Josiah Gross

    You got there you got to 1M subs

  • Jordan Aviles
    Jordan Aviles

    I live in Florida and I can't even mark Disney world down XD to top it off I live two hours from Orlando (I live in Largo which is near Tampa and Clearwater) blind map tests are BS unless your literally taking like an advanced geology class or something along those lines

  • themanicman gaming
    themanicman gaming

    Oh I will maliciously comply with you all right I'm going to subscribe just like you said but I'm not going to click the Bell because you didn't tell me to😈

  • Taten Tanner
    Taten Tanner

    To people looking for the surprised picichu face it’s season 1 ep 10

  • Dan

    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this already, but Disney 'Land' is not in Orlando, FL. Disney World is in Orlando, FL and it would be literally the central portion of the state.

  • Savanah Wilcox
    Savanah Wilcox

    At the end when he said that Disneyland was in Orlando, I was about to lose it. Then he corrected himself and it was okay.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    FINE! FUCK ME! (don't)

  • Štěpán Bořek
    Štěpán Bořek

    Old former Russian language teacher teaching English? Sounds like Czech Republic or any other Slavic country that was part of the Eastern block. I had one teacher like that (even though she was not so bad) and I clearly remember some of my translations marked as wrong because she did not know the words I used. :)

  • ThePirateOfGames

    that language story is in romania

  • Funzone49

    Yo, Disneyland ain't in Florida, it's in Anaheim, California, Disney World is in Orlando, Florida

  • MegaAstroFan18

    More specifically Disney World is the overall resort, the iteration of Disneyland (as that specific model of Disney park is most known as) present on the Disney World resort is known as Magic Kingdom. Just to make things potentially even more confusing to those who aren't nerds about this kind of thing: the property in California that contains Disneyland is known as Disneyland Resort, as it encompasses a couple hotels and the California Adventure park, as well as Disneyland.

  • AlChesoir

    its funny cause by teaching him he's slowly grooming him to be the boss. :u

  • VintageBones

    The power to defy a teacher is the power to smite demons the size of giants

  • Tuan Hoang
    Tuan Hoang

    Me:English God TT with maps:I'm about to end this mans whole career Principal:well yes, but actually no

  • You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin
    You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin

    Uhhhh, Disneyland is on the exact opposite part of the country 😂😂

  • Cole Shears
    Cole Shears


  • Supreme Naruto
    Supreme Naruto

    FOD aka Father Of Dogs

  • Verenise Velasquez
    Verenise Velasquez

    FOD. Fuck Off Dick head

  • MrBlackhawk49

    I never know if these storys are real or not and at this point i don't even care :D

  • D. R. JONES
    D. R. JONES

    >>> surprising how many you work for identified with the same . thinkit wasa robbie burns " oh to see how the world sees us " - yep -- how many times they said that about you

  • Conner Fowler
    Conner Fowler

    A blind maps has no Coordinates on it and so were you have no idea we’re you are coordinate wise

  • Yugo


  • some random person
    some random person

    I live LESS THAN ONE HOUR away from disneyland and I couldn't find it on a blind map

  • _smh_

    EM:I want some bread!(at a store) OP:Sorry ma'am we are out today.(idk) EM:Make some! OP:Okay!(makes sugar bread with salt) EM:Ew!!What is this? OP:The bread.

  • Dannii S
    Dannii S

    Love your laugh. Always makes me smile

  • Lee Luke
    Lee Luke

    There is no such thing as a blind map but a blank map. And no I’m not the teacher.

  • Justin Zeng
    Justin Zeng

    Lel rslash

  • Charzard

    I've been to disney land like 5 times i still cant find it

  • Šimon Špaček
    Šimon Špaček

    The OP of last story must be from Czech republic. I had teachers like that for bloody 6 years, including my FIRST english teacher and I'm still recovering from the damage. All I know in English I learned during two and half years in high school (movies and music helped too). And yes, we still have some of those former Russian teachers (teaching Russian, not being actually Russian) in some schools. Luckily there are no so many of them but you can still find them in small cities.

  • Kat Alexandros
    Kat Alexandros

    Disney World is not in Orlando, it is in Kissimmee.

  • Nasma Rajaa
    Nasma Rajaa

    wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

  • Nasma Rajaa
    Nasma Rajaa

    wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

  • Samuel Carroll
    Samuel Carroll

    we are americans we know nothing of tourist places b/c we have google

  • The Falcon Nation
    The Falcon Nation

    Omg just from the explanation of the final OP's situation I'm pretty sure I know the exact place they're in. Honestly, that shit with those type of teachers is so common there that you would have to be blind not to see and the majority of the language teachers in public schools are those nasty stubborn old pricks that are terrible in the language they teach or just barely pass and have a _holier than thou_ attitude 24/7. If you want a good public school you'd have to go international and everyone wants to send their kids there (it's crazy easy to get in for foreigners but the public language education system really sucks for a majority of locals outside the capital especially with English. Honestly, if you know English you're practically sold for the international schools put of course their grades are still higher than the local schools). Strange for the amount of strain the country puts on education especially language (my goodness if you're not at least bilingual you'll be having a very hard time it's practically impossible to find a job but also stress on the national language is very *_VERY_* strong even though it is an utterly useless language that will die along with the country like Akkadian. Literally, no one speaks it outside its bourders so there's no real advantage in the long term unless you plan on never leaving + It's incredibly hard to learn considering there is no logical pattern to the language and far too many exceptions. Unless it's necessary or you're just looking for a challenge I wouldn't really bother with it as a foreigner but hey that's just my opinion and I am not a fan of learning multiple languages at once that have no benefit to them.) the language teachers are the shittiest at their job you're better of battling the duolingo bird and surviving with quizzlet.

  • JDH0306

    If I ever have a terrible teacher and she tries to make me fail, I will yell at her/him

  • Luna Rose
    Luna Rose

    "Small country" I bet they're talking about Belgium

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly

    A blind map is just a piece of paper with the USA outlined and NO state boundaries outlined

  • sweetlittlemakayla

    I love it when you laugh when you read the stories it just shows that you enjoy it as well.

  • Ally Radka
    Ally Radka

    Actually Disney land is in California, Disney world is in Orlando Florida, though I can say I grew up in Florida and I couldn’t even tell you where Disney world is in Florida

  • Alex Mckinley
    Alex Mckinley

    also wouldn't blind map be more geography what business does an English teacher have testing on something that's not in her subject

  • I Created An Account For This
    I Created An Account For This

    Show me where Disneyland is.

  • Rhys Myers
    Rhys Myers

    Okay, I'll subscribe twice

  • Armand Bier
    Armand Bier

    TT:Tell me the exact location of an amusement park in another country for English class because you sat silently.

  • fire God
    fire God

    If they had a logo for all malicious compliance victims it would be this emoji😱

  • Plebosaurus Rex
    Plebosaurus Rex

    Disneyland is in California/LA area

  • Brenda Mock
    Brenda Mock

    Ok (Sees unsubscribe) Well I guess this is it (Clicks) Are you sure Yep

    • 先生CherryPepsi

      I'm in the same boat as you. I unsubbed from him.

  • the weird watermelon
    the weird watermelon

    i would expose her for being a liar and roast her in front of the entire class

  • SnowWitchPrincess

    Disney land is in California Anaheim not Orlando. Disney world magic kingdom is in Orlando Edit: nvm

  • GalacticSmash

    “FIND REPORT ME” Will Smith genie: your wish has been granted

  • satans son
    satans son

    What does op stand for here

  • sgtfighterfan

    Disney "WORLD" is in Orlando, Florida. Disney "LAND" is somewhere in California i think. Either way, op was screwed.

  • mumia76

    If all hell breaks loose as soon as you leave the office and you have to teach multiple people how to do "maintenance" then you're actually a terrible it guy.

  • Nate Pek
    Nate Pek

    This is why I live in Canada

  • Scott Tillis
    Scott Tillis

    I was gonna correct you but you already did

  • Pet Production
    Pet Production

    My friend is getting bullied by ua-my.com/watchchannel/UC1q59gbnK_icwJd8-rKb5Tw

  • TorrentOfficial

    sir Disneyland is in California Disney world is in Florida You'd legit mark the wrong side of the country down

  • Darkice Prince
    Darkice Prince

    I'm complying alredy subbed *clicks agian and unsubs * now to re watch and sub agian

  • Input

    Is bloody a swear

  • BLACKnWHITE animate Animations
    BLACKnWHITE animate Animations

    it’s funny how if somebody’s child didn’t do something, nobody should do it

  • Thanos


  • streamdungeon

    That FOD person probably is the office a*hole. If you know a bit about business psychology, that is actually a position. Having a designated (but only the upper echelons know) office a*hole is helpful for influencing social dynamics at the workplace. Research it, this is actually true! Now you know why there is always at least one true a*hole at most companies in the middle tier of authority.

  • Logan Baxter
    Logan Baxter

    The first one made me laugh so hard I should sue... WAIT! THE LAWYER IS ON HOLD!

  • Thea The Death Wolf
    Thea The Death Wolf

    She protecc, she attacc, but most of all....she ain't calling bacc

  • Kira Whitwell
    Kira Whitwell

    I couldn't even mark Disneyland on a blind map! And I live in the same state it's in! And I drove past it!


      @Kira Whitwell ok

    • Kira Whitwell
      Kira Whitwell

      @DINGO ATEMYBABY Disneyland is in California, DisneyWORLD is in Florida.



  • Gintarė Baškevičiūtė
    Gintarė Baškevičiūtė

    I have a feeling that the English teacher story op is from Lithuania or other Baltic countries

  • Redtail Plays
    Redtail Plays

    Disney world is in Orlando Disneyland is in California


      Im in Florida new port richy

  • Gameloser 1
    Gameloser 1

    When he said Disneyland was in Orlando I just said "YOU TWAT" out loud


      @Gameloser 1 its all good

    • Gameloser 1
      Gameloser 1

      @DINGO ATEMYBABY sorry about blowing up at you I got triggered


      @Gameloser 1 okay my mistake I got them mixed up sorry about that

    • Gameloser 1
      Gameloser 1


    • Gameloser 1
      Gameloser 1


  • Fallen Petal
    Fallen Petal

    My sis has a English teacher who calls her Mayo despite knowing that her name is maha

  • Arthur Weichel
    Arthur Weichel

    Where i went to school, they didn't teach German and i listened to rammstein and other similar bands. So i decided to to to youtube and loom up their lyric videos (w/ English translation) im glad to say after 4 years of learning (6th grade to 10th) I am very fluent and able to pull off a good accent as well. Good for awkward or antisocial situations.

  • mr.awesome commenter
    mr.awesome commenter

    I pressed the sub button twice and haven't got notif or anything

  • MonsieurCoinCoin

    In my country, teachers are under Civil Service and thus are almost untouchable. Basically, you need a proven serious fault. And serious proofs about undermining a student's grades, especially with a national level skill, that could go far. Like it could end up with the Culture Minister personally firing that TT.

    • MonsieurCoinCoin

      @DINGO ATEMYBABY in the water


      The us???

  • Ne No
    Ne No

    That teacher story sounds painfully similar to a local legend in my school, where a student also had a higher degree than our english teacher, though my teacher at least will help her students that attend championships (which I do). Funny thing is, I'm almost 100% sure this happened in one of the ex-Yugoslav countries, since I am also from one and we all share painfully similar issues and problems... In any case, my teacher is quite lazy and often copies Oxford tests for us to solve. In my freshman year, every test would be marked with my arguing the teacher over things I "perceived" to have wrongfully been deducted points on. She made sure to tell me that if I disagreed with her, I could freely contact her Oxford acquaintance. To call her out on her bluff, I sent an e-mail to her asking for her friend's contact information. As you can imagine, she never did send me it, and started a riot in school over how I'm apparently disrupting her classes. A few of the other parents decided to blame me for their kids' bad grades in the confusion at the PT meeting, though the other teachers ignored her complaints as this was far from the first time this happened. The next English class I had, I was running late, and when I came in the door, she asked me if I wanted to say something. I informed her and the entire class that I didn't know what she was talking about (I did, as my old man told me everything that happened at the PT meeting), and went to sit down. She then asked me if I wanted to apologize for anything, to which I replied to that I had already apologized for running late. She orders me to leave the classroom for a minute, and then has one guy let me in. This time, everyone was snickering and she was red. "Do you not understand that you can't disrupt my class like that?" "Was I that loud when coming in?" "No, you can't disrespect me like that over test answers." "How did I disrespect you? I asked you to explain why my answer was wrong." "If Oxford says that your answer isn't the correct one, then it's wrong." "I can understand that much, but can you explain to me why my answer was wrong?" "Get in your seat." The class more or less went as usual, but after everyone left, she still had the gull to antagonize me and demand I apologize to her. Naturally, I never did, and afterwards, I had my mother (who has a certificate equal to my teacher's) my aunt (the same) and my aunt's friend at Oxford (who is a professor there) check my answers and they confirmed I was right in 4/6 of the answers of which she didn't give me points on (which would've raised my grade to an A). I never did tell this to my teacher, as she got a lot more mellow after I showed to be the best student the school has had in at least a decade (I don't mean to pull my leg here, but I quite literally had all A's in my report card, which I can show) and placed #337 in all of Europe (among over 20k contestants) in English profficiency, though it also helped that I was the only student who had an average required for an A in all her classes :)

  • Redstone Repeater
    Redstone Repeater

    P.S. you are really good at voices

  • Redstone Repeater
    Redstone Repeater

    I listen to your videos like a podcast I thing you should get a job for narrating because you are really good! I hope you don’t have any issues with your life. And you deserve millions!!

  • Anna Nicole
    Anna Nicole

    The one about the rude caller demanding the phone always be answered had me thinking of the show Wonderpets. XD Wonderpets: The phone, the phone is ringing! There's an employee in distress! There's an employee in distress! Because the caller is an ENTITLED JERK!!!

  • gabe griffin
    gabe griffin

    According to that teacher he shouldn’t be able to speak English, saying Disneyland is in Florida😂

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez

    Disney -LA-nd close to LA in California Disney w-ORL-d in Orlando Florida.

  • YesMemes

    Isn’t this kinda like petty or pro-revenge? Edit: YOU FINALLY GOT THE RIGHT ORDER IN TEXT! Now, how is this in text when in the storys say in person

  • Rainbow skull
    Rainbow skull

    Love your vids I wish I could get you to 1 mill subscribers. Sometimes I tried to unsubscribe and re sub to try to get you more subs. IHOP is IHOB

  • Rainbow skull
    Rainbow skull

    Am I the only one that has an obsession with liking every video I come across.

  • Rainbow skull
    Rainbow skull

    Sorry for some reason I didn't have notifications on. 😅

  • Rainbow skull
    Rainbow skull

    Love your channel BTW, hey I'll call you and if you don't pick up I'll yell at you. Oh someone else is calling, no no don-... How dare you wait someone else I'm calling th-...

  • kakytoo69

    You're really cringe.

  • Canberk Özkayran
    Canberk Özkayran

    My god! Dude I like the concept of your videos but holy shit your voice is really bad. I'd kick the shit out of your throat just not to hear your fucking voice ever again. Fucking hell

  • Matthew Amarales
    Matthew Amarales

    Dude are you serious Disney World is the Florida Disneyland is in California

  • Melania BunBunBunny
    Melania BunBunBunny

    938,051k subs

  • Aamer  Alhammadi
    Aamer Alhammadi

    Ok i seriously think that its time for me to subscribe since I enjoy ur vids when i take breaks from work 🤣

  • Ferenc Barkó
    Ferenc Barkó

    Mhicghggujjjkjjbkkjkbn P

  • Jogy Mogy
    Jogy Mogy

    Work in Vacation... I don't believe you guys know what the word Vacation means...

  • dori

    I'm 99% sure the english teacher story is from Hungary, and like. Hard fucking same. I've been fluent in english since like the 6th grade, and my first high school english teacher was constantly trying to give me bad grades for shit, and straight up told my homeroom teacher i didn't speak english. When i aced both my higher level english matura, and my C2 language certificate, she got all buddy buddy with me and tried to pretend she played any part whatsoever in it.