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Post Malone - "Wow." (Official Music Video)
Post Malone
"Wow." by Post Malone. Song available here:
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Kind of directed by James DeFina
Creative Direction: Bobby Greenleaf

  • RIOT

    русские здесь?

  • Kunal P
    Kunal P

    You are awssome man ..

  • Westley Laughton
    Westley Laughton

    Tyga and Roddy rich would kill this beat

  • Kevinkf 11
    Kevinkf 11

    Mejor el de polima con young cister x el pico post malone

  • Jinx King
    Jinx King

    Said she tired of lil' money, need a big boy Pull up twenty inch blades like I'm Lil' Troy Now it's everybody flockin', need a decoy Shawty mixin' up the vodka with the LaCroix, yeah G-Wagen, G-Wagen, G-Wagen, G-Wagen All the housewives pullin' up (up, up, up) I got a lot of toys 720S bumpin' Fall Out Boy You was talkin' shit in the beginning (mm-mm) Back when I was feelin' more forgivin' (more forgivin') I know it piss you off to see me winnin' (see me win) See the igloo in my mouth when I be grinnin' (I be grinnin’), yeah Hunnid bands in my pocket, it's on me Hunnid deep when I roll like the army Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" (Wow, wow) Hunnid bands in my pocket, it's on me (on me) Yeah, your grandmama probably know me (know me) Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" (Wow, wow) Everywhere I go (hey) Catch me on the block like I'm Mutombo (wow) 750 Lambo in the Utah snow (skrrt) Trunk in the front like that shit Dumbo, yeah Cut the roof off like a nip-tuck Pull up to the house with some big butts Turn the kitchen counter to a strip-club Me and Dre came for the When I got guap, all of y'all disappeared (wow) Before I dropped Stoney, none of y'all really cared (cared) Now they always say, "Congratulations, " to the kid (kid) And this is not a 40, but I'm pourin' out this shit (yeah) Used to have a lot, but I got more now (yup) Made another hit 'cause I got bored now (yup) Always goin' for it, never punt fourth down Last call, Hail Mary, Prescott touchdown, ayy (yeah) Hunnid bands in my pocket, it's on me (on me) Hunnid deep when I roll like the army (hey) Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" (Wow, wow) Hunnid bands in my pocket, it's on me (yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah, your grandmama probably know me (God damn) Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" (Wow, wow) Sayin', "Wow" (Wow) (Wow)

  • blackpink yg
    blackpink yg

    kurban olurum Türkçe altyazı koymuş fkfkgleglepfşwpgğe

  • Moon Park
    Moon Park

    I am worried about his health...

  • Omid Panah
    Omid Panah

    Bro Post Malone looks homeless and rich at the same time, it's just... WOW

  • Gonzalo Salazar
    Gonzalo Salazar

    Suel suel suelta eso Ambi!

  • Baleria Rodriguez
    Baleria Rodriguez

    This frs somebody’s grandpa lmao thats dope asf

  • medük back
    medük back

    Türkler bi ses verinde sayımızı bilelim +1 🇹🇷

  • Deejay lucky
    Deejay lucky , very very cool

  • Immortal_ SHK
    Immortal_ SHK

    If you guys think this song is 🔥 like my comment

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    Respect that the old man dancing is better than me dancing ;-;And I'm 9

  • neslihan

    This is angel voice. Omfg love u

  • Gavyn Hylk
    Gavyn Hylk

    Post Malone

  • Manuel Santana
    Manuel Santana

    Post malone you are my favorate fan evan i am a. Little girl im 9 years old sence my grandpa went to mexico

  • NA _Febriyanti
    NA _Febriyanti


  • 싼토스

    와 씨발롬 존나 멋있네

  • Whilzz Plays
    Whilzz Plays

    Algum br em Abril?

  • 정준형

    stop smoking plz

  • Zane Witherspoon
    Zane Witherspoon

    So good

  • Sophie Scott
    Sophie Scott

    Are you a Cowboys fan

  • MIguel Alemparte
    MIguel Alemparte

    Reddit comment about this guy brought me here: this is utterly crap. Do people really feel this crap? It sounds exactly the same as all the trap/pseudo rap done nowadays, same tone, same repetitive and meaningless lyrics, no sound/mixing richness at all, same rhythm. I hope that in a few years all this people listening to this idiotic music will realize that it was funny to listen to this, as hollow and dreary as "music" can be. Or maybe they....!

  • Barney’s Walnut
    Barney’s Walnut

    Why does post malone remind me of shane dawson,Just a little bit!

  • André Møller
    André Møller

    1:07 what picture of "Copenhagen" is that? lol.

  • Tony Joseph
    Tony Joseph

    Post Malone always humble. And make G.O.O.D music for the fans. A legend this guy

  • Eboni Merritt
    Eboni Merritt

    😍😍😍#Ilovethissong. Anyone listens to this in 2019

  • Rita Ainsworth
    Rita Ainsworth

    Why I like him and hate him at the same time in this mv?

  • Andy Injety
    Andy Injety


  • QueenOG 421
    QueenOG 421

    I. Like. Your. Tik. Tok

  • Jr Ortiz
    Jr Ortiz

    This one of those videos where the music doesn't go with the video looks more like the beginning to a horror movie

  • otaku 0
    otaku 0

    W🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 O🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 W🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Solovei razboinik
    Solovei razboinik

    Дед отжёг =) клип как и песня шикарна

  • laurenx HM
    laurenx HM

    Came here after i watched wayV lucas yang yang hendery dance

    • Jess Kelly
      Jess Kelly

      Same 😁

  • rafd belal
    rafd belal

    Lots of peps use dis song on tiktok and Instagram but dis my fav song

  • Dani Covaci
    Dani Covaci

    You suck for punching logan paul s dad

  • EnTiTy GaminG
    EnTiTy GaminG

    When you realise a 60 year old man can dance better than you.

  • ekstra akount
    ekstra akount

    if he's not getting a check from philip morris, his people are failing him. smoke much?

  • EnTiTy GaminG
    EnTiTy GaminG

    DJ:Can i be featured in your song post Post:Sure Also DJ:DJ KHAALLL... Also Post:We dont do that here

  • marcus dargan
    marcus dargan

    before i thought post malone was black

  • Clodyna22

    So i love post malone song but never check out his mv. When luhenyang cover his song, i taught i hve to check his mv. So here i am

  • K J
    K J

    Too short

  • FlyBoyBooms

    no camera's allowed meme

  • phoebe smit
    phoebe smit

    My neighbours were yelling at me because i playing this on my speaker too loud. Then they called the police. But they arrested. Got em saying *Wow*


    then i done got em..#thebestforever

  • Annabelle Buenaventura
    Annabelle Buenaventura

    WOW.This song


    Love from India ❤❤❤❤

  • pinche puñetas
    pinche puñetas

    Lost Pamone makine thate heate

  • morde kaiszer
    morde kaiszer

    No lie I feel like post malone is on his way to become a national treasure

  • -psy jowl_otc
    -psy jowl_otc

    *_-Lollapalooza 2019 !'_*

  • The Real Dragon
    The Real Dragon

    🚨Copy This Message🚨Post Malone please make a song with Pewdiepie🚨Copy This Message🚨

  • Nikolass x7
    Nikolass x7


  • Air Plane
    Air Plane

    Love the James franco spring breakers look

  • Twin power Avi&Akki
    Twin power Avi&Akki

    I mean I love it 🥰 so 🎤 much

  • Twin power Avi&Akki
    Twin power Avi&Akki


  • Saamuel Lourenço
    Saamuel Lourenço post Malone amei

  • jltrem

    Wow....this guy's a fucking idiot.

  • Albert Alvarado
    Albert Alvarado

    Wow people

  • Gustavo Aguilar
    Gustavo Aguilar

    Aquí esta el cometario en español que todos esperaban PUTOS!!!

  • Anand Jadhav
    Anand Jadhav

    Smoking is injuries to health !!! Overall song is best,keep it up ! Grandpa was amazing

  • Jessica Reeves
    Jessica Reeves

    We love your humbleness Post , don’t change please .

  • caden youtube
    caden youtube

    Like: post Malone. Comment: 21 savage

  • ItzEnder Playz&vlogz :D
    ItzEnder Playz&vlogz :D

    My friend has Bentley

  • RiseLucid _
    RiseLucid _

    Post Malone is a good signer right?. Click the thumbs up if you agree.

  • RICHEY099

    Nobody: My dad at the family reunion: 1:26

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    0:04 got me dieing> < ~

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    0:4 When ur mom see u smoking

  • FortWarren

    This sucks dick

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    Respect the old man dancing at 70 years old having more skills than me and I'm just 9 years old and he's a better dancer than me WOW I'm amazed deeply!Give him a around of aplouse! !Old man is a real LEGEND!!!;-;I should be dancing like that but he is;-;MY mom said there is no reason a 70 year old man should be a fan of a rapper!

  • Actrius

    this beat would be a perfect beat to play in a club..just sayin lol

  • Mr Foster
    Mr Foster

    Pull up with the pure post 🔥 need more of this from you..

  • dylan whipkey
    dylan whipkey

    since when is this your style

  • Gabriel Rodrigues
    Gabriel Rodrigues

    Gostou ilannaaaixxxx kkk

  • Olivia Bivens
    Olivia Bivens

    Yes post!! You are so AMAZING!!

  • Matias Umaña
    Matias Umaña

    aguante la de Young cister y el Polima conchetumareeee

  • comentários Nada ve
    comentários Nada ve


  • Jayar Mactal
    Jayar Mactal

    Mr Mike Allen Court is the real WOW in this vid!

  • I Tried
    I Tried

    Beautiful music

  • 40X_9_Wild 4
    40X_9_Wild 4


  • UsaDino

    That old man killed it

  • Lydia Beleza
    Lydia Beleza

    Post Malone All Other The World❤

  • breanna Cross
    breanna Cross


  • Amadeus Salazar
    Amadeus Salazar

    Anyway else notice how post malone looks like a grown up white boy Rick

  • Olivia Lam
    Olivia Lam

    *cue old man dancing*

  • the snake
    the snake

    G Wagon G wagon G wagon old town road blows

  • Yaircito98xrl8

    estaba bien la musica asta que el viejo se drogo en la ecena

  • Jia Bradley
    Jia Bradley


  • Heather Thompson
    Heather Thompson

    love your songs

  • Fernandq Bertin
    Fernandq Bertin

    Congratulations, WOW

  • vicio no noob
    vicio no noob

    Like por estar forever alone en los comentarios

  • Rocskatu

    post malone ft. owen wilson

  • Joseph Balar
    Joseph Balar

    the grandpa necklace is so confusing

  • Pedro Henrique sibien Cordeiro
    Pedro Henrique sibien Cordeiro

    Cade os br!!!!

  • Rohallah ZAHIDI
    Rohallah ZAHIDI


  • La Stan Weir 7u7
    La Stan Weir 7u7

    Aguante Nct jzjxjs

  • Lyrics

    Q asco me da está cancion :v

  • Miscellaneous Stuff
    Miscellaneous Stuff

    If I saw guy with beard dancing in real life I would think an orthodox priest got too much drink, but it was fun to watch cool video and song

  • Julien Bailliu-Chaloux
    Julien Bailliu-Chaloux

    that guy is a legend in dancing

  • Mr9mann

    1:25 This is me after way too many shots.