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Post Malone - "Wow." (Official Music Video)
Post Malone
"Wow." by Post Malone. Song available here:
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Kind of directed by James DeFina
Creative Direction: Bobby Greenleaf

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    How come all of his music sounds amazing?

  • Addy fox
    Addy fox

    Bro i saw you at zaxbys you arent that rich you used 5 different cards to pay

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  • Blu_Rocky 2008
    Blu_Rocky 2008

    You know who my favorite rapper is? POST WATERMALONE!!!

  • Matt Maccreesh
    Matt Maccreesh

    i really like the beat behind this

  • Jakub W.
    Jakub W.

    Toż to prawie papieżowa liczba

  • Puffflova Hokaido
    Puffflova Hokaido

    G wagon

  • Maurya Gajjar
    Maurya Gajjar

    love from india:) love ur songs dude!


    1:36 POST didn’t catch the ping pong ball

  • Daruna Uварвоі
    Daruna Uварвоі


  • Mohammed Al Fatih
    Mohammed Al Fatih

    Everyone let’s make this song to the first in the billboard so tell your friends if you’re a fan I still have hope

  • Vasquez

    Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this key: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! My hands shall wear no wedding ring," she continued, slipping it from her finger. "The roots shall twine about them. Ah!" she sighed, pressing her head luxuriously on its spongy pillow, "I have sought happiness through many ages and not found it; fame and missed it' love and not known it; life - and behold, death is better. I have known many men and many women," she continued; "none have I understood. It is better that I should lie at peace here with only the sky above me - as the gipsy told me years ago.

  • Kapil Bhardwaj
    Kapil Bhardwaj

    No semi naked girls twerking the whole time, just a middle aged man showing his moves. If the music is good you don’t need nudity. What a song. In a loop.

  • md nayim
    md nayim

    just wow

  • Jess/Kids Thury/Owen
    Jess/Kids Thury/Owen

    Go post- it note

  • piratehen

    Yo nibba's, check out my dope rockstar cover edit. PeAcE!

  • Sergio Acosta
    Sergio Acosta

    love this song so much

  • DAIWG Aintwyfrom
    DAIWG Aintwyfrom

    Dancer was better than the rapper

  • Jean Parmesan
    Jean Parmesan

    ping pong malone

  • Fancy Gaming_RBLX
    Fancy Gaming_RBLX

    noice song :D even is school I listen to this :D

  • Ana Luiza Alves Coutinho
    Ana Luiza Alves Coutinho

    aqui está o comentário BR que vc tanto procura

  • Lukas Schmietenknop
    Lukas Schmietenknop

    lamoi thought the old guy was post malone in makeup for a second

  • Tech With Oscar
    Tech With Oscar

    1:36 best part

  • Enya S.veronezi
    Enya S.veronezi


  • varonica sego
    varonica sego

    The dude tho akward but interesting😐

  • Diablo Estrada
    Diablo Estrada

    0w chi 99e mnk van d........ 9.mms

  • Diablo Estrada
    Diablo Estrada


  • Diablo Estrada
    Diablo Estrada

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  • Panda Boy
    Panda Boy

    sou o comentário br q vc sempre procura e nunca acha

  • Isadora Camile
    Isadora Camile


  • Araina Khatri
    Araina Khatri


  • Ethan Flashman
    Ethan Flashman

    Can’t tell if it’s good or bad dancing ?

  • Pedro Freitas
    Pedro Freitas

    This guys is Wuant....

  • Kemilly Salvadoo
    Kemilly Salvadoo

    Slk top

  • scarlett dunn
    scarlett dunn

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  • Yogesh

    The craziest shit in music.. what a music . ....

  • Wat da Phuc
    Wat da Phuc

    It is gonna be hard for post Malone to win a “try not to say wow challenge.”

  • Carson Trueblood
    Carson Trueblood

    He is addicted to smoking

  • has1k


  • Zarif Chowdhury
    Zarif Chowdhury

    Best one 🖤🔥

  • *MEGA*

    I love Post Malone!@

  • elizangela Martins
    elizangela Martins

    Am eu não em tendi nada mais a música e topppp d++++2

  • ツ TM乡GodĐ1ABŁØ
    ツ TM乡GodĐ1ABŁØ

    esse vei estragou o video todinho

  • Dhgj Dhhj
    Dhgj Dhhj

    You music are wow

  • Dhgj Dhhj
    Dhgj Dhhj

    Wow 👍👍👍

  • Dulcineia Matoso
    Dulcineia Matoso


  • Denny


  • kuba wojciech
    kuba wojciech

    G wagon g wagon g wagon

  • Sefer Kulenović
    Sefer Kulenović

    Balkanci imali nas

  • Amalia Alvarez
    Amalia Alvarez

    I like his song it is my favorite song

  • Tyler Crawford
    Tyler Crawford

    Wen you yeet 1:04

  • Jaccobi Ryan
    Jaccobi Ryan

    I thought he stopped smoking

  • skeneretnow

    Director: How good music video you want? Yes: Post Malone!

  • skeneretnow

    this man i label as a genius!

  • valerie baker
    valerie baker

    I love your songs

  • shutup dad Language.
    shutup dad Language.

    Post malone: (takes shirt off) [NOBODY LIKED THAT]

  • Two Editions
    Two Editions

    Auto Tune 👎🏽

  • Artistic Genius
    Artistic Genius

    Said she tired of lil' money, need a big boy Pull up twenty inch blades like I'm Lil' Troy Now it's everybody flockin', need a decoy Shawty mixin' up the vodka with the LaCroix, yeah G-Wagen, G-Wagen, G-Wagen, G-Wagen All the housewives pullin' up (up, up, up) I got a lot of toys 720S bumpin' Fall Out Boy You was talkin' shit in the beginning (mm-mm) Back when I was feelin' more forgivin' (more forgivin') I know it piss you off to see me winnin' (see me win) See the igloo in my mouth when I be grinnin' (I be grinnin'), yeah Hunnid bands in my pocket, it's on me Hunnid deep when I roll like the army Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" (Wow, wow) Hunnid bands in my pocket, it's on me (on me) Yeah, your grandmama probably know me (know me) Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" (Wow, wow) Everywhere I go (hey) Catch me on the block like I'm Mutombo (wow) 750 Lambo in the Utah snow (skrrt) Trunk in the front like that shit Dumbo, yeah Cut the roof off like a nip-tuck Pull up to the house with some big butts Turn the kitchen counter to a strip-club Me and Dre came for the When I got guap, all of y'all disappeared (wow) Before I dropped Stoney, none of y'all really cared (cared) Now they always say, "Congratulations, " to the kid (kid) And this is not a 40, but I'm pourin' out this shit (yeah) Used to have a lot, but I got more now (yup) Made another hit 'cause I got bored now (yup) Always goin' for it, never punt fourth down Last call, Hail Mary, Prescott touchdown, ayy (yeah) Hunnid bands in my pocket, it's on me (on me) Hunnid deep when I roll like the army (hey) Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" (Wow, wow) Hunnid bands in my pocket, it's on me (yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah, your grandmama probably know me (God damn) Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" (Wow, wow) Sayin', "Wow" (Wow) (Wow)

  • Hero

    i love this song i cant stop playing it

  • Justin Gazella
    Justin Gazella

    Dak Prescott is Trash. Fly Eagles Fly

  • Andrea Floarea
    Andrea Floarea

    This song is so addicting

  • Devin Powell
    Devin Powell

    I iove is song

  • elaazra tigit
    elaazra tigit

    türkler birdamu

  • Patrick Man
    Patrick Man

    Sorry no cameras aloud who do you think I am

  • Philipe Broetje
    Philipe Broetje Anyone?.. Anyone? 😏

  • Madison Bradbury
    Madison Bradbury

    And I like wow and sunflower

    • sajid Chohan
      sajid Chohan


  • Seokjinie And The Six Babies
    Seokjinie And The Six Babies

    A.C.E's WOW: Dis ma song

  • Georgina L
    Georgina L

    When that guy started dancing my mind 🤯

  • Pratik Nair
    Pratik Nair

    whats with the old ppl dance in eevry music video these days wtf

  • Макс Буш
    Макс Буш

    а на хрена нужен этот старый ублюдок с бородой?

  • sal Treto
    sal Treto

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  • William Aubrey
    William Aubrey

    This song is pretty dope. Those were some corny ass lazy ass visuals though. The song deserves more to be honest. In the club this shit slaps the video is super underwhelming. I hate when artists take the piss!

  • Cy ber
    Cy ber

    u were in germany lol

  • John Gallenstein
    John Gallenstein

    He should do a remix with Owen Wilson

  • Crisis Control
    Crisis Control

    This is some degeneration mtv garbage they put on air. As they are mind controlling men to masturbation so that men are too powerless to overthrow their dystopian governments.

  • Crisis Control
    Crisis Control

    Fucking autocorrect...ugh

  • Crisis Control
    Crisis Control

    Lower music standards ∆

  • sabri belgacem
    sabri belgacem

    your a legend

  • Queen Slayer
    Queen Slayer

    Song's Meaning:- Simply he doesn't have time for a music video! That's why he made his vlog as a music video😄🤓

  • Laldinpuia Dinpuia
    Laldinpuia Dinpuia

    Pleace like this comment

  • Jackson Positiv3
    Jackson Positiv3

    Crash Bandycoot hits up

  • Jerad Bovencamp
    Jerad Bovencamp

    Post malone will most likely avoid the batteram

  • Omar Robledo trejo
    Omar Robledo trejo

    Marduk Avalon pinekonez. you I'm mexikan dragon genoma AND zenzor like a bat. and I Waz BORNED dead but I'm alife and I'm zangron not mamon Naturally I bleed I'm Akron Tek I got blooded beer bitz my skin iz bronze and chezt iz vleu zand grey .more and none planet atacked merkury . Im Waz trying to present the harrival corpz of high seas and she if nature's were koinzivent and I feeled takionz near zome people . Didn't meant to harm you or get you in provlemz.cazpian zeaz ;. .; Hmk I'm a kaligraper and topografer as a Hobie. And I'm a paintor . Davinzy and Michelangelo are great and muses I like. Til never will zend none text to none one ever of yoll crozentrate on muzik all of yoll got great beats.

  • Taiza Ribeiro
    Taiza Ribeiro


  • Shachar Nehemya
    Shachar Nehemya

    Best song ever!

  • Barry_Alen0ツ

    0:45 RedHotChilliPeppers aaaaah 😍😍

  • archie g
    archie g


  • Eric Baxter
    Eric Baxter

    I think he turned into a little kid again.. 1:18 Like if agree

  • Crone Sanchez
    Crone Sanchez


  • Warjec

    Mike Alancourt is the guy dancing.

  • Cristiian dh
    Cristiian dh

    Quien vino por polima westcoast?? 🇨🇱🔥🔥

    • Benjamin Huerta
      Benjamin Huerta

      Aguante polima

  • Young Queen Cole
    Young Queen Cole

    Dude busts out dancing I'm like WOW👏🏿

  • Champagne Gurl
    Champagne Gurl

    Post is DADDY. Can do no wrong, dude.

  • Br3


  • gumman12341

    that guys dancing is intoxicating. Makes me wanna start dancing like that. But I can dance like that

  • Caleb Shin
    Caleb Shin

    Luv this song

  • Leonela Godoy
    Leonela Godoy

    I love this man so much!

  • Kalinne Cariri
    Kalinne Cariri

    Quem veio pelo vídeo da jogadora kk

  • Real tv
    Real tv

    That old man is just cringe to watch him cause he really can’t dance

  • giuliana Sales
    giuliana Sales

    WOWW 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥