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Post Malone & Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stay / Rockstar / Dark Necessities (LIVE at the 61st GRAMMYs)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers & Post Malone perform Dark Necessitiesî from The Grammys. Recorded February 10, 2019.

  • Ari Sugai
    Ari Sugai


  • Weesie Whomper Louisa Clarque
    Weesie Whomper Louisa Clarque

    always loved the peppers.... but now post has a new fan!!!.

  • Gary Adams
    Gary Adams

    Everything is built upon the framework of our creator.

  • Alfredo Peralta
    Alfredo Peralta

    Justin Long sings pretty well.

  • Yvng Tavo
    Yvng Tavo


  • banana bread loaf
    banana bread loaf

    Post is such a king

  • Vincent Rubalcava
    Vincent Rubalcava

    ed sheeran looking a little ruff these days.

  • Zachary MacLeod
    Zachary MacLeod

    damn never knew post was actually really good at singing

  • betosanchito

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers are the committee of cool.

  • Henry J
    Henry J

    For some reason I thought this was going to be an incredible mashup 😥 Still great performances from all artists

  • Ray Clardy
    Ray Clardy

    Why is Flea mixed so quiet?? He's the core of that song

  • Mrs Vorapanich
    Mrs Vorapanich

    PM is talented in a lot of different ways.

  • Paolo Mitchem
    Paolo Mitchem

    I like post Malone better as a backup singer than singing full tine

  • Ryuobbi

    Post needs to stop overusing cigarettes and take some vocal coaching and he'd be a good singer.

  • Coldplay Gaming
    Coldplay Gaming

    The bass 🔥 🎶

  • bePROUD

    much love

  • Vismund

    Anthony Kiedis looks like Jim Carey from dumb and dumber. What a fucking loser.

  • Sinclair zx81
    Sinclair zx81

    Post Malone was pretending to play the guitar

  • Jack Saieg
    Jack Saieg

    too bad the audience is too stuck up to appreciate these great acts

  • Veysel Deniz KARADANA
    Veysel Deniz KARADANA

    Guitar solo is like shit. :(

  • Domquaska

    The vibe he has is just... no words can express the feel

  • Axel Martínez
    Axel Martínez

    Diego Verdaguer, is that you?

  • Mady Elhassy
    Mady Elhassy

    Post on fire 🤘

  • Casual2020

    Man I miss regularly released music from RHCP's. So damn good!

  • kim taehyung sanchez
    kim taehyung sanchez

    Me gusta esta cool👌

  • RVS

    This is real music.

  • kim taehyung sanchez
    kim taehyung sanchez

    Me gusta esta cool👌

  • Charli Blake
    Charli Blake

    Flea is such a savage on bass!!!!!✊🏼

  • Zach Fitzgerald
    Zach Fitzgerald

    still the worst live guitarist aha

  • Chessex

    what does the fuck that man can do, i'll not be surprised that he can play bass and battery

  • qualquercoisa :þ
    qualquercoisa :þ

    muito dhr, slkk!!!!

  • Beli Vaillard
    Beli Vaillard

    Anthony it's time to take off your mustache 😒

  • Little Sailor
    Little Sailor


  • juggalo450

    Mumble rap hmm sombody didnt say anything about mumble rock......

  • Legendairy_Angel 94
    Legendairy_Angel 94

    Go die in a hole post

  • Gerald Chavarría
    Gerald Chavarría


  • Stevon Freidman
    Stevon Freidman

    I love the Grammies, I love any night of music

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C

    Weird to think I was in diapers when these dudes were first making music. Legends

  • Stevon Freidman
    Stevon Freidman

    Post Out Preformed here

  • lCant Sing
    lCant Sing

    If you don’t love flea or even know of him what are you doing with your life

  • مهد الليل
    مهد الليل

    Hard due Song From Two Special School

  • Danixa Tello
    Danixa Tello

    Do not mix good music with the current shit.

  • Danixa Tello
    Danixa Tello

    Posty deja tu rap de mierda y ve a rockear!!!!

  • Dani West
    Dani West

    Lets face it. RHCP is just an OK band without Frusciante....Dark Necessties seems like would of have been like a B side song on an album like Stadium Arcadium....

  • cjay rivera
    cjay rivera


  • shengges

    man, that dude should stop making this retarded cloud autotune shit. he's got singer/songwriter sound

  • Tom Wood
    Tom Wood

    Everything everyone is saying is subjective :)

  • El_urod

    2:50 thank me later.

  • Yusuf Yardımcıel
    Yusuf Yardımcıel

    stage on fireee

  • Randy Dube
    Randy Dube

    Cant believe two of my favourite artists performed together. Im GAGGING!

  • Эльвира Усеинова
    Эльвира Усеинова

    this is true music!

  • TheMoniathansNest

    Dude I have never been a huge fan of post’s music in general but I love that he supports the rock and metal communities and he’s a talented guy

  • Layla

    Just commenting to appreciate this performance

  • K3NN3THrock

    everyone talking about everything but the bass player, that guy is fking AWESOME!!!

  • Official Musniac
    Official Musniac

    Ya lo he visto todo... ya puedo morir... De verdad q no entiendo como un grupo de trayectoria solemne, con temas que han marcado la vida de muchos puede colaborar con alguien tan mediocre... aun que imagino que el grado de mediocridad al que han llegado los peppers es equivalente al de Malone... Hizo bn frusciante largandose...


    post malone probably wont have a career in 35 years. guess who does and if they still with us will double that? RHCP❤

  • E L E O N O R E H O F F M A N
    E L E O N O R E H O F F M A N

    Damn now postie really feeling like a rockstar

  • E L E O N O R E H O F F M A N
    E L E O N O R E H O F F M A N

    Um fuck yea

  • German

    21, 21, 21

  • haroo bommie
    haroo bommie

    I like how posty brings some old famous rock bands on his performance

  • Nathanael F. Coelho
    Nathanael F. Coelho

    Whats happen to you, Josh?

  • Oswald Copperpot
    Oswald Copperpot

    Lloyd Christmas grew a moustache?

  • Kajdren

    Posty needs to stop rap, he could bring back rock into the mainstream spotlight.

  • Willie Wonka
    Willie Wonka

    I really wanted to like the performance of peppers but it was weak as fuck(they were the reason for me to watch the entire thing), although posty did a really good job

  • M. Nedby
    M. Nedby

    I love this! 😎

  • mirella salazar solis
    mirella salazar solis

    Rhcp esa canción encaja totalmente conmigo como todas sus canciones♡

  • chaseg

    I’m getting the chili peppers tattoo lasered off my arm for this

  • Joe Cockerline
    Joe Cockerline

    Austyn is a killer holding his own with these legends. Respect.

  • Pixelbox Media
    Pixelbox Media

    Still my favorite band!

  • RafaJRA

    Red Hot Monsters... nunca decepcionam

  • loutiscrive

    che meraviglia

  • Mantra

    Wow! Anthony jump like a young boy ,like a monky! I love him

  • Guilherme Otávio
    Guilherme Otávio

    I dont heard post guitar at all

  • Carsten Wurth
    Carsten Wurth

    Omg rhcp are one of the best bands in the entire world. I need to see them live!!!!

  • Noela Wakoli
    Noela Wakoli

    Post Malone😭❤️❤️ he's just the dude

  • Caleb Bryan
    Caleb Bryan

    50 percent of the audience is probably like "who are these chili pepper guys"

  • Posmotri na ogonyok
    Posmotri na ogonyok

    Ага да да да

  • alexza03

    No more pedo stache, please.

  • Abd Alrhman
    Abd Alrhman

    I wish I was there 😢

  • Niccolo Aurelius
    Niccolo Aurelius

    Stop rapping and start rocking.

  • Fernanda Candido Martins
    Fernanda Candido Martins

    what a sweet voice Malone

  • noam singer
    noam singer

    Post Malone pretends like he needs autotune in all his music, but he can really sing, he's just a humble good guy

  • Bence Gyetvai
    Bence Gyetvai

    Áder János kinőtte önmagát. :)

  • Xander Weitsz
    Xander Weitsz

    Absolutely incredible😱 These guys are the real rockstars😳🙈

  • patrick Morais
    patrick Morais


  • brock carlucci
    brock carlucci

    Definately the song bird of his generation

  • isaac cabral
    isaac cabral

    Postado Malone é muito foda sozinho e com Red Hot.... Fudeu♥️

  • phillip oliver
    phillip oliver

    Post malone is boring af. Yall fools are gassed on this bs

  • Rich H
    Rich H

    Post is the man.....

  • Edgardo Casabuena
    Edgardo Casabuena

    Posty 👑

  • Miles Morales •Spider-Man•
    Miles Morales •Spider-Man•

    Post Malone ft Seether

  • Lucas Arnold
    Lucas Arnold

    2:47 if you don’t want to watch the whole thing

  • Jacks The YoinkMaster
    Jacks The YoinkMaster

    What song is in the begining

  • Eles Elas Columbófilia Mineira!
    Eles Elas Columbófilia Mineira!

    Forever redhot!

  • Dabutcha's Blog
    Dabutcha's Blog

    Kiedis looks like a creep. Also, like Justin Long. Not related...

    • Dabutcha's Blog
      Dabutcha's Blog

      Also, I wish I could be as ripped as AK at 56.

  • Jane - - -
    Jane - - -

    *_Wow, Anthony is still so fit ..._*

  • Ucantseemeverywell

    so fucking talented

  • nesa nesa
    nesa nesa

    Thanks god we can listen rock music from legends in the Grammys I love it!

  • André Ramos
    André Ramos

    Post always seems like he is having so much money when he is doing anything related to music I love him for that

  • ForeverFornever37

    Woahhhhhhh he can sing since fucking whenn