Jason Nash
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Vardan challenged David and Trisha to a pizza eating contest and bit off more than he could chew.
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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash

    Who's hungry?

    • Luke Sams
      Luke Sams

      I love that kid

    • Cheng Lee
      Cheng Lee


    • Pancho Lopez
      Pancho Lopez

      You ugly but love your vids

    • Nikolas Rivera
      Nikolas Rivera

      Jason Nash I’m eating lasagna as I watch this 😂


      I'm eating cheesecake

  • Leah Miller
    Leah Miller

    wait I'm watching in 2019 and the video is 20:19 WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOW

  • Erinn O'Halloran
    Erinn O'Halloran

    who else can picture jason editing this video at 2am thinking that vardon saying trust me is the funniest thing in the world 😂😂

  • xxxLaraxxx

    No one: Absolutely no one: Kylie Jenner: is that a chicken Vardan: Trust me

  • I'm a chicken nugget
    I'm a chicken nugget

    Is anyone else wowed by vardans random inspirational short speeches.

  • Sargent Nibs7
    Sargent Nibs7

    While he was working out you should’ve put a Barbie doll song on

  • Brian Boyle
    Brian Boyle

    is David okay????

  • Dayana Angeles
    Dayana Angeles

    Ok I voted for you

  • Dayana Angeles
    Dayana Angeles

    Me I’m hungry

  • Heywood Richards
    Heywood Richards

    Vardon's so pure!

  • Elite_Weapon _03
    Elite_Weapon _03

    16:54 vardon watches theodd1sout

  • DoYouSmokeKush

    good job interacting with vardon jason

  • Jonah Landefeld
    Jonah Landefeld

    Jason is actually so sweet to vardon

  • Adrian Gutierrez
    Adrian Gutierrez

    TruSt m3

  • Sonicshadow075

    I cloud easily finish those 2 boxes by myself on a cheat day lol

  • dukle sans
    dukle sans

    i can appreciate my boy Vardon singing the odd ones out

  • Its ya gurl Kaylin
    Its ya gurl Kaylin

    I love how sweet they are to vardon

  • x myadolly x
    x myadolly x

    Bardon** *sings life is fun by boyinaband and theodd1sout 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💗💗💗💗

  • Cozy SZN
    Cozy SZN

    Kid needs to get in shape instead of eating a whole pizza

  • Dawgy Nuggets
    Dawgy Nuggets

    What the fck is the sislikes for

  • b1k2q3 *
    b1k2q3 *

    Trisha looks more hideous than normal in this

  • b1k2q3 *
    b1k2q3 *

    That Trisha chick ruins every video I see her in......

  • Heidi Mota
    Heidi Mota

    I hear nothing but comments on how weird David is with food but never see it. Still waiting on his eating contest.

  • Johnny Vargas
    Johnny Vargas

    Why don’t any of them ever ever wear seatbelts. I mean yeah sometimes they do, but cmon. Just wear a seatbelt people. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ safety first boys and girls lol when David goes through the windshield..... it’s not gonna be good for any of us lol knock on wood. Don’t go through the windshield!!!

  • Kyndal Hendrix
    Kyndal Hendrix

    when jason asked vardan if he could go anywhere in the world, i was disappointed that he didn’t say kispy kreme....

  • EACxpRodUcTionS

    I love that Vardan came up with the idea by himself and was so pumped for it.

  • athena belle
    athena belle

    How the fuck all that talkin shit an u get beat by trisha

  • Blair McCarley
    Blair McCarley

    I didn’t hear or see David laugh once in this whole video....

  • Gabrielle-Mya Loffley
    Gabrielle-Mya Loffley

    I could out eat all of you.

  • MindAiming

    I could eat 4 pizza's np

  • Chelsea Rho
    Chelsea Rho

    The age difference in David’s car with just him, Jason, and Vardon cracks me up I wonder if Jason talking to David is like David talking to Vardon

  • Chelsea Rho
    Chelsea Rho

    I love how Jason could literally be Vardon’s dad and Vardon addresses him like a regular pal🤙🏻

  • Chelsea Rho
    Chelsea Rho

    Jason’s laugh after David suggesting Trish to eat a light salad😅🤣 5:10

  • Alina Downey
    Alina Downey

    I love how Vardon just wants to eat 😂

  • BlueUniverse

    the conversation between Jason and Vardan is amazing! you can see how much Jason love kids

  • Awkward Animator
    Awkward Animator

    Vardon singing theodd1sout is pure

  • Sophia Holbrook
    Sophia Holbrook

    David: you ever Been to Olive Garden? Verdon: nope. David: what is wrong with you? Haha meeeeeeeeeee!!

  • Sandi99999


  • Cutie valentine Heart
    Cutie valentine Heart

    HAHAHA oh god i loved this so much !

  • Cutie valentine Heart
    Cutie valentine Heart

    JaSon is such a sweet man !!! David seemed distracted or upset in this video

  • Chicken Wing
    Chicken Wing

    Oh my god the whole time their in the car all I can think about is how Vardon doesn’t have his seatbelt on

  • MyNameIsKyra Steffen
    MyNameIsKyra Steffen

    16:54 you sing the Odd1sout, Vardon?

  • Heather Piskor
    Heather Piskor

    I have an unhealthy obsession with your vlogs. I really enjoy watching you and the content you post. 😘

  • KR6363 Vainglory
    KR6363 Vainglory

    Wait so is David actually related to Vardan?

  • Wargamer208

    He talks a lot but good video

  • Jade Herbaugh
    Jade Herbaugh

    I like Vardhan

  • Jade Herbaugh
    Jade Herbaugh

    I like him

  • Justin Arbuckle
    Justin Arbuckle

    I think he wanted more breadsticks

  • Gabriel Casas
    Gabriel Casas

    Can we just get a complication of Vardan having a Conversation with the vlog squad

  • Gracie Koob
    Gracie Koob

    And I love Jason’s Laugh,it makes me want to laugh

  • Gracie Koob
    Gracie Koob

    I love how Jason communicates to Vardon and he treats kids with respect but that really cool person that ya love dearly but is soo funny,David is so quiet when he is not recording but when he is recording his videos are super hyper and loud😂

  • xox

    who is here after trisha's last insane pizza video 😯

  • F l o w e r
    F l o w e r

    *I’m starving.*

  • Hobis Wife23
    Hobis Wife23

    I can eat 2 or 5 boxes of large pizza😂

  • Arthur Ghulyan
    Arthur Ghulyan

    5:14 vardon is so exited to eat

  • Emily pease
    Emily pease

    You legit made me choke on my food because I was laughing😂

  • Paula Ramirez
    Paula Ramirez

    6:53 has me dying all the way through 6:55

  • IneedViews Plz
    IneedViews Plz

    16:55 vardan singing theodd1isouts song

  • Claire Alderson
    Claire Alderson

    I love suzy's laugh 😂😂😂

  • zacrs

    "You don't wanna put Floyd Mayweather, Pacquiao and Mayweather in the same ring" Loool hold up what

  • Kamila Sarmiento
    Kamila Sarmiento

    Hey this is how long the video is 20:19 and what year is it 2019

  • Just Another Person
    Just Another Person

    Trisha is so nice to Vardon.😭

  • Just Another Person
    Just Another Person

    “I’m so cool. You like me?” 💀

  • Døra Søfii
    Døra Søfii

    Vardan: "trust me, I can eat more than you" Me: new merch?

  • Georgia Holliday
    Georgia Holliday

    i laughed too hard at this

  • Joy Stone
    Joy Stone

    Dude my daughter LOVES Vardan. She watches all the videos multiple times. Its annoying .

  • mishkagoeshard

    Came here fo David

  • bobby T
    bobby T

    So... Vardon got friend-zoned. HOW????

  • Becky Quam
    Becky Quam

    Vardon: All you guys watching this, you guys are awesome! Me: .....Well, thank you! :3

  • pizza 101
    pizza 101

    Did anyone else notice Vardon singing the odd1sout song life is fun at 16:54

  • Keoni Aniston
    Keoni Aniston

    trisha looks like she just got out of bed

    • b1k2q3 *
      b1k2q3 *

      When does she not? Quite an attractive person in general.

  • Emily Peers
    Emily Peers

    I love how vardon is in the vlogs more than jona/nick

  • UrBoiDLC

    I love how Vardan just started singing TheOdd1Out's song just out if nowhere

  • iluv Turkeys
    iluv Turkeys

    Did David literally just say the turtus?

  • Victoria Hudson
    Victoria Hudson

    1:58 I think David said it should be a Saturday thing so that he can spend all Sunday in the bed lol

  • 1000 subscribers For no reason
    1000 subscribers For no reason

    David looks so depressed

  • da baddest
    da baddest

    4:40 i have the same curtain 😂

  • Your Jewish Mom
    Your Jewish Mom

    She is not good around kids

  • Mystical Pineapple
    Mystical Pineapple

    The calories are giving me aniexty

  • imagine wagons
    imagine wagons

    Is he high

  • box Brown
    box Brown

    Vardan:boucing around. I cant wait eat😄😂😂

  • dan

    You know, when I was 14 I was shy. Vardan is great expressing himself.

  • Astha Deb
    Astha Deb

    I love this editing so much

  • Austin Pilat
    Austin Pilat

    Hahaha you sure you don’t want more bread sticks

  • T Gay
    T Gay

    Jason’s vlogs are just like David’s but without steroids and coke

  • Gaurav Palewar
    Gaurav Palewar

    this is surprisingly the normal-est vlog ever with david...

  • Naomi Cawley
    Naomi Cawley

    This video is terrible teaching a kid it's ok to eat out of control.

  • Fluffy Pleb
    Fluffy Pleb

    Is no one going to acknowledge how a human being can eat that much trash so quickly? No wonder they are all fat

  • Frenchie

    7:28 you can see David thinking... should we acc go to Armenia with Vardan?

  • Ava B
    Ava B

    David is so calm when he isn’t filming.

  • TDO _Pulse
    TDO _Pulse

    Vardon said now my mom loves me like she didn’t even before

  • Mikenzie Morris
    Mikenzie Morris

    The fact that vardan said he wouldn’t go if David didn’t is so cute 😢

  • avery Grenier
    avery Grenier

    David is the cutest volger in the world love avery im a big supporter love you david and jason... 💜💙💚💛❤❤💛💚💙💜💙💜💚💙💛💚❤💛 💜💜💜david💙💙💙💙

  • YUNG fucking BLUD
    YUNG fucking BLUD

    He started singing odd1sout song 😂🙏🏼

  • Annie W
    Annie W

    Or maybe this is David’s real personality. I don’t understand why people can’t understand that not everything on UA-my or social media is what it seems. I for one like both personalities of each vlog squad member, off and on camera or on someone else’s vlog.

  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore

    Did anyone notice that the length of this video says 2019

  • Gamer Allie
    Gamer Allie

    The video = 20:19 long Year= 2019 AHHHH WHO'S watching this in 2019

  • unicorn iris
    unicorn iris

    Vardon is so cute!!

  • Cherry Berry
    Cherry Berry

    16:54 OMG he sang 'Life is fun' by theodd1sout! 😭💙💙 Theodd1sout fans where you at!!! 😭

  • Kali Smith
    Kali Smith

    Vardon is really making me miss my niece