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Patriots vs. Rams | Super Bowl LIII Game Highlights
The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during during Super Bowl LIII.
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  • Game Builder
    Game Builder

    This Sucked

  • Ardyn Lucis Caelum
    Ardyn Lucis Caelum

    The Texans should have never let Wade Phillips go, that dude is a great defensive coordinator

  • Khaled Masri
    Khaled Masri

    You came because of mrbeast

  • Leonidas jorge De la paz garcia
    Leonidas jorge De la paz garcia

    👎👎👎que mal Super Bowl todo porque salió maroon 5

  • SoggyMilk

    Who cares, this shits rigged anyways

  • HaloReachOnlineMultiplayer

    Finally it’s great to see teams playing some defense. It was an incredible game.

  • The cringe Gamer lol
    The cringe Gamer lol

    Did u see mr beast? Cause i didn’t Read more

  • Jacob Ghormley
    Jacob Ghormley

    In three playoff games the Patriots: Rushing: 114 - 485 Time of possession: 115:29 Sacks given up: 1 - 9 Opponents: Rushing: 40 - 122 Time of possession: 69:23 Sacks given up: 10 - 92 The Pats won the super bowl because they won the battle in the trenches. They protected their QB and ran the ball on offense and stuffed the run and pressured the opposing QB on defense. Even in today’s pass happy league if you’re able to do that you’ll win most games. Also Brady wasn’t great, but when he needed to be great he stepped up and got it done... that’s why he is the undisputed GOAT!

  • Valerie Richards
    Valerie Richards

    This was the most boring Super Bowl ever, so boring

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    Dirty tackle from the Pats for you Patriots fans:відео-Zr5eBFo4JCE.html

  • Daniel Bell
    Daniel Bell

    The only touchdown was scored by a rookie from Georgia #GoDawgs

  • Earthbound Gaming
    Earthbound Gaming

    I'd cool if beat by meat except sicko played I beat my meat twice as hard

  • John Isrrael Hidalgo Bejarano
    John Isrrael Hidalgo Bejarano

    parece divertido, si tan solo supiera las reglas del juego y como se juega.

  • Rianna Fernandez
    Rianna Fernandez


  • Jordan Bridge
    Jordan Bridge

    Rams are all talk and their doo doo

  • Jordan Bridge
    Jordan Bridge

    Haaa I’m a cowboy fan and I remember when y’all wore like y’all doo doo well y’all doo doo 💩 😂😂😂

  • Connor The Star Wars fan
    Connor The Star Wars fan

    Does anyone else miss the old highlight videos where they didn't include random incomplete passes and crap and where Rich Eisen and those dudes would commentate it??

    • Echo

      yesss hate 2016 + highlight

  • adam roberts
    adam roberts

    11:36 worst throw in super bowl HISTORY

  • Ray Harris
    Ray Harris

    NE got away with a few of PI's and hit to defensless receiver wit Goff on the sideline only a few shared highlights from CJ &TG perfectly gift wrapped after easily the best defensive performance of the year for the Rams.

    • Joshin Jersey
      Joshin Jersey


  • Rakhi Hudgins
    Rakhi Hudgins

    follow me instagram vrxo._.nrxo

  • Rakhi Hudgins
    Rakhi Hudgins

    follow me instagram vrxo._.nrxo

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    Haha totally burned that other guy. He deleted the comment lol.

  • 1990Thunderbolt

    Los Angeles has got to be the most sickest sports city in the world right now! Losing in the World Series and the Super Bowl to the Boston sports teams! I mean what can be worse than that!

  • David Daniszewski
    David Daniszewski

    Are any Patriots fans relieved like I was when the Rams kicker missed the field goal at the end? We actually won a super bowl by more than one possession!

  • Alex Marchino
    Alex Marchino

    ugly sport, you can't even see where the ball is !! Soccer is much better.

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    Brady isn't the GOAT, if you give that title to anyone on that team, give it to Bill Belichick for making the plays to win it.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      Also you're just mad that the Patriots cheat more than the Cardinals.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      No response to them being the team that cheats the least? And how the Rams that are the 3rd least least after the Jags.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      So I can at least say that the Cards are the least cheating team (if at all and if that websites even reputable).

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      And also notice how the Cardinals are on the bottom of that list of the NFL's biggest cheaters.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      No response?

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    I hope the Jags come back to stomp Brady and the Patriots, like they did to the Steelers when Ben Rothesburger got 7 picks a game to make Brady contemplate retirememt.

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    Man, I just hope teams like the Jags, the Cards, the Texans, the Titans, the Bucs, the Dolphins, and the Ravens do better this following season.

  • janice ginexi
    janice ginexi

    Cooks got hacked by Gilmore in the end zone. Should’ve been tied 10-10.

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    It should've been a closer game because the holding call and the clothesline. Talk about vintage Steelers where they can do whatever tf they want to the offensive piece.

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    Also in a sense the Rams are more respectable because they never cheated to win a Super Bowl. The Patriots did for 4 of their Super Bowl wins.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      And also how can I be biased if I even mentioned that no call that made the Rams go to the Super Bowl in the first place? I bet you didn't even read that.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      Plus it's not my fault that "the greatest dynasty in NFL history" had to cheat to get 4 of their Super Bowls.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      And for you to say I'm a "fanboy" is retarded because I was a Patriots fan till I opened my eyes about them cheating.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      And you're the one doing so. I didn't retract anything I said, so how is it damage control?

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    Even though I hate to say this, it should've been Saints Patriots. That no call was dumb. Just wish they would've gotten there cleanly.

  • T Series
    T Series


  • AkibtheGamer

    Who saw Mr.Beast

  • Orlando Medel
    Orlando Medel

    Yes the patriots won

  • DevX

    Let's not forget that the Seahawks didn't *run the ball*

    • Joeybago12

      Lets not forget that bullshit catch to set them up 1st and goal...

  • Matthew Klotzbach
    Matthew Klotzbach

    Talk about a clothesline call the NFL didn't call against the Patriots. This kind of thing pisses me off about the NFL. They might as well be blowing Brady on the field lol.

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      +Konnor Rudd Also why did John Jastremski's phone records, texts and emails say otherwise as well?

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      +Konnor Rudd And also if nothing happened, why was he refusing to give up his texts and emails?

    • Matthew Klotzbach
      Matthew Klotzbach

      +Konnor Rudd So you jus mindlessly believe what everyone says?

  • Zion Sturghill
    Zion Sturghill

    Pittsburgh has left the chat.

  • diascrive

    So they are closing down a section of the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton for construction - speculated to be open in 2020 is the Tom Brady wing of the NFL Hall of Fame.

  • Sonny Crockett
    Sonny Crockett

    Big dicks smashing into buttholes


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  • Christian Francis
    Christian Francis

    PI at 11:23?

  • Zion Sturghill
    Zion Sturghill

    For the first time in my LIFE, I Actually feel bad for the Steelers.🙁

  • Matthew Jay Evans
    Matthew Jay Evans

    13:20 GOAT...Period.

  • John Frasca
    John Frasca

    Choke-a-tron 😆 I love my patriots!!!!!

  • Derek Savage
    Derek Savage

    It was way better when the Eagles won the Super Bowl. At least it mattered to them.

    • Derek Savage
      Derek Savage

      George Davis Malcolm Butler surely exemplified his ability to stop recievers on the Titans this year. Surely he wasn’t benched for being half the player he used to be. I mean what possible evidence of his decline do you have?

    • George Davis
      George Davis

      No, it really wasn't. That super bowl was horrible. We'll never know how many stops the Patriots defense would have had on 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2 had Belichick played Malcolm Butler in that game. He threw the super bowl from the very start. The Eagles were also lucky that Edelman and Hightower were out.

  • Beast

    Rams built a super team on defense and Brady the goat still took over the game in the 4th quarter like he always does.

  • Manu P47souza
    Manu P47souza

    patriots s2

  • Lesley skater
    Lesley skater

    damn this is sticking to rugby

  • George Cisneros
    George Cisneros

    The RAMS fans are nothing but LAZY BEANRS!

    • javorjavi

      with a "Cisneros" last name you def sound like a one generation removed "BEANR" yourself. perhaps you should check your history, go back to school or at least try to get a refund.

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen

    The Rams came so close. The game was closer than even the small score indicated, but, best team still won.

  • Andrew Berry
    Andrew Berry

    Defense wins championships

  • Valerie Sandoval
    Valerie Sandoval

    Spongebob won the super bowl

  • Melanin King
    Melanin King

    All sports is rigged. Its not far fetched from pro wrestling. People who own/control these organizations don't have make anything Legit especially the fact that there is BILLIONS of gambling dollars invested in the outcomes. Players are paid to ENTERTAIN that is all.

  • Freakink[Chris Upsky
    Freakink[Chris Upsky

    Very boring...

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell

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  • Sup Tanner
    Sup Tanner

    I thought this was so boring... 13:12 MR.BEAST!!!

  • Jaysteez7

    I'm from the UK to me it was pretty exciting but what do I know. Should stick o soccer.

  • Moseh Lewi
    Moseh Lewi

    Patriots always get away with cheating 11:31

    • James Davis
      James Davis

      This game was justice. The Rams shouldn't have even been playing in this game. No bad call in this game could possibly match that non-call down in New Orleans. I remember Gronk and Edelman being held in this game too.

    • Moseh Lewi
      Moseh Lewi

      +Deasian Zhu huh?

    • Deasian Zhu
      Deasian Zhu

      oH nO iT wAs A pAsS iNtErFeReNcE tHaT wAsN't CaLlEd HoW iRoNiC. Lol I'm not a fan of either. I just like looking at the butter comments lmao sue me.

  • ty yt
    ty yt


  • planetrob555

    Same terrible jumpcuts as all the other crappy highlight videos on UA-my.

  • Da Masta
    Da Masta

    11:31 PI PI PI PI PI PIPI

    • DVJFan

      You're an idiot.

    • Sweek Seed
      Sweek Seed


  • Mike Orfe
    Mike Orfe

    finally a good defensive game real old school.teams are there to win not entertain us there is a difference

  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl Wheezer

    La li lui e lo

  • Mike Orfe
    Mike Orfe

    this wasnt the greatest super bowl but was a pretty decent game nevertheless.problem is that todays generation doesnt know what real football is

  • TW Civil Site
    TW Civil Site

    13:14 mr beast

  • katendral slight
    katendral slight

    Real Football is still way better than American Football

    • katendral slight
      katendral slight

      yeah and a game that stops every few seconds is even more exciting .+XMXH

    • XMXH

      yeah because a game that ends 1-0 is exciting lol

  • Esquimo Salinas
    Esquimo Salinas


  • Lieo Deo
    Lieo Deo

    I don't understand this sport, why do they run outside the field?

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones

    How many plays did NE go after 58? Alot. Ran at him, went after him in coverage a bunch.

  • Classical Music11
    Classical Music11

    Literally comparable to watching paint dry.

  • Tabrez Ahmed
    Tabrez Ahmed

    No Johnny 5 football this year... dream team😉

  • Celeste Patino
    Celeste Patino

    Who else is trying to find mr.beast

  • Jenglina Gangmei
    Jenglina Gangmei

    so 4 million views is all you get? hahaha and you say its bigger than football, the real football???

    • James Davis
      James Davis

      Check out Super Bowls XLIX, LII, and LI to name a few. This game was a defensive battle. This game was the equivalent of a 1-0 soccer game. Get real.

  • Marco Rioti
    Marco Rioti

    It seems like a home game for the Patriots ...

  • glock161

    Redpublican patriots vs. blueocrat LA "Dayams". More focused with tensions among the oppositions than concentrating.

  • Justin cruz
    Justin cruz

    Who believe the game was fix

    • DVJFan

      +Justin cruz You sound like a child, so don't believe everything the media tells you.

    • Justin cruz
      Justin cruz

      They do cheat

    • DVJFan

      Retarded Patriots haters who can't hold this L.

    • XMXH

      pats haters

  • Charles Monrovia
    Charles Monrovia

    Ha 4 million views But hey this game sucked D fence wins championships

  • Crazy Steve
    Crazy Steve

    Before I watch it, just wondering how this game can have 13-plus minutes of highlights. Actually, I think I'll just move along and save the 13 minutes.

    • DVJFan

      6 rings.

  • boi

    Mr Beast did a great job

  • The Shamedarcher
    The Shamedarcher

    Can't find this comment I seen just after this video went up so I'll say it now. Ahem "When you lie at the interview but get the job anyway" (Random UA-myr, 2018).

  • Tyler

    Super Bowl LIII Highlights: File Cannot Be Found

    • James Davis
      James Davis

      Are you sure it can't be found? I'd expect the file to be too large because it was the game that got the Patriots their 6th championship win.

    • DVJFan

      6 rings. Btw try hard comment...trash.

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox

    I’m just looking for mr.beast

  • Dante

    Came here looking for Mr Beast

  • JustARamaniac29

    Rams forever.

    • JustARamaniac29

      Forgot to mention Eric Dickerson has the season record in NFL history with 2,105 scrimmage yards. I was devastated seeing him leave. He could've been the all time leader for most yards. But I still love watching his old clips.

    • JustARamaniac29

      +George Cisneros Also after the Brady dynasty started, the Rams' great players had retired and we were left in the dust. I'm so glad to see Sean McVay create a mega team with lots of talent. They just didn't have the experience. They're still a fresh young team. Now they have experience in the playoffs more and now the Super Bowl. Aaron Donald's 20.5 sacks really amazes me. Todd Gurley has been amazing since he was drafted. Now that they have C.J. Anderson it's awesome to see that great RB duo. Cooper Kupp is coming back from a season ending injury which he was Goff's spotlight. I love my Rams to death.

    • JustARamaniac29

      +George Cisneros I've been a Los Angeles Rams fan since 1979. Never ditched them when they left to St. Louis it's all because the CEO passed away and the new CEO had family relations in St. Louis so he moved the franchise over there. Trust me the Rams organization loves LA. Eric Dickerson days, Kurt Warner, and Jack Youngblood days were awesome for the Rams.

    • George Cisneros
      George Cisneros

      +JustARamaniac29 I been a true PATRIOT fan when Brady beat the RAMS in 2001. And from that point on the PATRIOTS have been victorious in going to the Super Bowl while the RAMS haven't been the same since. Hahaha!

    • JustARamaniac29

      +DVJFan Don't know what team you root for, but if you're a Pats fan that's not a cool thing to say bud.

  • b b
    b b

    Do not idol worship this .

  • 313drepeso313

    Idc what people say, other then Rice, C. Johnson, Moss, and prime Fitzgerald (maybe AB) I don't think I'd rather have any other reciever in the playoffs besides Edelman. That's saying a lot because they're plenty of better athletes and statistical receivers.

  • Space Boi
    Space Boi


  • Default Boyz
    Default Boyz


  • Default Boyz
    Default Boyz

    So boring

  • Michael Pomales
    Michael Pomales

    The 10,000 dislikes were those who wanted sweet victory

  • EarlyBird

    i see it the advertisment *SUB 2 PEWEDIEPIE*

  • Samuel Valle
    Samuel Valle

    Wait, what highlights?

  • Mike Bambur
    Mike Bambur

    Play by play, Patriots copy Chicago Bears 100 percent in their victory against Rams.

  • stephen karmichael
    stephen karmichael

    rams got screwed cuz of the ref

    • George Cisneros
      George Cisneros

      The RAMS fans are nothing but LAZY BEANRS!

  • WED wed
    WED wed

    ppl spent the entire season complaining that teams couldn't play defense but when they do play defense everybody hates it

  • Alex T.
    Alex T.

    God Jared Goff sucked big time...why didn't they try to run with Todd Hurley more?

  • Bob Donovan
    Bob Donovan

    I thought the media scrum on the field after the game was a disgrace. They should wait on the sidelines. I'd like to see the players shake hands and celebrate - not listen to dumb meaningless questions by sideline reporters.

  • Kelly Short
    Kelly Short

    I still think the Patriots deflated the ball in Atlanta Super Bowl

    • boxing #1 sport
      boxing #1 sport

      Still salty about Getting annihilated 45-7 ?. We outscored the Colts 22-0 in the second half without the deflated footballs but keep talking about to make yourself feel better. Andrew luck is trash and overrated just like Peyton Manning. Both of those bums will never be on tom Brady level.