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Patriots vs. Rams | Super Bowl LIII Game Highlights
The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during during Super Bowl LIII.
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  • Sigurd Torvaldsson
    Sigurd Torvaldsson

    A question to Americans. What do you need to be good at american football, except being physically fit and fast?

  • Fidget Spiner1
    Fidget Spiner1

    13:14 who else saw the people with the shirts sub 2 pie die pie

  • Christopher Stevens
    Christopher Stevens

    Did u see mr beast he said sub 2 pewdiepie

  • YRN Nahmir
    YRN Nahmir

    13-3 Wow

  • TonzGMaster

    13:12 Mr beast

  • Alexandro oliveira
    Alexandro oliveira

    Most borring superbowl ever when compared to the other pats wins when the pats play u know that its gonna be a unique game #PatsNation

    • Alexandro oliveira
      Alexandro oliveira

      +XMXH im not saying it was not exciting but coming off the previous two superbowl wins the interception by butler and miracle comback in 51 this one just seemed less interesting its the least interesting out of the best

    • XMXH

      Great defensive battle and was to close to call in half way through the 4th quarter. Not sure how that is boring.

  • Ez1081

    Don’t mind me just a 49er fan sitting in the corner of a room

  • ItsCaspian

    13:14 sub 2 pewdieie at the top of the screen. shoutout for mrbeast

  • jaider basto
    jaider basto

    nfl the best

  • Bradley Tebo
    Bradley Tebo

    No one gonna come back and mention that this was Gronk’s last game

  • G M
    G M

    10:18 ❤️💜

  • Tenzin Dhoundup
    Tenzin Dhoundup

    Where’s x

  • nico B
    nico B

    Who ever wins, every kid in that city gets to go with the team to Disneyworld. Things would change!!!!

  • Delos Valle
    Delos Valle

    I’m 6”1 and 220 pounds and 18 year old I’m a senior,Still in highschool . I have a scholarship for college football but I don’t want to play.I need to focus on something else lmao

  • Callie Mae Stone
    Callie Mae Stone

    This was a good game the defense on both teams. Did. Their jobs by not letting the. Other team score I really didn't like the game but believe me it was very interesting watching

  • Georgia Black Man
    Georgia Black Man

    most of yall said that the Superbowl was bored ..yall dont know nothing about both ends of Football so close your mouth

  • Georgia Black Man
    Georgia Black Man

    the NFL had Sony Michel to make the winning touchdown because last year when he was with the bulldawg they lost in Atlanta so he had to win it in Atlanta with a different team

  • Kyrie Jackson
    Kyrie Jackson

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  • Kyrie Jackson
    Kyrie Jackson

    sdhgdghfgdhfvhevhwvjqefrhjerjegryuergyegryeghjegrhjerherjegrhjeghrgezhjrgsyrghjghjegrhjeghjredr fmrjejrgEhfghjegrhjaegrhegrhegrhehfewewegwfehwfeghfeghabgfrhfrvhvdrhfbndghvdhfvehjgbfjgjgfhgdhfgfvgdhsvdghsfvgfsvdghsvdvgahvfhdvf vbffghfgdufhfhfgfgy

  • Kyrie Jackson
    Kyrie Jackson

    dgfgdftrgegwyegyw yvdfgghefwefwerer ffevregeevewewcegwewcewcegwecgvegwegvgwbevgwvghcegecdvhevrhdfvedvdgbfvhdrvr Fnfbdnbhvrgedvf gdf gdvf gdcegdcgdbbf bdfvgdbvfdbvfbddvfagcfhjdbgjbjfkbdjhbfxjgfxjgbdfbhbfhbhjvhjvfhjdvf ftyeryehvrghfeghsrtysgfyfweghfsc fgewgewgewgeugweugwegeyurgeyfrvgegfrv Dfrehregrbhevrhevrevrhvehre

  • angel editz
    angel editz

    *comic book guy from the simpsons voice* Worst SuperBowl Ever!

  • Zaphod

    I'm a Pat's fan and it's only like 2 months after this game. I still had to look on UA-my to see who we played and what the score was. Prob the most unremarkable SB I've ever seen.

    • XMXH

      ? two defenses slugging it out and was close until the middle of the 4th qt. How is that boring?


    this was boring................i would rather watch paint dry on a wall than watch this!

  • michael carter
    michael carter

    The game that cemented the new england patriots as THE greatest NFL franchise of all time!!!!!

  • asael Martinez
    asael Martinez


  • P Pumpkin
    P Pumpkin

    At 6:58 Goff under pressure throws the ball out of the end zone. It doesn't get to the line of scrimmage. It looks like he is in the tackle box. There is a receiver on that side of the field but he looks at least ten yards away - why wasn't that a safety?

  • Nahu Dimitri
    Nahu Dimitri

    Brady's Record against the NFC in the Superbowl: NFC West: 3-0 ( Rams x2, Seahawks) NFC South: 2-0 (Panthers, Falcons) NFC East: 1-3 (W: Eagles, L: Eagles, Giants x2) NFC North: 0-0

  • Eric Ruiz
    Eric Ruiz

    6 of em. Goat

  • Tyron Pouncey
    Tyron Pouncey

    This was a team effort

  • dedy kurniyanto
    dedy kurniyanto

    So bad entertainment , i dont know what they do , i dont know what their skill , football still the best sport in earth

  • Vince Snyder
    Vince Snyder

    I would rather watch golf all day than this boring sorry excuse of a super bowl, and golf is really boring.

    • Vince Snyder
      Vince Snyder

      +XMXH True. But I'm just saying that it was like both teams didn't even try, poor effort.

    • XMXH

      +Vince Snyder Usually if both defenses are playing really well that means the offenses will struggle. Only common sense.

    • Vince Snyder
      Vince Snyder

      +XMXH Oh I appreciate good defenses, I just wished it wasn't just the defenses doing their job.

    • XMXH

      Only boring to football casuals who cant appreciate good defense and need 50 point games.

  • Wasim Holmes
    Wasim Holmes

    If the Saints went to the Super Bowl it would've been a better game

  • Wasim Holmes
    Wasim Holmes

    Worst Super Bowl Ever!!!! The Saints was supposed to go to the Super Bowl not the rams.

    • XMXH

      They could have if Brees did not chuck up a duck in OT hahaha


    Maybe the game was boring, but the highlights were still amazing and exciting as hell to watch!

  • Gerard Stevenson
    Gerard Stevenson

    Rams didn't deserve to be in the Superbowl and the lost. Sweetest revenge for Saints fans!

    • Gerard Stevenson
      Gerard Stevenson

      +XMXH Rams lost Superbowl so I'm pleased. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • XMXH

      O they deserved it. Saints had the ball in OT and choked. Thats on them.

  • Gaius Italicus
    Gaius Italicus

    They run around with a ball in their arms. Don't call this football...

    • Gaius Italicus
      Gaius Italicus

      Maybe it's boring for you, but still it's the real football.

    • James Davis
      James Davis

      They still kick it. Get off this channel, you clown. The sport of soccer is just as boring to watch as golf.


    Patriots cheating

  • Your Average Strategy Gamer
    Your Average Strategy Gamer

    *The Rams Team is stuck in a fire, with no way to get out* Sean McWay: oH weRE FINe!

  • James Lee-South
    James Lee-South

    Super Bowl 53 announcer layout: Announce a Super Bowl 53 touchdown like it's a game winner. Announce a Super Bowl 53 field goal like it's a touchdown. Announce a Super Bowl 53 (decent) punt like it's a field goal.

  • Splash 23
    Splash 23

    Brady has a game winning drive in all 6 of his Super Bowl wins. He’s the best ever!!!

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    Yeah patriots rule

  • Marcus Little
    Marcus Little

    CBS should have the Super Bowl every year

  • ZOD Hoth 555
    ZOD Hoth 555

    The lamest super bowl of all time.

  • rutagengwa eyal
    rutagengwa eyal

    RUGBY is better than this !!!

  • Sierra Caldwell
    Sierra Caldwell

    The Rams went 13-3 this year

  • Sierra Caldwell
    Sierra Caldwell

    The Patriots Defense shut down the Rams offense

  • I_is_very_ lonely
    I_is_very_ lonely

    Who else came here just to see Mr.Beast advertising Pewdiepie?

  • Junior Pereyda
    Junior Pereyda

    Gronk is fat that’s why they can’t bring him down

    • Limo Driver
      Limo Driver

      Junior Pereyda yo you’re mad cool yo

  • LxHitmanxl

    Wow no salty people!

  • lin jianguo
    lin jianguo

    cheap nfl jerseys on sale

  • MR nobody
    MR nobody

    never i understand this game

  • Murshid A
    Murshid A

    This sport suck

    • Mikasa Ackerman
      Mikasa Ackerman

      +James Davis nah soccer is lit especially the champions league mostly cause of the fuckery... Soccer is growing alot in the US too. I love the NBA, NFL and the champions league each is entertaining.

    • James Davis
      James Davis

      Soccer sucks. That's why a country with 328 million people hate it. The World Cup is tolerable, but that's the exception. That speaks volumes.

    • Mikasa Ackerman
      Mikasa Ackerman

      It doesn't this game sucked ass tho

  • John Phanh
    John Phanh

    Rams choked bad!

  • TheGreatHeisman

    Better than Superbowl 52 PATS NATION BABY!! We back!! The Eagles superbowl loss is a fluke and Pats are for real!

    • bigmassive69

      It wasn't a fluke Pats lost the last Super Bowl- it was a strip sack that cost them. Keep it 💯.

  • King Wogg
    King Wogg

    We just going to remember at 11:31 I guess they couldn’t see this neither clearly grabs the arm preventing a td but most importantly putting us in the red zone

  • Kermit Helper142
    Kermit Helper142

    The score was just like the rams season record

  • kingofalljokers909

    The lams Are trash

  • Litening Volt
    Litening Volt

    I’m here just trying to catch mr beast and his promo

  • Noah Sharplin
    Noah Sharplin

    Better than the Halftime Show.

  • HereIsWisdom 1318
    HereIsWisdom 1318

    Wow, why wasnt that called a safety at 6:54?

  • Ben G
    Ben G

    :20. That's Ndamakong Suh hitting that fullback in a designed trap play. Oh my goodness, I thought he killed him...


    I ca n not believe that my team lost because of the patriots

  • THENASH 17
    THENASH 17

    But the rams played in the super bowl this was very good

  • THENASH 17
    THENASH 17

    This was the most bored super bowl I have ever seen

  • darren desson
    darren desson

    congrats nfl got the outcome you fixed, slowly but surely the sport will die out, fixed games , brady havind a non contact jersey on for 20 years, third and 30 yet a 5 yard penalty results in a first down, lol refs are paid off never held to account, people are starting to realize games are fixed and that the NFL is listed as ENTERTAINMENT. lowest watched super bowl in decades looks good on you nfl.

    • Chad Justice
      Chad Justice

      Please take the time to foil hat off

  • Rudy Bernardino
    Rudy Bernardino

    I played defense and by no means was this game enjoyable, as a bears fan I love s great defense. But when majority of the time there was punts and two turn overs, it's just not fun, there should be a balance of both. That's why I think Chiefs vs Rams or Saints vs Patriots would have been one of the best SBs ever

    • Patriots 4life
      Patriots 4life

      Yea The rams weren't supposed to be THERE any way

  • Jordan Montano
    Jordan Montano

    Who’s here to watch GRONKS last game? GO PATS!

  • Ryan Grams
    Ryan Grams

    We will miss you gronk

  • az outlaw
    az outlaw

    Everytime I open up a pack of football cards and I get a player from the Patriots . I wipe my ass with it .

    • Patriots 4life
      Patriots 4life

      Well, now you know what people do to your mom when your no around👀

  • StoneMasonJar

    One of the greatest Defensive Super Bowls ever!

  • JDM

    This was Rob Gronkowski’s last game

  • Kenneth Rosario
    Kenneth Rosario

    anyone here after gronk retired today 3/24/19? i'm sad

    • Carlos Gonzalez
      Carlos Gonzalez

      Same and I'm not even a pats fan lol

    • DaBoss101

      Kenneth Rosario me

  • Colin Wytrwal
    Colin Wytrwal

    Bye gronl

  • Patriots 4life
    Patriots 4life

    Well. Gronk is gone. Now im a gronk(the horse) fan

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine

    Gronk made one of the biggest catches of his career. Little did we all know it was his last catch,

    • Emperor Palpatine
      Emperor Palpatine

      Kermit The Frog yes at least we have him

    • Feel Destroyed
      Feel Destroyed

      Ben Drescher at least we have Jared cook

    • Emperor Palpatine
      Emperor Palpatine

      Kermit The Frog ikr. Sad

    • Feel Destroyed
      Feel Destroyed

      Ben Drescher Rip gronk it was good having him he deserved this ring

  • D H
    D H

    Good game

  • Dr. Z
    Dr. Z

    Super bowl 52: Finally! the patriots dynasty is over! Super Bowl 53: well at least Brady didn’t get a touchdown pass.

    • Green Kirby
      Green Kirby


  • Jon R
    Jon R

    Tony Romo should be a commentator for every superbowl from now on. He's incredibly good at it.

    • ToasterGaming

      Sadly the next time he will be is probably in 3 years

  • Em Christobal
    Em Christobal

    Edelman was unstoppable.

  • Unicorn Pusheen78
    Unicorn Pusheen78

    I bet one of the players is just a peach in disguise.

    • Unicorn Pusheen78
      Unicorn Pusheen78

      You were right all along

  • Riptide

    Trash are trash les go patriots

  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez

    San Francisco 49ers super bowl Champions 2020

  • Avian 619
    Avian 619

    You know what's sad? Tom Brady has more rings (6) than the points the rams scored in sb 53 (3). Think about that for a second.

  • AtomicAnthony

    Patriots suck they paid the rams to win

  • Victor

    the G O A T of all time

  • Amr Kasa
    Amr Kasa


  • Sebastián De los Santos Cisneros
    Sebastián De los Santos Cisneros

    Vamos patriotslo

  • Sebastián De los Santos Cisneros
    Sebastián De los Santos Cisneros


  • Rita Chaturvedi
    Rita Chaturvedi

    stephen gostkowski is a terrible kicker

  • Aftershock EDM
    Aftershock EDM

    am i the only one who found tis superbowl fun?....

  • Givenchy Spilla
    Givenchy Spilla

    Tom Brady 6 rings Like Jordan #23

  • Alex Decker
    Alex Decker

    If it were the Saints, the score would have been 13-6

    • Windy City Fan
      Windy City Fan

      Bruh you are extremely retarded if you think the patriots would’ve won that game

    • Windy City Fan
      Windy City Fan

      Saints would have won 8287266291918717162672 to 0

  • Squid Gamer/Ed
    Squid Gamer/Ed

    Ok so Tom brady is a champ

  • Graham Kelsch
    Graham Kelsch

    13:13 is Wide Left.

  • Graham Kelsch
    Graham Kelsch

    Super Bowl 36: Patriots win Super Bowl 38: Patriots win Super Bowl 39: Patriots win Super Bowl 42: 18-1 Super Bowl 46: Another loss to the Giants Super Bowl 49: Patriots win Super Bowl 51: 28-3 Super Bowl 52: Brady's 3rd loss Super Bowl 53: Patriots win

  • issaciams

    Wait are they using drone cameras now!?!

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen

    I was looking for mrbeasts "SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE" Sign lol

  • Gleiser Marcelo Cedeño
    Gleiser Marcelo Cedeño

    Brady told his wife that he would retire after he won 2 Superbowls after his 4th ..... now he only needs 1 :)

    • Gleiser Marcelo Cedeño
      Gleiser Marcelo Cedeño

      +Eyem Dunn I am sorry i meant after 5th Superbowl .. so now after 6th just 1 more :)

    • Eyem Dunn
      Eyem Dunn

      But he’s won 2 since his 4th already

  • wsu 510
    wsu 510

    Anyone else think this game was a masterpiece even though the score wasn't high?

  • Keith Ward
    Keith Ward

    great game rams 😴