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P!nk - Walk Me Home (Official Video)
Get The New Album ‘Hurts 2B Human’ ft. “Walk Me Home”, “Can We Pretend” & “Hurts 2B Human” Available Now!
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  • Ferchys de jesus
    Ferchys de jesus

    Ver este vídeo es disfrutar cada segundo de arte

  • jason casey
    jason casey

    The best sound and her songs are like liquid gold

  • Dan Angelo
    Dan Angelo


  • Peter K. Wanyangi
    Peter K. Wanyangi


  • bgoodrid

    Pink I love you!!!!! You keep stepping your game up with very album and video it’s amazing!

  • Peter K. Wanyangi
    Peter K. Wanyangi

    Love th!s song

  • Alice Wallman
    Alice Wallman

    She is so beautiful, there are very few people more beautiful than her

  • Neak Pisey
    Neak Pisey

    i like this song.

  • YouTube Мир ПОЗИТИВА
    YouTube Мир ПОЗИТИВА


  • Xuan Weena
    Xuan Weena

    Love your song!!! Always bring us to the bright side

  • Hiren Patel 22
    Hiren Patel 22

    Can’t understand 😶


    uauuuuuu que lindo

  • John Hermie Ariola
    John Hermie Ariola

    this song is beautiful

  • Daili Eliise Tall
    Daili Eliise Tall

    I looked up this song for like a 100000 times becouse i heard it from radio and i liked it SOOSOO much but I didn’t find it at first. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND IT🥰 I LOVE THIS SONG😍😍

  • John Hermie Ariola
    John Hermie Ariola

  • Stephen Black
    Stephen Black

    Pink/ Walk Me Home

  • unknown girl
    unknown girl

    Bop good

  • あかあか


  • Angel D365
    Angel D365

    Wow!! I love P!nk!! She rocks!! I am already in love with this song!!

    • Hiren Patel 22
      Hiren Patel 22


  • Mark Rids
    Mark Rids

    When you get possessed by an angel

  • Count Dracula
    Count Dracula

    Dancing with the hulk be like...

  • Duncan Ndiithi
    Duncan Ndiithi

    Just as fine wine, you get better with's a beautiful song. The stars dance to the rhythm, they bend they fold.

  • Willian Will
    Willian Will

    Song wonderful!!😊😁🤗🤩😍

  • samuel carpenter
    samuel carpenter

    @pink if you truly feel the way you sing in the song i think we can help someone

  • Arvind Grande
    Arvind Grande

    such a cool music video

  • Jessica Patterson
    Jessica Patterson

    Anyone else scrolling through trying to find a doctor who reference? Just me... ok

  • jobiwan77

    It's normally takes me forever to like a new song...but with P!nk it's always love at first listen. I'm blown away by the beauty of this song and video.

  • JJ M0L1NA
    JJ M0L1NA


  • Kyonna Brown
    Kyonna Brown


  • Erika Yuzon
    Erika Yuzon

    i love her dress, i love how she sing, i love how she brings the power of the song and the way she dance. Let us not forget how i love the idea of the music video and all the staff of this music video.

  • joel bass
    joel bass

    unreal, as always! role models are hard to find these days..keep inspiring!

  • Rishi Choudhary
    Rishi Choudhary

    I will stay with you forever.

  • gunnar björnsson
    gunnar björnsson

    II wont to first hef my love,by things are >Human:


    Pink is so much underated she has such a talent wow she amazing person love her voice so much ❤️

  • Ghost fingers
    Ghost fingers

    Pink loved you since first time I ever saw you back when MTV came out. Just had to say it. Peace baby britches ✌😙

  • Varun Eachappa
    Varun Eachappa

    When music video effects are way out of the world compared to actual Movie effects.. how do producers make money of these.

  • Νικος Καλαμάρης
    Νικος Καλαμάρης


  • yşk -
    yşk -

    what a beautiful

  • Jaimee Thomas
    Jaimee Thomas

    Love the song plus video

  • šimon podmanický
    šimon podmanický

    Like like


    :911 ... yeah theres this crazy lady dancing in the middle of the street shes floating in the air there may be drugs involved........ what? no I havent had anything to drink..... no im not high... oh never mind.

  • og jenny
    og jenny

    This song is too short😰😰

  • og jenny
    og jenny

    Love this song at first listen before it was over. Reminds me of just give me a reason with nate reuss anthem.

  • Sharna Stephens
    Sharna Stephens

    I love you

  • Kiera Taylor
    Kiera Taylor

    We went to your concert in portland OR at moda center.With DJ Kidcupup and Julia Michael's Did anybody else go??

  • cristian lell
    cristian lell

    It's Just excellent

  • Hmangaihi Ralte
    Hmangaihi Ralte

    Anyone who love this song please thumbs👍 up

    • Hiren Patel 22
      Hiren Patel 22


  • Jessi Fitzy
    Jessi Fitzy

    Shadows are fun now.

  • LightShot

    *Google* "p" "I'm feeling lucky"

  • ElPro-Juegos y más
    ElPro-Juegos y más

    I love this song.😘😘😍

  • Lucie Roy
    Lucie Roy

    Ma découverte du jour. Wouah.


    Jealous queen pink

  • Shanielee Grace
    Shanielee Grace

    🤠 👕 👖 👞

  • Elina Son
    Elina Son

    Its sounds like nancy mulligan

  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 P!nk - Walk Me Home 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : ❤️ *1.000 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  • Josephine Molde
    Josephine Molde

    very high respect is bradley to lady g.. that's nice . bradley is a nice person..

  • Crazy Average Asian
    Crazy Average Asian

    Good songs that went under spotlight from subscribers *1) Katy - Never Really Over / 365* *2) Miley - Mother's daughter* *3) 5SOS - Easier* *4) Camila - Find U Again* *5) P!NK - Walk Me Home* Go listen to these songs or y'all be miss out good songs and they'll be underrated. Somehow UA-my hidden videos from us , make those popular popstar come back songs isn't much people know. Shawn , Ed , Justin songs can be just 2 millions likes Many users aren't notice their release. That's why Pop Music going down

  • Crazy Average Asian
    Crazy Average Asian

    Wth , I just found out this even though it long release in march How come P!NK release new MV and I not saw it ?!! That's why people saying Pop Music is dying , the likes and views are low , it's not because people get into sound tiring period of Pop music But UA-my didn't bring up the video , I subscribed P!NK and only discover thsi now , no wonder why Katy's Miley and Camila new song got so few of views and likes Not many people knowing it !

  • Melissa Goswick
    Melissa Goswick

    I flippen love pink

  • Pans 098
    Pans 098

    I saw this music video being played at a movie theater and me and my friend thought it was a movie trailer, P!nk’s editors know what they’re doing!

  • Danna Samantha Comcom
    Danna Samantha Comcom

    Pink is

  • Landon Hiatt
    Landon Hiatt

    Love this song omg

  • Abigael Masikonte
    Abigael Masikonte

    Did anyone hear the word J-HOPE at the beginning of the song🤔🧐🤯🤯

    • Stan Bangtan
      Stan Bangtan

      Abigael Masikonte oMG YES

  • Robyn Toynton
    Robyn Toynton

    I love this song

  • MrUjin57

    Its good song.

  • seria benkahoul
    seria benkahoul

    I love this song🥰🥰

  • 052970

    This is how the people wanted it. The people demanded this with the act of moving as it. The people are the outside. Wrong is right to the people...

  • 052970

    I like that pink makes music to suggest issues and problems in American politics; however, she is too vague.

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    Producer: how many silhouettes do u want? P!nk: yes

    • SimmerBot

      can this meme die already

  • anja czeczor
    anja czeczor

    geilteste frau der welt würde alles geben sie mal life zu treffen

  • Andrea Adelinger
    Andrea Adelinger

  • ondari amos
    ondari amos

    Listening million times without exhaust

  • A7mD 77
    A7mD 77

    I love this song so much❤️♥️ Thx pink

  • Charmaine Walker
    Charmaine Walker

    I love everything about Pink. She is one of my favourite singers. She has always been real

  • Molly Love
    Molly Love

    love pink ur fanatic singer and songwriter. xxx

  • Bart Van Aken
    Bart Van Aken

    27th of June Rock Werchter Belgium, anyone?

  • Ir.Ihsan Nugraha
    Ir.Ihsan Nugraha

    I think she was laughing

  • Danka Zyganka
    Danka Zyganka

    Im love Pink💥

  • Morgen Chapanduka
    Morgen Chapanduka

    Du Winston sear gut

  • Chris king
    Chris king

    That's good music 😉😉

  • Marius Crisan
    Marius Crisan

    21:9 content distorted

  • DarrenPaul MacDonald
    DarrenPaul MacDonald

    Cant wait to see her in Glasgow on Sunday 23rd June 😍

  • Brooke Bowes
    Brooke Bowes


  • Matttschiiillliii girl
    Matttschiiillliii girl

    What 9Mio a bonnets 😳

  • Tiger Christian
    Tiger Christian

    walk me home in the dead of night its like on the boss baby :P

  • Akash ngomz
    Akash ngomz

    💗 allways fav

  • Andiswa Vilakazi
    Andiswa Vilakazi

    when first heard this song...was like...Repeat....Repeat....Repeat....Repeat.....She is amazing.....


    I’ve never heard of this song before but I love it now 💕

  • Debbie McIntosh
    Debbie McIntosh

    , Rq@

  • FunnyGamerBryton YT
    FunnyGamerBryton YT


  • Your Dad
    Your Dad

    This is for sure her best song

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    She should be locked up for Jay walking 🤔

    • Pink Seashells
      Pink Seashells

      Everyone would be devastated if she was locked up, and it is a video......

  • Audrey Stewart
    Audrey Stewart

    Every thing I do is FREE.

  • Audrey Stewart
    Audrey Stewart

    Please come visit us at Audreys angel graphics.....a place to have memories of your loved ones

  • Audrey Stewart
    Audrey Stewart

    I fucking love you.

  • Jeth Ocampo
    Jeth Ocampo

    Nancy Mulligan?

  • Luiz Henrique Camilo
    Luiz Henrique Camilo

    P!nk❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Te Espero No Rock In Rio 2019✌✌✌✌✌✌✌😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Shamila Robley
    Shamila Robley

    Only one thing that is wrong with this song it ends

  • Jason Stevenson
    Jason Stevenson

    God she's like a badass witch in this video. Pew pew

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    You go Pink ....... Now this, is a # 1 hit song ....... I lost count of how many 💎 s are in this one.