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P!nk - Walk Me Home (Official Video)
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    This song is so underrated :(

  • Hang King Tong
    Hang King Tong


  • RilanaWandir

    I would freak out majorly if I was walking home at night amd saw a bunch of shadows dancing around me, heh


    So did I baby long time ago i gave up in Putingarden then we passed Krakow.. for ages for not when I lost my A ja kislany in Wien in the 90 at Bundes ministerium in win ... I meet her once in Luxenburg after that silenc was a killer, wwhat was ment to be was 2 statu in Luxenburg like smily ainstead of a dip pasport and in Florida a pickter....

  • Bethany Fan
    Bethany Fan

    Wish I can see your amazing live!!!!! Please come to Hong Kong or other big cities in Asia

  • Dylan Cruz
    Dylan Cruz

    This song and music video gave me CHILLS.

  • ram2791

    Got a very irish folk kind of feel to the music

  • Luciana Jaime
    Luciana Jaime

    I fuckin love you

  • Unclebud

    She should be the one commenting "im underrated" on fortnite videos.

  • Justyna K.
    Justyna K.

    Skąd ta Kobieta wie co właśnie dzieje się w moim życiu od prawie 20 lat i zawsze dokładnie trafia w P!nkT kolejnym tekstem?

  • Ronny 03007
    Ronny 03007

    I LOVE YOU ❤️💃😍

  • Ronny 03007
    Ronny 03007


  • Becky Hewitt
    Becky Hewitt

    She is such a amazing women nothing but respect for her

  • Kalischi

    It's a good idea but its just kinda creepy XD would've enjoyed it more if she actually danced with someone but that wouldn't fit to the theme I guess

  • Rylie Dekeyrel
    Rylie Dekeyrel

    Love you P!nk ps I saw you at your concert in Dallas it was so amazing

  • Marcin Zyro
    Marcin Zyro


  • Siri Schloss
    Siri Schloss

    Just cant get enough of this song

  • Leah Young
    Leah Young

    Saw her in concert last month. I loved her so much, I'm trying to go again. This woman is amazing!!!

  • bissan swedan
    bissan swedan

    Pink ♥️

  • Tori Markwick
    Tori Markwick


  • Keep_ Smiling
    Keep_ Smiling

    Love it. Love it. Love it!!!!!

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris

    What an artist, one person who makes music real and unlike everyone else she’s not stereotyped, always a pleasure to listen to.

  • Mariana Carastoian
    Mariana Carastoian

    Pink : YOU ROCK !!...

  • mizael boligan
    mizael boligan

    She can do no wrong !!!! Love U Pink😚😚😚

  • abbief fleming
    abbief fleming

    My mom loves pink

  • CjPlayzRobloxYT

    Hi peeps how are u I love this song it’s so good

  • João Paulo Silva
    João Paulo Silva

    Ícone ♥️

  • wiwin tania
    wiwin tania

    #Pink #Song #2019

  • Layla Rayne
    Layla Rayne

    Thank you for making music that has meaning and purpose! You truly are a gift to the world!

  • justice

    Love her. She just keeps getting better and better with age. Love her talent, she actually SAYS something with her music and she's fun to watch, easy to sing along with. Thank you, P!NK : )

  • Lilliemoo Bryden
    Lilliemoo Bryden


  • Katarzyna w
    Katarzyna w


  • Katy Bel
    Katy Bel

    2 meanings hm

  • Sarath Sekhar
    Sarath Sekhar

    Why only 18m...?

  • vlEnemyZ


  • Diane Render
    Diane Render

    I love this song so much it is the bezt

  • nera law
    nera law

    Very nice this song

  • Sum1Ino ASAP
    Sum1Ino ASAP

    There are only a few artists that are timeless.. Pink is fierce and timeless !

  • Calvin Biefeld
    Calvin Biefeld

    *Visit my Channel if you have the time.I'm a 25 year old singer who has done 131 covers over the last 6 years.Check out a couple of them and SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks*

  • Jaimin Patel
    Jaimin Patel

    cool song,

  • Aries Bayeta
    Aries Bayeta

    So much ART

  • Wolfstar night
    Wolfstar night

    I love it 😍

  • Charlie Origan
    Charlie Origan

    Brilliant song 💕💕

  • Jade Marie
    Jade Marie

    I saw her in concert a month ago and she is a born performer i love her so much i had far seats but it was the best first concert ever❤❤❤

  • ALYSSA.DARBY 100466
    ALYSSA.DARBY 100466

    I hate when people say that artists are underrated when they're not.

  • Winter

    A good song never gets much viewers

  • LaurieSx1

    OMG! I LOVE this video!! I LOVE this song! It's so nice to see a badass woman not resorting to over sexualizing a video to get views. Her writing, her music, the way she is speaks VOLUMES! Love you P!nk!!

  • Lady Dragon
    Lady Dragon

    great video n an even greater song cant wait till the album come out xxxx

  • yanira cuevas
    yanira cuevas

    I actually just heard this song this morning and absolutely loved it!! And the video is amazing and creative. Love it. Pink you are amazing!

  • D Me
    D Me

  • Ricardo Ricketts
    Ricardo Ricketts

    Good song

  • Annamaria Terezia
    Annamaria Terezia

    I L O V E this song ❤

  • Däumling


  • Trail Mist
    Trail Mist

    *Props to the editor.*


    Blood UAs cause good golly miss MOLLY WTF!!!!!! Nope, neither one ever sent L.C. DOJ not a thing USPS. Today high as FUCK!!! Creatine levels NO-GO but GAINFULLY EMPLOYED!

  • Onur O
    Onur O

    Perfect video greetings İstanbul...


    Gonna be BLOOD IS Cause Zeb & et. all 97380 a bunch of lying, cheating BASTARDS and high as fuck!!!!!!!

  • SwedeHog

    Love the musicvideo, love the song. Amazing!

  • Seynabou Cisse Gina
    Seynabou Cisse Gina

    so much loveee i love youuu

  • kevin pescott
    kevin pescott

    love this video

  • M

    Her last so much wrong should have been higher than the one before. That's how I remember pink belching

  • Ahriannah Collier
    Ahriannah Collier

    This remind me so much of Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran lol

  • Alessandra Ilijev
    Alessandra Ilijev

    I love this sooong! She never dissapoints me!:D

  • polar amondi
    polar amondi

    This song is amazing!!!!!!!

  • Graeme Kermath
    Graeme Kermath

    I love this song

  • Tururu :3
    Tururu :3

    Cadê os br?

  • 606 !
    606 !


  • mushu Nichanian
    mushu Nichanian

    I love your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊🎶🎵

  • Jubille Plaza
    Jubille Plaza

    very nice

  • raghu nandan
    raghu nandan

    Love you for a 1000 years Shreenidhi ❤️💗 Miss You

  • Joshua Hickey
    Joshua Hickey

    This song is beuitful

  • GM C
    GM C

    i love you P!NK ❤️🌹

  • Ferry Yap
    Ferry Yap

    The visuals of this video reminds me of "Tightrope" from The Greatest Showman and I LOVE IT!

  • Ferry Yap
    Ferry Yap

    This is beautiful! The song, the effect and everything! It's like watching a movie or a musical

  • Pia Jacuer
    Pia Jacuer

    Flot my Girl!

  • Digi Fas
    Digi Fas

    A Swifty is here cause your music is so powerful and beautiful #Pink 🤗😃😀😀😊😊

  • avril lavigne
    avril lavigne

    Man.. why didn't i find it before.. it's damn good..

  • Banana Pi BPI
    Banana Pi BPI

    Banana Pi open source boards:

  • Zane Edmonds
    Zane Edmonds

    I love walk me home

  • Valerie Selau
    Valerie Selau

    I really loved this fact about this incredible music video is everything in between. And her song was so perfect! 😍

  • Jessamine O'Loughlin
    Jessamine O'Loughlin

    Pink is a good song

  • LR Winchester
    LR Winchester

    Like a vampire queen dancing 👌🏻👍🏻

  • FutureNow.Relaxation.Meditation.Sleep

    So talented.

  • Jj Dg
    Jj Dg

    P!nk I love you since I heard you the first time, you are one of the joys that I have and and for what I give thanks for being alive

  • ci12800

    Does this song make anyone else cry? Lol

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson

    love you pink..legendary^^^

  • Voting for Bill Weld - Republican Primary
    Voting for Bill Weld - Republican Primary

    Pink loves to mutilate male genitals...'circumcision' is a sex crime of the worst kind; torture and mutilation. I took a sledge hammer to my old Pink CDs.

  • Della Finnerty
    Della Finnerty

    I love this song ❤️❤️ best song I have heard yet

  • bernardo dungca
    bernardo dungca

    Hello idol kiss me i kiss you all ready

  • john smith
    john smith


  • Chantelmartin M
    Chantelmartin M

    I solimply just want to say thank you pink this song is beyond awesome its unexplainably incredibly awesome

  • Rosie Edwards
    Rosie Edwards


  • Paco Dedić
    Paco Dedić listen to this girl

  • Jadran Malkovich
    Jadran Malkovich

    Love love love this video! So beautiful. Everything about it is just ❤️ That dress deserves a special mention though

    • Kieran7931

      It's a nice piece of cinematography with the drab brown-grey surroundings and her as the focus with a nice bright red dress

    • Jadran Malkovich
      Jadran Malkovich

      the number of times I've rewatched the video in the meantime...🤣🤣


    I fucking hate this song, and I'm stuck at a job that plays radio 1 all day everyday, radio 1 plays this song about 4 times a day. That is all 😕

  • Falina Gomez
    Falina Gomez

    so perdy :3

  • Ela C
    Ela C

    Wow this song is amazing i love it🔥

  • Gogo Mok
    Gogo Mok

    The video is amazing ❤🌷🌷

  • Teddy gaming
    Teddy gaming

    I love this song like and comment if you agree

  • Gonzalo Marroquin Salas
    Gonzalo Marroquin Salas

    This video need a Grammy ❤️