P!nk - Can We Pretend (Lyric Video) ft. Cash Cash
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  • Anthony N Hopkins
    Anthony N Hopkins


  • Sophie TMET
    Sophie TMET

    Pink, tu es une star exceptionnelle. Toutes tes chansons sont des diamands. Merci. Sophie

  • mary Conceição
    mary Conceição

    Linda musica super top show

  • Sasha Prun
    Sasha Prun

    Creators of music without fantasy... Here's the song from the 90's: ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-XXRx69q2X7k.html

  • Nuria Lee
    Nuria Lee


  • Sami Mitchell
    Sami Mitchell

    What does this song sound like?

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Ok seriously...that's Willow giggling at the very end right? (Actually asking)

  • Леся Бахмаченко
    Леся Бахмаченко

    Тоже после ПЛАГИАТ И ОРИГИНАЛ ?? От Джейн !!!!

    • Каймо

      Только от Джейн

    • • Ĝåċĥã - Šøðā •
      • Ĝåċĥã - Šøðā •

      Я после видео "ПЕСНИ, которые звучат ОДИНАКОВО :D #3"

    • Каймо


  • BrainDropppingsCarlin

    Not feeling this album..maybe my expectations after Beautiful Trauma are too high. Vocals are amazing as always...just the lyrics are so dull and a dumb down. Sorry Pink, You will always be my Shero~P

  • Tay Kel
    Tay Kel

    This is a good song but I love p!nks older stuff misundastood album to funhouse album is my favourite time in p!nks music but her new stuff is good too.😁

  • Jeth Ocampo
    Jeth Ocampo

    Listen to No Goodbyes - Dua Lipa

  • Masuma Khan
    Masuma Khan

    I love you P!NK

  • gluedtotheboobtube

    I always thought it was "Can we pretend that we will fight the president." :D

  • Riyanna Dunwoody
    Riyanna Dunwoody

    Hi pink I’m Riyanna you may not notice me or care that I’m 11 but I went to your beautiful trauma tour for my first concert I don’t regret going listening to your music changed me a lot I’m adopted and my dad was never there for me and I’ve always been alone that was 3 years ago but recently my grandpa died in my adopted family and I’m super. Sad and I just wanted some advise to help me be less sad

  • Jackson Quinnell
    Jackson Quinnell

    Orange man bad

  • Antxnia XIV
    Antxnia XIV

    This sound like Don’t Forget of Demi Lovato :0

    • Каймо

      Or like No goodbyes of dua lipa...

  • Afila

    what it looks like to the song Dua Lipa

  • Randi Phillips
    Randi Phillips

    love it P!NK

  • consec69

    Really like the drop. Best I've heard this year I'd say.

  • slamptonful

    pink i love your songs

  • Timo Button
    Timo Button

    Can't stop wachting it 😍

  • Zoe Mccreanor
    Zoe Mccreanor

    She really is the best

  • Radio Pushka K9RUSS
    Radio Pushka K9RUSS

    libtards lmao.

  • warsame nur
    warsame nur

    cool and energetic song

  • Erdo Putra Wirabhirawa
    Erdo Putra Wirabhirawa

    thats voice like dua lipa. are anyone hear its?

  • guylène Muri
    guylène Muri


  • Ariane Delorme
    Ariane Delorme

    I Love your songs girl!

  • Storme Pooler
    Storme Pooler

    Found this song this morning, on my 22nd birthday 😍 "Can we pretend that I'm 22 today" 😍

  • Eve Kihia
    Eve Kihia

    P!NK is soooooo underrated

  • Kaizoku Oni Hokage
    Kaizoku Oni Hokage

    Can we pretend that were happy and that humanity still existst's, that our world isn't dying

  • killer Gamer
    killer Gamer

    why so less comment, comment in my box plss

  • Isabella Bedford
    Isabella Bedford

    Go Pink! We both are bored by reality

  • Isabella Bedford
    Isabella Bedford

    Can we pretend?

  • dorcolac03

    What ever the type of music is, we always have perfect singing from this lady :)

  • JazzyTime

    Pinks new album is the best so far i think and she has such an amazing voice

  • Josef Cody
    Josef Cody

    2:02 I heard I just wanna fu** it with you Thank god I had the lyrics written

    • Katie Lucey
      Katie Lucey

      Same, I had to prove it to my mom before I listened to it in the car. lol

  • Amélie Garnier
    Amélie Garnier

    Je m'en lasserais jamais.....

  • Joanna Hyland
    Joanna Hyland


  • Holly Paling
    Holly Paling

    I wish p!nk was the president and I love willow at the end my friend is willow

  • Holly Paling
    Holly Paling

    My second fav song love you

  • leviaxe


  • Noknes

    omg not until i watched this lyric video i thought she said "we're gonna fight the president"

  • Sarxyz

    I thought she said "Can we pretend to fight the president."

    • Noknes

      SAME DUDE! legit commented the same thing

  • mommamak


  • barcelona1098

    First time she sings a good song in years since the late 90s and early the rest of the songs she sings are shit

  • Itz_star UwU
    Itz_star UwU

    I was listening to this then walk me home started playing on the radio

  • Itz_star UwU
    Itz_star UwU

    I love this song

  • Cupcake Queen
    Cupcake Queen

    Can we pretend there is no such thing as climate change and we will not all die in like 25 years!! Love u pink!

  • Lawrence Brailey
    Lawrence Brailey

    Alive by

  • Luceat

    Can we pretend that I have friends?

  • Amanda Everett
    Amanda Everett

    The lyrics are awesome, brilliant job pink. Best album yrt

  • Amanda Everett
    Amanda Everett

    This is my second favourite song

  • Amanda Everett
    Amanda Everett

    Especially the beat that's in the middle of the song, this band are amazing at that.

  • Amanda Everett
    Amanda Everett

    This song is so good it's crazy, I'm listening to it for the first time and I can't stop listening to it. I love that pink has colaberayted with this band, it makes the song so much better.

  • Nalnal

    Everyone talkin about P!nk voice. im here clicking because Cash Cash 😎

  • Cupcake Queen
    Cupcake Queen

    I love u pink!! You’re music is the only thing that cheers me up and makes me stop crying!! I have been teased and bullied all my life!!!

  • Flummi fliegt
    Flummi fliegt

    After all. ;)

  • Jenna Jones
    Jenna Jones

    Your songs are amazing. I first got into them when my sister was doing your song and playing the piano. Thanks for making such beautiful songs.

  • Shane Andersen
    Shane Andersen

    go Trump ❤❤

  • Shane Andersen
    Shane Andersen

    Can every1 pretend they like pink lol another fake arse illuminati pedo slut

  • Jb Cruz
    Jb Cruz

    1:08 sounds like take me home by cash cash too

  • Erin Sprouse
    Erin Sprouse

    SO natural in SO many ways! Rock, rap, blues, ballads, hip hop, modern, jazz, even making fun of AUTO-TUNE!! 😂 P!nk has always has been an extremely unique bad ass & classy artist! Singer, song writer, gymnast, performer, Mom, etc...from singing into a live mic swinging upside down to her natural voice & physique, she continues making every girl proud to be a girl!! (Especially us 1979 ones!) #P!nk4president

  • fennekinlovers√√

    I want more songs of this type this year

  • bagoesdiemas

    I put my comment here on 20 may 2019 at 01:48am just to remind me next year that this video was one of my favorite

  • Shean Marie Casoco
    Shean Marie Casoco

    Perfect ❤

  • Spicoli's Reverb
    Spicoli's Reverb

    Can we pretend I'm a mini you P!NK by mini Omar sebali check my channel I wish I could see you but it expensive 😢😢😢😭

  • Ronie Supi
    Ronie Supi


  • Cidra Barton
    Cidra Barton


  • Gold_coin

    I like Pink very much but is it me or first line is similar to Dua Lipa's "No Goodbyes"

  • Sami Çiçekli
    Sami Çiçekli

    Check this out: Listen.Pink Don't miss that opportunity!!

  • LI GHT
    LI GHT

    Mantap mba pink

  • agusアグス

    Cool song

  • Abdulrahman Alsharief
    Abdulrahman Alsharief


  • La Bizarra Romina
    La Bizarra Romina

    Can we pretend that Pink will live forever and the world always will enjoy her music?

  • Fathurrahman Prasetiyo
    Fathurrahman Prasetiyo

    I wanna dancing freak with this song, this is the most energic edm ever in 2019 in my history

  • Wallace Wells
    Wallace Wells

    Sadly I'm pretty frustrated by the new album. Especially this song sounds like an uncreative charts song to me. The only "P!nk-sounding" thing is the lyrics and her voice which I love both.

  • cheryl tomasauckas
    cheryl tomasauckas

    Awesome.. 🙌😍🎶

  • Sabastine Jibunor
    Sabastine Jibunor

    P!nk: Can we pretend we both like the president? Me: Hell yea

  • Anton Abramovich
    Anton Abramovich

    Try it at 1,25, it becomes Avicii.

  • Mateus Kennedy
    Mateus Kennedy

    Confess that hurts 2b human album cover is the most pretty that you ever seen *- *

  • Mi Dios.
    Mi Dios.

    Like si vienes por el maestro de inglés. 😂

  • carolien van Dijk-van der Kwast
    carolien van Dijk-van der Kwast

    we wish to be young

  • ghay gheek
    ghay gheek

    Let’s make believe because reality bores me. 😌

  • Zane Carey
    Zane Carey

    So uh... anyone pick up on the fact this song is probably about Linda Perry....

  • Lele31

    Ice mc - think about the way 💜

  • Matilde Reinholdt Belsvik
    Matilde Reinholdt Belsvik

    Who is the voice saying "honestly" at the end??

  • orangekittykatkat

    I can’t stop listening to this song since I heard it on Spotify.. I’m so addicted to it.. ♥️

  • Gef Nattrass
    Gef Nattrass

    awesome vocals and very catchy tune - not impressed with the cheap Powerpoint presentation type video though; can't see them playing this on TV as it is , boring visuals

  • Gerardo Arenas Bejarano
    Gerardo Arenas Bejarano

    First I started to hear it and, it sounded like "No Goodbyes" by Dua Lipa. But, still, I love the song

  • Raymond Chow
    Raymond Chow

    Is it me or does the intro sound like No Goodbyes - Dua Lipa? Also sort of the same concept.

  • katelyn hagel
    katelyn hagel


  • Candy Heart307
    Candy Heart307

    Theres this guy i like but we have a age gap but we get along so well n hes so sweet n romantic however hes shown no sign of interest

    • Candy Heart307
      Candy Heart307

      Idk what to do 🤷‍♀️

  • Ola Hohm
    Ola Hohm

    Let's make believe...

  • Souad Msissa
    Souad Msissa

    I was 16 when i first heard pink. Now i am almost 40 in august. Every song of her albums where amazing. I think pink needs to be called queen of singer. We love u pink. Thank u for this album. One of the songs will be our wedding song. From this album... I am divorced since 2004 i never believed in love. I just met my amazing boyfriend. And we are talking about marriage... pink I love u so much!

    • Thamira Bakayoko
      Thamira Bakayoko

      I'm really happy for you!! Getting married again! But I just wanna ask...... You're getting re married at 40 years old?

  • alex goode
    alex goode

    What words x

  • Anita Wadhwani
    Anita Wadhwani

    The drop is very good

  • Angeline Bena
    Angeline Bena

    Imagine a trump heard this song

  • Holly APPS
    Holly APPS

    My family is a big fan of you pink and me! Like if you agree

  • Charles Dean
    Charles Dean

    Pink should be elected as the president

  • saiful fitri
    saiful fitri

    I Don't know why..But,Pink always Rocks!!!..All of her song have this positive message..Much Love From Malaysia here