Owl With A Really Big Stick
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  • Yahoo

    I wish I had a stick like that

    • Life of Boris 2
      Life of Boris 2


    • Hallow Shadow34
      Hallow Shadow34

      People in the comments…it’s only inappropriate if you make it

    • Charles Estrada
      Charles Estrada

      I understand ;)

    • Charles Estrada
      Charles Estrada


    • Jenson Nguyen
      Jenson Nguyen

      *T H I C C S T I C C*

  • odd burger 10th fry
    odd burger 10th fry

    hedwig stole harrys wand

  • glenda brown
    glenda brown

    The biggest thing I have is my garbage bin

  • RedPanda Lacrosse
    RedPanda Lacrosse

    At 1:49 the bear is so cute

  • Wølfie Gacha
    Wølfie Gacha

    I think that I overdosed...

  • Its Publizz
    Its Publizz

    Huh he meant an actual stick. I though- nvm. *Reads bible*

  • Angie Animates- Edits
    Angie Animates- Edits

    The owls are the three musketeers

  • jacob reji
    jacob reji

    3:00 kerela

  • 이승준

    01:47 Someone told me it is necessary that I should climb up a tree when meeting bears.

  • eRayn8717

    Cant believe im watching these for hours haha ... a marathon and I enjoy it :-*

  • Dr. melon
    Dr. melon

    Owl 2:dang the TV is broken Owl 3:did you try turning it off and on? Owl 2:yeah why? Owl 3:oh I thought that would work Owl 3:we need a antenna Owl 1:hey guys what do you think of my new stick Owl 2:are you thinking what I'm thinking Owl 3:yeah Owl 1:woah guys what's with the faces Owl 1:hey what are you guys doing? Owl 1:hey (attaches on tv) Owl 2:I knew this would work Owl 3:at least I can watch my show Owl 1:hey guys this isn't funny anymore Owl 3:were gonna watch a comedy movie Owl 1:ugh fine Owl 2:should I get popcorn Owl 1 and 3:yeah

  • ruth tefera
    ruth tefera

    The window cleaner. I have to get that

  • Canned Coochie
    Canned Coochie

    0:03 it's Shammy in his natural habitat

  • Sk8trgod420

    Farfetch'd Far!

  • Hyped Legend -Brawl Stars
    Hyped Legend -Brawl Stars

    Whats the beat with the Baby Bears climbing the tree.1:39

  • Aman Anifer
    Aman Anifer

    1:20 The invisible man is eating ma chocolates ! Nooooo

  • Pterror Space Exploration
    Pterror Space Exploration

    Kkkk we need backup, we're being attacked by humans!

  • Shelley Jackson
    Shelley Jackson

    😱the popularity stick!😱

  • Cosmickiller 109
    Cosmickiller 109

    1965: we wil have flying cars in 2019! 2019: we have owls holding sticks..

    • Cosmickiller 109
      Cosmickiller 109


    • The Dragon King
      The Dragon King

      This comment is stolen i must call 911 now

  • Mr. Woss
    Mr. Woss

    Wow so big

  • DrivingWithDillon

    This was a good one. Your channel is awesome

  • Ellifexx

    1:58 That's Just an aquarium magnet cleaner...

    • Miep Maup
      Miep Maup

      I was looking for that comment!

  • Afro Skeleton Moo
    Afro Skeleton Moo

    stick owl: *walks up * Other owls: *Carl what the Fuck*

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Those owls looks like they’ve seen some shit. Vietnam flashbacks

  • Mike Dan
    Mike Dan

    0:13 i didnt know what that was at first and it was terrifying

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Owls one step away from forming the roman empire

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown

    The thing for cleaning the windows on both sides are for fish tanks too.....

  • Lihajul Islam
    Lihajul Islam

    03:01 Bangladesh

  • Mr. Batman
    Mr. Batman


  • Than Mon
    Than Mon

    I’ve never seen a black squirrel

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed

    Everybody gangsta till the owl shows up with his stick

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed

    1919: "I bet in the future, we will have flying cars" 2019: "Owl with a stick"

  • WeeabooDan

    Bro those bears look more like monkeys without tails

  • XXGalxyDogeXX

    2:15 little by little ... cleaning gets easier

  • FresherMain

    Birb has a biggggg stick. *time to attack the hoomans, boyos*

  • Arish 2101
    Arish 2101

    the other owls be like: Damn. Thats a nice stick you get there. Its SO LONG

  • someunderratedchannel

    What did you bring upon this cursed land

  • star_wars_ a_e_a_lego
    star_wars_ a_e_a_lego

    Follow my insta @alasdair977 i wanna get to 100 plz

  • Commander Kumii
    Commander Kumii

    Those owls acting like they never seen a stick before

  • WhoIsPup

    Owl: shows a stick he found. Other owls: WHERE DID HE GET THAT FROM IM SO CONFUSED!!

  • Lemon Boi
    Lemon Boi

    What is the song at 1:40?

  • How To Hack Gamess
    How To Hack Gamess

    UA-my so dum deleted soooo much of his vids

  • Justin Malovrh
    Justin Malovrh

    What’s the name of the music playing over the baby bear at 1:41?

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff

    Best video 🛑 🧢

  • SleepyAlex601

    Tbh those owls look cute

  • Jesus Chriat
    Jesus Chriat

    0:35 Paper Mario

  • Bibomisa

    Big stick?

  • Captain juice
    Captain juice

    He is surcharging for wifi

  • Trike

    Coming this summer wiener on romba

  • ParrotDragon Timelapse
    ParrotDragon Timelapse

    2:02 that is like those aquarium cleaners. so the idea are not new

  • -* Penguin Animations *-
    -* Penguin Animations *-

    1:01 How to eat children

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast

    That crunch tho XD

  • Khizar Farrukh
    Khizar Farrukh


  • Duck_RL

    song at 1:40 ?

  • Wes da Best
    Wes da Best

    1:15 this is more satisfying than literally every oddly satisfying video I've seen as of late

  • WilleDCrazy

    Ben go find stick

  • StrawBerry FrecklezSoph13
    StrawBerry FrecklezSoph13

    02:22 My dog died and he looked like that but all brown :( I miss him but I have other dogs.i am not asking for likes..

  • Venom Qistan
    Venom Qistan

    Using eletromagnets. Aka magnets can be like that cleaner when north and south connect.

  • Sergei Ivan
    Sergei Ivan

    Vanossgaming wants to know your location.

  • Tannisha Winningham
    Tannisha Winningham

    he gonna beat somebody with that stick lol

  • Ms Kids
    Ms Kids

    Aww dogei

  • Ms Kids
    Ms Kids

    Aww cute black sqirle idk how to spell 😆

  • Tannisha Winningham
    Tannisha Winningham

    yoo this owl is a savage 😎😎😎

  • Ethan Thomson グミ
    Ethan Thomson グミ

    These CIA owls arent very good

  • Jasper Dunkin
    Jasper Dunkin

    Best feel good channel on UA-my.

  • viper10132

    0:06 when one of your freinds had just bought airpods

  • Dylan Frost
    Dylan Frost

    Who else read the title and had dirty thoughts

    • Greg Schaffer
      Greg Schaffer

      Big stick

    • Greg Schaffer
      Greg Schaffer


    • Dylan Frost
      Dylan Frost

      +Greg Schaffer lol

    • Greg Schaffer
      Greg Schaffer


  • Witherboss7709

    0:10 when you show up at school wearing Gucci

  • Appl e
    Appl e


  • Mrs. Jade
    Mrs. Jade

    Owl 2: *wow man that a cool stick, were did ya get it?* Owl 2:Ok I’ll tell you but don’t tell anyone *The dark Nest* Owl 3: DUDE WTF!!

  • Many OF Codes
    Many OF Codes

    The very first owl worrior

  • Sulfuric Pen
    Sulfuric Pen

    I really wish I could triple like this video

  • Alberto Mihov
    Alberto Mihov

    thats not a normal owl....that a scouting owl

  • Scorcher The Hedgehog
    Scorcher The Hedgehog

    Owl:*finds stick and puts it on his back Other owls : ur lucky that u have a stick of truth

  • Many OF Codes
    Many OF Codes

    Dang that meal must have been real good

  • Chara Michaelis
    Chara Michaelis

    That’s too cute, omg.

  • Fuze *_* -
    Fuze *_* -

    1:44 spider bear coming to theaters near you

  • Haden Norris
    Haden Norris

    The bunny was doing the floss

  • SugarHoneyIcedTea

    2:15 this is for fish tanks but now windows

  • Krakenos420

    2:00 it's not new, my dad has had one of them for about 20 years (it's not the same brand btw)

  • cyrus simoni
    cyrus simoni

    Are you supposed to like send this guy cool videos and he posts them ?

    • Alan

      cyrus simoni he finds his own videos. I don’t know how tho

  • Jonathan roa
    Jonathan roa

    thats just a owl from the 1980's

  • It’s Jackal
    It’s Jackal

    1:45 in Australia we call the a drop bear 👌

  • Nono

    0:22 coming out of my room after a deep sleep

  • Noteamaasime

    Did he get laid tonight after showing a big browny stick stick?

  • Olle Hällstrand Elm
    Olle Hällstrand Elm

    when I show up my fortnite wins for my friends 0:14

  • Thomas Decon
    Thomas Decon

    I think that stick is stuck into his wing ! OUCH!

  • shyguyshow

    1:58 has that Company ever seen a fish tank cleaner? if you have a fish tank you know what i mean, they just made it a bigger version of a fish tank glass cleaner

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak

    Alpha Male Owl

  • M.R.J. Boyz
    M.R.J. Boyz

    Owl: Suck my stick

  • Zoinks Scoob
    Zoinks Scoob

    *o w o*

  • AstralDaawn

    Posing for your new Facebook profile picture be like 2:44

  • inafetS _newG
    inafetS _newG

    You're a wizard Hedwig

  • funguy156

    I thought it was another stick...

  • xXAliXx TM
    xXAliXx TM

    Damn dat nice stick

  • Nayaka Viete
    Nayaka Viete

    Baby bears suck

  • Calvin Narine
    Calvin Narine

    Owl 1: you look what I found! Owl 2:oohhhhh Owl 3:yooooooooo

  • Edible Lollipops
    Edible Lollipops

    The title seems like it's a penis

  • Sophie Filo
    Sophie Filo

    Thanks for making me not want chocolate...

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    0:16 FARFETCH'D!!!!!