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Olympique Lyonnais vs PSG 2−1 All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts 03/02/2019 HD
by: FCBComps10
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  • Dean Mo
    Dean Mo

    PSG still dominated ligue 1 juvrntus in seriia A, Bayern Munich in bundesliga, Barcelona in LA liga and now Manchester city in premier league.they conquered their league every single season.the wind of change are in the bundesluga when Dortmund become the league Spain , real Madrid give a heavy challenge for barca.the close encounter are in the EPL between man city and Liverpool.others like spurs , Chelsea and man utd fighting for top 4.its show how many you spend to buy players , the more you spend the strong chance you get to win tittle.bottom line are in league around Europe , all bug and rich club dominated theie country league!!

  • Jon Lothbrok
    Jon Lothbrok

    So much football expert in the comments 😂 😂 😂

  • Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima
    Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima

    Moussa Dembélé ☘️💚🍀🇮🇪🇵🇸

  • Eng kozino
    Eng kozino

    Alot of black people on Olympique Lyonnais, WTF

  • Hars Nars
    Hars Nars


  • Levon

    Now this is a Football game wow

  • Dingo Nuts
    Dingo Nuts

    Manchester United PSG. ? CHAMPIONS

  • Dingo Nuts
    Dingo Nuts

    So who’s winning then united or PSG?

  • leepsl11

    Mbappe is way too selfish a player to say the least..

  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C.

    I miss having BeIn Sports. Stupid comcast took it away. :(

  • chinnychinchin89

    So greedy from Mbappe not to square the ball for Cavani.

  • cyrilcece

    nul le montage et les actions mélangées...

  • William Kanneworff
    William Kanneworff

    Vive Anthony Lopes et Denayer 👊👍🏼🍻

  • Marcele Almeida
    Marcele Almeida

    Neymar fãs muita falta pra esse time .quem acha que sem ele não e mesmo

  • djunkick rabeats
    djunkick rabeats


  • zulhairi 500
    zulhairi 500

    Neymar takde psg takde kuasa la

  • trane foong
    trane foong

    That header to clear the goal off the line. Amazing

  • Nanfada Keita
    Nanfada Keita

    The goalkeepers were fantastic

  • sinan sinu
    sinan sinu

    Without neymer there is nothing in psg

  • sonnya123

    i loved watching the psg cheats lose.. so wish Nabil Fekir was @ Liverpool.. our missing link

  • Rodrigo Correa
    Rodrigo Correa

    Sem Neymar PSG não é nada ... Fato

  • Rhassan Rachdi
    Rhassan Rachdi

    1:48 fernand merdy 😂😂

  • Elvis Marchi
    Elvis Marchi

    " Sem Ney .. Adeus champions league

  • Jo Gra
    Jo Gra

    moussa bullying psg class

  • Parfum Lyon
    Parfum Lyon

    Ca sent bon 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Duong Thuy
    Duong Thuy

    Sad ko có neymar .... Vắng mặt buffoon

  • Henry van der Linden
    Henry van der Linden

    almost 1 mill views in 2 days. congrats!

  • Merlijn Vonk
    Merlijn Vonk


  • Tomy Wong
    Tomy Wong

    Each keepers save the day

  • John Moon
    John Moon

    Fucking Neymar... collecting all that money then gets injured when this team needs him the most... gg on champs league. It’s time to sell him and recoup the money they spent while they can. Another Messi my ass.

  • Eduardo Campos
    Eduardo Campos

    O maior da França venceu !

  • ravanelli tony
    ravanelli tony

    Lyon c'est vraiment de la merde aucune identité ce club de pouilleux....

  • VENOM_ P-S-G
    VENOM_ P-S-G

    Areola a été très bon malgré son erreur

  • ailton teixeira
    ailton teixeira

    psg joga mais solto sem o neymar

  • Choose Life
    Choose Life

    Mbappé is nothing without Neymar ( even though I dislike then both)

  • Reynaldo Quillahuaman
    Reynaldo Quillahuaman

    PSG with out Neymar is nothing. Mbappe always mis the goals is really bad

    • Ben Beckmann
      Ben Beckmann

      mbappe= speedy poacher if he doesnt score his contribution is minimum

  • Mr. monty
    Mr. monty

    What happen if conmebol club like Boca nd river played in UCL?

  • Eamon Moore
    Eamon Moore

    Anthony Lopes is so underrated

  • julian gonzalez montoya
    julian gonzalez montoya

    neymar no jugo falto el 10 el mejor

  • chalermpol 2017
    chalermpol 2017

    ประตูกับ กองหลังผมยาว ของลียงยืนตำแหน่งดีมาก

  • Zkitbeats

    Dubios der Dubois

  • max putta
    max putta

    Amazing goalkeeping

  • D X
    D X

    Beau match ... Lopez a sauvé l OL 😀

  • Israel Duarte
    Israel Duarte

    Nem assisto essas peladas quando Neymar não está jogando, metade dos torcedores do PSG só querem ver o Neymar jogando, inclusive eu kkkkkkkk!

  • Kader DZ
    Kader DZ

    🇩🇿Aouar Fekir good job ! 🇩🇿

  • jamol ronaldinho Ross
    jamol ronaldinho Ross

    Mbappe is such a waste player

  • Jeune Légende
    Jeune Légende

    Lmao ppl are drawing too much conclusions after 1 match. This was a superb game to watch with a big intensity and a very high level of football, but people who didn't expect that from Lyon just aren't informed enough : Aouar, Ndombele, Mendy, Lopes, Depay, Fekir etc... is a world class XI, not world class like Barcelona and PSG, but a top 10 european team who can compete with premier league big 6. They played better than PSG but this doesn't mean PSG will loose against United. I'm watching every Man U game as i'm a big fan on Pogba, Rashford and Martial, and i'm watching every Lyon game as i'm a big fan of Aouar, Ndombele, Mendy and Fekir. They are pretty much the same, capable of beautiful football with a midfield who's just too elegant to watch, but who can't maintain the same level for 90 minutes (even less for 180minutes). PSG played in 4-4-2 as they did against Liverpool. This tactic requires to keep the control of the game, and ofc the absence of Neymar and Verrati is a big problem for them. But one of Lyon's strength is Denayer and Mendy's great technique and ability to bring out the ball, and that totally fucked PSG's pressing. I'm not so sure Manchester's defense will be able to do the same. +Dani Alves and Cavani totally missed this game, i don't think it will be the same against United. Mbappé did a good game as he forced Lopes to do a lot of big saves, and don't forget how crazily good he can become in important games. I personally think that we can't predict what will happen next week in UCL, but we will for sure have 2 amazing games with ManU - PSG and OL - Barca. But i just wanted to advise you to not become too confident and underestimate PSG, they are a really good team even without Neymar and Verrati.

    • Jeune Légende
      Jeune Légende

      +Alex Pryrodny Well it's always the same with Aouar, control the midfield with great touches and the ability to break the lines with his passes. But times to times a lack of maturity and dumb mistakes : he's the one losing the ball on PSG's goal.

    • Alex Pryrodny
      Alex Pryrodny

      Fantastic analysis, mate - hope you write more often! I noticed Aouar played in a midfield 2 in this game; did he look comfortable there?

    • Nicholas Kimenyi
      Nicholas Kimenyi

      @JeuneLégende sounds like you gambled your house for PSG on Tuesday..?? 😂😂😂

    • Red Devil
      Red Devil

      Lindelof and bailly can bring the ball out the back

    • Weezy

      as a united fan, I agree. cant wait for next week

  • Mohamed Abdihakim
    Mohamed Abdihakim

    fuck PSG nice big team Lyone

  • Kamel Dahmani
    Kamel Dahmani

    Lopez ces un monstre👽

  • Josko Wilfrido
    Josko Wilfrido

    lyon vous aite meilleur

  • thfFromRussia

    i think i even understand what the french commentators were saying when there were the scoring moments: "AAAAA!!! OOOOO!!! EEEEE!!! UUUUU!!!"

  • JK Hacking N Gaming
    JK Hacking N Gaming

    Atleast they lost one match

  • vnr vnr
    vnr vnr

    Paris est magique ! Lyon refait le match 100fois il le gagnerons pas Paris à eu telment d'occasion loupé et je compte pas l'attentat sur notre nouvelle recrue !mais c le foot bravo à Lyon quel gardien lopes ! Le pire c est que personne l'aime appars les supporters normal ! mais quel gardien Anthony bravo ..........

    • Ribemard

      Mdrrrr tellement d'ocaz on a eu plus docaz que vous 3 a la 2nd periode 7 en 1ere periode (dont le but Vous en avez eu 8

    • Boga

      T'as demandé aux autres pour savoir qu'ils ne l'aiment pas ? C'est comme le sondage qui dit que 85% des gens n'aiment pas Neymar à part au PSG et au Bresil. J'en suis sûr que tu trouves cela stupide et à juste raison. Conclusion : c'est pas parce que les supporters parisiens n'aiment pas un joueur qu'il est pas aimé ailleurs.

  • Mike grand
    Mike grand

    Thiago silva is so overrated, he always misses in big games, he's to emotional in my opinion.

  • Muhammad Nur Naim
    Muhammad Nur Naim


  • John

    Those French accents! 😂😂😂

  • Jean File
    Jean File

    Il est pas un peu casse couilles ce gros con de menez dès que paris perd c'est la faute de l'arbitrage il commence à nous faire chier avec ses commentaires à la ""con"" bien fait pour paris..... ! Occupe toi de ton cul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Penang Prince
    Penang Prince

    2.36 excellent save

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young

    Honestly areola seems like an amazing keeper, has some mistakes in him though just like the first goal. Basically a younger lloris

  • salman rayhan
    salman rayhan

    No party‌!!!! 🙌

  • Panzerfaust Qgb
    Panzerfaust Qgb

    Bravo l'OL !!! Dans les 3 grosses écuries (PSG, OM, OL) c'est eux que je préfère !

  • seu butão
    seu butão

    Areola > Lloris

  • Mohd Nazri
    Mohd Nazri

    U know how loud this commentator shouting even camera has shaking

  • Denish Arliand
    Denish Arliand

    Great play from both goalkeeper... Mantap jiwa!

  • Shivam Pawar
    Shivam Pawar


    • Kevin Calif
      Kevin Calif

      Lyon is the only team in France who can beat the psg

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎

    no neymar no party huh? and they say mbappe is better than neymar alraedy, just because he was IN the team who won world cup, fuck off.

  • Goal Kick
    Goal Kick

    good work done by Lyon...

  • yeison cepeda
    yeison cepeda

    2:47 se le atoro un gargajo al narrador

  • Dani Metal Des
    Dani Metal Des

    Vaya cantada de areola

  • Abdul Rhaman
    Abdul Rhaman


  • Aquatik Fortex®
    Aquatik Fortex®

    L’arbitrage en ligue 1 c’est catastrophique

  • Mourad Amarache
    Mourad Amarache

    Super match bravo lol et les gardiens super

  • jose lopes j.lopes
    jose lopes j.lopes

    Sem Neymar não dá

  • fadil sanad
    fadil sanad

    Goal keeper class...!!!! Lopez and Areola proved how the keeper have the importaint position in the game...

  • Christopher Anderson
    Christopher Anderson

    fuck you klopp you are such a loser rabbit when it comes to continue sucess. lets lose another finals ... make us crazy fuck you german mothers dry ass

  • Allex Santos
    Allex Santos

    Chupa neymerda kkkkkkk

  • Eto'o kadala
    Eto'o kadala


  • maxpower8998

    Bertrand traore should play always

    • Eamon Moore
      Eamon Moore

      I agree. He gets way too much shit from a bunch of other Lyon fans, seems to always be in position to score... (albeit he did trip over himself in a huge spot in this game

  • Venkatesh G
    Venkatesh G

    Best match I have seen this year.

    • djunkick rabeats
      djunkick rabeats

      +omalone11 more 40 goal occasions

    • omalone11

      Why? Based on what criteria? Compared to what?

  • Bruce Trappleton
    Bruce Trappleton

    This PSG IDIOTIC management discarded Lo Celso and gave him away, what for? To now make Dani Alves play as a midfielder!!! They are fucking clueless!!!

  • Jaime Perez
    Jaime Perez

    Lyon si juega con el corazón, esa es la diferencia.

  • james KAR
    james KAR

    what an unbelievable game!!!!

  • gian marco curi
    gian marco curi

    How many lenguage there ?;v

  • Joven Loco
    Joven Loco

    Noooooo perdio la racha, para mi no fue penal eso igual

  • Yaroslav Chernyshov
    Yaroslav Chernyshov

    what a fun game!!!

  • قلم حر
    قلم حر

    French was stolen fekir

  • dogeness

    Where's Neymar when you need him :'(

  • Mange t mort
    Mange t mort

    Amazing game WOW !!

  • massacror 200
    massacror 200

    Mais y a pas pénalty Putin sérieux l'arbitre !!!

  • Louis XXIV
    Louis XXIV

    Victoire mérite !

  • Agustin Schmitt
    Agustin Schmitt

    Suscribanse a #holasoygerman

  • Şevket Sütçü
    Şevket Sütçü

    Özeti izlerken bile kendimi kaybettim.manyak maç olmuş.psg kalecisi de neler yapmış mk tek başına mücadele etmiş.haftanin hareketi denayer den gelmis

  • Elroy D'souzA
    Elroy D'souzA

    Areola motm

  • cleiton borges
    cleiton borges

    Tiago silva sempre essa zaga não dá. Neymar é meio time mesmo, que dependência. Cavane desapareceu e mbape ainda é muito jovem pra assumir a responsa.

  • Marcus Fletcher
    Marcus Fletcher

    Love the way the lyon keeper gave denayer a big hug 4 the goal line clearance. Defenders don't get the love they deserve

  • geremy mora
    geremy mora

    Grande lyon

  • Nicolas Paquin
    Nicolas Paquin

    Un beau match. Lyon très plaisant, hâte de le voir contre Barcelone. Psg va avoir difficile contre MU...

  • soupedecourgettes faitemaison
    soupedecourgettes faitemaison

    Avec d'autres gardiens ça aurait fait 5-5, vraiment très forts ces deux-là Bravo !

  • soupedecourgettes faitemaison
    soupedecourgettes faitemaison

    C'est quoi ce commentateur pro-paris ?!! Evidemment qu'il y a penalty sur dembele