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Nicki Minaj - Hard White
Hard White (Official Video)
Song available on the "Queen" Album:
Connect with Nicki Minaj:
Video Director: Mike Ho
Video Producer: Keith Brown
Video Producer: Krista Worby
Video Editor: Mike Ho
Executive Producer: Erix Arocha
Director of Photography: Mikko Timonen
Visual Effects: Max Colt
for Cinema Giants Inc.

Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Hard White. © 2019 Young Money/Cash Money Records

  • Ja'Crispy Nipsey
    Ja'Crispy Nipsey

    Scary as hell

  • Nevaeh Baugh
    Nevaeh Baugh

    2:12 cardi diss omg

  • Michael Rock
    Michael Rock


  • Csr2raceing-god Supbruh
    Csr2raceing-god Supbruh

    Maybe fix ur game on the App Store suitable for iOS so people can actually play the dam thing

  • Itz Leah
    Itz Leah


  • Lakeithia Myers
    Lakeithia Myers

    Queen Nicki 👸🏾👑🔥 Respect ✊ Legacy can never been undone 💯

  • Dania a
    Dania a

    I come back and they removed my like from the video , so whose to say they didn’t remove my views

  • Dania a
    Dania a

    Nicki shaded the Grammy , now the guy is retiring and a new lady is taking over . ONIKAVODOO IS REAL 😍😍😍🥰🥰🤪🤨🤨😗😝

  • kingston

    nicki is still the queen of rap !!!

  • Navs Bondoc
    Navs Bondoc

    Where she went? why isn't she making a songs? .-.

  • Mildred Colon Torres
    Mildred Colon Torres

    Love it

  • Angelica Murry
    Angelica Murry

    This my shit

  • Lauren Sang
    Lauren Sang

    Pick a side bitches!!

  • Ricky Alvarez
    Ricky Alvarez


  • Sprabh360

    Who's better comment equals cardi like equals Nicki

  • PsyRax69


  • Kalin Walker
    Kalin Walker

    Visually satisfying and one of my favorites on the album. Nicki did what she had to do and delivered.

  • Tracy Denner
    Tracy Denner

    THE CELL! OMG. This music video is def an inspo of that movie with Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaugh, and Vincent Dinofrerro. Just a great movie and I love who made this video.

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang

    The Dark Empress👑 have entered the game

  • Mica Privat
    Mica Privat

    Tolles Lied👌✌👍Ich habe gestern bei RADIO BIG Fm ShareWynn mit Give Them Love gehört.GÄNSEHAUT. Hymne für alle Ausländer💚💛💜Danke.Daumen Hoch wer das Lied Feiert👊👍👍👍👍

  • Mzwakhe LaSean
    Mzwakhe LaSean

    She an amazing rapper!?

  • Margaret Rosaline Beere
    Margaret Rosaline Beere

    The queen is back y’all 😜😜😜🤩🥳🥳🥳

  • Gold Savage
    Gold Savage

    can someone help me find my wig

  • D L
    D L

    18 Million Views in 2 months? That is not okay .

    • D L
      D L

      PsyRax69 ain’t no one talking about that video 🤣

    • PsyRax69

      Is that what happened. Cause Clout almost has 10 million more and its been like what 3 days.

  • Savaughn Gentry
    Savaughn Gentry


  • Allan Tj
    Allan Tj

    This song is the hardest on the album. The video is the sickest.

  • ahmed bs
    ahmed bs

    UA-my really should stop freezing nicki minaj views -_-

  • Sway Nations
    Sway Nations

    Best Female Rapper🤤❤️

  • Fadhila Koubaa
    Fadhila Koubaa

    Who's better CARDI : LIKE NICKI : COMMENT

    • Random Commentator
      Random Commentator


    • Random Commentator
      Random Commentator


  • Rekha A
    Rekha A

    Bust down barbiana has 12 million views yet this is stuck in 18 million

    • Random Commentator
      Random Commentator

      Freezing views

  • Zuhura Ibrahim
    Zuhura Ibrahim

    Sayin that cardi copies ur hair, didint u build ur whole fuckin carrier copying lil kim?? Saying that u used to work hard, bitch cardi has also worked her ass off to get here.. u copied lil kim and acted as the victim.. now also u playin the bad guy aka VICTIM.. the truth is that u cant stand any other female in the game, may it be lil kim, iggy or cardi.. bich calls her self the generous queen, the realest bitch... bitch how u real??? Where ur own style??? Hater lookin ass bitch.. calling cardi a striper, yeah she was one... in order to survive... but why u show dat fake ass in vidioes and call it enpowerment.. while cardi always tells to stay in school and not to strip.. barbs be blind, all day suckin dat plastic dick of yours...

    • Julie

      stfu u drama sucking bitch. Why u be hating on a music saying that she said all this shit that she never even said like get a fucking life and stop causing crap

    • Zuhura Ibrahim
      Zuhura Ibrahim

      +Random Commentator my bad.. any ways.. facts..

    • Random Commentator
      Random Commentator

      She didn't copy lil kim tho, only first year, 2004

  • Aubreyongames Cha-ching
    Aubreyongames Cha-ching

    Clout or hard white

    • Random Commentator
      Random Commentator

      +PsyRax69 UA-my is freezing her views

    • PsyRax69

      Lowkey looking at how clout has almost 10 million more than this already and its been like 3 days. I was sceptical at first but damn something HAS TO BE WRONG WITH THE VIEWS. I am not a nicki fan but like Nicki is still international for just 18 million. Like wdf.

    • Random Commentator
      Random Commentator

      Hard white duh

  • Terrence Lowe
    Terrence Lowe

    The song you make when you feeling threatened!!

    • Terrence Lowe
      Terrence Lowe

      +Random Commentator the whole song is her trying prove why she still "the best". She throws shade at people that ain't even worried about her ass no more.

    • Random Commentator
      Random Commentator


  • QhawnTv

    *Where’s is her Grammy?*

  • Angie Playz
    Angie Playz

    I watched this a thousand times and there is no difference i mean come on, Nicki deserves more

  • Mary Hayes
    Mary Hayes

    Ya, I think that Nicki should of won best rap record or album, BCS Cardi B just shows naked stuff in her video. For now on I'm sticking with Nicki Minaj QUEEN OF RAP!!!

  • Lydia Lewis
    Lydia Lewis

    Hard White!!!! Classic🍸🇹🇹❤🐐👑

  • LauraKathryn89


  • T0rii W
    T0rii W

    Hardest song on the album 🦄Attack🧨😂🗣

    • MagicHDYT

      Bitch you dont know about LLC or majesty. They are comming for your weeve 🤣😂

  • Polina Filipova
    Polina Filipova

    Uhhhh this sounds a lot like Chanmina’s Doctor, but I don’t mind, I love nicki

  • Sarahfena Henry
    Sarahfena Henry

    Who forgot niki and then just remember she is still the queen and type in niki new songs👏👏👏👏💖💖💖

  • Valid Quetell
    Valid Quetell

    O Americans Can Do Magic Too Huh.

  • courtney williams
    courtney williams

    Trash 🗑

    • Alex Rameriz
      Alex Rameriz

      courtney williams Fire🔥

  • Carlos Kelly
    Carlos Kelly

    2:08 every Nicki stsn favorite line lol FUCKING slap

  • Bradley Newton
    Bradley Newton

    Could just be me but I get some game of thrones vibes lol

  • Nouna Michael
    Nouna Michael

    Why just 18millions ??? Duhh

  • Aviwe Tshangana
    Aviwe Tshangana

    See them copying my hair? Tell em chop it off!

  • Mimiangie Camacho
    Mimiangie Camacho

    She’s a great lyricist do your thing Nicky

  • Kemberly Yuberly
    Kemberly Yuberly

    Nicki u fucking kill it babe I love you always

  • Dornell Tayliam
    Dornell Tayliam

    Only her sub watch this

  • Kamil

    Nicki really love this song

  • Gybsin Parris
    Gybsin Parris

    Nicki Minaj: Queen of Rape Support- I mean Queen of Rap...Wait, What?

    • Alex Rameriz
      Alex Rameriz

      Gybsin Parris Stop attacking her for something she had no control of... you look dumb sis💯

  • Milan trotmanxx123
    Milan trotmanxx123

    You deserve more likes👍


    20M LETS GO



  • MR Kevin
    MR Kevin

    Pls make a porn video

    • MR Kevin
      MR Kevin

      +Alex Rameriz fuck off nickj minaj is a pevret shut up you need to go away bro

    • Alex Rameriz
      Alex Rameriz

      MR Kevin your a pervert go away bro😷🖕🏼

  • XANTRY 1999
    XANTRY 1999

    i dont understand why this got less viewers??? cant they hear its QUEEN making a HITS FOR YA!!! this song fkn FIRE!

  • Jessie Tindoy
    Jessie Tindoy

    Still the views are low 👎 Nicki minaj QUEEN is one of the most worst album this year 2018 also the music videos of her album singles 💔

  • Andjela Markovic
    Andjela Markovic

    Who came after Coachella?

  • Isa


  • Aminath Jameel
    Aminath Jameel

    Cardi B made 37k + accounts???

  • olokode L
    olokode L

    DEAR OLD NICKI PLEASE call back...

  • #All About Music
    #All About Music

    You are the queen of RAP

  • CSP_ Natural
    CSP_ Natural


  • pavel p
    pavel p

    Cardi B. Is so bad it made nicki 100 times better. At least for me

  • La Queenas
    La Queenas

    this video is so dopeeeeee

  • La Queenas
    La Queenas

    april 2019 still here!!!!!!

  • Derwin Nelson
    Derwin Nelson

    Fuck you

  • Ca Ke
    Ca Ke


  • P K
    P K

    these views cant be right.

  • Cyrus Coxswain
    Cyrus Coxswain


  • Kizhe Ahmad
    Kizhe Ahmad

    Who is team nicki 👇🏻eeeeyyyyy

  • Sonia Phillip
    Sonia Phillip

    You see them copying my hair tell them chop it off😘😘

  • Bohlale Lethabo
    Bohlale Lethabo

    These views are bull,keep trying to kill the Queen,loyal we will remain.

  • Keyyonia Johnson
    Keyyonia Johnson

    How is it still stuck on 18??! SMH

  • Nina Zuniga
    Nina Zuniga

    Something went on here i know...its a fact that there HAS to be more than 18 millon views😲😠😡

  • Angel Zavala
    Angel Zavala

    But why does the video have to be demonic? What does that have to do with the song?

  • new up channel
    new up channel

    I'm the trophy of the game 🏇everybody tryna win me 🏀🎉🎉💋 💘

  • Hermance A.
    Hermance A.



    Thats the queen 👑👑👑💃🙇🙇🙇

  • DD

    I'm taking screenshots #youtube

  • DD

    I know this has more than 18mill it's been at this number for the longest and I been playing it like crazy soo I know UA-my FULL OF SHIT. WHATS THE F**** NUMBER IM CALLING

  • digital projectile
    digital projectile

    Nicki Minaj was definitely an anal baby! Crawled out the devils sphincter for sure, and she liked it.

  • Hosseoku

    youtube keeps deleting my comments.. hmm :/

  • Regeane Banners
    Regeane Banners

    They playin with these views BRUH!!!

  • Raelynn X
    Raelynn X

    What the fuck is this tho? This is just another song calling herself queen. I knew she was gonna sit down and look at the camera at the same angle. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • fuck you
    fuck you


  • john d
    john d

    old and played out

    • Legend with a name
      Legend with a name

      john d She IS THE QUEEN

  • Julian Neubauer
    Julian Neubauer

    God I hate Mainstream rap

    • Fallen Angel
      Fallen Angel

      At least Nicki actually raps unlike those mumble rappers. But hey, to each their own.

  • Sean Sweet Johnson
    Sean Sweet Johnson


    VINCENT WANAM latest of young artist

  • Mint Yg
    Mint Yg

    Cardi b be quaking

  • Daví Hernan
    Daví Hernan

    If you added all her dislikes and likes and added it to the views it gives you more than what it says

  • dat lollipopsx3
    dat lollipopsx3

    The dislikes r from cardi hoe fans

  • Hosseoku

    barbz we got this!

  • Ginnetix


  • Keyshia Floyd
    Keyshia Floyd


  • Emeka Onyioha
    Emeka Onyioha

    Hard! 🔥🎶😫

  • Johnny Wilson
    Johnny Wilson