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NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | February 10, 2019
Check out the top 10 plays of the night featuring Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant, John Collins, De'Aaron Fox and more!
The Top 10 of the night in the NBA, tailored down to the very best plays. Tell us your favorites in the comments!
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  • Sports Reel
    Sports Reel

    deaaron fox 0:06 luka doncic 0:20 and 1:03 dwyane wade 0:27 kevin durant 0:50 joel embiid 1:13 john collins nice block 1:24 dwight powell 1:35 jj reddick sick shot 1:52 tobias harris dunk 2:07

  • vamos amigo
    vamos amigo

    Spettacolo puro al 100%

  • Forgiven Sinner
    Forgiven Sinner

    "Tobias Harris with a little brotherly love"--I see what you did there.

  • Brian Hibbs
    Brian Hibbs

    Yeah 76ers!

  • rowen

    aight this guy's okay can we make him the regular alternate?

  • M810antzman

    That JJ Reddick shot looks like the old school NES Double Dribble 3 pointer.

  • Al Pizzle
    Al Pizzle

    Finally a good no 1

  • David Guthrie
    David Guthrie

    My favorite play from this video is the Vintage Dwyane Wade one.

  • Cromerzome

    How don't you have Jonathan Isaac's 3 blocks and trey on John Collins?

  • SlapNDash

    Good ole' Dearin Fox

  • Frankie Manson
    Frankie Manson

    That Durant step back 3 was trash and should not be on the top ten . Great job👍 waste of a spot 👏👏

  • 313drepeso313

    Luka is my guy, but come on with that no.6 highlight on the list!!!

  • TequilaGFKE

    Damn sixers finna win the east conference Finals 😤🔥 But a tough one indeed. Bucks are so good tho. Respect to the bucks. Especially Giannis. But i Love to See my sixers rising up🔥

  • Febri Setiawan
    Febri Setiawan

    Where is Jonathan Issac triple block on John Collins???

  • Henok Kidane
    Henok Kidane

    So Collins blocks Vucevic once and makes the top 5, but Jonathan Isaac blocks Collins 3 TIMES IN A ROW and it doesn't even make the top 10? Pathetic.

  • xyzdragontan

    When is Javale Mcgee not getting dunked on

  • Jing Qi
    Jing Qi

    Luka got jobbed, shoulda been picked for the all-star game!

  • Y3S

    Jonathan Isaac blocks?

  • Christopher Willis
    Christopher Willis

    Whole lotta faggots here y'all niggas come to this shit to watch the best plays not hear a nigga voice who cares who the commentator is gay ass niggas smfh

  • Andreas Stanley
    Andreas Stanley

    The Lakers will still win the championship

  • danny pardo
    danny pardo

    8... a wide open three...

  • HotWingKing !
    HotWingKing !

    Where's Dorian Finney Smith putback poster?

  • dronetalk 316
    dronetalk 316

    A kentucky player is on every nba highlights list! #gocats!! (Blocking KD aint easy. Nice D)

  • Owen West
    Owen West

    What happened to the rhyming guy

  • Ashwin Falleiro
    Ashwin Falleiro


  • djbme83

    0:56. Correction, Warriors won thanks to a double dribble.

  • Zohaeb Jilani
    Zohaeb Jilani

    John Collins got #3??? Isaac blocked him 3 times in one possession...

  • Roje Valeriano
    Roje Valeriano

    Hi you, yes you the one who is reading my comment may God bless you and your family have a great day buddy!!!😊

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson

    Lol wow #1 got no love

  • Asaf Barber
    Asaf Barber

    D wade should have got the nr 1 spot

  • 오철호

    Where is Issac's Blocks? He did 3times for 20 second

  • wally1979

    Not missing the cringe at all.

  • Mr Elite Ice
    Mr Elite Ice

    Where’s Issacs three blocks in a row??

  • Joe 4sports
    Joe 4sports

    My SIXERS are looking tuff...we gonna beast the east...and then take it to Golden State in the finals!!!


    Tobias Harris was definitely a slept on pick up..76ers might actually have a chance this year..

  • Eobard Thawne
    Eobard Thawne

    I love how this commentator said “vintage dwade as he drinks from the fountain of youth” when Wade didn’t even dunk it lmao...he did one of those fake dunk layups...(I know wade can still dunk just fine, the dude ain’t that old) just thought it was funny

  • Christian Enero
    Christian Enero

    luka must lift and build a muscles

  • Jeshua Figueroa Carrasquillo
    Jeshua Figueroa Carrasquillo

    Vucevic is getting bullied every night lol

  • katoni waller
    katoni waller

    Ill watch it in silence... 😔

  • katoni waller
    katoni waller

    Wait a minute.... where is skrrt skrrt commentators??🤔

  • The Swail
    The Swail


  • Xavier Rivera
    Xavier Rivera

    Jonathan Issac had three blocks and cane up court and drained a three but not in the top 10 .... BS, John Collins blocked one shot and was in here

  • thafunnyguy26

    So KD is 2-3 feet out of bounds ref don't see KD double dribbles in crunch time and the refs dont see it...Seems like GS gets some extra help when they need it

  • Abril G
    Abril G

    Top 1 should be Ben Simmons 3 point- attemp against Lakers.

  • LeaveTheGlory

    Just please no Chris smoovementator..

  • 7tachyon

    It should be Luka 1, Luka 2 and Luka 3......

  • Soujiro Seta
    Soujiro Seta



    Watching Luka doing Luka things is just a joy! :D

  • tranlanga mingo
    tranlanga mingo

    The museumtourguidementator on fire

  • Dimas Achmad
    Dimas Achmad

    Never heard this commentator. But better than the cringe one

  • johnthursday2

    ok but where is the foul on reddikk

  • Hoore Sneider
    Hoore Sneider

    sorry but tyson chandler you dumb af for jumping on that hesi... how dude... he'll never make that 3... we all make mistakes

    • Charlie Duncan
      Charlie Duncan

      Hoore Sneider so Embid can’t make a three or something damn have you watched a sixers game in the last two years dude does everything


    high pitch

  • Just Awesome ::
    Just Awesome ::

    #2 That shot was nice👌🏼

  • Ujjwal Jung Thapa
    Ujjwal Jung Thapa

    Savage commentary.

  • Isgak BRFC
    Isgak BRFC

    Wow Jonathan Isaac's blocks didnt make it? lol He blocked Collins 3 times in one play, but they show Collins block on Vuc. smh

  • Miguel Valencia
    Miguel Valencia

    KD Double Dribbled

  • conflicc ricks
    conflicc ricks

    February 10 2019 is officially the weakest highlight night of the year...

  • 24jonesw


  • Ayman ElKhyary
    Ayman ElKhyary

    Isaac blocks!!

  • Rock n Roll
    Rock n Roll

    Tired of this Luca hype 😴

  • Whatever YT
    Whatever YT

    So unenthusiastic with his delivery of words. He just doesn't have the voice. Disgusting.

  • prepare4deception

    How can Collins block on Vuc be there, when Isaacs 4 blocks in a row on Collins Wasn't ?

  • Ümit Can
    Ümit Can

    Song please

  • Šatara

    god damn I hate the snakeman

  • Padla Rap
    Padla Rap

    Oh men, the IDIOTMENTATOR 🤦‍♂️

  • Gus What
    Gus What

    Who made these top 10 lists? NBA marketing team?

  • amnesiascrub12

    Where's Jonathan Isaac 3 consecutive blocks against John Collins?

    • Isgak BRFC
      Isgak BRFC

      agree, useless who ever chooses these lol

  • 2k subs without videos?
    2k subs without videos?

    KD with the stepback 👀👀

  • Marc Spencer
    Marc Spencer

    Where’s bam alleys at ?

  • IzaacEwing

    JJ reddicks shots all look the same.. forced, unnatural and goofy

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman

    Seriously i missed Cringementator.

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    one more time !

  • Arnold Potistas
    Arnold Potistas

    Wade's block should #1

  • YeazyNation

    Refs did my heat dirty almost 20 more free throws smh including getting bailed out in 4th smh

  • Samual Calnan
    Samual Calnan

    When Doncic takes a shit, it makes top plays

  • Steven Taknan
    Steven Taknan


  • alvin081988

    3 Doncic Highlights

  • Jojo Viray
    Jojo Viray

    Were is Durant's double dribble?

  • Podstanar Jakovljević
    Podstanar Jakovljević

    0:50 travel?

  • Martin Štefanský
    Martin Štefanský

    I need cringementator !!

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    Vintage D WADE against Golden state

  • Hoopy Frood Jay
    Hoopy Frood Jay

    Didn't we see Vucevic getting blocked only very recently (Friday? Saturday?)?

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    RIP Cringementator . Shame he lost his job tho , sorry for him ..

  • outoftime

    jj dam. gaymentator hopefully ded

  • Don Saizo
    Don Saizo

    No Isaac 3 blocks?

  • ADblurrr


  • Solo Mustafaa
    Solo Mustafaa

    Beware the Philadelphia 76ers that trade for Tobi was 🔥

  • intimissimi88


  • Joseph Earnie Ortiz
    Joseph Earnie Ortiz


  • MightyLion 144
    MightyLion 144

    Everytime dwade do something "he turn back the hands of the clock"😂😂 Y'all leave that man alone ..

    • YoungJerl24

      Even if he turned the hand of a clock forward, they would say the same thing.

  • Zel Garcia
    Zel Garcia

    I tell you, luka will be one of the greats in the future. what a player!

  • Nikola Murdzev
    Nikola Murdzev


  • Surfzone Computer Services
    Surfzone Computer Services

    CRINGEMENTATOR's legacy @1:34

  • IIBroGodII

    2:06 - ping 392ms

  • Tris Matu
    Tris Matu

    How’s Luka not an All Star? Dude is basically carrying the Mavericks 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Gabriel Pasqualini
      Gabriel Pasqualini

      Carrying to where? They're 11th place LMAO

    • heatfan1226

      yeah. he'd be an easy pick if he were in the east, but the conference rules make it messy

    • Flappy turtle
      Flappy turtle

      who the fuck would he replace? maybe think before you write this shit

    • karabolasgamer yt
      karabolasgamer yt

      Koitaxe na deis an les malakkiase pes to

  • Adam George
    Adam George

    Luka got robbed!! He is a clear all star!!! Nba is definitely rigged..

    • The Ghost Records
      The Ghost Records

      +YoungJerl24 nope , they said that 25% are fans vote.

    • Adam George
      Adam George

      +Silence clearly you haven't been watching him play this season lol stats say it all

    • YoungJerl24

      They said the all star game is for the fans but it isn't. Luka has MVP titles ahead.

    • Silence

      highlight plays dont make a player to become an allstar

  • don Gustavo
    don Gustavo

    Harris the steal allstar 2019

  • Zefyxx

    Top 10 Doncic plays of the night

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ