Naomi Watts Proves Why She's A 'Scream Queen'
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
There's a good reason why 'The Loudest Voice' star Naomi Watts has been hailed as a scream queen. #LSSC #Colbert #NaomiWatts
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  • Pacific Trading Academy LLC
    Pacific Trading Academy LLC

    No mention of Mulholland Drive or Eastern Promises???

  • yahwehsonren

    Naomi watts, I old now. How time fly

  • Antonio González
    Antonio González

    50 year old woman?!; talk about Interview with The Vampire.

  • winehousedrunk

    Queen Kong of the late King Kong.

  • Celf o gwmpas short films centre celf
    Celf o gwmpas short films centre celf

    She doesn’t work enough, I don’t see her in enough films

  • Nishal Nandwani
    Nishal Nandwani

    The Ring was her big break for me.

    • MyDriver8

      That was the first movie I saw her in and was stunned by her.

  • pnoipr8

    don't watch this video with your headphones.

    • Urban Observer
      Urban Observer

      pnoipr8 why

  • Jerry Thao
    Jerry Thao

    Don't care how old she is. She's freaking hot

  • Hugo Carbonell
    Hugo Carbonell


  • Hugo Carbonell
    Hugo Carbonell


  • Hugo Carbonell
    Hugo Carbonell


  • Hugo Carbonell
    Hugo Carbonell


  • Mariana EFP
    Mariana EFP

    Naomi is such a good actress!!! So naturally beautiful and terribly underrated. From Mulholland Drive to Gipsy, passing through The ring, 21 grams, Funny Games, The impossible , Diana...actually I'll just watch Game of Thrones because of her

  • kalpesh patel
    kalpesh patel

    Awesome Beauty

  • Gabo Porto
    Gabo Porto

    Creo que la amo

  • joey77

    Love you Naomi. But go and eat some stew. I’m tired of seeing women looking like stick insects.

  • Hugo Fabila
    Hugo Fabila

    Oh my God, Stephen! Will you let her speak? Stop interrupting her!!

  • g sun
    g sun

    this woman is not ageing

  • Laura C.
    Laura C.

    She's amazing!!

  • Diogo Azevedo
    Diogo Azevedo

    Rip my eardrums

  • bear & rabbit
    bear & rabbit

    She's one of my favorite actresses, and I really do hope she at least get one Oscar for her career, admire her works so much.

  • krepler

    Don't ever mention GoT ending

  • Gerald Chan
    Gerald Chan

    She is the reason people created the term milf..Goodness Naomi, leave some for the rest of us.

  • Ali Anshasi
    Ali Anshasi

    No wonder king Kong went bonkers . Now nearly 2 decades from that movie bet the ape will still go crazy .

  • LFC 77
    LFC 77

    Two Australian actors playing Ailes and Gretchen?? No decent American actors available?

  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen

    She’s flawless. She puts 20 year old women to shame

  • Rusty Hardy
    Rusty Hardy

    Dafuq is she wearing?

  • Aviad Fenyo
    Aviad Fenyo

    She is amazing in gypsy on Netflix

  • rohan sagar
    rohan sagar

    No mention of MULHOLLAND DRIVE and TWIN PEAKS ???!! REALLY STEPHEN?! come oonn

    • Laura C.
      Laura C.

      rohan sagar I would also mention ‘21 GRAMS’

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle
    Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    She seems nice, but i don't remember seeing her in anything.

  • Thz Tan
    Thz Tan

    She looks great👍

  • HairMak

    Did somebody mix up the dates cuz this episode was supposed to be d 20th n d 20th one this night? Wth?

  • HorseMuse

    That scream made my cat jump!

  • ganelon georgieff
    ganelon georgieff

  • max gonzalez
    max gonzalez

    She is still hot at 50 and she was a total knock out at 30 when she starred in "The Ring" AND she is an amazing actress.

  • Peter Rubin
    Peter Rubin

    frak u steve, let them remake GOT

  • mikealanzo

    Damn she got old.... what is she, 60+++???

  • SelfReflective

    A scream queen! My imagination runs wild....

  • Nathan Heard
    Nathan Heard

    How the fuck do we shut down this picture in picture bullshit? I exit, I want to exit.This show isn't good enough to take captives like Stevens older works were.

  • Robert Few
    Robert Few

    That is the sexiest haircut I have ever seen

  • Jesus A.
    Jesus A.

    I don’t know what it is with Australian women; but, man! They are really laid back and easy going.

    • Mav F
      Mav F

      @firecrakka bullshit mate! I deal with women all ages and the ones around my age are the same as the young ones. At least the over 70s still have their dignity and self-respect.

    • firecrakka

      Nonsense... you've just grown old and critical.

    • Mav F
      Mav F

      Australia is a laid back society. However, that is changing big time. Everyone is uptight about everything these days. Nowadays and the older I get I am finding the Australian women are selfish, bitchy, gold diggers and so on. Yes, I am female and born the same era as Naomi, etc.

  • Pao Xiong
    Pao Xiong

    King Kong want his blondie back

  • TheDuschlampe

    Stephens suit changed color from the last part of the show...

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore

    5:45 - Now do an orgasm scream.

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore

    Terrible hairstyle, terrible dress. Completely ruined this beautiful woman.

  • Ray Campbell
    Ray Campbell

    Well she did ask him to give it to her and he did.

  • Douglas Kalberg
    Douglas Kalberg

    How is a show set thousands of years earlier a prequel? It's just set in the same universe, could easily be stone age verses 1950s.

  • Lonely Mands
    Lonely Mands

    Naomi is amazing ❣

  • jmisc

    50 ? She’s as hot as 20!

  • m kilpatrick
    m kilpatrick

    Oh God. I thought someone was being killed by a skull.

  • Aldous Yelxuh
    Aldous Yelxuh

    He should have asked for The Wilhelm scream. damnit Colbert.

  • Ian Campbell
    Ian Campbell

    Stunning, talented and smart!

  • Paul Castro
    Paul Castro

    Holy crap, she's 51? Those are some damn good genes

  • tony james
    tony james

    She should have screamed in frustration when Steve asked her the last question on Valeria.

  • Alexander Campbell
    Alexander Campbell

    Naomi Watts AND "Neither The Showtime Mini Series About Roger Ailes 0r The Upcoming Film Has An American Actress Playing Gretchen Carlson" (Isn't intriguing that Americans get angry over Poor & Brown Immigrants taking landscaping, Day Lobr, Construction jobs from Americans -- but do not care if Privileged White Immigrants take Acting Work from an Ametican Actor. Before I get potential blowback thay the poor Latino Immigrants are Illegal; and the Austrailian/British Actors are legal - I will point out that "Legal" is code for qealthy/privileged and "illegal" is code for poor. Most people do not realize how difficult it is to become legal without money and without Hollywood Production backing. These Movie Studios have money to legalize these poor immigrants if they wanted to just like they dp with the Privileged White Entertainers who come to the US; and take actual work from Americans .

  • holiosys atRandom
    holiosys atRandom

    just gotta take this moment to say that the role she played in mulholland drive is one of the best of all times.

  • Andres Ramirez Cartagena
    Andres Ramirez Cartagena

    I loved her in Tank girl jeje

  • n v
    n v

    I just love her laugh. She is so beautiful. Ugh!

  • eva hamdiah
    eva hamdiah

    He touched his nose several times. Was he nervous or is that just a habit? 😉

  • Steve Dannely for Yang
    Steve Dannely for Yang

    SHE'S 50????? You can tell she is, signs of age are very hard to hide, but she is stunning.

  • Cosmo Curieux
    Cosmo Curieux

    she's beautiful

  • John Maddin
    John Maddin

    Her father was one of the original sound engineers and road managers for Pink Floyd, you can see him on the album Umma Gumma and his voice as well as Watts mother can be heard on 4 of the tracks on the mega classic Dark Side Of The Moon album .

  • Jesus is God MAGA
    Jesus is God MAGA

    Foreign guests make these shows look and sound cheap.

  • Dan Ozomatli
    Dan Ozomatli

    50 years old I'm reading? Holy shit!

  • Dan Ozomatli
    Dan Ozomatli

    Naomi, you are the coolest and most real interview Stephen has ever done! Thank you.

  • Berkel King
    Berkel King

    I was dozing off and then she screamed..... had a mini heart attack

  • Pauly Righini
    Pauly Righini

    Russell Crow the New Zealander?

  • osiris Blanche
    osiris Blanche

    She left Liev for playboy douche Billy Crudup.

  • Danny Steeler
    Danny Steeler

    #NotMyScreamQueen Jamie Lee Curtis & Emma Roberts would agree .

  • dedo GH
    dedo GH

    I fell sorry for my mother because they are the same age but my mother looks like her mother