Muhammad Ali vs Jerry Quarry II #Legendary Night# HD

  • SagiCorn T
    SagiCorn T

    🤣damn he played with the white boy.

  • Colin Lai
    Colin Lai

    strong jaw still

  • Jhonatan Beltran
    Jhonatan Beltran

    Pensé que a lu último Ali estaba payaseando pero en realidad se dio cuenta que su rival ya estaba muerto y le pidió al juez que terminará la pelea, de algún modo tuvo piedad con su rival....

  • Charles Michael
    Charles Michael

    Before Cassius Clay/ Muhammad Ali came on the boxing scene, I had no interest in boxing whatever. Then when the great man himself entered the boxing ring, I was totally mesmerised by him. I thought he was a great fighter, a great sportsman, a great entertainer. He was everything. Someone to admire and look up to - a really amazing human being. Now that he's gone, my interest in boxing has once again gone. But I'll never forget Muhammad Ali, and I still like to watch him, from time to time, on UA-my. May he always be remembered, and God bless him.

  • Tim Kelly
    Tim Kelly

    Just do not like big mouth racists......Ali was all that!!

  • Муса СМС
    Муса СМС

    Человек легенда👍

  • John Marks
    John Marks

    Pure class

  • TheBaez31

    Jerry es una autentica piedra!como aguanta los golpes,ni el gran Alí consigue tirarlo.

  • عزوز مول الحوت
    عزوز مول الحوت

    Mohamed ali is de best van de best👍👍👍👍

  • Düz Adam
    Düz Adam

    Deontay Wilder: 'I want a body on my record' And look at Ali.He did not want to hurt his opponent even for little.

    • Özcan Official
      Özcan Official

      Türkçesini yaz kardeş

  • yudum şevval dede
    yudum şevval dede

    Muhammed Ali❤

  • james williams
    james williams

    whats with the annoying background music? yukk

  • Weverton Ecker
    Weverton Ecker

    , agora sei aonde Anderson Silva tiro os deboches e as maneiras de chama os ardiverarios PA lutas Kkkkkkkk


    look at 5.12 that 2 punch u can't see how fast it was ... invicible

  • Wiliam Bazan
    Wiliam Bazan

    Impresionante Ali..!!

  • Justa Sarcasshole
    Justa Sarcasshole

    Hey, now ain't that Peter McNeely's Daddy?

  • Steve Harcar
    Steve Harcar

    Quarry didn't belong in the same ring with ali

  • Stock C6Zo6
    Stock C6Zo6

    Didn’t even look like they were in the same weight class. Great heart for both.

  • javed iqbal malik
    javed iqbal malik

    what power Mohammad have . we love u Mohammad Ali

  • kang hendris channel
    kang hendris channel

    Mantap sekali pukulannya

  • darrel james
    darrel james

    The music sucks.

  • Blickey

    How can people say Ali would beat the likes of Tyson Holyfield and Lewis? He was a big Cruiserweight

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown

    Ali vs Tyson would have been great .watching Ali hit the floor in 25 seconds

  • worstofwhiskey

    Quarry like Ali had an unfortunate life after boxing... both seemed like great people!

  • Jonggi Marpaung
    Jonggi Marpaung

    He was a great dancer

  • josh ckh
    josh ckh

    Beautiful punch from ali

  • Michael Koz
    Michael Koz

    Ali overrated. Mike Tyson the best of all time followed by the Klitschzko brothers. Ali was the best of a poor bunch.

  • Jared Grimes
    Jared Grimes

    That was a compassionate ass whooping by the greatest of all time

  • Ercanca Babacan
    Ercanca Babacan

    Il ne ya pas un outre comme Mohammed Ali, malheureusement.

  • Celian Green
    Celian Green

    Fast, the best Kong Ku is fast.

  • Kerem Basaran
    Kerem Basaran

    Shıno Droles De Dames. Best music

  • Christoph Gaming and more
    Christoph Gaming and more

    Rip Ali

  • nashville slim
    nashville slim

    Ali just toyed with him. He was the bigger stronger fastest man in that fight.

  • the _Inevitabl
    the _Inevitabl

    Is this fight what the first Rocky fight was based off of, Apollo Creed V Rocky? Looks similar.

  • Marcinho Voador
    Marcinho Voador

    Tats a really big show great ever

  • Malik Rehan Khan
    Malik Rehan Khan

    Muhammad Ali ♥ The Master Blaster

  • Qasim Li
    Qasim Li


  • Abdihakim Mohamud
    Abdihakim Mohamud

    I can't stop watching Mohamed Ali is fight 😢

  • Диван Диваныч
    Диван Диваныч

    Танцы черного расиста и борца с апартеидом Али закончили болезнью Паркинсона

  • Smule HiT Show
    Smule HiT Show

    Mike Tyson is best

  • Hassan Baig
    Hassan Baig

    Muhammed ali is the greatest athlete ever in my opinion a lot of people think that muhammed isn´t the greatest because he lost fights bu remember if muhammed never was stripped from his title he would be an undefeated fighter

  • Ronald Hiler
    Ronald Hiler

    As a minister it is my desire that when I go through the veil I will personally give you heavenly father‘s plan of salvation to you brother Mohammed. It is all I can do the fullness of the gospel presented to you!

  • Mark Belmares
    Mark Belmares

    Quarry. A damn good fighter. Good chin, good power, tremendous stamina. Who just happened to fight in the time of "The Greatest" He may have been The Champ in any other era.

    • Allen Royce
      Allen Royce

      he is one of those fighters that made Ali the GOAT

  • نِسر البكستاني افتخر ان اكون البكستاني
    نِسر البكستاني افتخر ان اكون البكستاني

    M.Ali ❤

  • PedroLuis CerezoOliva
    PedroLuis CerezoOliva

    De joven cuando sólo había una cadena, me levantaba a las 4 de la madrugada para ver las pe leas de Aly. Blanco y negro pero era el mejor boxeo. Buenos recuerdos

  • Arthur Ralston@wake up black people
    Arthur Ralston@wake up black people

    Thee greatest of all time ...

  • Kurmay

    Dans, dans dans nakavut

  • Dave Gregory
    Dave Gregory

    It's sad that Ali denied Jesus in favor of a false god. He will now pay the price of being ignorant.

    • Ali

      stfu u cant call ppl ignorant cos u dont agree with them. we muslims dont call u non muslims ignorant. its called respect. we as muslims respect other religions. by allah, do your research on islam and you will find out.

  • Josh Harmon
    Josh Harmon

    Can’t stand ali

  • Lowi Kh
    Lowi Kh

    great match from both. but ali best.

  • сека чемпион
    сека чемпион

    Woow woo😀😀😀👍👍👍👍💖

  • Ja'Quan Halim
    Ja'Quan Halim

    My Hero The Greatest Of All Time (Muhammad Ali)

  • Fábio Souza
    Fábio Souza

    Ali gênio !

  • Jeru The damager
    Jeru The damager

    Nice music

  • WYSIWYG 1000
    WYSIWYG 1000

    Thank you so much for posting these fights. It's such a privilege to watch the Greatest in his element.

  • حسن يحيى محسن
    حسن يحيى محسن


  • حسن يحيى محسن
    حسن يحيى محسن

    Islam wins for ever

  • los mocosos del futuro Los Aguirre'
    los mocosos del futuro Los Aguirre'

    puto negro fanfarrón mike tyson le podía ganar era mejor

  • Steed John
    Steed John

    Out classed and out gunned, we all miss the Greatest sportsman that ever stepped in the ring. A true gentleman and Champion, may your God Bless you Ali.

  • Micah Isreal
    Micah Isreal

    He knocked the red of the Edomite 🤣(Genesis 25:25) lol😱😂🤣🔥🔥🔥


    The best

  • Edward Deitch
    Edward Deitch

    Ali's skills and shear speed are unbelievable. But damn! Quarry was one tough guy. Amazing how well he kept fighting back.

  • Hoo Loooi8
    Hoo Loooi8

    الله ارحمه يارب

  • Tayfun Kansu
    Tayfun Kansu

    So suit to the ring, The world will miss him

  • Soufiene Tchantchane
    Soufiene Tchantchane

    Ali you are the king forever 👍

  • Dan Richardson
    Dan Richardson

    Like watching a little boy pulling wings off a fly.

  • Sheikh mohammed Saqib
    Sheikh mohammed Saqib


  • M K
    M K

    Our hero our heart the one and only Muhammad Ali ❤️👊🤜

  • ABHS

    Ali always composed even if he got hit , stay focus , re plan the strategy . He never was in a hurry to retaliate like most other boxers , he kept his cool and waited for next opening before he can again attack his opponent

  • mozomil ali
    mozomil ali

    Ali the master of all boxers. How nicely he floats in the ring. Allah bless him.

    • Adib Abo Bakr
      Adib Abo Bakr


  • Виталий Кухаренко
    Виталий Кухаренко

    Клей ложь фу жопу 💯

  • İmran Hanedan
    İmran Hanedan

    Rocky and Apollo

  • الاهلى فوق الجميع
    الاهلى فوق الجميع

    الله يرحمه 😢

    • الاهلى فوق الجميع
      الاهلى فوق الجميع


  • Лёля Мастер
    Лёля Мастер

    Избиение младенца)

  • aj aj
    aj aj


  • jaka mahadika
    jaka mahadika

    str 99 agi 99 dex 99 luk 99 int 99 ali is literally overpowered in this game, such a true example how hard work can fruit a human being almost a perfect form

  • Brett Wilkinson
    Brett Wilkinson

    Ali all class here not wanting to hurt his opponent. He let this fight go way longer than he had to.

  • ГРАЖДАНИН МИРА Citizen of the world
    ГРАЖДАНИН МИРА Citizen of the world

    Али и Тайсон лучшие!

  • Rus Isayev
    Rus Isayev


  • Ikqbal Alam
    Ikqbal Alam

    Muhammad Ali is greet man

  • Asghar Ali
    Asghar Ali

    Ali king of boxing love from Pakistan

  • Фатик Фатима
    Фатик Фатима

    Разматал как пацана

  • yuli zar
    yuli zar

    kenapa muhamad ali legendaris petinju.dia gaya tinju santai pasti dia bisa tumbangi lawan tinju.dia tau bakalan cidra langsung suruh stop sendiri.suruh wasit

    • Wong cilik
      Wong cilik

      yuli zar Hooh

  • Ibraim Ferreira
    Ibraim Ferreira


  • EyeWitnessChina

    And then Ali got his block knocked off by Larry Holmes.

  • Asyl Jak
    Asyl Jak

    Music pls?

  • Ильяс Хамитов
    Ильяс Хамитов

    Рокки Бальбо вышел на ринг против Али.🤔

  • John The Revelator
    John The Revelator

    All these Rest In Peace comments.. smh 🤦‍♂️. Dude was a fantastic fighter no doubt but he was a Muslim. Denied Jesus who is the only way to “Peace everlasting”. There is no rest for Ali. Sorry folks.

    • l

      what u saying r u dumb bro?

  • Milton Luiz Santos
    Milton Luiz Santos

    Se Muammar Ali enfrenta Mike tison no auge n ficaria 5 minuto em pé.

  • Julio Cesar Chavez
    Julio Cesar Chavez

    El más grande de todos los grandes, ALI serás inigualable por los siglos de los siglos, QEPD

  • turgay kurtbeyoğlu
    turgay kurtbeyoğlu

    This is not a sport.

    • Mustafa Yıldız
      Mustafa Yıldız

      turgay kurtbeyoğlu ingilizce yorumları okurken senin yorumu okudum bi farklılık olduğunu anladım isme baktım türk

  • road_ dog
    road_ dog

    That guy is not a boxer .

  • Андрей Соколов
    Андрей Соколов

    Али лучший но бой не из легких


    С таким весом и такие быстрые руки) Аллаху Акбар!

  • AZAD BOZZ 439
    AZAD BOZZ 439

    Ali Ali Ali Ali King 😚😚😚😚😚

  • JaH Cure
    JaH Cure

    Rest In Peace brother 🥀

  • Sohail Azad Azad
    Sohail Azad Azad

    May Allâh forgive our brother Ali and have mercy on him

    • DFS54

      What do you think he needs forgiveness for?

  • أمہہـﯛﻧــي آﻟــہـدﻟـہيہــمـــﮯ
    أمہہـﯛﻧــي آﻟــہـدﻟـہيہــمـــﮯ

    Rest in peace Mohammed Ali I love you so much

  • ahmet buyruk
    ahmet buyruk

    Taşak geçiyor adamla by by diyor 5:12

  • Pablo El_gringo
    Pablo El_gringo

    Один из лучших Боев прошлого века !