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  • rylan powell
    rylan powell

    The trans should be fineee throw a turbo and injectors on then do the trans. It’ll go into limp mode if anything then just delete the code with the monitor

  • edgeman68

    I had to add a lift pump to my duramax as it had fuel starvation issues at full throttle.

  • The DREadEd fam
    The DREadEd fam

    Is the cab rear window still in place . Maybe seal the bed topper to the body of the cab with window strip and delete some weight ac will work and the dogs can be in the bed area maybe

  • aquarius70

    That y-bridge looks like it was bought at an adult store.

  • Alex Burns
    Alex Burns

    I completely lost it when George Michael started playing and I didnt even see the dog at first. I thought the flag was the focus! But when I saw the dog lol. The empty space under the grill is the perfect spot for a led light bar or two. Fill the space and build a shroud if needed. Also, it would be below the headlights so you wouldnt have to cover them up on public roads and be able to use them too.

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O

    Don't buy an amazon taillight! There cheap but, don't fit at all.

  • Tim Vendlinski ll
    Tim Vendlinski ll

    I think it’s called a courtesy swipe the newer vehicles have them programmed to do it every so often

  • Mellysia

    Jeremy Hot Boi status approved.

  • urf808

    Nice Jeremy! Very good numbers for a diesel.

  • Tyler Eppes
    Tyler Eppes

    1500 grill in a 2500hd lol

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    Pela lives couple blocks over from me

  • Justin Guild
    Justin Guild

    Love the new mix of gas and diesel content!!👌

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan


  • John Morgan
    John Morgan

    Those drl (daytime running lights) are soooo sick

  • Sean Malone
    Sean Malone

    Put wheels and tires on er

  • Russell Bros Garage
    Russell Bros Garage

    My first video of my F100 my wife said "Pretty sure I would have nailed it by now" lol

  • juan pablo
    juan pablo

    You guys should recommend the install of upgraded rear sway bars with every tune

  • Sam klien
    Sam klien

    I am not a fan of diesels, I am a gasser guy with all my trucks even my one ton is a big block. I do like your truck though, I really dig the topper! I wish it was a long box though! What happened to the Chevy 5 spoke rims you had on it on the first burn out video those look so good IMO!.

  • richard penner
    richard penner

    Your wife on the ball...tough to do donuts in that...good job...

  • PONO 800008
    PONO 800008

    You know what happens when you get them Squirrelly Pypes on that there Motor , it GETS SQUIRRELLY !!!

  • John Calvin
    John Calvin

    Truck is so sick I’d love to see it without the pap cap

  • Chris Rickets
    Chris Rickets

    Bcm messing with ya!

  • Sébastien Bernier
    Sébastien Bernier

    Jeremy! As a diesel guy im glad to see you learn on your truck! You and you team BIG FREAKING THUMB UP!! Your content is like gold to me

  • Blue waffle cone
    Blue waffle cone

    Do not add rpm until you change firing order. I've paid the price of a broken crank

  • Michael Ratcliff
    Michael Ratcliff

    Jeremy i have a 2013, i ran a s475 over stock for just over a year on the stock trans with just the line pressure solenoid (cheap version of the trans tune) and it was still living when i threw a mike l trans in it, mike did say all my clutches were burned but that it didn't look too bad inside.

  • Ed H
    Ed H

    Change out the turn signal switch assembly. Fixes it right up.

  • OurDee

    Replace the wiper motor.

  • Nick Mendoza
    Nick Mendoza

    What about a light bar to fill that gap?

  • Robert May
    Robert May

    She’s a keeper

  • Alan Saad
    Alan Saad

    I thought the landlord said no more donuts around the shop! Your not zoned for a donut shop and attracts police as well.

  • Dennis Holmes
    Dennis Holmes

    Dmax life!! Try doing the fpr on an lb7 😂 but they'll run through any fuel issue

  • Lewis Radbourn
    Lewis Radbourn

    Brutus the beast

  • Donavan Lingar
    Donavan Lingar

    Would you happen to be able to tune a 2004 Lincoln Navigator? No one around me even touch’s them 😩😩😩

  • mcfero1

    Still waiting for the awd s10 project

  • Maxx Bleimund
    Maxx Bleimund

    Go get a LML style front bumper. Not a 1500 bumper

  • Jose Vitela
    Jose Vitela

    Stock grill looked better just paint it black And thats a 1500 grill wrong one

  • SEB SmallEngineBuilds
    SEB SmallEngineBuilds

    Try doing donuts with a crew cab long bed that is guffy.

  • Grant Glashagel
    Grant Glashagel

    Get a lml or Duramax van thermostat housing and upper radiator pipe. Really clears up some engine room and shortens time to gets to the engine parts.

  • James Perry
    James Perry

    Duramax is a pain to work on.

  • Lorry Stagg
    Lorry Stagg

    would the old turbo off ruby work ?

  • Dawson Anger
    Dawson Anger

    The black grille is for a 1500, a 2500hd grille is 2” taller, at least it would fit georges truck

  • EklipsedDarkness

    My chevy wipers did same thing, i pulled the engine block ground both sides cleaned it reinstalled it. Wipers now work like they should, hope it helps.

  • Joshua Nicolai
    Joshua Nicolai

    We know what Jeremy's wife sounds like but what does she look like?

  • Tyler Minor
    Tyler Minor

    I have the same truck but mine is black where yours is white, I've been putting off any mods to mine too except I've made it to 317000 miles now being bone stock and don't really want to mess with what is working lol

  • HunterHarper24

    Where did you get the lights

  • dylan s
    dylan s

    Check out Danville Performance! One of the best tuners I know and personal experience I’ve seen a Stock Engine LMM make 707hp with simple injectors and dual cp3s

    • dylan s
      dylan s

      Built transmission first though 😁

  • Matthew McGrath
    Matthew McGrath

    You'd need a miracle or catastrophic failure on Cleetus's end to beat him. Challenge him to a game of checkers. #realmenpeestandingup.

  • William Jarmon
    William Jarmon

    I have pusher on my Cummins and love the parts very high quality and performance

  • Dylan Reeder
    Dylan Reeder

    Do you breed golden retriever s

  • Flow Lavah
    Flow Lavah

    Leave the stock grille 😩😩😩

  • Bayer-Z28

    Delete the EGR and do the up pipe on that side our you’ll crack the stock EGR up pipe. And you’ll most likely see a drop in boost PSI with the new Y Bridge and all. Bone up on Banks’ page and do some learning. He’s twice everyone’s age and he’s schooling all tuners. He’s a real genius.

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown

    The videos are getting boring no offense

  • WoW Guy
    WoW Guy

    Annoyed neighbor calls the police.... (police) - what is your emergency sir... (neighbor) - I would like to report a camel doing donuts in the cul-de-sac at the end of my street

  • Preston Reynolds
    Preston Reynolds

    You’ve got a 1500 grille on the 2500 lol

  • Jeremy Nolan
    Jeremy Nolan

    Cooper @1:44 "wow i always knew you were a little tranny" lmfaooooooo WHAT

  • Brett marcus
    Brett marcus

    Correction: if you did doughnuts on a camel, that's how it would feel 😂😂

  • a456987
    a456987 this grill should fit better

  • Gabino Gonzalez
    Gabino Gonzalez

    17:45 I want one!!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • cobrasvt347

    Literally full size doughnuts 🤘hahahAa that was sick. Not bad on the numbers. It's definitely crankin hard 🏅


    It's not a Chevy if the wipers either don't work or come on randomly and don't stop.

  • RubiconJoey

    I had the same problem with my Yukon randomly turning on the windshield washer. Turns out I had a CD case hitting the heated washer fluid button.

  • James Luper
    James Luper

    No sr......thank you for your content. Always enjoyable to watch down to earth people on a family friendly channel. So thank you guys!

  • Curly VersaceChoppa
    Curly VersaceChoppa

    Those lights are.... Interesting

  • StormTrooper SS
    StormTrooper SS

    @fasterproms can you make a video of how you put the kirkey racing seats in uncle sam on the oem brackets. I want to put some in my camaro but cant find any videos about it.

  • CesarConH

    Looks like shit!

  • Try Fam
    Try Fam

    Lol dogbox

  • Delta Whiskey
    Delta Whiskey

    Curious if your MPG will improve if u can keep your foot out of it 😁. Do some work with Bruce Wilson please!!

  • griffin pierce
    griffin pierce

    Dont be disgruntled by the y bridge. Ask any duramax guy and he'll tell you they suck. HSP makes a bolt on 2 piece y bridge thats easy to install. I wish i wouldve bought that over the wcfab piece

  • bullhead360

    14:32 THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID😂😂

  • bullhead360

    Owns a dyno, does $1000+ in upgrades, doesn’t do a dyno beforehand.... ::facepalm