Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?
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  • Helaman Gile
    Helaman Gile

    If you go into Beverley Hills not speaking English they probably won't understand you Learn from a distance and observe before you take action

  • Barney

    graham is an inspiration, check out his channel!

  • Kobe James
    Kobe James

    Alright look. Anyone can be a millionaire. That car note you paying. Stop. Get a bucket. Take that money put in an vestment. Average car note is about 500$ at 11% s&p500 what the market has done over 70 years. That 5500 a year with compounding interest In 30 years that would close to about 1.1+ mil$ thank me later

  • soniakiwi

    Define rich in 2019. In our grandparents time owning a home, working for a stable company that provided benefits and retirement pensions, owning a few cars with gold and bonds, and being a respected member in the community equalled wealth even if you were blue collar. The latter meant you could borrow money off of your reputation, ask for favors from those closest to you and be perceived as a trustworthy person. Case in point, Mom made many friends and associates in her youth that were friends of her parents back in their country. By the time they migrated to the U.S. it was a big family reunion. Now, fast forward 40 years later and my peers and I cannot say the same for ourselves no matter how successful our parents were. That standard of life, business and employment is no longer there. Videos like this inadvertently perpetuate the notion that this is still the can do America of our relatives. Yes, we still have success stories today, but they're more like winning a lottery. Even the self-made millionaires had to admit that they have no social life and generally do not trust anyone, especially in dating. What's success if you cannot share it with others and be an actual part of a community?

  • Xander 22
    Xander 22

    um, Tierra?! *im still waiting on you to make a podcast*

  • Leea Robinson
    Leea Robinson

    I liked and subscribed for gram

  • Jack

    Girl: Thanks for all the frugal tips! Graham: Yeah! I'll tell you all about credit cards. (Let's get started!)

  • Person A
    Person A

    Can someone please tell these poor women about /r/ABraThatFits No one's boobs have to look that bad

  • Francis James Jupiter
    Francis James Jupiter

    Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

  • God

    the bald guy is complacent lol

  • MJ Stark
    MJ Stark

    Please do Crips and kkk

  • -**-

    7:09 says why he is broke!

  • BurningPirateChair

    that one guy is an absoulte unit

  • TyDreads45

    Um the black millionaire ain't put no money into her hair 🤦

  • pup

    5:28 lookin' like cardi b

  • FreaackyFreeky

    All I'm seeing is people making excuses vs people who got over that and put the work in. Well at least the 2 guys. That girl is just lucky.

  • flor


  • Artidiotmusic sama
    Artidiotmusic sama

    I saw Graham in the thumbnail and clicked.

  • Mr Flores
    Mr Flores

    Graham was right when he said it starts with the belief you can do it. If you dont believe anyone can do it, how are you supposed to wrap your own head around the possibility of your own success. Its not rich vs poor, its the settlers vs the goal oriented.

  • Dray Random
    Dray Random

    I honestly despise the rich girl

  • Grant Huang
    Grant Huang

    Ma boi graham is on middle ground

  • Kaleb H
    Kaleb H

    “My needs” I know Graham wanted to do a live millennial money at that point.


    I liked all of them except the girl in green jacket

  • good life
    good life

    2:30 gibberish it sounds like he's trying to discredit their hard work

  • Kya Kya
    Kya Kya

    bro cardi b over there kinda sus

  • Chase null
    Chase null

    Hell yea my boy Graham

  • William Crane
    William Crane

    Graham is Tom cruise

  • Valentin Dobchev
    Valentin Dobchev


  • LinzBelle

    Hairless cats are a breed she didn't have it "genetically made."

  • Adarsh Mohan
    Adarsh Mohan

    Graham squad where you at?

  • Ishmael Moby
    Ishmael Moby

    The vibe between graham and Tierra gives me hope

  • Stephen Nacua
    Stephen Nacua

    I'm confused if I think Tim is good or bad

  • fewf fwef
    fewf fwef

    Stephan Graham?!?!

  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips

    btw that 2.0 GPA dude is Graham Stephan...please subscribe to his UA-my channel and like all of his videos...mainly about real estate and financial education

  • Treasure Bey
    Treasure Bey

    graham and tierra would be a cute couple

  • Azad Alam
    Azad Alam

    12:27 yeah OK.

  • Rhoneil

    How tall is that one millionaire?!

  • Stranger2Langley

    How do you even invest?

  • Simple Finance
    Simple Finance


  • Noemi Rivas
    Noemi Rivas

    How does Tim just get paid minimum wage doing what he does??

    • Shay Money
      Shay Money

      Noemi Rivas most organizations like that run off of donations. The organizations he works for/runs probably can’t pay him more than that because their funds are going towards the cause they support.

  • keyboard warrior
    keyboard warrior

    7:03 then learn English, and start working hard

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    "Your beliefs create the level of action you take, and the level of action you take determines your results" ^^^^^THIS^^^^^^

  • KiezDaRemaker

    This was a really good video!

  • Ypres Salient
    Ypres Salient

    This was one of the most civil and understanding middle ground episodes I've seen. Everyone got along and understood each other and was open minded. Its super refreshing when I thought it would actually be really tense.

  • Ypres Salient
    Ypres Salient

    I think Tim brings up a really good point after about 5:30 about survivorship bias (look it up). I think a better way to make his case would be "everyone here who got rich worked hard" so we assume those who failed didn't work hard, but this isn't true. Just because getting rich requires working hard doesn't mean hard work will make you rich.

  • Wandile Ngcobo
    Wandile Ngcobo

    There should be a jubilee : middle ground in SA to have conversations like these and other stigmas

  • geanie b
    geanie b


  • paul gore
    paul gore

    my boi grahammmm

  • Baroody

    bald guy thinks he has it all figured out.. that mentality holds you back man

  • Jose Daniel
    Jose Daniel

    I want bitcoin not money

    • Carlos Nunez
      Carlos Nunez

      oof, bitcoin is money dude.

  • NightlyRowen Tree
    NightlyRowen Tree

    I'm an introvert so having no social life is all good lol

  • S WE
    S WE

    The black lady with the fro had such a nice voice I could listen to her for hours

    • pup


    • Kaylyn Roberts
      Kaylyn Roberts


    • Lukas Bekcic
      Lukas Bekcic

      S WE she looks like Donald Glover’s sister

  • Lucas Pastore
    Lucas Pastore

    I really respect the social worker, he provided a great perspective and had a very interesting goal for an ideal society!

  • RamoTV

    I knew the guy in the grey shirt was a communist from the first time he spoke but wow his last answer really confirmed it lol

  • Brianna Moore
    Brianna Moore

    “I bought a $4,000 hairless cat that I had genetically made.” *weird flex* but okay

    • Xander 22
      Xander 22

      Brianna Moore howd she get it genetically made

  • Harshit Choudhary
    Harshit Choudhary

    Who the hell is crying at 8:20

  • Tyler Billions
    Tyler Billions

    When Graham said "Chase" at 10:51 I thought he was going to follow it with "Sapphire Reserve" 😂

    • Brandon Garcia
      Brandon Garcia

      lmfao same

  • Lexus Fox
    Lexus Fox

    That bald guy really irks me. He was one hand movement away from smacking the millionaires for being millionaires.

    • Debbie Speare
      Debbie Speare


    • helloyou A
      helloyou A

      but he wasnt...

  • Young Suit
    Young Suit

    A lot of these are grey area but I definitely disagree with "anyone can become rich" for the "anyone" aspect. There are kids who clearly grow up in far too fucked up environments to get out.

    • Carlos Nunez
      Carlos Nunez

      @Young Suit That would be indicative to what line? THEIR poverty line in a rural area (which if you have a succesful business even in a small area, you should be earning money)? Or the poverty line for someone in say Seattle? In these rural areas there STILL is money, this is why these areas have business like McD's, Walmarts, Dollar Trees, Insurance places, police, etc. All these towns still have money flowing into it, it just takes someone to think of how to get some of that flowing money into their pocket.

    • Young Suit
      Young Suit

      @Carlos Nunez i do agree they can be richER than they already are but they might still end up well below the poverty line

    • Carlos Nunez
      Carlos Nunez

      ​ Young Suit Yeah, but the mental shift still would need to be done even for people in those rural areas, without that, you'de be stuck. People in these rural areas dont need to be "millionaires" but they can be "thousandaires" or financially better if they thought about what kind of money making could work for the area they are in.

    • Young Suit
      Young Suit

      @Carlos Nunez the examples you give are for people who have access to probably some forms of education and a job in the first place. I'm referencing more people who grew up either in rural areas with little access or kids who were orphaned or in very poor parenting. I would like to believe otherwise but even getting a min wage job is a miracle for a lot of these people.

    • Carlos Nunez
      Carlos Nunez

      Its a mental thing. Anyone can get rich (or be financially better) if they switch their mindset. People FEAR (even these millionaires) going broke. The difference between a rich person and person with a J.O.B. (being "just over broke") is getting passed that fear when you start. While you have a JOB you should learn how money is made so when you're ready to move forward, you atleast have a game-plan. Many people with JOBS buy liabilities (car that is out of their budget, nice apartment, big tvs, playstations and xbox's, etc.) and other things are out of their budget for immediate satisfaction that either makes them go broke or go more in debt. Instead of buying liabilities, why not use this money for investments like stocks, foreclosed houses, a beat up hotdog stand to use on the weekends at a baseball game? yes these aren't "fun" and dont give "immediate gratification" but after 2-3 years of pushing WHILE having a JOB, I guarantee you'de have WAY more money to buy better quality investments while still having enough to buy those liabilities, but that point they aren't liabilities cuz you're paying with the extra money you made. There will ALWAYS be the next new fancy thing to buy later, but your time on this earth can't be bought back, why waste it for minimum wage 40hrs+ a week?

  • Emma Forster
    Emma Forster

    this white male is acting as if he grew up underprivileged because his parents were living “paycheck to paycheck” aka they were a part of working class America. the fact is that he had access to health care, hygiene, parents that taught him how to behave and conduct himself politely, and in an english-speaking home with enough money to keep him off of the streets and in a house that i’m betting was worth at least $200,000. not caring enough to try in high school so you get a 2.0 GPA and can’t get into college so you “give up your social life” and skip frat parties to become a real estate agent does not make you underprivileged. the fact is that he grew up white, male, and most likely what we would call lower middle class. that’s all, thank you for coming to my ted talk.

    • Carlos Nunez
      Carlos Nunez

      there was literally a black chick who became a millionaire right next to him... the owner of my former employer was an Asian guy fresh off the China boat who lived in his car with his wife and child and decided to make a hotdog stand on a beach and ended up now owning a giant multimillion dollar advertising firm. Sorry but stop blaming other people and their risk-rewards and consider that maybe you're spending the time blaming others vs asking "how did you do it?". You'de be surprised how many business owners are willing to talk about their experience to people.

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S

    Me:*sees grahm**clicks*

  • Carter Jernagin
    Carter Jernagin

    One thing "Shoes"

  • Its Toxic_Light
    Its Toxic_Light

    The bald guy is a comy

  • Beau Humphreys
    Beau Humphreys

    Tim’s not talking to any billionaires

  • Beau Humphreys
    Beau Humphreys

    Tim’s not talking to any billionaires

  • Galvanized Gamer
    Galvanized Gamer

    Anyone can become rich, not everyone will be rich

  • firestorm8chaos

    Hmmm. Everyone was insightful except for Tim. He just reminds me of a college educated person who has educated himself into imbecility. I can understand why he is still earning a minimum wage. I think there is hope for the other two girls who are minimum wage, their mindset seems like it could change to help them succeed.

  • Regina Acuna
    Regina Acuna

    It's just luck of the draw.

  • Long Ranger
    Long Ranger

    This, in my opinion, was your best yet!

  • Jim Gagne
    Jim Gagne

    The guy with no hair was the perfect example of someone that hates someone that has money even if they earned it. and not one of these whinny broke people said I want to learn from you. And the cute black chic even said she had helped some of her loser boyfriends become successful. I'm poor and never had any money or success but I don't hate or envy people that do. I'm just not smart enough to make it, but I am smart enough to relies that not all the baby turtles make it to the ocean.