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Mike Tyson Most Savage Moments!!!
Thanks Guys We Finally Reached 100,000 subscribers. I love you guys so much and appreciate the support. This video took a long time to make so I hope you guys enjoy this video like and comment down below.

  • Pedrito Pagan
    Pedrito Pagan

    nobody noticed at 7:36 that it says 1,000,000 subscribers, lol u wish

    • Jeff carpenter
      Jeff carpenter

      lol yea it said 1000,000

    • Ayoub Morjane
      Ayoub Morjane

      @Tamisha Sank he have is big mouth

    • Tamisha Sank
      Tamisha Sank

      Yea but he’s got a couple million views though. What do you have?

    • nick sainsbury
      nick sainsbury

      Pedrito Pagan that’s because the clip is stolen from someone who did have 1,000,000 subscribers and they probably stole it from sky or whoever owned the rights at the time.

  • rgod reaper
    rgod reaper

    This was real boxing

  • meka Holt
    meka Holt

    I give any guy credit that can take a punch from Mike tyson

  • B N
    B N

    1:09 WTF!!!

  • ابوراس aboras
    ابوراس aboras

    قتال العمالقة

  • Darry Collins
    Darry Collins

    Boxers get paid too much money let's focus on St Jude's children hospital

  • Alfred Maracaj
    Alfred Maracaj

    His upper cuts were deadly, could bring down a government

  • Abdurrhman Aduli
    Abdurrhman Aduli

    I remember going to a sport bar to watch his fights while waiting on the long lineup with my friends the fight was over before we got in he finished the guy in the first round,.... Crazy fighter for real.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    People don't realize he wasn't old enough to drink when he was heavy weight champ of the world that's incredible

  • Anime Rxns
    Anime Rxns

    1:08 did they just kiss on the lips???

  • David Chung
    David Chung

    Damn. Ribalta has a granite chin. Any one of those huge shots would have slept most heavyweights.

  • Ferarri Brown
    Ferarri Brown

    Will always be one the greats. Dont even come with some bs excuse other wise, cunt.

  • Mike Corleone
    Mike Corleone

    Met a lot of Tyson style fighters in my day. I'm from NNJ. In fact, had a fight with my boy Julius one night. Dude was built pretty solid, but than so was I. We dated these two girls that were best friends. One night we were walking down the park and something happened, forget, but he said " Mike, I'll fuck you up". Words exchanged and I wasn't expecting what happened next. Hard solid right to my head. It took me about an hour to whoop his ass. Our friends were trying to break us up time and time again to no avail. Finally they just went on to hanging out and doin them while we swung Bolo's at each other. We got up and walked away friends. Next day we met up and were talking and he was like "Mike fucked me up last night". I rubbed his head and he had lumps covering his whole entire head. I was like, dam. Some folks are just built like that. In this case it was me!

  • Lorenzo Juarez
    Lorenzo Juarez

    Your Lorenzo and your Richard cantu

  • Lorenzo Juarez
    Lorenzo Juarez

    Double layer of.

  • Lorenzo Juarez
    Lorenzo Juarez

    I don't give a fuck I was there when he recorded then . Even know how.

  • Lorenzo Juarez
    Lorenzo Juarez

    Malicie kjc Lord of Host..if are age don't get them . Are staminus.

  • Luis Maldonado
    Luis Maldonado

    Tyson got them iron fist 👊🏾

  • Alm1r

    imagine being on a phone with him, hearing his shrill voice and deciding to meet him and give him a lesson, i'd run so fast

  • Adriano de Jerusalém
    Adriano de Jerusalém

    Tyson, the best

  • العمليات الخاصه
    العمليات الخاصه


  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    What I would give too have10 mins inside a ring with Mike , and it wouldn't be for fighting 😍😍😍😍😍

    • Memes r us
      Memes r us

      Yo gtfo


    Tyson is EVIL..& He is deffntly goes in hell by god


      SANDEEP VAJPAYEE Why do you think he’s evil?

  • Kolta Kong
    Kolta Kong

    It really is amazing how many fighters got suckered into that hook, uppercut combination he’s so famous for. I never get bored of old Tyson clips :) best there ever was.

  • Jonathan Welters
    Jonathan Welters

    1:00 He tryin to give Tyson crazy eyes. But there be nothing but fear behind them.😳🤣

  • bruceliem

    Goddamn!! The first guy he fucked up. If anyone stares at me like that I’d fuck him up too. Dumbass motherfuckers

  • Sazmet Gundogan
    Sazmet Gundogan

    Wrong name bruh called iron mike Tyson aka Mr peekaboo

  • Robert Rendon
    Robert Rendon

    He Feared FOREMAN and that's is a FACT!!

  • Anders Bjorklund
    Anders Bjorklund

    HAHAHA you had the Urah Kai theme'

  • Rene Jørgensen
    Rene Jørgensen

    His the King ghat it 😉

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy

    The title iron MIke Tyson suits him just perfectly.

  • Heury Dos Santos
    Heury Dos Santos

    Hellhammer 💪💪💪

  • Orlando Arce
    Orlando Arce


  • Domagoj Mamić
    Domagoj Mamić

    Mikey boy is one strong motherfucker....

  • sqaudron squadron
    sqaudron squadron

    The best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kravist 518
    Kravist 518

    He would have been a monster in MMA

  • Shahlo Yuldashova
    Shahlo Yuldashova

    A legend forever MIKE👑👑👑👑♥️

  • Luis Angulo
    Luis Angulo

    Fijado por MMA TV PRODUCTIONS Pedrito Pagan Hace 2 meses nobody noticed at 7:36 that it says 1,000,000 subscribers, lol u wish


      Lol I know

  • Cyrus Josh
    Cyrus Josh


  • wazza b
    wazza b

    Best there is best there was best there ever will be.....

  • Suj

    360 no scope on Mark Young

  • blind eye surgeon
    blind eye surgeon

    The way i see it.. Mike was and still is the real life Jiren. The power and accuracy behind those punches are BEASTLY.

  • Nguyen Tuan Anh
    Nguyen Tuan Anh

    the greatest of all times, the king of world's boxing for a millenium to come.

  • Wayne Pritchard
    Wayne Pritchard

    Rethbeck 👊🏽

  • Dan R.D
    Dan R.D

    10:09 WTF that kiss ?

  • wake up
    wake up

    I'm sorry everyone. But Tyson is the Greatest Boxer, of all time. ALI was the Greatest ICONIC BOXER of all time. Tyson was ferocious. WHAT !!! Who disagrees ? If you do, watch this again.

    • yopo69

      Muhammed Ali #1 . Then tyson for me

  • Carrie Cells
    Carrie Cells

    Mike's fucking BEAST

  • Kevin Seymour
    Kevin Seymour

    All of his opponents are build like TANKS and his just making a mockery out of them. What is this man?!?

  • Vyse500

    Legend, GOAT heavyweight

  • Simon Murray
    Simon Murray

    Darn.... Ribalta had some heart.... took so many good shots and kept going...!!

  • Lar ry
    Lar ry

    You mean thavage

  • Media Dakwah
    Media Dakwah

    Mike tyson vs sukaryo

  • Gerardo Calderon
    Gerardo Calderon

    Did Mike kiss the guy in 1:10?? If he did fkn fag😂😂😂

  • Bob Scorpion
    Bob Scorpion

    The BEST!!

  • Robert Vega
    Robert Vega


  • Renee Dejulia
    Renee Dejulia

    a old god watch the ear ass

  • kerry greeley
    kerry greeley

    Mikes food looks scared!

  • ownzye -
    ownzye -

    song name 5:31?

  • C Hardin
    C Hardin

    Mike had legs that gave him power! Theses guys in boxing today got chicken legs

    • Sam Anders
      Sam Anders

      He squatted like a bodybuilder. If not boxing, Mike was made for bodybuilding.

  • Jaffer Jaffer
    Jaffer Jaffer

    Mike Tyson alias malik Abdul azeez

  • Tropoja 44
    Tropoja 44

    This moment in 1.00 min

  • service essakam
    service essakam


  • maher zain
    maher zain

    dont be so under estimate your opponent because you dont know sometimes thats gonna make you down

  • Anthony Lane
    Anthony Lane

    Yeah, I’d go against Tyson. Out of the ring with a sword.

  • محمد البياتي
    محمد البياتي


  • kate sand
    kate sand

    First thing I get attracted to is a man’s voice. This guy talks funny. I won’t be serious to go on a date 🤭🤣🤣

    • rasheed jeffries
      rasheed jeffries

      who cares

  • Azaad Saiyed
    Azaad Saiyed

    always wondered why does his trainer kiss him on the lips? like at 1.10? 😂

    • Sean Hagedorn
      Sean Hagedorn

      Azaad Saiyed because it‘s his First trainer Cuz and he raised Tyson up. He‘s a trainer and father at the same time.

  • Toto du 84
    Toto du 84

    C'était un incroyable boxeur un véritable guerrier IRONMIKE

  • DannyB

    The GOAT!!!! What a savage

  • Africa Madagascars
    Africa Madagascars

    Music 3:52???? Please

  • yusuf lee
    yusuf lee

    Tyson is a great boxer

  • roughrider ben
    roughrider ben

    lol trump plaza

  • gorefest3000

    01:08 "Now give mommy a kiss and go be a good boy." If Mike ever reads this, tell my wife and kids that I loved them.

  • Ruben Alvarado
    Ruben Alvarado

    Anyone noticed that kiss on the lips 1:09

  • No Name
    No Name

    just imagine mike tyson with a voice of deontay w. man ill piss my fucking pants

  • M4rk Kr0nst31n3r
    M4rk Kr0nst31n3r

    Mike was the best 💪

  • Evan

    Don't add that sound at 1:53 I nearly flew backwards!

  • Dimitiri Williams
    Dimitiri Williams

    Did Mikes trainer kiss him on the lips.

  • Rafael Garcia
    Rafael Garcia

    El mas GRANDE de todos los tiempos.

  • texas texas
    texas texas

    By far my favorite heavy weight

  • Urv Bhatt
    Urv Bhatt

    Anyone notice the Mordor theme in the beginning?

  • DaMarcoMuzik

    His voice was good given..a perfect marketing tool...a killing machine with a high pitched voice...I remember when I first heard him talk.. .I couldnt believe that was his voice lol ..Mike's the greatest

  • Reg Bumbray
    Reg Bumbray

    I know Don Halpin, who fought Mike in the early days of his career. He said he had never been hit that hard before until he got in the ring with Mike. Don made it to the 4th round until a nasty uppercut put him to sleep. He said he made $700.00 for the fight, of which he had to spend in the emergency room to get his forehead stitched up.

  • W.M.A.T/REZ -YUP
    W.M.A.T/REZ -YUP


  • No Name
    No Name

    4:02 this fight should never been allowed at first place

  • No Name
    No Name

    0:54 boy that stare wont help you

  • Ярослав -
    Ярослав -


  • Smarty_Pants

    He's GAY 1:08

  • The Greek Pianist
    The Greek Pianist

    2:54 His mouthguard fell out!!!

  • Aikawa Wataru
    Aikawa Wataru

    7:13 He just flew from Mike's punch, just like in some anime shit.

  • Libra Edits
    Libra Edits

    3:14 when he leaned on the ropes plus the music that was Epic af

  • Lil Kabe
    Lil Kabe

    Did he kiss him in the mouth tho??

  • cn cn
    cn cn

    0:57 background music plz

  • Alper Öz
    Alper Öz

    ❌❌❌NoFake ❌❌❌

  • Thang Tran
    Thang Tran

    7:00 ,can i get music At this

  • Adalyn Lopez
    Adalyn Lopez

    That shit is savage

  • Adalyn Lopez
    Adalyn Lopez

    Wtf did mike tyson just kiss that white guy in the lips


    This guy is not human he is a animal

  • The Boogeyman
    The Boogeyman

    My mom and I used to watch his fights on HBO when I was growing up. To this day I still think he is the best. I miss seeing matches like these.

  • Mon coeur mohammadi
    Mon coeur mohammadi