Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS
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We talked to Miss Korea 2018, Soo Min Kim, to discuss the issue of Korean beauty standards and body-shaming.
Special thanks to Soomin for sharing her story.
Stephen (Asian Boss Cofounder & Host)
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  • 조나단

    as korean it really hurts... korea is now second low obesity country , but that is not proud thing i think. that is all come from the wrong beauty standard!

  • FANBOI Kpop lover
    FANBOI Kpop lover

    Damn! korean Beauty standards are so damn high!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Han
    Paul Han

    I guess korea doesnt respect n desire phat ass while many guys around the world love it ! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Paul Han
    Paul Han

    Shes very attractive and her personality made her become the winner of miss Korea!

  • Carolina PFan
    Carolina PFan

    This the first time in ages that I didn't roll my eyes when I heard the word 'diversity'

  • Mas Rifqi
    Mas Rifqi

    60% of your body weight is water and 15% of your total body weight account for your bones (mayo clinic). Se she is 59 kg. 60% of it will be 35,4 kg water. 8,85 kg is bones. Total 43,9 kg of her absolute 75% minimum body weight omitting bodily cells dry weight. How can she weight under 50 kg? Does Koreans know nothing about Body Mass Index and just know how to cut facial bones? I am not sorry to say after their judgemental nonsensical theory they kept, they are complete dunce, worse than idiot for this kind of thing

  • Sonny Moon
    Sonny Moon

    Congratulations. You got that because you are most personable ! and Beautiful !

  • Deala Blablabla
    Deala Blablabla

    Is it normal for the interviewer to just sit and stare at her cry no comforting or nothing hmm

  • Matthew Walford
    Matthew Walford

    She seems so genuine and I'm glad she's not getting her mind corrupted by Korean beauty standards 😀 👍 She's so beautiful and anyone who says otherwise is blind to beauty 😍 ❤️ 💖

  • Aarya Puppal
    Aarya Puppal

    I wish I had atleast half the speaking skills she has😁😁

  • phannah143

    You deserved the crown. They don't. Keep being yourself and spread equality among everyone. You're the Catriona Gray in Korea 😍😍😍

  • HB Z
    HB Z

    Being Beautifull “MISSKOREA” she deserved it, smarth,beautifull, simplicity,natural, moral values, WHY is not enough?Well korean culture And styles?they prefer in looks? They go to PlAstic surgery to transform to look beautiful.?THEY ARE PLASTIC NOT QuALIFIE FOR The TITLE, my opinion only.

  • Miranda Beddy
    Miranda Beddy

    I love this woman, she is so empowering and motivating. I really love that she is who she is with pressure not effecting her💕

  • alphabear

    나는 41kg ㅋㅋㅋ

  • christina jeen
    christina jeen

    Who the hell tell her fat and ugly 😤. I believe who write that negative comment is very jealous to her because they are nothing

  • Elena Hernandez
    Elena Hernandez

    It’s so sad girls are even more pressured in this country to look beautiful and skinny. It must be socially exhausting, this standards need to be changed but sadly even those very same korean girls approve of them, reinforce them and make other follow them. Because even guys in this country doll themselves up to be approved by the masses omg.

  • Mobile Legend
    Mobile Legend

    She's ugly and fat? Whaaat!!!!!.... Those Korea beauty standard are too much... She's beautiful inside and out and no plastic surgery unlike other Korean, and she's not fat, her body is perfect and amazing

  • who im
    who im

    She fat and ugly??? So what im??? T_T

  • Buster Brown
    Buster Brown

    Any woman over 110 is chubby? MAN I set that mark at 120 and that is for myself who is 5ft 1. I constantly wish I was taller just so I could eat more and have my weight be more evenly distributed. On the other hand, me worrying about being 20 pounds overweight is nothing compared to the american standard of being super fat.

  • I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section
    I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section

    Wow, just wow.

  • Lunch Box
    Lunch Box

    she is so good looking. not only that, her demeanor and how she speaks so intellectually makers her so freaking hot. I dont know what it is, but im really attracted to her mannerisms. she speaks and stuff.

  • Gena Charmon
    Gena Charmon

    This girl is very beautiful, there's absolutely nothing wrong with her. However, there seems to be A LOT WRONG with Korea's beauty standards.

  • Roel Sol
    Roel Sol

    I think the bathroom thingy was to prevent suicide?? Like, the girls are in so much pressure maybe they think that will happen

  • drbryant23

    Great representative. She looks healthy and doesn't have that V-line, big eyes, plastic surgery face. In Tokyo, there are some very expensive Korean bars. At first, you are stunned by how beautiful the women are; but after an hour or so, you realize that 90% of them look exactly the same. It's kind of spooky.

  • Jessica Sterkel
    Jessica Sterkel

    She is beautiful. And what those people have with the weight. I mean not everybody has little bones like her. She is right. We all have to do new things😊

  • Light

    Korean is most weird ethnicity ever. They really different from other ethnicity negatively. Most Obvious trait about korean is lie. Korean are made of lie. They are born with lie. So foreigners should be very careful not to be being cheated by korean.

  • Marckiesan 14
    Marckiesan 14

    She so fking beautiful wtf! People are so stupid and blind if they call her ugly! 😡😡😡

  • Yadigar Ehmedzade
    Yadigar Ehmedzade

    She is not beautiful.She is single girl

  • Lucy is a Bae
    Lucy is a Bae

    I just feel in love with her accent omgg

  • lubna taqiyah
    lubna taqiyah

    Cantik nya 😍😍😍

  • America Moreno
    America Moreno

    She's so nice and pretty

  • robert wesley
    robert wesley

    too many Korean women look plastic anyway. what do you expect from a totally homogenous culture ?

  • Bea Badjar
    Bea Badjar

    Another thing with the bathroom, sometimes, people will make themselves throw up their food, so someone needs to make sure they don't do that. Not sure if that's what was happening there, but, it does happen in some places

  • Bea Badjar
    Bea Badjar

    Welp, I'm definitely chubby in Korea.

  • Nurul Lintang
    Nurul Lintang

    58,9 kg for 173cm is super healthy...! Why should she cried... omg, just don't ignore negative comments

  • Michel Etienne Sartre
    Michel Etienne Sartre

    Tbh, quite a lot of the korean beauty pageant candidates that represented korea when not quite at par with other countries. Korea is always at the losing end. I think this girl is much prettier than her predecessors. I dont know how korea choose its candidates, but i think they should change their beauty standards to healthier looking ones and not just look skinny.

  • Michel Etienne Sartre
    Michel Etienne Sartre

    Lol, i definitely wouldnt think of korea when it comes to natural beauty and beauty pageants..

  • muthia yade
    muthia yade

    Korean beauty standard is ridiculous af

  • Daya Mena
    Daya Mena

    OMG... This girl is 10 cm taller than me and has my weight. I'm a pig in Korea 🐖😂. In the other hand she is so pretty and smart. I can not get those standards

  • Test Monkey
    Test Monkey

    I’ve always been considered really skinny and some people have even said I was too skinny and should gain weight (even though I’m perfectly healthy) but I weigh more than what the Korean standard is, which I was really shocked by at first :/

  • Toni Bercha
    Toni Bercha

    She’s a wonderful role model! I know there are lots of little ones that are looking up to her.

  • Tiffany Taehyung Taehyung
    Tiffany Taehyung Taehyung

    4:35 to all those clowns- who’a laughing now? 😌🤡

  • azd at
    azd at

    You know how men would react when girls being shitty abt weights esp the overdramatics. 50+ kg is not fat yet gurl

  • Steven

    fat shaming? wtf?!!

  • Katrine Ann
    Katrine Ann

    Fat shaming? Here in the Philippines that weight is skinny and I envy that. I have that weight before. Wow those people are worse.

  • Jayhon Li
    Jayhon Li

    Literal breathtaking beauty in every aspect

  • Hanifa Y.
    Hanifa Y.


  • Dr Disrespect
    Dr Disrespect

    What people only see is the outside, but really they missed the inside. At some point the real character will shine through...

  • Fathmath Naufa
    Fathmath Naufa

    My brothers constantly tell me I’m fat 😫 I just know that I’m not fat, I just gained a few 💪 in my stomach and hip *cough*

  • pat concepcion
    pat concepcion

    I want a korean subtitle!!!

  • robskalas

    She's quite pretty and certainly not fat... 130 lb is quite good for her height. Smart too.

  • Hard Joke
    Hard Joke

    Shes gorgeous slim looking very good But Wheres irene from red velvet in competition at least !!!!!!!!!

  • Terang Boelan
    Terang Boelan

    I so glad im not born in korea . because beauty standar in korea so scary . pretty/handsome more importen frm money . because pretty/handsome can make money .😵😵😵😵😵😵

  • silver squad
    silver squad

    Omg i love her . Maybe she will finally change koreas insane beauty standarts nobody can follow anyway ...

  • Mariam Alhaidary
    Mariam Alhaidary

    You are beautiful the way you are ❤

  • Maisa AR
    Maisa AR

    she's so kind and educated and has a great personality and on top of that healthy and pretty .. so she definitely deserves the title


    She looks beautiful and natural so don't comment on her

  • Louise Gwyneth E. Tan 17051144
    Louise Gwyneth E. Tan 17051144

    She seems so down to earth and nice. It's so toxic how Korea views beauty and how a girl should be "skinny" to the point they are anorexic.

  • Bagas Aji Nugroho
    Bagas Aji Nugroho

    Terimakasih untuk Subtitle Indonesia nya 👍

  • DuZy

    She look absolutely healthy and great! I get that the world overall is like this but everyone can't cookie cut a perfect shape even the people promoting this made up reality. We all have feeling I would have never guessed that that it gets that direct & hurtful there. Also is it cold there a lot?

  • Dewi Lestari
    Dewi Lestari

    Standar kecantikan di korea... Putih, tinggi, langsing, muka kecil kaya barbie, mancung.. Orang yg merasa jelek adalah orang yg kurang bersyukur..

  • Phillipe Steele
    Phillipe Steele

    I can tell she is not Americanized like these white and black bitches.

  • Xentradi97

    Beautiful personality, intelligence, and voice to go with her outer beauty. It's contraversial that it was contraversial.

  • TributesAndUnique

    5’5/165 cm, 122 lbs/55kg, and a size 2. I guess I’m a fat ass in Korea.

  • Holly Carp
    Holly Carp

    What's wrong with them? Don't you like your rep? She's beautiful, strong and stable, most of all, very smaaart and mature

  • Killjoy Way
    Killjoy Way

    I don't understand her being the most "controversial" when she's so beautiful! She has a fine weight, and she is by far deserving of her title. "Wow, this crown is so heavy" are the words of someone who deserves it.

  • M A R Y
    M A R Y

    Everyone is beautiful ❤ Damn I dislike the fact of Korean beauty standards ☹ everyone feels like if they dont look a certain way, they'r not pretty...kinda sad and I do feel bad. Honestly, compared to how these females see themselves and me, I just feel alot yk...better cuz i can live my own life without thinking "oh shes prettier than me...i dont like how my body is" at times I do feel fat but...oh well? I always didnt mind much how others saw my body, and even when that's happened people have complimented me and it's just nice because you can live your life by just being comfortable and confident. I dont wanna put anyone down, and I know how this is serious matters towards Korea but yeah. Let people do what they think they should in order to be so to say...happy(not saying that they arent happy, but in THEIR point of view)

  • Jep Pastorfide
    Jep Pastorfide

    Ay pota may laban 'to, ang galing niya magsalita and very spontaneous! Ang MISS U hindi lang sa katawan tinitignan, kundi sa utak! Siguro konting confidence lang at tapang from her..

  • Acacia14 Games
    Acacia14 Games

    she has such a soothing voice wow

  • Crowbar

    24 years old? She seems so much more mature, I don't mean that negatively at all. I'm one year older and feel like a child compared to her.

  • Dita Indah S.
    Dita Indah S.

    Idk why I'm kinda happy finding out Koreans speak english fluently..

  • Smile :)
    Smile :)

    They all look the same

  • Lady Ruth Capinpin
    Lady Ruth Capinpin

    I thought ph's beauty pageants were crazy but nah we're alright. This is crazy!! She won because she looks real! Actually she's prettier than most celebrities in Korea

  • Angel Kim99
    Angel Kim99

    I bet that some of those Koreans who are criticizing her is more than 50kg

  • Anthony Joshua Tolentino
    Anthony Joshua Tolentino

    Earth is not safe anymore.

  • tonee zaide
    tonee zaide

    is Miss Universe 2019 will be held in Korea this year in December 2019?

  • Chantal Gabriela
    Chantal Gabriela

    She’s such a beautiful person inside and out :(( she rlly has the purest soul

  • T R
    T R

    This comment will summarize everything for you. What is one of the first things you think of when you hear South Korea? Yes. Plastic surgery among others. The reason she is being criticized is because she is not 'plasticky' enough. Thus in many Korean eyes she is not representative of the motherland and their cosmetic surgery business. *sarcasm*

  • Red 02
    Red 02

    is she going to compete in Miss Universe?

  • Julia Charlize Santos
    Julia Charlize Santos

    1:48 you hear me screaming?

  • Aola Supong
    Aola Supong

    She is too natural..... she deserves the crown...

  • Chee Rong Choo
    Chee Rong Choo

    She win my heart. Now that's what I call smart beauty.

  • baby jane omabay
    baby jane omabay

    She's 5'8 feet and 50 kg but koreans says she is fat while me 4'11 feet and 50 kg what the heck.

  • Vance Obispo
    Vance Obispo

    She is sooo beautiful. Inside AND out!

  • bluemaki1

    "She's not pretty enough to represent Korea" - duhh! she is NATURALLY beautiful, you can see that! No plastic! "And she's too fat to be Miss Korea" Now fat people like me got offended, "she is fat?!"

  • Cappu B
    Cappu B

    damn she’s like this and koreans said she’s not pretty enough? EXCUSE ME IF ONLY I COULD LIVE WITH HER FACE FOR 1 DAY

  • Zanyah Kaiser
    Zanyah Kaiser

    She is like the most prettiest girl I've ever seen 😍 She is also SO down to earth too

  • Melvin Shields
    Melvin Shields

    She looks good to me.

  • Nana oville
    Nana oville

    Dude her body is already perfect and they're still fat shaming her? What did they expect to represent them a walking stick?!


    I THINK SHE'S REALLY PRETTY AND SHE'S NOT FAT! Come on! She deserves to win because she's true to her self! THIS WORLD DON'T NEED A "47-48Kg." with insecurities!


    She's sweet =)

  • Nandini

    Korean beauty standards: we need 0 size stick figure mannequins Me: GO search for mattel barbie dolls and stop harassing the poor girls with unrealistic, unhealthy body expectations!! They are actual humans with actual feelings and not PLASTIC BARBIE DOLLS!!

  • zee scorpio
    zee scorpio

    Really love this spontaneous, transparent and real person of Miss Korea 2018😍💕 I felt really bad how it would be so torturing and scrutinizing SK so called standard of beauty😩😞

  • Uno Astro
    Uno Astro

    It will be interesting to see how this beauty standard would affect Kpop artists, like Blackpink who are trying to get into the US market. Will the girls be criticized for being too skinny?

  • hanbin kim
    hanbin kim

    is that what u call fat?? bijj what am i then?

  • Bianca Jam
    Bianca Jam

    I’m 5’4” and 110 pounds looking like a walking stick💀

  • iKON.Flying Mansae !!
    iKON.Flying Mansae !!

    Despite of her intelligent and all, maybe they chose her because of her look and body. I am not saying that she is ugly or fat. She is really pretty and has a great body portion. Maybe they want to set a new beauty standard. I means, girls dont have to be too skinny to be defined as a pretty girl. Having weight close to 60kg or more can also be known as pretty. Pretty is subjective. Please dont judge people based on their look. When you do that, you are actually the ugly person who is jealous of a beauty. Cmon, this thing stress out people really bad

  • Dora Tung
    Dora Tung

    She is truly beautiful inside and out

  • Ba Be
    Ba Be

    She is so beautiful. She looks like a princess from the shilla era.

  • Ba Be
    Ba Be

    She is so beautiful. She looks like a princess from the shilla era.