Marvel Theory: This Is Why Doctor Strange Gave Thanos The Time Stone In Infinity War
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There's a very particular reason why Doctor Strange gave Thanos the Time Stone, and we think we have it figured out! Subscribe to our channel:
Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is just around the corner and it seems that the theories surrounding what may happen in the mysterious movie have been growing exponentially. One such theory dives into why Dr. Strange really gave up the Time Stone when he swore to Tony and Peter that he’d put the Stone above their well being. As we know, Strange looked into over 14 million futures and saw one victorious outcome. But in order to have that future play out, he essentially had to move some people around like pieces on a chess board. One of those pieces was keeping Tony alive as he’s the only genius on the planet who could help the Avengers out with what comes next. What is that you may be wondering? Well, it all comes back to the most unlikely hero: Scott Lang’s Ant-Man. Being able to access the Quantum Realm, Ant-Man will prove invaluable in the upcoming film. What’s more, is that there is the possibility of time travel in the Quantum Realm. But these vortexes may not be so easy to navigate, meaning that Scott may end up bouncing around time, perhaps setting in motions events that have already come to pass. It’s an interesting theory but it all comes back to Scott and his ability to get into the Quantum Realm and finding a way to bring the Avengers with him. Perhaps this is how the Avengers will revisit classic scenes and characters in the upcoming film that is rumoured to be three hours long.
Script by Sean Gallagher
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  • Төгөлдөр Энхтөр
    Төгөлдөр Энхтөр

    Before I even watch the video or read the comments, I'm just going to answer the title of this video by saying: Even with Thanos having all 6 infinity stones, he would be no match for when Ant-Man crawls up his ass and grows into a 65 feet dildo.

  • 1819 P6A 29 MOK KIU HIM
    1819 P6A 29 MOK KIU HIM

    Maybe they are bring back the kree to fool thanos

  • Gregori Athanasiou
    Gregori Athanasiou

    Holy sh*t I now understood that doctor strange saw all the possible solution and they won in only 1 which antman gets in there so antman will help to win also how many pop corn will be needed to see this movie?

  • P R
    P R

    He obviously did it because that was the one way he saw them winning

  • Fantom_toxic 78
    Fantom_toxic 78

    Maybe the mom of the wasp is the key she. Stayed there a long time and aquired spécial capacities

  • Kavita Malgi
    Kavita Malgi

    shaktiman will save the MCU.

  • Bīng Chan
    Bīng Chan

    This is why: When dr. Strange was made when he battled, he saw Tony/Iron man. They became friends and they battled through the end and thanos came they accepted to battle and when iron man got stabbed his *friend* Dr. Strange gave the time stone to thanos in order to save Tony's life.

  • Sceptic Scythe
    Sceptic Scythe

    He saw the only way to win. So he did what he had to do to get that ending. It’s not that complicated. It’s really not hard to understand why he did what he did.

  • Truvak T
    Truvak T

    I think the answer lies at the many possibilities of the quantum states for ant man, at a quantum state he can and could be at the same time here as somewhere else as much as sometime else and here all at the same time.

  • Stephanie Berry
    Stephanie Berry

    Dr. Strange is a brilliant superhero, he knows what he's doing

  • raven sharpless
    raven sharpless

    Antman is going to crawl into Thanos's Butt and then grow in size 100%

  • Carson Unknown
    Carson Unknown

    Or antman can just climb up his butt and expand

  • Carson Unknown
    Carson Unknown

    What if they then faced him with his destroyed gauntlet and win, take it off, and if they help the dwarf like when they made the StormBreaker and then captain marvel puts the new gauntlet on and then reverses back to when everyone wasn't dead


    Dr.strange Did it because he had a vision that Iron man lived and he knew if that would happen he would have to give him the infinity stone.

  • HexGamez

    Real real reason why is Ant man goes in thanos's ass and grow's in his ass

  • Briaxeen

    *_He did that so ant-man can go into his asshole_*

  • isaac lua
    isaac lua

    I think that the one outcome that was gonna happen when they won and the reason he gave up the time stone was bc in order for them to win he had to do that and that was probably the outcome he was imagining

  • Mosiah Thompson
    Mosiah Thompson

    I too think the only win he saw was tony defeating or being a very important role in it

  • Marcy Shaffer
    Marcy Shaffer

    This flipping movie is gunna be the best but I bet you 100 bucks that this won’t happen

  • Conor Molloy
    Conor Molloy


  • Raul Bura
    Raul Bura

    After seeing captain marvel I came to the conclusion that thanos stands no chance

  • Silly Little Thot
    Silly Little Thot

    If Antman really crawls up inside Thanos in this movie I'm gonna yell the N-word in the middle of the movie.


    Y’all playing Janet is captain marvel 🤫🤭🤣

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams

    Dr. Strange looked into the future and saw Captain Marvel being introduced into the mix. She is the chess piece Strange needed to defeat Thanos

  • purplemonkeysmk

    but even after Aetry Lost His Hands he was still able to forge the axe though and help even though he took his hands he did not take his brain he has the knowledge of forging in his mind


    Is there the raisin stone?

  • Writabrata Sarkar
    Writabrata Sarkar

    why dr strange gave the infinity stone? youtubers and fans... blah blah blah Stan Lee (from titan 2)... Am I a joke to u?!!!!!


    Call goku

  • Vince Fernan Jose
    Vince Fernan Jose

    Aeeeyo? 👇

  • Manis Man
    Manis Man

    Why not recruit zohan and hancock?

  • Sean camaya
    Sean camaya

    Your theory is perfect

  • Thebroken- Peanut
    Thebroken- Peanut

    What if sitama in one punch man is in Endgame . What happen to Thanos

  • Entertainment Infinity
    Entertainment Infinity

    Ok. This was obvious.

  • Carl Playz PH
    Carl Playz PH

    Wait whats the profuse of captain marvel in marvel??? I thought she'll be helping ???

  • Hans Noe Silva Mina
    Hans Noe Silva Mina

    If Scott will have to pass through time or go back to the past, then QUICKSILVER will still be alive. I think its kind of cool seeing Quicksilver helping to stop thanos.

  • _ MlgSly
    _ MlgSly

    all i really care about is brie larson

  • VisionN Gaming YT
    VisionN Gaming YT

    what about captain marvel

  • Sugantham S
    Sugantham S

    I want to see strange in the endgame .. will he appear . Pls he is the favourite character of mine in the entire MCU 💚💚💚💚

  • Sugantham S
    Sugantham S

    Why DC failed? Marvel waited a decade and produced over 20+ films to come to a culmination of superhero movie The avengers . But what did DC do . Dey did only 2 superhero movie and gave justice league and t terribly failed.. 😣😣😣😣

  • Evi Fernandez
    Evi Fernandez


  • Marxcuz R.
    Marxcuz R.

    no avenger has to die if disney didn't buy marvel.

  • KinGG Dallasss
    KinGG Dallasss

    Exactly, they topped 1, they failed in infinity war, so there's a chance for the heroes in endgame.

  • fais the vlogger
    fais the vlogger

    similar to the quantumn realm, Dr. strange's mirror dimension also doesnt apply to the laws of time and space. what are the chances the mirror dimension has been used in A3 before the Dr gave up the stone?

  • necaxa142

    All this could have been avoided if Thor went for the head lol

  • Zawma Ralte
    Zawma Ralte

    Great Scott!!

  • Ricktherage 27
    Ricktherage 27

    Thanos:you should have gone for the ass Antman:nooooooo * Thanos kills the avengers *

  • Gaming With Prince
    Gaming With Prince

    My Sister: The Captain Marvel Movie Was Cool Me: You don’t have to rub it in that Avengers Endgame is getting me nervous Btw I’m a small channel trying to go

  • Jc L 2000
    Jc L 2000

    what if Antman entered Thanos's ass

  • Extrateresticals

    All these theory's are false

  • lite site
    lite site

    I was thinking that time travel was the key

  • Gigflakes Dog
    Gigflakes Dog

    I like how no one in comments talks about captain marvel

  • Jimmy Kakavitsas
    Jimmy Kakavitsas

    Antman and the wasp film box office sales are 622.7 million

  • Jimmy Kakavitsas
    Jimmy Kakavitsas

    Antman film box office sales are 519.3 million

  • Joakim Eriksen
    Joakim Eriksen

    In Netflix ther are a film named "The Next Anegers". In that movie we can see that Tony Stark is old. Wich means that it is in the future. In the movie we see that Ultron is in control and maybe Ultron comes back and eliminates Thanos. In "Avengers age of Ultron" we can see that Ultron is VERY strong and almost unstoppable. It is a chance. Who knows??

    • Joakim Eriksen
      Joakim Eriksen


  • crispin owuor
    crispin owuor

    no one reads comics anymore? its all there lol

  • Joy Yang
    Joy Yang

    i hope they celebrate by eating at shawarma

  • sonntagskindlein

    Strange, not Shtrange.

  • Lal Song
    Lal Song

    I suggest some more supper Hero to joint them in Avangers End Game, Like:- Shaktimaan,Hancock,Batman and The transformer (Optimus Prime). wow......... !

  • Juany Lago
    Juany Lago

    So you don’t waste 11 minutes of your time basically flashpoint is going to happen in marvel

  • Saurabh Khanna
    Saurabh Khanna

    Dr Strange Willingly gave the time stone to Thanos, becouse he just before giving the time stone to thanos has seen all the 14000605 outcomes & 1 outcome was victorious moment for Avengers. Dr, Strange find that for that particular outcome to happen in future time stone must be handed over to Thanos in Present without which Thanos couldn't be stopped having been more Powerful than Avengers together. Now in End game surprise will open that what Dr. Strange does see in future for that victorious moment to happen for which he willingly gave Time stone to Thanos. Thanks Guys

  • Olivia

    I was wondering why nobody else seemed to notice that Dr. Strange said there was only 1 outcome that they could be victorious so I'm sure what Strange did with the stone there was a meaning behind it.

  • Vannakam Tamizha
    Vannakam Tamizha

    So wat about captain marvel then??

  • Kristiadi Hartanto
    Kristiadi Hartanto

    Theory about a movie..

  • Jeannie Oquendo
    Jeannie Oquendo

    The moment I saw that teaser in Ant-Man I had the same theory that you guys just showed me. Of course everyone thought that I was insane, and no one could grasp the quantum realm theory, however, those individuals were quickly confirmed as idiots. I Love The Ant Man movies! and I believe they paved the way to the humour that we are now seeing in the Current Marvel movies and That humour has made the movies more appealing to the masses. And humanized our heroes. Everyone wants our heroes to be relatable to a certain degree at least! keep up the good work!

  • Ben Elliott
    Ben Elliott

    Over the first 5 minutes of this video you've just repeated stuff thats been online for the last year. Trash content

  • Cough Drop
    Cough Drop

    imagine altron can beat thanos that would pretty sick lol

  • IanMark Buenaflor
    IanMark Buenaflor

    Uhh Do u Think Guys Dr. Strange Have a Relation Againts Antman?

  • Fakevoy

    We never know, maybe antman can save them all

  • Oooh_Aaah JP
    Oooh_Aaah JP

    Utter bollocks. He took The dwarfs hands but the mould for the Gauntlet was clearly shown (Rocket spots it) in Infinity war. So it can be rebuilt. Perhaps think before making your next video


    Yeah I think Thor is getting his old as well as New hammer doupblethunderstorm

  • Mona Bansal
    Mona Bansal

    Just ask saitama to punch thanos ... Problem solved

  • Breght Music
    Breght Music

    I wont be surprised when Stan Lee appears in 2050...will be waiting!

    • R&G Gaming
      R&G Gaming

      Kymberlea Carlyon r/woooosh

    • Kymberlea Carlyon
      Kymberlea Carlyon

      uhhh Stan Lee is dead....

  • Bam5000000

    Strange sacrificed the stone so Iron man could help Ant man build fancy suits for the trailer or go back in time or something. There saved you 11 minutes.

  • Hong Quan Nguyen
    Hong Quan Nguyen

    We need ant-man to expand in thanos' ass

  • Anmol Garg
    Anmol Garg

    WtF about captain marvel!

  • Haan Animations
    Haan Animations


  • chewyTV

    Fail and ambitious use of 'endgame' in chess. Your idea is flawed as you're using the term and its meaning incorrectly. Laughable attempt of trying to sound smart.

  • Vito Javier Leo
    Vito Javier Leo

    My reasons: He say that only one way, to give the time stone. Cause it is the only way to beat Thanos. And saving Iron Man. So yeah, Doctor Strange has watched Avengers: End Game already. So no spoilers please.

  • Narcisse Yvancy
    Narcisse Yvancy

    I like when thanos talking

  • HaloNeInTheDark27

    Oh, so this was the reason... And here i was thinking it was just to make few more movies

  • Fortnite BMTS
    Fortnite BMTS


  • Mason Endriga
    Mason Endriga

    Plot twist: He gave him a lucky charm

  • Souvik Dutta
    Souvik Dutta

    Hahahaha as if CAPTAIN MARVEL is there for sipping coffee

    • Cyanide

      She kinda is tbh

  • Souvik Dutta
    Souvik Dutta

    You love Ant man or hate Captain Marvel?

  • Gaming For A Day
    Gaming For A Day

    He gave it to thanos because if he doesn't gave it to thanos, thanos will kill him

  • Brandon Allman
    Brandon Allman

    Something must have occurred while the snap happened and Antman was in the quantum realm. He may have saw something?

  • Itz Mitzi
    Itz Mitzi

    Omg thanos and the avengers they would be invisible

  • Shrivas Edupuganti
    Shrivas Edupuganti

    How about Ant-Man goes to Soul stone and save the people who died

  • Lien Amelia
    Lien Amelia

    if its true then its tooo too toooo epic!!

  • Cyrix Team
    Cyrix Team


  • Licius pro guy cookie man Im a pro
    Licius pro guy cookie man Im a pro

    Remember doctor strange can't die in the movie doctor strange

  • mkkhusairi Khusairi
    mkkhusairi Khusairi

    Hahahahaha....interesting theory. But I think you forgot a part when Thanos said he want to kill a half world population because of Iron Man. After that, Dr. Strange offer the purple stone to Thanos. If not because of Iron Man, Thanos will kill all the world population. In the End Game, the Avengers will try to steal philosopher stone and try to reverse all of that to happen and back to normal. Lastly kill Thanos after he lost that stones, he became weak. End of story, Marvel dont have anything to offer to you guys anymore. heheheheh....

  • Jay Kalinka
    Jay Kalinka

    sounds awesome and interesting BUT: are those marvel movies actually famous for having genius plots like that in the past or are we all that naive?

  • Wadehek Uryouserious
    Wadehek Uryouserious

    Reviving the ultron and teamup with collector

  • THUGs23 Xd
    THUGs23 Xd

    Can Quill come back?

  • J D
    J D

    Awesome 👍

  • Carrick Lie
    Carrick Lie

    May i give 1 theory? Doctor Strange : Spare His Life I think that when doctor strange see the future, Tony Stark is the key of winning when fighting thanos and trust that tony stark can survive. Steve Rogers is the c captain, but Tony Stark Is the MASTERMIND and the Savior. Like the first Avenger Movie that Tony Stark Blast Chitauri army. And Thanos say to Tony Stark : "You Are Not The Only One Cursed By Knowledge" is it? Idk

    • Querth Rafael Sales
      Querth Rafael Sales

      maybe yes?

  • Muhammad Iqmal
    Muhammad Iqmal

    So Quicksilver will return too?

  • Nash Bechwa
    Nash Bechwa

    would it be cool if venom is in end game

  • Hamza Mujezin
    Hamza Mujezin

    Awesome theory