Making Valentines that work EVERY TIME! - Ten Minute Power Hour
Well, that's messy.
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Dir/shot by Tucker ►
Edited by Matt Watson/Tucker ►
Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►
Music from Stevia Sphere ►
Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
#gamegrumps #powerhour #valentinesday

  • Nota Word
    Nota Word

    Why do I keep getting ads for cannabis stock?

  • The Cousinerds
    The Cousinerds

    1:18 the sudden realization of what he was doing with his face...

  • naomineedstosleep


  • duo lingo
    duo lingo

    I'm not joking, I laughed do hard that I choked on the pretzel that I was eating and my mom had to do the hiemlic u guys😂

  • Bekah Ehart
    Bekah Ehart

    How high was Arin?...

  • SeventyTwoCats AndMaybeDogs
    SeventyTwoCats AndMaybeDogs

    Dan birthing whilst screaming from fluff gets me every tiem

  • Bobby Joe
    Bobby Joe

    Brent seems genuinely upset.

  • Achilles of Astora
    Achilles of Astora


  • blu birb
    blu birb

    Red is the colour of love, black is the colour of my heart ~Arin 2019

  • DanCraft

    That ending though.

  • Armlezz Tispe
    Armlezz Tispe

    By watching game grumps without earbuds my mom had found she loves them and is watching them on her own

    • Armlezz Tispe
      Armlezz Tispe

      She won't stop laughing at corn-cution, I love her.

  • daniisaurushax

    I feel bad about arins shirt :(

  • ana maria alexe
    ana maria alexe

    12:27 that. that is the single most disturbing thing i have ever seen

  • Abdullah Almousalli
    Abdullah Almousalli

    It’s supposed to be a anallegory

  • Nareth Erakian
    Nareth Erakian

    11:05 This... reminds me of a certain day in September... in one certain year... ">_>

  • thenightband

    Congratulations to every girl named ashley who can listen and pretend.

  • smileyboy2021

    now that we got the valentine cards out of the way, we can start on that $30 shared romantic valentine dinner =D

  • Monica DeFinney
    Monica DeFinney

    6:08 dan: that's enough glue *slams card down on arin's card*

  • Ryan Beach
    Ryan Beach

    I've never laughed so hard in my goddamn life

  • TheDeadCobra

    Sins when does Danny has a girlfriend especially he wants to be gay with Arin So much money wasted and they are not even trying The dabbing shirt needs to be burned

  • Fabulous Pale Potato
    Fabulous Pale Potato

    9:54 If spiderman had aids.

  • Ryan Moulder
    Ryan Moulder

    The CEO of Elmer's is a guy but the CFO is a woman

  • Lizzie and Kirk
    Lizzie and Kirk

    Brent is the patient dad that's being supportive of his toddlers' art projects because he knows one day they're going to become amazing artists.

  • xXx Wazzupy xXx
    xXx Wazzupy xXx

    Whoever cleans the power our room after episodes needs a hug.

  • Mr12Relic

    12:29 a babu sheep

  • Scout 9301
    Scout 9301

    Is it just me or was everyone else's first instinct when arin closed his heart was to take a bite out of it?

  • This_Old_ Ruby_Rider
    This_Old_ Ruby_Rider

    is arin just on something sometimes?

  • RoastedDolphin

    yall should make nut hats as merch

  • MrTacco

    I love Arin's shirt. Anyone know where you can buy this / something similar?

  • Holden White
    Holden White


  • Brett Beasley
    Brett Beasley

    I specifically come back to this video over and over again for 1:39 I just can’t 😂

  • Cody The Hunter
    Cody The Hunter

    Jeez, I remember snorting fun dip at school. Fun times. Some day I'll snort pixy stix.

  • MoonWalker

    11:06 Twin Towers, anyone?

  • sea anemily
    sea anemily

    Brent, the man, the legend, Supermega's punching bag.

  • Supergoat J
    Supergoat J

    I enjoy Brent

  • dimensionalMystery

    "what were you gonna say" "...fursona"

  • Pikachord

    Dan saying 'Ashley, you are my everything' is literally all I needed to keep me going today

  • Lucille

    they love the 10 minute power hour so muh becwuse they can make a giant mess and not care

  • Lucille

    4:10 me too

  • Lucille

    Dan: "You finally caught onto my secret plan, to create hats and boats... Forever!" Arin: "NOOOOO!" Oh god i almost choked i couldnt stop laughing

  • David Fox
    David Fox

    I love Dashley

  • River Draws Stuff
    River Draws Stuff

    Seems like a weird power dynamic if Arin is the boss and then Brent is his manager.

  • Clarice Ramos
    Clarice Ramos

    At 7:17 you can see Dan contemplating and then two seconds later, deciding.

  • Sam Chilton
    Sam Chilton

    Can't spell Caring without Arin. Nor Giant Dong without Dan

  • That One Pseudotwin
    That One Pseudotwin

    9:08 its a heart...shape

  • Stefan Langer
    Stefan Langer

    woah Dan has a gf now

  • Truebornseeker

    Are we not going to talk about Arin being adorable and being a little baby boy? No? Okay....

  • Yang Xiao Long
    Yang Xiao Long

    Big oooooof! 🤣

  • Sweets & S'more Studios
    Sweets & S'more Studios

    I wonder if i was drunk or high if id act like this. I feel like i would... i think they just had to much air but still..

  • ashleyofoz

    I didn't know I was dating Dan, what? 😂

  • Jameson

    wait who’s the girl with the red hairs name? i never remember her being introduced! but literally her eating the heart corn cushions when they told the grumps to not eat them is a mood

  • Inks Hermit
    Inks Hermit

    Bleeding Hearts day is the only day you can really feel unwanted like every birthday your parents never call cause they put you up for adoption.

  • rosstedfordkendall

    "Their CEO is a cow! ... I really hope it's not a lady."

  • bleach kun
    bleach kun

    Arin is a communist

  • Izzy Marie
    Izzy Marie

    Their just wasting food at this point

  • Nathan Mayberry
    Nathan Mayberry

    I love you guys

  • Slayer Jim
    Slayer Jim

    We finally got a Brent face reveal

  • Face Breath
    Face Breath

    thats a bigger mess than a group of twenty 6 year olds could make

  • Face Breath
    Face Breath

    Is that the Grubba voice I hear

  • Miranda Mason
    Miranda Mason

    11:08 President Bush and 9/11

  • silversalamence10

    5:50 By using a Polymerization card of course

  • J.J. Shank
    J.J. Shank

    "Do I have to touch it?"

  • tam f
    tam f

    Dan's so thoughtful. The single nerd he got for Arin is even pink- Arin's favorite color. Now THAT is attention to details. :') .."and you really hope that it stays together..." like a marriage. So many insightful moments in this episode, wow

  • Molly Kurimski
    Molly Kurimski

    What song do u guys use at the beginning of ur vids?

  • Raven

    For some reason Danny’s ‘help!’ Near the end cracks me up

  • Israela

    do you guys actually have someone that is designated to clean up after you? or do you need someone? possibly in two years? ;P

  • Darthtrice 12
    Darthtrice 12


  • Twin Rhyme
    Twin Rhyme

    omfg i hate your jokes so much, but once you start laughing, you just can't s t o p! XD

  • I’mamuffin

    1:41 instant regret

  • shellbullet37

    Oh no she was eating the corn cuschions!!!

  • Lauren Perelez
    Lauren Perelez

    Ughhh I desperately want Arin’s shirt, the details in it are amazing.

  • Chiaki Nanami
    Chiaki Nanami

    okay, this is the best one

  • Empyjo

    Brent looks like he could be CinnamonToastKen's dad

  • Space Moth
    Space Moth

    "String, string! Look I'm Spiderman! Pshhhhh!" -Arin Hanson 2019

  • Space Moth
    Space Moth

    I love how Dan's card for Ashley is like something a child would make for their crush. It's so cute.

  • Samara Tuilewa
    Samara Tuilewa

    I'm thinking that the card was actually quite cute then they ruined it hard lol

  • Colin Warren
    Colin Warren

    Haha boat I'm 12

  • Wand ItUp
    Wand ItUp

    Have Dan and arin leave the room. And then have a thief come in to clear the table.

  • Noodel Dubstep
    Noodel Dubstep

    Why does this feel awkward

  • Katie Whittier
    Katie Whittier

    What did Ashley think of the valentine, Dan?

  • DemiiDoodle

    Their manager reminds me of Garrett Watts, just the way he acts and moves 🤭

  • CosmicCake

    Pixe stix can get you high if you snort them. Not from personal experience it was a friend of mine who we pushed to the table and she ended up snorting it....👌?

  • OzzerJ 90
    OzzerJ 90

    game chumps

  • Gabby Tbh
    Gabby Tbh

    IM SPIDER-MAN!!!!!1!1!!! except mine are bloody...

  • Wolsk

    11:09 Okay but seriously, who cleans everything?

  • Jordzyi1

    I hate Valentine’s Day so much

  • Sorren Redpelt
    Sorren Redpelt

    How do I always stumble on the Grump videos where they mention furries?

  • LucidView

    This is like a silly version of the Eric Andre show 😂

  • MissPopuri

    Yeah, if Ashley got that Valentine, I would hope she has a great sense of humor. On second thought, I would think Roses and chocolates and a love poem would have been a better alternative.

  • Foreskin Fred
    Foreskin Fred

    Dan and Arin have a more effective cult of personality than any 20th century dictator

  • Quinn Allen
    Quinn Allen

    I love Arin's shirt!

  • Frizz Productions
    Frizz Productions

    11:07 Footage of 9-11

  • Advanced_Sand

    I've started laughing more genuinely after watching more GG.

  • AquaticWolfKuri

    Elmer's glue is kindly a none animal glue. so even vegans can use it ^^

  • Logans Lucky Cluckers
    Logans Lucky Cluckers


  • TheSarahkitten42

    The best thing I got for Valentine's Day Was the chance to Profess my (Romantic) Love to my dear friend For those wondering, my dear friend is now my beloved boyfriend 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💟💟💟💟💟💟💟🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Cilantro Man
    Cilantro Man

    Dan: Ashley, you are my everything Card: *WIFNRYWYQJFBCJFU*

  • ManEatingPotatoe

    "I'm sorry I didn't realize you hated democracy".

  • Haku X Chihiro
    Haku X Chihiro

    7:20 Danny is me with pixie stix honestly

  • Dave! Yognau(gh)t
    Dave! Yognau(gh)t

    12:27 hot