Making Valentines that work EVERY TIME! - Ten Minute Power Hour
Well, that's messy.
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Dir/shot by Tucker ►
Edited by Matt Watson/Tucker ►
Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►
Music from Stevia Sphere ►
Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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  • abi mayer
    abi mayer

    Aron and Dan are like the 12 year old little brothers I never wanted😂😂😂

  • [TGR] Clockwork
    [TGR] Clockwork

    Valentines day 9/11 happened at 11:09

  • FLOOD Kevin
    FLOOD Kevin

    I'ma need that unicorn dab t-shirt. Yesterday.

  • Jess ica
    Jess ica

    11:08 a dramatic recreation of September 11th by Game Grumps

  • Iceyaceyxx

    Brent looks like Negan 😩😱

  • Misery Go Round
    Misery Go Round

    "Neh look I have a relationship now im so happy and not lonely" *Fuck* off. Both of you. Gawd I'm so happy for Dan.

  • I fuck yor mam
    I fuck yor mam

    12:22 What Arin says to his pecker after fapin with his shirt on

  • VideoGameDude

    Can we please get a TV show of this on adult swim 😂👌

  • Wolf Striker
    Wolf Striker

    Dan in love is soo adorable.

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    U.S please

  • Wonrae Kim
    Wonrae Kim

    God I love allies laugh

  • Kakumba the Kuma
    Kakumba the Kuma

    Have a makeup competition, Ross and Susie get to be canvases!

  • shadow102994

    Does anyone else notice that Arin's literacy is slowing leaving him?

  • TehLivia 442
    TehLivia 442

    why can't he eat the corncushions?

  • Lawyer Liu
    Lawyer Liu

    I choked on my cinnamon roll

  • Tsunami Animations
    Tsunami Animations

    ❤️Why does this sooo resemble how me and my sisters make valentines together every year, even how they get along resembles how me and my sisters get along, Valentine’s Day is horrifying in my household ❤️

  • quadram

    11:07 9/11

  • Snail

    omg it took me so long to realize but the thing that took away the table stuff was an arin grump head pillow

  • Comander Crazzy
    Comander Crazzy

    I was buying 20$ worth of chocolate the day before Valentine's Day. The guy at the cash register saw all the chocolate and asked "For that special someone tomorrow?" And gave me a huge smirk. I replied "No. It's to help me cope. Valentine's Day reminds how me sad and lonely I am." The man looked at me like I was crazy while the lady behind me tried so hard not to laugh 😊

    • Vanessa P
      Vanessa P

      Maybe try to see it the other way around: Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love. So treat yourself,love yourself. I know it sounds easy (coming from someone with clinical depression and fresh out the clinic bc bad stuff) but it's worth it. I bought myself chocolate , a flower pot and made myself super comfortable and treated myself good with my favourite movies, sushi and a bubble bath. It was a great day BC in the end : even though valentine's Day gets marketed as day of love ,it's just a day to sell cheap chocolate for more than the original price in some fancy heart shapes and commercialise the shit out of something pure. Loving yourself is great. I know having someone by your side is nice. But you are the only person that will be together with you forever. So why not start loving yourself? :) It's hard but you can do it.! maybe next year you can answer to"for the special someone?" with : yes, the special someone is me. You are deserving of love and sometimes you have to do it yourself before someone else can do it too. "If you can't love yourself,how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? " so hang in there buddy, we are in this together and you are not alone. <3

  • Booper Dooper
    Booper Dooper

    11:07 Dan did 911 😔

  • Jake

    Holy shit.. this was def the best TMPH youve done, idk how that shit was so funny, you guys were on ur shit

  • Mr. McAwesome
    Mr. McAwesome

    11:07 - September 11, 2001 (The world trade center) colorized, undramatised

  • Patrick Stuart
    Patrick Stuart

    12:34 its danny... sheepbang

  • KK Hogan
    KK Hogan

    Was... Was Danny being birthed from a cloud?? Huh... Speaking of, still voting for labor pain simulator power hour :'D

  • sim61642

    That ending almost made my heart stop XD

  • Let's Break
    Let's Break

    You guys should make card castles on the power hour!

  • Angelo Diaz
    Angelo Diaz

    That part Dan mention nut. She said "i need that" and was like "yeah well ummm" lol

  • Tess Thompson
    Tess Thompson


  • Wolf fire Paw
    Wolf fire Paw

    Question is there a reason why I think Aaron is high somewhat

  • Keilyn Vlogs
    Keilyn Vlogs


  • Danielle Barr
    Danielle Barr

    I love how many of these include time for them to eat candy.

  • Emma Summers
    Emma Summers

    i think that’s his first official mention of ashley on this channel!! im so happy for him

  • Resting Reckless
    Resting Reckless

    It’s like watching toddlers make valentines in preschool

  • It'sActually Ashley
    It'sActually Ashley

    Oh dan! You shouldn't have~ -internally cries-

  • lew2696

    "sorry, didn't realize you hate democracy"

  • Michelle Alzo
    Michelle Alzo

    Reenactment of Dans birth 12:27

  • Dakota Helhiem
    Dakota Helhiem

    Arin looked hella high, and tried covering up his red eye with saline solution.

  • Antonio Arias
    Antonio Arias

    11:08 is it me or does that look like 9/11?

  • Maggie Ayers
    Maggie Ayers

    Y’all should’ve poured glued into a nerds box

  • Char Plays
    Char Plays

    I can just picture all of them sitting trying to plan how they are going to knock the stuff of the table and it just takes hours

  • Sgt.Death

    I didnt know Dan had a girlfriend, congrats man : D

  • TheRadiantDehd

    Dan's shirt is beautiful. I want one.

  • Vicki Reeve
    Vicki Reeve


  • Monsieur Hender
    Monsieur Hender

    3:35 that basically how we pronounce "ashley" in France!

  • Brian Hope
    Brian Hope

    Dammit Brent you took it too far

  • Brian Hope
    Brian Hope

    ha ha ha iiiiiiiiiiiii'm alone

  • Tigali Tigerlady
    Tigali Tigerlady

    I want the unicorn shirt.

  • Alexia L
    Alexia L

    are you guys really gonna act like they don’t smoke weed hahaha I love them

  • Timothy Cruz
    Timothy Cruz

    I accidentally fast forwarded to the end and there was that random man sitting in the middle 😂

  • SentinelGhost

    Everything is made by Elmer? Or everything is made from Elmer

  • jay franke
    jay franke

    Ok but I would have low key loved it if I got a valentine that looked like Arins

  • Sha Fitz
    Sha Fitz

    My name isnt Ashley, Dan!!!

  • Kundi

    Can't wait to see arin and his fursona get married

  • Make Anime Great Again
    Make Anime Great Again

    The US isn’t a democracy though, it is a constitutional republic.

  • Danielle Mawson
    Danielle Mawson

    11:08 I knew the Jews caused 9/11!!!

  • Miss.Vpandacake


  • Crisp Queen
    Crisp Queen

    Ashley's one lucky gal.

  • Ella Johnson
    Ella Johnson

    im watching this at 9:35. class ends at 9:45. How much time will it take to watch the ten minute power hour? not 10 minutes, thats for sure

  • Nena

    Dan’s laugh makes my day! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Airy Trash
    Airy Trash

    Lets have a 10 minute power hour with Jon Tron

  • TheloyalArcanine

    11:07 Those Valentine's gifts get a 9/11

  • Reydiant Skyes
    Reydiant Skyes

    Watching this episode after listening to Arin describe this show as having 'Chaotic Energy' I can 120% see where he's coming from

  • emily is not heere
    emily is not heere

    ITS A SINGLE NERD! fucking mood

  • ByakuganWhite

    Danny missed out. His two hats should have said "wolf" and "job".

  • Shelby

    now where can i find Dan's shirt???

  • Robin Covington
    Robin Covington

    dan are you a furry

  • Son Of Trex
    Son Of Trex

    Can we see dan and his fursona walking down the isle

  • Son Of Trex
    Son Of Trex

    1:38 peppermint creeeeeeeams

  • Youtube Pizzer
    Youtube Pizzer

    Arin isn’t the manager of the place?

  • Youtube Pizzer
    Youtube Pizzer

    Oh yes dan got a girlfriend I’m happy for you dude!

  • Caleb Benoit
    Caleb Benoit

    8:47 just like me!

  • CFJNilsson

    Dat ending, fuck yes!

  • Bobby Toxic
    Bobby Toxic

    Dan did 9/11

  • Gingerbreadzie

    literally saved this video for the last ten minutes of valentine’s day and the video is 12 minutes. but I enjoy longer content ilyall

  • dan has a phanic attack at the disco
    dan has a phanic attack at the disco

    I'm so happy for Dan being able to talk about how much he loves Ashley on camera

  • Patch

    hapy valetines week

  • Shark teeth
    Shark teeth

    happy valentines, the person above this comment is the one im proposing to

  • Janordan U
    Janordan U

    fat girls

  • Landite The killer
    Landite The killer

    To be honest the second they brought the pixie sticks out I knew Dan would pour them everywhere. I was just waiting for it

  • Vaustick

    damn... Dan was probably suuuuuuper upset about the shirt... you can see internal cryscreaming in his eyes.

  • Claire_ Doodlez
    Claire_ Doodlez

    “Omg we got sweet sour conversations hearts” -Dan Umm does me Sweethearts????

  • Piper Coughlin
    Piper Coughlin

    Will you be the yee to my haw

  • MoreArt Online
    MoreArt Online

    Guys you should do a video on korean makeup and skincare! Theres even a mens makeup brand!!❤ Happy Valentines day!

  • Believers In bandannas
    Believers In bandannas

    Happy Valentine’s Day Grumps! Lots of love from me ❤️

  • Abby Ellis
    Abby Ellis

    “It’s got snow on it!”

  • Maziah Brown
    Maziah Brown


  • Abby Ellis
    Abby Ellis

    Oh my gosh! Can we meet Ashley??

  • Leggos4Dinner


  • janeyVEVO

    dan your SHIRT is ATROCIOUS

  • Hanino 64
    Hanino 64

    that like 1 second "game grumps presents" is like, oh shit! am i watching porn!

  • Jean M
    Jean M

    When you guys go WHOOOOOA at the same time it reminds me of Wayne's World so much lol The only thing that's missing is the camera frantically zooming in and out

  • P S
    P S

    6:34 ....That makes my heart happy. Someone gif that.

  • John Carta
    John Carta

    Why does Brent look like Captian Phillips lol

  • P S
    P S

    Today is not only Valentine's Day, it's my birthday. And I am alone~ I'm content with this date with the Grumps. >_>

  • Irken Pony
    Irken Pony

    Finally watching this! (was waiting for the holiday) and I say it was worth it. :3

  • Logan Johnston
    Logan Johnston

    Looks like a val taco

  • Ninjulie

    When they switched back to the “welcome to the ten minute power hour” music after starting the “so what are we doing today, Arin” music it confused my brain

  • Oooiki

    And thus, Dan was born.

  • Jess Brajer
    Jess Brajer

    The sexual tension is killing me. When will they end up together?!

  • Fonky Munk
    Fonky Munk

    Dan's shirt says I'm a brownie and proud