Making Donuts - Ten Minute Power Hour
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Donuts are our favorite and Cuties makes us happy. Maple for life. Cuties forever
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Dir/shot/edit by Tucker ►
Produced by Boruff ►
Edited by Ben/Tucker ►
Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►
Music from Stevia Sphere ►
Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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  • Brooke Hinckley
    Brooke Hinckley

    I want donuts now dammit

  • Andrés Mares
    Andrés Mares

    Why are they calling willow a she? Just wondering

  • ImAweSamantha

    What would it take to get a full cover of 'Kiss from a Rose' from both Dan and Arin?

  • Elemaye Ooh
    Elemaye Ooh

    I love Willow omg she’s amazing

  • iViscosity

    But... He?

    • Elemaye Ooh
      Elemaye Ooh

      iViscosity what?

  • Yuka Mochida
    Yuka Mochida

    At 14:21 the way Arin says "nasty boy" makes me think he been watching jenna marbles :DD JENNA ON GUEST GRUMPS WHEEEN BBBBYYY

  • Commandercody49

    My favorite part was when they were singing

  • Dane Maricic
    Dane Maricic

    9:21 same reaction I had to tasting vanilla

  • Vic the werewolf
    Vic the werewolf


  • Equ3strianGam3r

    I'd like to try one of the blood orange donuts.

  • Babbling Soul
    Babbling Soul


    • Shtizzy

      She's trans, chief.

    • Babbling Soul
      Babbling Soul

      I dont think women have 5 oclock shadows

  • Marina Soler Lloret
    Marina Soler Lloret

    12:52 Just me or they should do a cover of this song? Just me? Ok... You guys are lying.

  • No Name
    No Name

    Dan and Arin singing is just amazing i love it

  • Bio Nash
    Bio Nash

    Willow was so fun and cute.

  • Mikayla Stolarsky
    Mikayla Stolarsky

    How much money would I have to pay to get a full cover ***featuring Arin*** of Kiss From A Rose??????? I NEED it.

  • Chrimbo

    "krispy kreme got nothin on me" *rips gloves* LMAO

  • Ben

    Ty for dealing with these dummies Willow

  • Lynx owo
    Lynx owo

    its 3:51 am, i don't even like donuts thats much, but this still made me hungry

  • Garrett Cox
    Garrett Cox

    Who cares what they are just watch the damn episode

  • Wrandi Davis
    Wrandi Davis

    2:50 lololololol ^^ haha that looks like people raising theirs if the yeast had hands I imagine they would probably be screaming waving their hands around trying to grab onto to _something_ while sliding down his throat in hopes of a longer life.. Well fuck that's not so lol anymore

  • ARetardAndTheirShittyArt

    Omg Willow is just... She is just a ball of sunshine and rainbows. Please make her a guest on another Ten Minute Power Hour?

  • Dominic LeBlanc
    Dominic LeBlanc

    Kissed by a rose XD

  • Trash_Kas i suck lol
    Trash_Kas i suck lol

    *put everything you guys duet on a soundtrack please id pay money*

  • Svinja

    Ah yes, I love this episodes cast. Danny, the mass murderer and serial killer extraordinaire, Arnold the cocaine taste tester and Willow, the only normal woman to ever shown face on camera

  • Gabs animations
    Gabs animations

    Can willow please make a cooking channel

  • Jo

    Willow... Arin screams, she just joins in on the screaming. Amazing.

  • BadlyDrawnAvocado

    S P O O F Y

  • Aery Ross
    Aery Ross

    I love The Craft also

  • Shyloh Yates
    Shyloh Yates

    Wonderful duet Dan and Arin

  • Y.

    *this video exist* yall transphobe folk: sHE CaN'T bE a WoMAn ThATs A dUdE!?!?! seriously though, yes i get it she, sounds and looks like a man but mabye she is transitioning soon or doesn't have enough to get a transition. If she wants to identify as a woman let her. She isn't hurting anyone and Danny and Arin respect that and you should too. Its her life not yours

  • Magazine Kirby
    Magazine Kirby

    Willow makes this infinitely better. I wanna go there both for doughnuts and for her XD


    Game Grumps said Trans Rights

  • Organised Mess
    Organised Mess

    Willow's reactions are the best and I loved how she matched the grump's chaotic energy while also keeping them in control. P.s y'all in the comments going after Willow just cus she's trans, please just don't. It's sad. Seriously sad.

  • Maddie Lindahl
    Maddie Lindahl

    Willow’s laugh is so sweet, bless

  • Fernanda Cerdas
    Fernanda Cerdas

    i... eat lemons like arin does but for my own enjoyment

  • Jaxon Isler
    Jaxon Isler

    Dan is too nice

  • Mollie Rose
    Mollie Rose

    Dan: "You made those Arin!" how cute though

  • Jo Tyson
    Jo Tyson

    officially one of my favourite power hour episodes

  • Medic 135
    Medic 135

    I'm pretty sure Willow is a dude

  • Bad Content Inc
    Bad Content Inc

    Dan: oh wait that is god save the queen

  • Bad Content Inc
    Bad Content Inc

    i forgot how nice dan is

  • blackdresses13

    Willow is the best part of the the episode

  • Mustafa Hussien
    Mustafa Hussien

    6:02 Dan do you have something you want to tell us?

  • Sophie owo
    Sophie owo

    “Tucker! They’re really bad at this.”

  • Lord Bacon
    Lord Bacon

    When they Harmonized well singing was the best

  • Ashjustash

    13:06 Dan and Arin: *singing beautifully together* Willow: *stares at that beautifulness while exhaling through her nose*

  • Spoopy Ghost
    Spoopy Ghost

    14:05 For a second there I thought Arin was gonna start singing the opening music to Indiana Jones...

  • Summer Evans
    Summer Evans

    I love Willow, she's such a sweet heart and is rlly patient with Dan and Arin 😂 Awesome video guys!

  • Isabelle Hartman
    Isabelle Hartman

    I think this is my favorite 10 minute power hour so far... I absolutely love Willow, she's an adorably hilarious sweetheart and her personality is amazing. Arin's chaotic energy shines through in an extremely funny way. And Dan looks like a stressed mother of 3 that vacuums her ceiling when guests come over because she forgot until last minute and now she's panicking 😂 Also 6:45 was a huge missed opportunity to say "yolks on you"

  • Kloolass Larspawn
    Kloolass Larspawn

    I want the Grumps on Nerdy Nummies so bad!

  • emma :3
    emma :3

    willow is so tired of your guys' shit

  • 0xhaderx0

    Willows hilarious honestly 😂 KrIsPy KreMes gOT NotHInG on Me!

  • Candybrine64

    Why is it when I look at Dan I just see him as a less tired, brown haired Aizawa. Maybe I should actually leave my house for once in my life.

  • Hans Moleman
    Hans Moleman

    willow seems lovely

  • DanTheMan

    W-willow is a she?

    • kainnnd pfhei
      kainnnd pfhei

      I don't know for sure, but id make the guess that she's trans.

  • Zelda Guido
    Zelda Guido

    I used to work in a bakery, and once I accidentally spilled a huge bag of yeast. Those little critters get EVERYWHERE and cling to EVERYTHING

  • spencer the rat
    spencer the rat

    i would die for willow if given the chance

  • L. B
    L. B

    The cap on the rose jar was grey, you should have kissed the cap.

  • SethiKinsGaming

    My Main Man Dan Singin' my Second Favorite Song!

  • Konnor The wanderer
    Konnor The wanderer

    Danny"oh thats super good" Arin " FUCK YEAH!!!!"

  • Ragnar Lothmurk
    Ragnar Lothmurk

    Willow is rad. We need more Willow in our lives.

  • Sean Whearty
    Sean Whearty

    Willow is a man. Change my mind

    • punklover99

      @Sean Whearty her hair, she also just could have came out, not started her, ect don't be an asshole

    • Sean Whearty
      Sean Whearty

      punklover99 I don’t think I’m being a tool. The only transition appears to be Willow growing out his hair

    • punklover99

      Or you could not be a tool

  • sea anemily
    sea anemily

    The guys make donuts for a whole year then find a new sexual attraction awakened in them.

  • soggy wonton Productions
    soggy wonton Productions

    Willow looks very uncomfortable

  • JadedJules

    Arin: *cracks egg* I need through this a way Willow: *holds out hands* I’ll throw it out for you (: Arin: really you’d do that for me?? Willow: yeah :) *drops egg shell onto ground* (:

  • Katie McCall
    Katie McCall

    Hahaha her facial expressions whenever they guys do anything O.o

  • Eric Fine
    Eric Fine

    Willow has such a lovely ladylike adams apple.

  • DaBayleef

    Good on you Willow, you survived the Shenanigans and your kitchen didn't burn down! That's a win. Now my only question is did someone set up this up just as a "hey it'd be cool if grumps did this on the power hour" or were Willow or Rebecca fans of grumps who offered this idea to them? I'd love to know considering that changes the whole dynamic of did she know they were going to be like this

  • jackson jedi
    jackson jedi

    DIO: Someone called?

  • FatNinjaWalrus

    willow for guest grumps lol what a great sport