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Little Big Town - The Daughters
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Music video by Little Big Town performing The Daughters. © 2019 Little Big Town, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • MedievalFluteNibba

    other good song

  • Lea Garcia
    Lea Garcia

    Great song. It seems to have hit a nerve in times when women are losing their basic rights.

  • Ray Bernier
    Ray Bernier

    Great song. But we need to go one step further. So many kids were beat up by their fathers and they simply cannot relate to God as a benevolent man. So it's time to abandon the notion of God the Father and adopt an all gendered figurehead instead. Then let's accept that Jesus, as God incarnate, was LGBTQ.

  • al spencer
    al spencer

    End of May 2019‼️❤️🧡💛💚💙☮️💜

  • Free America
    Free America

    This song propagates the idea that God has forgotten all females. It also furthers identity politics. When I listen to music I do it to escape the crazies of the world. I absolutely detest it when a musician pushes politics on me. It's always some emotion based way to divide people. There are just as many pressures on men who aren't allowed to do so many things because their families don't approve or their town. Everyone praising the message in this song is praising division and ignorance. Beautiful chords and melody ... they missed an opportunity to spread something positive like the message of love or unity or the precious individuality that God gave each of us ... Male or Female. I am not a cowboy, not a cop, not a veteran and to many I have not reached my potential. But I am happily married to a christian woman, I have beautiful children, and I have great stories to tell of things that made me happy in my life. I have no need of a musician telling me how or what to think. Don't fall for it ... we are better together.

  • leedle leena
    leedle leena

    who is the lead actress in this video? I cant figure it out

  • Maria C.
    Maria C.


  • Tyson Wheeler
    Tyson Wheeler

    Ok Little Big Town... you got me. Damn.

  • 5th Horseman
    5th Horseman

    Pretty song, but, we had female sports in the eighties, and girls "social prep" classes died out in the sixties, so not sure what the video is alluding to...unless it social norms change, which yea they do, not always for the better

  • Eli Lesch
    Eli Lesch

    I’m assuming that the god you’re looking for is the same one that has 98% of war-related deaths men, 99% of work related deaths men, 70% of suicides men. Life sucks sometimes for both sons and daughters.

  • sabrinavanessa

    love love love

  • Angela Denzer
    Angela Denzer

    Did my mother write these lyrics... She would always tell my sister and I that we were going to marry a man to take care of us and sadly I actually thought that's what we were supposed to do but she never prepared us on the ownership rights these men thought they were paying for, we both ended up divorcing them and we became strong independent women who raised some strong independent women

  • Monstergirl13

    Screw the standards. Find a system that makes you wise and well within yourself.

  • Dana Julian
    Dana Julian

    Thank you LBT for this song! OMG!! It speaks volumes and has a message that many desperately need to hear with an open heart. Thank you for speaking up for so many of us daughters!!

  • Benjamin Stratz
    Benjamin Stratz

    beautiful song, I hope my young daughter will like it as well

  • Mckenzie Garrett
    Mckenzie Garrett

    It is like firls have to be so perfect and it is not fair. Boys are constantly the favorite, and girls have soooooo much power. You know what, I love dance, and I love basketball, that is totally ok. Girls aren't objects, and we can accomplish everything boys can. Go ladies.

  • soccerchick9841

    There needs to be more songs like this!!

  • Samandrea Barkley
    Samandrea Barkley

    I had goosebumps through this whole song. Amazing lyrics, incredible voice!

  • Leah Walentosky
    Leah Walentosky

    The Goddess is within us. This song shows why I am a follower of The Blessed Mother

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown

    I was definitely born in the right time period, because I can't imagine having to act like a "perfect lady" like our great grandmother's and older were expected to. It's hard enough trying to love yourself today without that kind of additional weight on your shoulders.

  • Fanny Rault
    Fanny Rault


  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams

    Wow! Nice song but controversial.

  • ross minden
    ross minden

    Don't be in such a hurry ladies. You will find what you're looking for I promise you.

  • Jeana Allison
    Jeana Allison

    This song gets me everytime 😪💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Lexie ___
    Lexie ___

    For everyone in the comments "A god for the daughters" Isnt to be taken literal. If you listen to the words, Watch your mouth watch your weight, pose like a trophy on a shelf. Its about the standards most of society has for women, its about what a lot of women grew up with, how women have been treated and expected to act. Not literally about god. It's a beautiful, powerful song with a powerful meaning.

    • Ann R
      Ann R

      preach it sister

    • Tyson Anderson
      Tyson Anderson

      It can be taken literally and still fit perfect. The whole history of Abrahamic religions has been a war on women. The holy books talk about women as property that can be bought, used, and sold. So where is the God for daughters?

  • Goat on Clouds TV
    Goat on Clouds TV

    God is not only for daughters, sons, or the fathers, he is for everyone, he is everything not one

  • Linda-Ann SA
    Linda-Ann SA

    Beautiful song. We have a God for the daughters, but we forget him or are not taught how much HE loves his daughters. I believe he feels our pain, but living in a fallen world with free agency he doesn't interfer. He helps us in ways we often don't even see. He will lend us strength to endure if only we would turn to him. He wants to hear from his precious daughters always. ❤ #PrayerBuildsFaith #GodLovesHisDaughters #HeKnowsYourName #KeepTheFaith #Endure

  • puddlemini

    Joins the list of the great female anthems. Really needed to hear this today.

  • Stella louise Reagan Cole
    Stella louise Reagan Cole


  • Mary Margaret
    Mary Margaret

    yeah that's just straight up Trinitarian heresy

  • MsJanet2352

    Love this song and video!

  • InsideAlex's toolbox
    InsideAlex's toolbox

    My late wife was a cheerleader in high school in the early 60s and the school colors were red and white. It’s simply amazing how much she looked like the girl in the video.

  • Egle Davidsoniene
    Egle Davidsoniene

    Grate this beautiful your work. 100% this year best work. Thank you. I wish you best luck and best day this week. Good bless you.

  • Rita Nooney
    Rita Nooney


  • Cynthia Lee
    Cynthia Lee

    Love it

  • Touche' Corona
    Touche' Corona

    For every female, know that you are strong and fully capable of making your dreams come true. There is a God for you daughters and he believes in you and loves you. He knows what you’re capable of and he says GO!!! LIVE YOUR DREAM!!! BE WHO YOU WERE CREATED TO BE!!!

  • Isaac Rackers
    Isaac Rackers

    of couse.. women 100% focused on

    • Spokane Man
      Spokane Man

      Awww, feeling left out? I guess us men really have been short changed in our society. 🙄

  • Melissa Perez
    Melissa Perez

    Some people simply don’t understand the powerful message. They’re so focused on the God lyrics (which by the way-read between “God the son and God the father”- it’s not literal)

    • Kira Dhaliwal
      Kira Dhaliwal

      Melissa Perez what's the message in this video?

  • Nancy Pyke
    Nancy Pyke

    I never comment but this song hit me hard. We were a family of 10 counting my mom and dad. 3 sons, 5 daughters First my father passed away. Then all 3 brothers pass away one by one. Leaving only my mom and her daughters. This song in a way is my prayer. We know he's there but this song is our way of saying, please watch over us, we try our best.

  • michelle anderson
    michelle anderson

    Becoming one of my favorite songs. One of there best yet

  • Ida Haapakorpi
    Ida Haapakorpi

    Where’s the vest froooom??? Need to have it, so beautiful 🥰🥰

  • Tertius Ferreira
    Tertius Ferreira

    10/10 ❤️

  • KatietheLady

    okay I'm crying, you're crying, we are all CRYING

  • Teresa Ward-Keenan
    Teresa Ward-Keenan

    I like the video acting and the musical voices are amazing. However, when they put God in the middle as the problem by talking about God the Father and God the Son (I'm just looking for a god for the daughters). God is God for all children including this daughter (and me). God did not create the problem portrayed in the video (or culture). Blaming Him crossed a line.

  • James Hunt
    James Hunt

    Thank you for taking the lyrics I Jennifer Hunt wrote and turning them into beautiful music I love. ❤

    • James Hunt
      James Hunt

      Thank you

    • Alyssa Peace
      Alyssa Peace

      James Hunt you did a fantastic job!!

    • James Hunt
      James Hunt

      I Jennifer Hunt did. James is my x husband I'm to lazy to make my own you tube account

    • Alyssa Peace
      Alyssa Peace

      James Hunt did you write this??

  • NuclearWinter

    What's the name of the ginger girl

    • Gus Creter
      Gus Creter


  • Shawn

    That SON, whom the FATHER gave unto the world, was the through Mary, the mortal mother of Christ! There is a reason, our creator who made us all "mankind" (that is to say; humans) in thier image, made it so that we are male and female. Only you are strong enough to bear the weight of carrying and caring for children. It's through you the miracle of life that we all exist. Our father, the creator planted the seeds of live in the garden of Eden, but it's through you that humanity grows...A TRUE Father loves his daughters as much as he loves his sons. And he thanks God he doesn't have to grow them in his body. 😉😊

  • elzahraa mahmoud
    elzahraa mahmoud

    Wow this is article 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Ian Torre
    Ian Torre

    I'm sorry but this sounds like a pedophile enabling gospel so I'll be in airforce one.

  • Paulo Abreu
    Paulo Abreu

    what a amazing soooong

  • Jay Moore
    Jay Moore

    Great story and well acted.

  • Lisa Oatts
    Lisa Oatts

    Touched my heart ❤. That's what music is supposed to do....evoke emotions. If you can relate to the emotions, and the story being told, the artists are genuine, and talented! Awesome song, especially in today's society.

  • Emily Johansson
    Emily Johansson

    This is a beautiful song with a beautiful message.

  • Dayna Jingles
    Dayna Jingles

    There is a God for the Daughters she is GODDESS even Jesus spoke of the great mother in the book of the Essene's...The Patriarchy took that from us NOW We take it back. Hathor, Tefnut, Nuit, Bast, Isis, Durga all reflections of the DIVINE FEMININE POWER! The Goddess is very much a part of this multiverse!

  • Robert Dunn
    Robert Dunn

    I'm not sure what to make of this song, is it an attack on the Almighty Himself, saying that He isn't the God for everyone, men and women alike? I hope not because that would be preposterous and make this song out to have an agenda hidden behind it to promote feminism, something God would be against as it goes beyond His original creation and the gender roles He's assigned us since the beginning.

    • mscherrybomb96

      Robert Dunn don’t like the song, don’t listen to it 🤷‍♀️ also just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean it’s attacking anything. Live and let live and the world would be a better place 😊

  • a ham
    a ham

    did i just watch this ten times in a row? absolutely. am i done watching it? lmao no

  • Avril Dji DJi
    Avril Dji DJi

    Beauty hurts

  • Amanda Harris
    Amanda Harris


  • ninanile

    Beautiful song, Please listen to *Dear Diary* by ninanile. It’s a song I wrote. I hope you’ll like it and subscribe.

  • Whistling Banshee
    Whistling Banshee

    The amount of men in the comments saying the song is awful versus the women who needed to hear the message

  • nick harvey
    nick harvey

    Great song

  • Lola Combs
    Lola Combs

    Nicelike song

  • StangGal 68
    StangGal 68

    Amazing and real song.

  • amy wickliffe
    amy wickliffe

    Wow thank you for this, LBT!! We all know that God loves us, but MAN has perverted God’s purpose and excluded or minimized women! Great & honest lyrics!!

  • Merlyn Sy
    Merlyn Sy

    Not bad.

  • Masoud S
    Masoud S

    Just lyric's good

  • crystal s
    crystal s


  • Beatrix Kideaux
    Beatrix Kideaux

    Thank you for the song. I listened to this today before I went out on the casino floor to deal cards. It helps keep my self-esteem high and remember that somewhere out there somebody is rooting for me and my daughter.

    • Beatrix Kideaux
      Beatrix Kideaux

      +barbara Swingle I ultimately meant I thoroughly enjoyed the song. I'm not looking for a new artist to look for unfortunately but so glad that country music is a life style for you. That's awesome!

    • barbara Swingle
      barbara Swingle

      Country music is a lifestyle not building up women self esteem my suggestion is listen to maddie n tia

    • Lisa Oatts
      Lisa Oatts

      I'm rooting for you, sincerely!

  • Blu Blinto
    Blu Blinto

    leave ur political shit out of religion, god has nothing to do with ur feminist agenda. this song is wildly offensive and just flat out wrong. as a woman watching this it is disappointing. if you dont respect the values of country music then gtf out of our genre.

  • Pavni Swaroop
    Pavni Swaroop


  • Shir Smi
    Shir Smi

    So beautiful!

  • Nat M
    Nat M

    They never fail to make amazing music. The lyrics are so powerful.

  • Seth Vieira
    Seth Vieira

    Stop trying to destroy love live serve

  • Ashley Jaya
    Ashley Jaya

    Wow , just wow

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi

    *I grew up with 11 other girls, and I'm going to show them all this song* Edit: 9 other sisters, 9. I can’t count apparently 😂

    • Tonya Fikes
      Tonya Fikes

      Veni Vidi Amavi 😂

  • Angela P.
    Angela P.


  • Zachary Holler
    Zachary Holler

    This song is the female equivalent to jerking off. Slaaay Queen!

  • William Henry Van Etta
    William Henry Van Etta

    Oh so there was a girls basketball team the whole time?

    • Jay Foren
      Jay Foren

      William Henry Van Etta first part of the video appears to be 1984. Ending is 2019. Theres posters on the walls

  • Ali -
    Ali -

    Who the hell sees this and agrees? This is feminist bullshit. This song is telling girls that, no, society doesn’t give a damn about you being an overweight, baby mutilating, rude, selfish person who takes no responsibility for themselves. I’m a girl. Doesn’t every other girl want to feel and look pretty? To raise your children and keep a beautiful house? To be respected and adored because your sweet and innocent? Woman do have a place and there’s nothing wrong with that. To everyone that’s overweight try your best to look as pretty as you want to be. No man will bend down to kiss your fat ass ladies. Your not meant to die a soldier, your meant to fight the battles of a girl and win with sly words and deadly smiles. Why be a boy when you could be the thing they value and treasure most? Let them worship you for being in your place and keep them in theirs as the protectors

    • Whistling Banshee
      Whistling Banshee

      Strong opinions. Im another woman (23) who is going to give my opinion. I dont want to raise a family. I dont want kids or a beautiful house. I dont need anyone to protect me. I most certainly am not sweet and innocent, and i would much rather be respected for my achievements. I dont want be known as 'what a boy treasures most'. Like something that is kept and on display. But this 'traditional womans role' was what I grew up with, and if thats what you want then great. But the song explains how there are so many role models and destinies for men while women are almost expected to live in their shadow. Live for yourself, not for someone else.

  • barbara Swingle
    barbara Swingle

    thank you for staying true to country lifestyle. this is why i love old school country music who stay true to country. thank you for not being elitist little big town one of the few real country people

  • Scott P
    Scott P

    This song is a little whiney in its lyrics. You are not a victim of the culture.

  • Scott P
    Scott P

    I don't understand the song. Who is the God for the daughters?

    • Scott P
      Scott P

      +Ann Miller - Thank you. I guess this is not a Christian song, so maybe other faiths see God as preferentially blessing men more than women. I don't understand God that way so the song didn't connect with me.

    • Ann Miller
      Ann Miller

      It's talking about how women often feel like they're treated unfairly by a society that seems to focus on men. When the phrase "God for the daughters" comes up, it's basically a plea to God, begging him to bless the girls and women just as he seems to bless the boys and men.

  • TheTheratfarmer

    as horny as you are remmember. thy guy who loves you.

  • H Singer
    H Singer

    thank you LBT for such a poetic and understanding song for young girls today.

  • gamers digest
    gamers digest

    Well the song started good then when you started to deviate from the regiment it turned horse manure.

  • Vic _013285
    Vic _013285

    Fuck you UMG

  • Drouin Johnny
    Drouin Johnny

    Wow beautiful song and video....💗

  • sammybabi

    So much pressure to be perfect in this world

  • Abigail Gendron
    Abigail Gendron

    If anyone knows who the lead actress is please tell me :)

    • Gus Creter
      Gus Creter


  • Elizabeth Boerding
    Elizabeth Boerding

    To me this song was a lie and full of them. The Son of God and the God of man is a womens God too. How do you not realise that? Women yes we are seen as mothers back then and care takers and there is nothing wrong with that. But Not all women wore makeup back then or did only girly things only. Alot of them worked and did hard work. I'm a huge Tom boy born and raised on a farm covered in sweat and dirt a lot. At times I wanna look my best and be girly. You can do both at the same time. My grandmothers and great grandmother work hard, they were the care takers but they also new how to be and act like a lady like men should act like Gentleman. There's is nothing wrong with being a lady and having manners and there is also nothing wrong with being a hard worker or manly. If you really think you can't do things you want because your a women that's ridiculous. If anyone told you that you couldn't do something because your a girl why would you take them seriously. As women we need to stop making excuses for everything. If you wanna do something do it. Get over what you belive society is saying and live your life not others. This song could have been great if they would have not made it about what everyone else thought. Get over it because it's your own fault if you belive all of that.

    • Whistling Banshee
      Whistling Banshee

      I do agree, women can do whatever the hell they please, no one is stopping them. But to say there is no prejudice is to be blind to it. I (23F) work as a research scientist for a manufacturing company. Im the only girl in upper management, the rest of my office is 50+ year old men (its an old company, ive no problem with them all being men, theyre all qualified). Almost daily one of the guys will walk past my desk and say 'oh thats some heavy reading, sure you can manage that!' or try to explain my own work back to me. Ive gone into meetings with other companies and seem the look of shock on their faces when they realise a 23 year old with a ponytail is giving the presentation. I am the first girl to be hired to such a high and significant role in this company. So i dont think anything they say or do is intentional, and i love my job. But the fact it happens at all, the fact that its the same thing everyday shows how much... Women can do everything. But its as though society hasnt realised it yet.

    • Brenda Shaver
      Brenda Shaver

      Exactly! I agree with every word you said!

  • wildflower gL
    wildflower gL

    We need to see the Truth for ourselves through knowing and believing the Truth ,not from seeing others and how they depict the Truth..

  • Chris Tashi
    Chris Tashi

    I luv her voice

  • Travis Waller
    Travis Waller

    These feminists songs are the worst. Is like this these days. We’re past the point where women are “empowered.” They now war more undergraduate and graduate degrees, Generation Y women now make more money than their male peers, they initiate 80% of divorces, and on and on and on.

    • Brenda Shaver
      Brenda Shaver

      +Candice Westbrook No honey, I'm no part of any movement! I don't need a label to be ok with my life, I'm not so needy that I have to go along with every Jane inserting themselves here, there, and everywhere! It's 2019, women have the ability to be and do everything men are and do! If you ask me, we now are treated more fairly than they are! That is exactly how it seems when a male teacher accused of sexual misconduct will be sentenced to many years in prison usually, but a woman accused of the very same or worse, will escape prison time, and almost escape anything more than a slight smack on the hand! If women in today's feminist movement want equality, give it to them! Sentence them to the same sentence a man would receive, see exactly how they like that equality! I'm proud to be a woman, and I make my own choices, I don't have to march in Washington with a pink p&%sy on my head just because it's the newest trend! To say we aren't treated equally today is really crappy for our grandmothers, great grandmothers, etc. who were really treated unequally!

    • Candice Westbrook
      Candice Westbrook

      +Brenda Shaver Hey, do you like being in control of your own life? Do you like being able to choose if you're a stay-at-home mom or a career-oriented one? Do you like that you're able to vote? Cause, uh, if you do, you're a feminist, and feminism has allowed us to make these choices for ourselves.

    • Brenda Shaver
      Brenda Shaver

      I'm a woman, NOT a feminist, and I agree with you 100 percent! I feel for the next generation of girls, at least the ones being raised by these feminist! This song is the worst! I don't know what LBT was thinking when they recorded and released this one!

  • Jess Johnston
    Jess Johnston

    Who is gonna play basketball with their hair down?

  • neunike morre
    neunike morre

    We got the same things now, even the flushed white face. Now what?

  • Gaijin Senpai
    Gaijin Senpai

    Women weren't the only ones learning etiquette in school. Not learning these things, either at home or in school, is one of the many problems America has today.

  • teeg1024

    LBT 💜 doing it so well, again.

  • John Rider
    John Rider

    Jesus is god almighty

  • Camden Hanke
    Camden Hanke


  • CapitalCH

    it's rough being a girl