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Lil Wayne - Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION
Don't Cry ft. XXXTENTACTION (Official Video)
Happy Birthday @xxxtentacionThe World misses u slime. #RestInParadise#LongLiveX
Song Available on Tha Carter V:
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Video Directors: Jay & Georgio Rodriguez
Video Producers: Keith Brown & Omar Reynoso
Video Editor: Jay Rodriguez
Visual Effects Supervisor: Max Colt
Visual Effects Artist: Fahmi Galih & Adyatama Putra
Visual Effects Company: Frender
Production Company: Rodriquez Bros Media
Music video by Lil Wayne performing Don’t Cry. © 2019 Young Money Records, Inc.

  • fernando pigs room
    fernando pigs room

    Xxx tentación R.I.P 😭😭😭😭😭 Love for fundí you

  • TheJairo14


  • Jennifer Vivero
    Jennifer Vivero


  • Virgil Hiley
    Virgil Hiley

    Wayne is a ill nigga. Salute!

  • Space Cadet
    Space Cadet

    How many songs did he make before he died?

  • Xx_ WeirdPatato_xX
    Xx_ WeirdPatato_xX

    Hard not to cry knowing X ain't there anymore😞

  • Roxanne Perez
    Roxanne Perez


  • _knife

    *This tittle is the most hard challenge whit X's voice* :( *I MISS U X*

  • DamonTheGoatt

    I tried not to cry.. but I did ;(

  • Dark Sensei
    Dark Sensei

    How is X still making music im not sayin its a bad thing but how there is alot of songs still being produced with X's voice

    • xSoni AOV
      xSoni AOV

      Before he passed away he recordet many songs just he didnt finish them (he was driving to studio, when he died) sorry for my english

  • Ryu

    Ok this video has a big meaning to it so could someone help explaining it

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes

    Don’t cry

  • rodgazinya

    Wayne is such a closet gay. Already looks like a rich lesbian

  • Desiree Perea
    Desiree Perea

    Triple x would be so proud of this my fav play this at my funarl

  • Jesus Rojas
    Jesus Rojas

    X.X.X 😔

  • løßér._. àßú
    løßér._. àßú

    R.I.P. xxx! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Da_unique tiger
    Da_unique tiger

    I love this song I never stop listening favorite song of all time no lie!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Willie Causey
    Willie Causey

    "👀 ₩ill tr¥ nott 2"😭😭😭😭...1982.👑👑👑👑

    • Willie Causey
      Willie Causey

      "₩H¥ NOTT"😭😭😭😭... 1982

  • Project

    Do yall know lil wayne tried to kill his self bet you didnt rip x

  • Gabriel9 Jesus33
    Gabriel9 Jesus33

    Its safe to say the goat is back!

  • Anthony Hartwell
    Anthony Hartwell

    so we can wear bro I'm telling you it's weak and weird so weird like a bring down my mood every single time just like it's like a buzzkill that's what this song is a buzzkill

    • Anthony Hartwell
      Anthony Hartwell

      The thing is is he's a f****** dick like he hasn't even them he's a demon and sorry to like act like this really like this what he's a f****** demon Chase up I'm sorry you look at the video in like yeah yes it was like team in any of antichrist in him I'm sorry the reason why I say I'm sorry because I know hi sweetie I can certain way but I'm not certain way but this s*** shows me that I'm not as f*****-up as I as I really am

  • Anthony Hartwell
    Anthony Hartwell

    Week is freak it's so weak I can't even explain it what can I do all my God Weezy did this come on this is so weak drop it down low week is freak

  • Abby Mueller
    Abby Mueller


  • Trippy Sitt True man
    Trippy Sitt True man

    Sometimes when there's no music your own hart goes rom pom pom pom... rip X

  • Anthony Sadrinna
    Anthony Sadrinna

    Lilwayne you talented what you and x did here is crazy sweet

  • Tzion Settle
    Tzion Settle

    I miss x

  • Filipe Alves Cassiano
    Filipe Alves Cassiano

    Even Lil Wayne was influenced by X

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    Foda d*++ Br

  • Carlos Marcelino
    Carlos Marcelino

    Algum Brasileiro ?

  • Jamon Holmes
    Jamon Holmes


  • Eileen Ireola
    Eileen Ireola

    I will forever love X.. ♥️

  • Stephen Abarquez
    Stephen Abarquez

    LLJ from Philippines we love you jah❤️🤘🏻

  • William angliss la ia
    William angliss la ia

    Love u x and don't cryyyyyyyyy

  • fugees Azaro
    fugees Azaro

    Im in this video

  • Ger Nunes
    Ger Nunes

    Tudo clone

  • sangarelais Sangare
    sangarelais Sangare


  • Michael

    Where is X in the video?

  • Jesus soldier
    Jesus soldier

    Don't cry is a simple code if u think hard enough u will figure it out 😎

  • Grace Garcia
    Grace Garcia

    i watched this bc it was on XXX's birthday and bc i wanted to see X sing anyone else?

  • I'm A TimeTraveler
    I'm A TimeTraveler

    1:28 I saw X 😀 R. I. P. X 💐 💐

  • The Minions
    The Minions


  • Antwun Barbary
    Antwun Barbary

    Yes. Ok. Look. Good.

  • DreamZ duzIt
    DreamZ duzIt

    Who the light skin tho dancing? Anybody let me know !

  • Délis Amaral
    Délis Amaral

  • Jaylen H
    Jaylen H

    There is legitimately a ghost writer on this



  • Fernando play games
    Fernando play games



    Don't Cryyyyyyyyyyyy 😢😢

  • safa Amoula
    safa Amoula


  • hola It's. A button dude!
    hola It's. A button dude!

    Bet $10000000000000 x is still alive and bet he's coming back 2019

  • hola It's. A button dude!
    hola It's. A button dude!


  • Jairus Warren
    Jairus Warren


  • Isaac Granados
    Isaac Granados

    I could listen to this song over and over and not get tired of it


    The best 💪🏾

  • Emmanuel Giron
    Emmanuel Giron

    2019 anyone

  • roldany medina
    roldany medina

    Dominican Repúblic. my like lil wayne

  • young saucer
    young saucer

    X has such a beautiful voice, breaks me apart that he's gone.

  • Abomination

    Nice beat, nice lyrics. This claps

  • Zekia Johnson
    Zekia Johnson

    i love the fact that lil wayne dropped this out. rip X. im tried so hard not to cry but it looks like i failed.😰 rip X i will miss you forever

  • God is my fortress VerHalen
    God is my fortress VerHalen

    Jesus loves you turn from your sin before it is too late, allow his sacrifice to cover your sins, repent and turn or be judged for your sins uncovered! ! He L O V E S Y O U

  • Felipe Nascimento
    Felipe Nascimento

    Saudades eternas do XXXTENTACION 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Karen Love
    Karen Love

    Im confused where did they get x voice?

  • Alex Figueredo
    Alex Figueredo

    Vai Corinthians

  • Hottest Dyke Nigga Of Houston
    Hottest Dyke Nigga Of Houston

    This was on my birthday

  • Crazy Tina
    Crazy Tina


  • TDS _Swizzle
    TDS _Swizzle

    Bro I always cry when I hear this song 😭💔

  • Aaron Jime
    Aaron Jime

    Lil Wayne why did you said nigga to XXXTENTACION

    • Aaron Jime
      Aaron Jime


  • Deep Incheaa
    Deep Incheaa

    Don't Cry Lil Wayne Yeah, C5 Don't cry, don’t go Won't lie, I fuckin' love you, whoa Why y'all staring into the clouds Am I rising or they comin' down? I see death around the corner And the U-turn sign's lookin' like a smile What do I do now? Who gon' find me, how? Nowhere to turn but around and round Just another nigga who done lost his head No, a fucking king that forgot his crown I am not number one, it's true I'm number 9-27-82 Color blind, even if I may be blue A lot on my plate, ain't my favorite food But I’m hungry, so hungry Need my family tree next to a money tree With a bunch of leaves in the Garden of Eden With a bunch of Eves, no fruit punch for me I sip from the fountain of youth So if I die young, blame the juice Bury me in New Orleans Tombstone reads "Don’t cry, stay tuned" Bring me back to life Got to lose a life just to have a life But if heaven's as good as advertised I want a triple extension on my motherfuckin’ afterlife Rest in paradise Don’t cry (don't cry, don't cry), don't go (why, oh why?) Won’t lie, I fuckin' love you Don't cry (don't cry, don't cry, don't cry) Don't go (why, oh why, oh why, oh why?) Won't lie (don't cry, don't cry) I fuckin' love you (don't cry, don't cry) Talent is god-given, be grateful Fame is not a given, be humble and Conceit is self-driven, drive carefully Stay in your own lane, seat buckled And sometimes when there is no music We toot our own horns, rum-bum-bum-bum That woman carried the future And Tunechi was born like "dun-dun-dun-dun" Don't call it a comeback It was dark, now the sun back Hit me hard, but I punched back The wheels fell off, I rode the hubcap It's suicide or it's do or die It's newer days and it's bluer skies I told myself "It's just you and I" Then the breeze came and it blew my mind Lord knows who I'm there for I'll give my last breath of air for Mama tell me to be careful Voice in my head give me an earful But I got mind control over my control I lost control but knew I'd find control I let God control what I cannot control Can't control the tears, let them drop and roll Don't cry (don't cry, don't cry) Don't go (why, oh why, oh why?) Won't lie (don't cry), I fuckin' love you (Triple extension on my motherfuckin' afterlife, rest in paradise) Don't cry (don't cry, don't cry) Don't go (why, oh why, oh why?) Won't lie, I fuckin' love you (don't cry) Don't cry, stay tuned And triple extension on my motherfuckin' afterlife Rest in paradise

  • Diss Cahif
    Diss Cahif

    Red single good job The legend Weezy R.I.P Jah long live Don't cry brol

  • vrpalac87

    WACK!!! Wayne way quick to jump on that X bandwagon n bought this wack ass clip of X... Wayne with the L!!

  • Gaah Studios
    Gaah Studios


  • June2smooth 37
    June2smooth 37

    I love you to

  • MIL

    is this anyone's go to cry song ?

  • Its-the- jobless-kid
    Its-the- jobless-kid

    Is xxx dead? Hes made so many afterlife videos


    Wtf ? xxxten?

  • Iris Polk
    Iris Polk

    I cry when I hear this. Every time.

  • jacob Redwin
    jacob Redwin


  • Penda S.
    Penda S.

    #LLJ forever and always

  • Alpha5

    Lil Wayne still going after 20 years?

    • Hazel Ninja
      Hazel Ninja

      Yup he’s still going strong

  • wayne wooldridge
    wayne wooldridge

    Dont cryyyyy

  • wayne wooldridge
    wayne wooldridge

    Love xxx long live x😭😢

  • vanessa shores
    vanessa shores

    I like when x sings

  • LPS Lex
    LPS Lex

    Isn’t he dead?

  • Jose Ivan Solis
    Jose Ivan Solis

    You need to have a life just to take a life enough said Fuck Wayne sell out lil bitch

  • Jose Ivan Solis
    Jose Ivan Solis

    I just cant hear this ... Yee ex got his plug which is good for his legend and estate. But WAYNE bro tell me it was for him cuz otherwise I will not accept an excuse

  • OtfCokeBoyTv 23
    OtfCokeBoyTv 23

    Happy belate birthday x

  • eaqble doge
    eaqble doge

    Who ever the FUCK killed x should get Torres by tearing off his finger nails and amputate their arms

  • Good fellas Gang Williamson
    Good fellas Gang Williamson

    Anyone know what kind of cigar king Wayne smoking his loud in Cause I need one of those cigars

  • Amaya Ailyn Tremblay
    Amaya Ailyn Tremblay

    Xxx said so ppl aiming to Steal His Energy AND making it His own..

    • Amaya Ailyn Tremblay
      Amaya Ailyn Tremblay

      This nigga no difference. He was being oberthrown to the millenia

  • Zhaira Sedano
    Zhaira Sedano

    Long live jaseh dwayne Ricardo onfroy.. Me duele saber que el aquí en nuestro mundo ya no está.. Esos hijos de puta lo pagaran i love you prince💖💖💖💖💔💔💔💝💝💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💌🤞🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️❌❌❌🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Zhaira Sedano
    Zhaira Sedano

    R.l.p xxx tentacion 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mr. brown
    Mr. brown

    اقدر استخدمها ب المونتاج ؟🤕💔

  • carlos patron
  • Ruslan

    Не плач , не уходи , я блять люблю тебя

  • Jim Johnson
    Jim Johnson

    Wayne kinda sucks now.. Damn I miss the Carter 1-3 days.. Carter 4 was decent. But now he's not so good.. :(

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White

    X grew up listening to rock and hard rock when listening to some of his songs dont yall think it sounds like NIRVANA???

  • GDorf Fugazi
    GDorf Fugazi

    I think someone else should've done this song..

  • Muna Almusa
    Muna Almusa


  • marrisa

    I thought he was born jan 21 :/

  • marrisa

    Yes 💖💖💖