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Lil Wayne - Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION
Don't Cry ft. XXXTENTACTION (Official Video)
Happy Birthday @xxxtentacionThe World misses u slime. #RestInParadise#LongLiveX
Song Available on Tha Carter V:
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Video Directors: Jay & Georgio Rodriguez
Video Producers: Keith Brown & Omar Reynoso
Video Editor: Jay Rodriguez
Visual Effects Supervisor: Max Colt
Visual Effects Artist: Fahmi Galih & Adyatama Putra
Visual Effects Company: Frender
Production Company: Rodriquez Bros Media
Music video by Lil Wayne performing Don’t Cry. © 2019 Young Money Records, Inc.

  • Lenny Hernandez
    Lenny Hernandez

    Lil wayne goes both an girls.....thats sick...lil wayne be fucking punks ....people in miami seen an know him for having sex with gays...

  • Lenny Hernandez
    Lenny Hernandez

    How long have you been gay lil wayne??????

  • Lenny Hernandez
    Lenny Hernandez

    Hey lil wayne......why do rappers like you turn gay....????????

  • tyler brooks
    tyler brooks

    I renounce my crown besides our fate is always in someone elses. Hands I hear supermans planet was destroyed because they thought they were gods... Etc cant be completely invincible now i put my faith in 1 god even though i never knew religion really ....

  • Elina roze
    Elina roze

    Is xxx tentacion died or a live??! Plz tell me

  • Carrie Young
    Carrie Young

    I like this song I'm trying not to cry any more but I still have a whole in my heart

  • tyler brooks
    tyler brooks

    Mind control over mind control :p

  • O.O.D OUT OF DARKNESS Therson Theribe Terrible
    O.O.D OUT OF DARKNESS Therson Theribe Terrible

    Don't cry.

  • Tyrone Pomdale
    Tyrone Pomdale

    I didn’t cry by he deserves it all

  • Jauan Denson
    Jauan Denson

    bro xxx is not dead he got 6 months in jail for faking his death

    • Ligma

      Jauan Denson i know right

  • snigger fgt
    snigger fgt


  • žalmy beat
    žalmy beat


  • Trxggerd

    RIP X it's nice to see Weezy incorporate X whom took inspiration from Weezy into his song.

  • Saanah Lakred
    Saanah Lakred


  • Ramdero


  • Mohamad Rifat Ahmed
    Mohamad Rifat Ahmed

    the punch line rap of lil wayne


    1.25x 🤘👌👌

  • Bitch

    I miss him 😭😭

  • max lexter
    max lexter

    X killed this beat!

  • Alexandru Iosif
    Alexandru Iosif

    #Reastinparadise #longlife X

  • Adriana Sanchez
    Adriana Sanchez

    Lil Wayne has gained so much respect when he posted this, it was such a good entry for 2019🖤

  • Bompton Texas
    Bompton Texas

    I remember staying up late as fuck for the Carter V to come out this the first song when X said don't cry It felt like when ur holding back and someone just asks " what's wrong ?" I was like fuuuuck😢

  • Logical Thought
    Logical Thought

    Brother was talented and so are you Weezy!!! Keep Pumpin out the sides!!! Proud of you my brother!!!

  • gravity_the_tryhard 101
    gravity_the_tryhard 101

    I want a xxxtentcion in my after life rest in paradise❤️😭

  • Kronomikal

    Heall yeah homie

  • Muna Ahmad
    Muna Ahmad

    Rest in Paradise😭🖤

  • Drowzie James
    Drowzie James

    Fuck lil Wayne fuck triple X bunch of satanic assholes who would take anyone of your lives to retain their status! The sad part is half of you fuck faces would give it to them!!! Godless barely human meat bags.

  • Drummer Boys
    Drummer Boys

    All i wanted to do in this world is meet xxxtentacion guys remember legends dont die and lil wayne thankyou for dropping this song on his birthday much respect homie. Guys subscribe to me if you love and miss x please ♥️😭😭😭

  • Soulja Boy Tell 'em
    Soulja Boy Tell 'em

    X has 17 tatted on his forehead and Lil Wayne has it tatted on his left cheek

  • Not Your Average Fish Keeper.
    Not Your Average Fish Keeper.

    Clone number #92782

    • Matt Thomson
      Matt Thomson

      Or his birthday but whatever makes ya happy


    😪🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷rest in peace X

  • El sicopataA Encar
    El sicopataA Encar

    Falto drake

  • Kaylah Marie
    Kaylah Marie

    He's not dead check his coffin Chambers videos

  • Duce Bangahoe
    Duce Bangahoe

    High as fuck you fuckers know what's up

  • Junayd A.A
    Junayd A.A

    Damn.. Lil Wayne is just 🔥🔥

  • Dulce P Plascencia
    Dulce P Plascencia

    I still dont know how X is still singing


    I just shit and came

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez

    😭😢why did x died he was to young WHYYYY😵😵😵😳😳😦😦


    1 like =RiP Xxxtentacion

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro

    Dont cry pesada dms esse sóm pt BR q fla

  • INFT_Fable ?
    INFT_Fable ?

    Thumb up only cause it's for triple x And it's a nice song! Rest in paradise x❤

  • Itz Potatoes
    Itz Potatoes

    Im crying..."Dont cry"dosnt help i still cry to this day...r.i.p X we will all remeber you thank you so much lil wayne we all love u lil wayne and XXXTENTATION i wish you were here to hold your sons precious self

  • Rodrigo Stahl
    Rodrigo Stahl

    who leves a dislike , like wtf

  • emma Underwood
    emma Underwood

    i love this song i wanna cry but do what the song says dont cry

  • Ad’ryan Williams
    Ad’ryan Williams

    RIP’ll always be remembered even when there are haters and fake friends those who love you and have been there for you will always plant you in their mind: ❤️❤️❤️❤️💫💫💫💫💫

  • Angie Duque
    Angie Duque

    Malditos asesinos ... R I P ×××

  • The Nonsense Buffer
    The Nonsense Buffer

    This was actually really good. It's nice to hear some Rap that isn't mixed in mono... I guess I'm going to forgo the Denver 420 festival this year. Last year I got to see Inner Circle do Bad Boys live, Bob Marley's lead guitarist's band, and Lil Wayne's drummer. I actually liked Lil Wayne's performance, he was a cool dude. He gave a Gucci scarf to some kid, but that may have been so he could dry off all the champagne the drunk ass staff from Eufloria Marijuana dispensary sprayed all over the all ages crowd. I just think these Denver crack heads need to mix up the genre for the headliners. Three years of Pussy Rap in a row? If these posers can get Lil Wayne, they can get Willie Nelson...

  • shelby y
    shelby y

    it's been 10 months without you king😭🕊🕊

  • Sapphire Star
    Sapphire Star

    Anyone else here from the Instagram Rick and Morty edit? Also r.i.p. x 🖤💔

    • denn7s


  • Annoying Dude
    Annoying Dude

    Dont cry yes cry for x R.I.P

  • Shelton Kumalo
    Shelton Kumalo

    Much respect

  • Shelton Kumalo
    Shelton Kumalo

    Bleach is damaging your hair. Dye back to black and fix it, i can fix it

  • Emre

    Illuminati slut! One of the baddest Rapper, he is so unlyricial and stuff!

  • PainKiller Itami
    PainKiller Itami


  • Red_DanuModz2 Clan Red
    Red_DanuModz2 Clan Red

    LLJ X🕊

  • Braylon Jones
    Braylon Jones

    I think a lot of people noticed that he has 17 on his face

  • thekingzo 23
    thekingzo 23

    I never thought these two legends would do a song together

  • thekingzo 23
    thekingzo 23

    Two legends

  • Axzyn

    I literally have numb tatted on me

  • pipo goos
    pipo goos

    Cut your hair weezy

  • Geometry Good
    Geometry Good


  • ImNEVERRemovingMyProfPic

    I love x but tbh this song sucks

  • ruffles 808
    ruffles 808


  • Арсен Ботокараев
    Арсен Ботокараев

    Far cry

  • Dalton Mull
    Dalton Mull

    He beat the fuck out of a girl and you fuckers worship his fucking ass smh

  • Ultraman Astra
    Ultraman Astra


    • Aye kneezy
      Aye kneezy

      It was recorded before death

  • Rhe Ma
    Rhe Ma

    Tunechi The Greatest... Rip xxx

  • moody b
    moody b


  • feed mannyy
    feed mannyy

    Dont cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Cami Sierra
    Cami Sierra


  • Lenny Hernandez
    Lenny Hernandez

    Lil wayne dont do shit for no hoods.....what has he given....not shit.....

  • alton hughes
    alton hughes

    bullet seen ya n ya head was meant for a tour wats the hit its four plus one n many more thats a mentor been fly to the point that my wings are sore dont care wat they sea in me not coming to shore money gay even wit pay it dont hit whore gravity atheists thats a planet no core. rules of life get ignored ties is not tithes word to the land lord

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom


  • Dooley Gordon
    Dooley Gordon

    Let Justin know let Nikki know let drake now Wayne's house! To do another one ! Plz ....................

  • Md roshid Roshid
    Md roshid Roshid


  • Jeremiah Jackson
    Jeremiah Jackson

    I don't get it.if X is already gone, how did he sing this song?

  • Daily_life_of_a GIRAFFE
    Daily_life_of_a GIRAFFE

    I just love how he uploaded this on X's birthday. I have to get all my respect.

  • Young 28
    Young 28

    Rest in peace jaseah you were like my brother and I never even met you that's how much you made a impact on my life

  • Quise J
    Quise J

    Don't cryyyyyyyyyyyy💕💕💕💕💕

  • thebesttrickersports raffle
    thebesttrickersports raffle

    I don’t get it why does X keep saying the same things in this song

  • Elijah Wade
    Elijah Wade

    Who ever dis like we can throw hands

  • Royalty familly lover 4 life/Nessa bts
    Royalty familly lover 4 life/Nessa bts

    Dont be sad because he wouldnt want his fans sad he is in heaven lets pray that he is even tho if he isnt (his is though) he knows that he'll die as a singer and with fans dont cccrryyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Alexis Lauret
    Alexis Lauret

    Hearing X’s voice is so painful... Why life is so awful sometimes ?still cannot accepted that he’s gone R.I.P ❤️

  • Lenny Hernandez
    Lenny Hernandez

    Lil wayne if i ever see u face to going to make u take your t.shirt off an im going to wipe my ass with it after i shit....then im goin to make u put that same tshirt back on......fuckboy

  • Howard Joselowitz
    Howard Joselowitz

    Is it blame the JUICE or blame the JEWS!!! ??

  • Viridiana Carrillo
    Viridiana Carrillo

    Como es posible esto? 🤔😐😵


    I’m glad this guy is finally died

  • quincy mixon
    quincy mixon

    Shit so good. #longlivejahseh

  • Ana Martins
    Ana Martins

    Amo-te xxxtentacion e a ti lil wayne o mesmo.amo vos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Dollaz Starsinna
    Dollaz Starsinna

    first verse crazy 🔥😔

  • Fintan Phelan
    Fintan Phelan

    Rip XXX you are amongst us always in spirit

  • Numb Vro
    Numb Vro

    “Lick my dick like lil Wayne lollipop”

  • REAL G4 LIFE yeah
    REAL G4 LIFE yeah

    ❌❌❌TENTACIÓN 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🤘🤘🤘

  • love_ pink918
    love_ pink918

    I haven't seen one RIP in the chat guys x doesn't need all this negativity just stfu already

  • Madison Lambert
    Madison Lambert


  • Stratashi


  • ToOoP GaMeRz
    ToOoP GaMeRz

    WHY this song stuck at 40m-50m it should be 1b this is epic song :::

  • Lara inan
    Lara inan

    Im crying✨😭🙏🏻😞 RIP XXXTENTACION

  • Ufuk Winner
    Ufuk Winner

    Respect from me to Lil Wayne it made me so sad R.I.P XXXTENTACION


      I been had respect for lil wayne he a God Dont do a hate comment bc its true