Lexus RC F Track Edition: Official First Look ft. Vsauce2
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Thank you to Lexus for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the RC F Track Edition! To find out more about this ultimate carbon fiber dream machine, visit #sponsored
If the legendary Lexus LFA were to have a little bro this would be it, the all-new 2020 Lexus RC-F Track Edition. In order to fully see what the new RC F Track Edition was capable of we took it to Thunderhill Raceway Park along with our friend Kevin from Vsauce2 and it was … just watch the episode!
HUGE thank to Kevin from Vsauce2 for helping out on this one! He's awesome and you should go watch his videos:
Some of our best videos ever are coming out soon, stay tuned so you won't miss a thing!
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media

    So how about James’ turtle neck? 👀😂 What do you guys think of the RC F Track Edition? Do you see Lexus as a performance brand? Let me know!

    • Shand Rich
      Shand Rich

      I think i can speak for most americans in welcoming Japan into the V8s and muscle car world!! WTF took you guys?! LOL

    • wayne h
      wayne h

      great review

    • Cj Muzza
      Cj Muzza

      Donut Media can u inspect the seat Leon cupra fr 290 plz

    • JarrettScott Jones
      JarrettScott Jones

      I definitely see them as performance and lux. The LC 500 by far is my favorite of the brand as far as performance but my wife calls the LS 500 a really nice Toyota Avalon. I think you should bumper 2 bumper these cars together and drop a bad Azz comparison as the LS has a F edition you'll love Big Bro

    • Sena

      Stupid question but is downforce the same as weight?

  • Jason N
    Jason N

    New corvette c8 is better, faster, and cheaper than this.

  • Berg

    Carbon Fiber this, carbon fiber that, hold my carbon fiber, but how much does this weight?


    300 sc is my favorite, this is awesome.

  • Paul Schard
    Paul Schard

    Why do you all have to scream


    Great vid, thanx.

  • Spencer 177
    Spencer 177


  • Borna Paymardi
    Borna Paymardi

    keep up the great job brother!!!

  • 10000 SuBs WiThOuT a ViDeO
    10000 SuBs WiThOuT a ViDeO

    Vsauce2 sent me here

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade

    RC-F Track Edition= Baby LFA

  • yungdadi

    This guy looks weird in the jacket and glasses. Almost like donut media f*cking with your mind

  • Peter Lin
    Peter Lin

    The REAL Supra

  • James Prociuk
    James Prociuk

    my man james gone boomer mode

  • Busting Yewls
    Busting Yewls

    I love Lexus 🔥

  • Mariana Avalos
    Mariana Avalos

    Man I love it 💜

  • Matt Carey
    Matt Carey

    One day! Have to settle for my GS 350 F Sport right now tho

  • Jamal Farhat
    Jamal Farhat

    Donut Media, What is your personal car that you drive day to day?

  • DeadMonkey

    Hi, Vsause 2 brought me here xd

  • Yandere Cat Person
    Yandere Cat Person

    Vsuace 2 has summoned me

  • J. T.
    J. T.

    Still looks like f*cking shoe

  • Half Rockstar
    Half Rockstar

    Guess watt!! G63 amg with its boxy luxy shape and yeah no carbon fiber whatsoever manages 0-60 in 4.10 seconds.. The zero was my pocket 😁

    • Apostle

      Half Rockstar but also a v12 twin turbo awd. Unlike a rwd v8

  • game club
    game club

    Vsucae 2 send me

  • Mrwebbob

    Vsauce 2 sent me

  • Puna Koang
    Puna Koang

    If y’all ever been in wrestling, then you know how hard and tiring it is to cut weight 😂😂😂

  • Діма Богданов
    Діма Богданов

    From Vsauce2

  • William Nguyen
    William Nguyen

    This should be just the normal rcf

  • Abhirup Bera
    Abhirup Bera

    This should have been Toyota Supra

  • JarrettScott Jones
    JarrettScott Jones

    I love your vids bro. I think you should collab with tallguycarreviews and/or Mr_Oganik. Those guys are sick and have some pretty awesome whipz. Check em out fr fr

  • SweetTeaGeekn

    Finally got to see one in person and all I have to say is that this thing is busty in the front, but has no ass

  • Kevin Patrick Callaghan
    Kevin Patrick Callaghan

    Vsauce 2 sent me

  • edrick thang
    edrick thang

    I always love lexus LF-A sound is yummy😍

  • MrKrazy3956

    That's too bad my Q60 will smoke this thing any day

  • bigpuff714

    Reminds me of the z/28. It didnt do well

  • AssRamming FatPeople
    AssRamming FatPeople

    So, this is a Japanese muscle car?

  • Nick Zarnetske
    Nick Zarnetske

    Man, that E92 M3 looks great...

  • Tauralidin

    Vsauce2 sent me here!

  • Grecia Gramajo
    Grecia Gramajo

    I feel I learned so much, like, the concept of being hella dead. Also, Woo, Vsauce

  • CAT_HASH#3243F6A8

    Vsauce 2 sent you in the comments

  • The Arena DJ
    The Arena DJ

    Hook up with JayzTwoCents! He's a PC nerd and a gear head!

  • Khmer Youth
    Khmer Youth

    2020 TOYOTA SUPRA V6 TWIN TURBO, 0-60mph in 3.8 sec.

  • Dejan Subaric
    Dejan Subaric

    Wow - the intro just described me! I need an RC F!

  • Yixia Li
    Yixia Li

    3:41 when you're driving a civic type r with 2000hp and then deja vu comes in.

    • Yixia Li
      Yixia Li

      ik but just look at kevin's face when the rc f track edition goes so fast

    • Jonathan Hughman
      Jonathan Hughman

      Yixia Li why did you have to bring the type r into this its literally not even comparable

  • Yixia Li
    Yixia Li

    V-TEC: BAHHHHH ae86's engine: i'm a crazier bahhh lexus's V8: hold mah beer

  • JayDeezy151

    Vsauce2 sent me lmfao

  • Jay CrAnKz
    Jay CrAnKz

    Do genisis g70 3.3t

  • MrMustangrick

    Love the video guys !

  • Slushie LUL
    Slushie LUL

    I thought the track was a green screen at first😂😂😂😂

  • Amano Yuuji
    Amano Yuuji

    What do you expect from lexus its part of toyota and toyota used to make V12

  • Hayden Keast
    Hayden Keast

    This is now my new dream car.

  • XD

    vsauce 2 sent me

  • RealRose

    Can we just talk about how amazingly well done that introduction was??

  • Shady Shinichi
    Shady Shinichi

    This should be used as the shared chassis for the supra...not a fucking Z4. Priced it at $70k+. It would have helped Lexus sales instead of Toyota helping BMW sales.

  • Roberto D Melo Fernandez
    Roberto D Melo Fernandez

    A lexus Comercial made me crash here 😍👍💪

  • Jun Shi
    Jun Shi

    vsauce2 sent me!

  • ricky magno
    ricky magno

    4:38 380 mm is less than one inch 🤨 the editor messed that up

    • ricky magno
      ricky magno

      @Baraa Taleb yep, I was studying for my tests and it was pretty late lmao

    • Baraa Taleb
      Baraa Taleb

      380mm is 38 cm buddy. 38 cm is 14.9 inches. I think u haven’t slept in a while mate. :)

  • Edward

    I want that car so bad ❤ #dream car

  • George Petkov
    George Petkov

    Vsause2 took me here. Ok job done now I want to be pinned ;)

  • FUGlaTOB

    It’s not just for adults it’s for all the Car lovers. WE ALL KNEW ANYWAYS. 🏎👍🏻👌🏼🔥

  • Julio Trujillo
    Julio Trujillo

    Baños ydilag😋

  • Jason Messer
    Jason Messer

    No seriously I fucking hate the nerdy fucking weirdo, but I still luv you James, I will always love u🥰

  • Guy Culley
    Guy Culley

    It lives up to what hype? They’re not selling. You make great videos though

  • Jason Messer
    Jason Messer

    Fuck this nerdy guy, he is so fake

  • musickid445 o
    musickid445 o

    Heh ima kid and I still know these kinda cars

  • CristianCoolBoyMCPE

    Damn that looks nice 👌

  • Rick Beaty
    Rick Beaty

    Sorry boy's, buy American!

  • charles hatten
    charles hatten

    I want one

  • Mkiv_Bangbros

    I’ve driven it, not impressed. Car lacks in almost every aspect. Lexus has been on a decline for awhile now.

  • Richard McCaig
    Richard McCaig

    Rather hv a ZL1 1LE!!!

  • Hey You
    Hey You

    Why are you dressing like that I love it

  • david snider
    david snider

    Hella stupid Bubala